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Friday, July 12, 2013

Personal Testimony (BY all FOUR Area-1255 Members) Pro's and Con's OF XXXLOVE.COM

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In case you didn't want to read through the whole thing on the main review page, we have done the honor to give you the summary on a separate page.  This is actual personal review of without the pictures, and it is the summaries of all four of us, wrapped up very neatly. Enjoy !

Pro's of According to D.SHIVA
  • Nice animations, easy interface, good design.
  • No security issues, runs fine with adblockers.
  • IM System is fast and includes Vid Chat
  • Site Downtime is Minimal
  • Met three nice hispanic females.
  • Can easily block certain members from contacting you.
  • Integrative.

Con's of According to D.SHIVA

  • No response from Customer Service.
  • Expensive.
  • Most of the profiles are either
  1. Fake
  2. Site Reps.
  3. Robots programmed to say certain things in response to your message.
  •  CamGirls are separate cost >_<

(4/5 stars) D.SHIVA's Full REVIEW of   (Personal Testimony)Over all, I enjoyed some aspects of the site - that the women I did talk to, they turned out Very open-minded. I was satisfied, but I Wouldn't call this the best site by any means, there are floods of robots and fake profiles. It's a Royale Pain in the Arse to filter out who's real and who isn't. The site has a lot of features and unique integrative design; it is easy to work with. You can block members who may harass you, and the IM system is not broken. There has only been downtime once and it was resolved in 48 hours. The site seems secure, and I don't see any problems With the order page. It has been 6 months since I have used this site, but I don't think I will ever buy a membership again.   Customer Service does not do a good job reading help e-mails.

      I continue to receive e-mails from people on the site who want to meet, however a lot of these are either ugly women who I would never see, or they send you requests, then you go and message them and they don't answer, period. The site will lure you in via e-mails, trying to convince you there are real women who want to meet with you, but the convenience of the "Send Request to Meet this Person" is quickly the site's downfall. The Scam is the dirty, rotten Site Rep's can not resist the convenience of that damned button, and it is like candy to them. They send requests before you even upgrade the membership, and they lure you in, so you think maybe there is a girl over the horizon who sais in they head "ooh, new guy on here, lemme see what he like", and so you pressed the button, you go and upgrade, and then message her back. She never messages you back, or she continuously leads you on for months without ever meeting, in meaningless, well-structured sentences with oh-too-perfect punctuation and vocabulary. 

Point being, these are officers of taking your money. They hire either good looking models to pull people in, and they add fake pics to profiles, that look like beautiful women. The other countries I didn't even bother with.

Despite all that, I did meet three females, all hispanic, from Buffalo, New York.  It didn't last too long, ( I blew off one of them, she getting clingy).  The other two, we slept for two weeks. Things were good, But I wasn't looking for anything long-term.

Over all, its not a site Worth the money, you might as well invest in an Escort or Canadian Hooker. That's all folks.  

                                                         - D.Shiva -

                          PRO'S OF XXXLOVE.COM ACCORDING TO M.BINAKAVERU                           
  • If you dunt get laid in six months they either refund you or give you six months FREE.
  • Met four Beautiful ladies off this site, one from Mexico, two from Lockport, NY, one from EGYPT.
  • Site Correspondance is Very Good, all functions work as Expected.  

                              CONS'S OF OF XXXLOVE.COM ACCORDING to M.BINAKAVERU

  • Expensive as hell.
  • Some girls on here ignorant bitches.
  • Some of em fake as hell.
  • Site freezes up sometimes, not too often.

              M.Binakaveru's FULL but SHORT Review on                        XXXMATCH/LOVE.COM

:::::::All round I think its a great site, give it 4.5 starts out of 5! I think it needs some improvements and they need to remove fake ass profiles, other than that, it is definitely a good place to be, and there is a lot of ass to look at::::::

*One more thing I enjoyed getting my 6 months free, these niggas were tellin the truth ;)*
*Just say after 6 months and your membership (Gold) expires, you have not gotten laid, bam, more time*

-M.Binak---------------------------MOHAMMED BINAKAVERU--------------------------------------M.Binak-

                                             .AMxProd's Dedicated Review.

I'm going to go over a few points here, first you have to really spend time on this site, get familiar with it, and you have to know how to filter out the real profiles, from the fake profiles.  It becomes a task and an addiction at the same time. Ironically, none of your work will pay off immediately, and don't fall for the too good to be true, "This_User wants to meet you" e-mails, that every new member receives, to coerce them into upgrading (since you can't meet any members or send them, even an IM, without upgrading).  But I mean do upgrade if you plan on really going for the task of finding real (non-site-rep) members on here.  It will not be a cakewalk though.

