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Friday, July 12, 2013


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OK dudes, playas, chumps, phaggots, gun wavers, my tired eyes proclaim the same as my other writers, we are all tired of AMxReborn/AMxProd; his writing is always about the same thing, and we need a little turn from it, the stream is too bright, and so yea, our get a way is at this intersection.  Well, we really not tired of him (just that this site needed a new subject line on our latest entry). 
In essence, what I'm saying to you, is this next entry is mega-different, and O-mega Sexy.  Me, I AND myself, ALONG with D.Fucking Shiva, and yet then still, AMxReborn (sigh), and the one whom returned from the dead, ironically not the user just mentioned with the 'Reborn' prefix, aka our crew leader, JayZin De'Russo - HAVE decided, we write a MASSIVE review on a MASSIVELY over-marketed, over-advertised, over-promoted, supposedly over-populated - sexy dating site - known collectively as (formerly!!!!!

This review will cover EVERY possible aspect you need to know about the site, images included, and personal testimony from every writer on this blog and from the 'crew'.  Some have foreseen the dissapointment of thousands with this review, but it is the truth, and not so much a spoiler, because it's not ALL negative. It is however, 100% truthful, with no exaggerations, no affiliate marketing purpose, and in that, we are an honest bunch anyway, so those who know us, wouldn't even have to consider that past sentence.

We have after all posted multiple reviews on products, catalogs, websites, both on this blog and our main page (shh). This time, it is a massive overly expansive review on a site that really - fucking - needs it.

Now getting to the main point.

------------NOW XXXLOVE.COM--------------

Begin the ROCKET FIRING!!!

OK. So this is what the main page looks like, if you didn't already click on the link, it is below as well - except we added a little something to it, to address a question, rather a statement in question.  The little watermark in the corner of the page; stating 100% satisfaction guarantee - hook-up guaranteed, so they guarantee you will get laid, on this site. Hmm. 

                                   <SKIP TO THE PERSONAL TESTIMONIALS HERE>
Now, my issue with these types of statements, is they are GREAT marketing strategies, very attractive for signing up, and all the little endorsements down below, they also contribute greatly to the site's so called success. Then again, these types of labels were often found on scam sites offering exotic anti-virus programs, supposedly a step above the rest, where people supposedly gave them awards and such, but if you actually investigated, these awards and labels were falsified. The product - really a backdoor in disguise, so when you download the program, the site administrator can hack into your files. This is what is called rogue security software. 

Knowing all that, any of these sites can be scams, and are these endorsements/awards really legitimate ?

We will see.

All of us on this site signed up at different times (due to our own schedules of course), but we all came to some interesting conclusions.  However, we aren't going to get to that yet, we still have a lot to go over. We're going to run through the entire sign up process, though it seems like a chore, I feel, it is necessary.

Upon first signing up for the site, as shown above, you have to choose your gender......Ah-yes.
You then proceed to choose your favorite sex positions, in order to characterize your profile and find similarities with other members....
Now as shown below, nothing is really left out, from the normal to the real kinky shit, all of em there in good color and detail ;)
You choose from multiple selections of -"69", "BDSM", "Blow Job", "Cunnilingus", "Doggy Style", "Fetish" (of which there probably should have been sub-categories, perhaps), "Girl on Top", "Missionary", "Reverse Cowgirl" (My favorite), "Rim Job", "Spooning" (of course,..), and a blockbuster movie favorite, "Standing".

The third part of signing up entails telling the folks over here - "how often do you like to have sex?". Now this is relevant of course, because some on here are weekend freaks, weekly freaks, daily freaks, hourly freaks, and every-fucking-second fucking freaks.  This is the place where the 60+ year old horny bastads also come to message young girls/boys in a more secure environment than facebook. Of course, the chances they will hit up any minors is very low, since you need a credit card to join, but they can definitely find 18-year old cute blondes....

There are certainly, a lot of them.

...And here is the collaboration for the third part as described above, you see it below in the image.

 Alright now, next part. They ask you if you have ever had a one-night stand. I think most of us all have, if you enjoy the night-party life like a chilling icicle.....But really, I lied they asked specifically, if you have ever had a one-night-stand with someone you met online, on this image below.  The options given, as you can see, are - "NO NOT THAT KIND OF PERSON", "NO BUT I WOULD LOVE TO RIGHT NOW", "YES AND IT WAS A DISASTER" and Finally - "YES AND I LOVED IT LET'S DO IT RIGHT NOW".  Interesting amount of detail, though it is more convenient this way.

The next part of signing is "what places do you like to hook-up". It also translates to- what places do you do you like to fuck ?  The choices, also shown below with erotic and sexy images, are "Elevator", "Beach", "Park", "Church", "Car", "Swingers Club", "Hot Tub", "Kitchen", "Office", "Movie Theater", "Bedroom" and finally, "School"; which depicts fucking on a teachers desk. 

Look at them tits, and the whole rest of that body - DAMN GIRL!  Alright, now. The Sixth part, choosing how often you masturbate. This gives a fair indicator of your sex drive, and there are a lot of "mutual masturbators" on here, according to the profiles, but, how many are legitimate ? We will speak about that later. Once we get to the logged in page. You will begin to see some things...

This site tracks your IP Address and places a hell'a'lot of cookies on your computer during the sign-up process; just thought I would point that out. It's not enough to bog down your computer, its just slightly higher than average for a simple sign-up, but then since everything here is a flash-animated sign-up, and it IS using location tracking to determine "where do you wanna hook-up", I Guess this would be Expected. It determines your location, Yes, as shown below.

OK, then next step is the blonde asks in such a sexy way --> "hoW old are you..?"

                                                    ! VIDEO CLIP OF THAT PART HERE !          

Finally, for this what seems to be long but really isn't - sign up process; the page where you enter your e-mail & desired screen name.


Then they e-mail you (which often shows up in SPAM folder), a copy of your sign-up user name, and they give you your password. Now you can log in.  The e-mail would look something like this (except with your user and password showing).


The link to activate your account will look weird, and will be long, nothing to be alarmed about.

^ Like that. ^

Now once you log on to your account -- this is what the user home page of looks like. order to really get a full view of the site and all of it's features - for example messaging/IM'ing members on the site, sending requests to meet, or using the cams, they ask you to upgrade your membership.  I'm going to take you through the upgrade page, I'll show you what the order page and processing looks like, and it is secure - it uses SSL and seems up to date. The prices are a bit steep though.  One thing I personally liked about this site, is how they say "if you don't get laid in 6 months" we will give you another 6-months free. This actually happened, I e-mailed them, even though....


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  1. best & most legit review on xxxlove; thanks for inviting me jay! glad to be a part again!

  2. Great review. You choosing this site is calculated, if I see over the horizon just a bit. You are at the center of everything, and are about to take hold of something much bigger.

  3. Excellent. wow. omg this describes it perfectly..i mean, i didn't read it all but its really in depth. great job!

  4. very nice review. totally agree, though it was very long. could have prolly shortened some parts. either way, nice job! this site needed a review to lay out all of the facts. i enjoyed the site kinda but it was a little bit of a hassle trying to get shit together but you are absolutely right about the 6 months free. i was very impressed with how fast they respond!


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