I've found that there alot of foreign (outside USA) girls who want to meet, and very little in the USA, who are REAL users, and not sponsored, and actually want to meet or have some legitimate objective.  I met two girls from Australia off of here, who flew cross-country to get here.   I talked to several girls from the UK, 6 to be specific; actually met three of em.

So as I said - it pays off if you keep looking, and you think outside the box. Also when you find a real female, there's really no need to think of some genius pick up line, although if you analyze the profile first, girls usually like it when you pay attention. 
The robots could care less. They are just leading you into circles!

Alright, folks that's my review on this site, stay tuned for more!


AND NOW FOR THE FINALE......................!

                                                                     We present to you,

Hello Readers, as many of you know, this is my first post on this site. I am delighted to see Mohammed doing so well. He has come a long way, and his writing is indeed very professional sounding.  But of course, I have to thank AMxProd for his given brilliance in so many subjects, he has created much of the innovation and inebriation of the narcotic-style high's you get from this blog ;)

...and D.Shiva. I enjoyed your type-up on this site.
                                           Now then to you amateurs, this is what I have found with this site!!!



I have found this site to be entertaining, and
providing you are good with words, and have a solid intellect (among other things solid), you have got yourself a fantasy in a box where you hold the key, to all the greatest looking (and freakiest) women around.

I don't care if your in Canada,
in the worst, most economically unstable area, or in detroit with a leg injury, this site will find you a bitch!!!

You go
tta do some predator style hunting though, you could bring a knife for the frauds, in case you have to get a disection 'fantasty' going. Yes. Off subject ? No.  Am I done ?

The answer's to your questions.





                                                        5 OUT OF 5 STARS

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  1. I have been on this site for I cant log in cause I tried to open a new account due to a diff tech problem and thought that would help...made it I cant get in at all not even with a new account and customer service isn't getting back to me other than once that said they only deal with English???? it was in English :( and I had a date that I was suppose to confirm its been four days and I don't want to lose contact...I care about him we have talked for months....I ve sent many email even begging them to get back to me....does anyone know how to get in contact other then thru the help button ...also I put my face on ....I only do this once in a while as I don't want the world to know its me...if I never get in my face will be there forever as you cant delete a so upset ...please somebody have a heart and help me with any info u have.....even JayZin? anyone ??? can you help me ....

    1. Explain the problem through e-mail to Customer Service, I understand completely!
      I haven't been on there for quite a while, but I've heard some people are having problems with glitches and password invalidities. Make sure Java is enabled, and maybe mess with your ad-blocking program (if you have one enabled) if it seems to be an issue with the login form.

  2. Great review. I actually enjoyed, neat shit!

  3. excellent review.. testimonials..real ones..finally! sooo sick of seeing sponsored shit. my bf kinda liked this site n i did too...but there were lotta fake profiles too on xxxmatch/xxxlove! -_-

  4. pile of shite i termintaed my account before first month although i paid the £29 quid i still had over 1 week left and the fuckers totally wiped it after the said that was it cancled and good luck

    Dont use this shite it sucks

    1. I haven't used it in a long time, what happened with your account ?

  5. asked for cancellation got it then got locked out of account
    just keeps doing nothing ive asked for resend of password

    Says its been emailed 10 times it aint and its not blocked at all

    had enough of the fake female tryed to figure out were the picture was from cut a long story short

    made basic at sister site got mailed straight away from that person wonder who it is

    ive still got about 7 days left and im locked out of it

  6. Forgot to say all antivirus were turned off eveything done right even made basic account same site boom perfect

    bunch of muppets do not respond to emails karma for those people stay well clear of these sites and there sister ones ive also got more that are the same will update as i dont want to see people getting conned

    you want on there to have fun not get scammed and for me xxxlove is one big scam

    1. Sorry to hear of your troubles, yeah..I do recall the password issue before.
      There are some robots and sponsors - I assume that it's for gauging activity of profiles, I don't agree with those methods but I did enjoy the graphic design and the "hunt" It's certainly not ideal for those who get irritated easily. Or those are aren't vigilant .

  7. yeah still cant get on i sussed it out i knew she was false just played at that game still a pain when u still have time on your membership and they wont do a thing hence made a spoof one same site bang they email you straight away about problems to get you do sign up

    Con Artists Stay well clear

  8. I did enjoy the hunt have to admit but never got time to finnsh it

  9. i have found the password still the same issue all beacuse i sussed them out they take the hump


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