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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

One Phrase I Can't Stand "It's Just A Movie, Movies aren't Real"

Within this blind statement there is a failure to understand the origins of ideas. If something came to mind to create these movies, then technically, it is real - perhaps not at the current moment, though.


Science will show you that the brain does not re-create what it has not seen or processed, and though there is insight, and imagination, there also has to be roots for this to work off of.  Therefore the notion that movies are fake, is inaccurate. It also sounds insensible at first glance; the movies aren't fake if your watching it! The detail and plots (in movies commonly referenced with the above quote especially); are always based off of some real event, or at the least some religious philosophy, or about some "mythological creature", in which even that is a false statement. Who's to say these creatures don't exist? Maybe somebody was exaggerating their portrayal before implanting the ideas that shape todays movies, but nevertheless the concepts are real. They have to be.

I'm not hopeful, I'm just stating facts. The idiocy of suggesting to our children that movies have no relevance to anything, or that you can't gain knowledge from them, is absurd.  The youngest generations must indeed learn to compare and contrast the details, and work independently; doing their own research. When it comes down to it, enough digging leads to the same remarks I just made.

Simplified statements, I mean, to make anything sound so simple as to say that something simply doesn't exist, it represents the appauling, and protruding closed-mindedness of society. Your children don't have to become immersed and deceived, but they deserve an explanation. Compare and Contrast as I said.  Also in some movies, such as "Law Abiding Citizen", and many movies like it, represent something very real. One person is all it takes, driven by revenge, can cause more damage than 3,000 mediocre minds; if he be intelligent enough. The resources come along the way. However, one person, driven by a vigilant mind, and a stronger will, except to do the right thing, being selfless, could (if they really indeed meet the criteria), save cities, a country, etc. 

The abrupt decision making, and excessive spontaneity of people, makes for a weak population, that is part of the problem when connecting with these movies, people just don't have insight like they used to. Motivation itself has been changed. Careers have changed. Aspirations are either drowning in self-denial, or being set on the wrong moves.

What can we do to make this world a better place?

Be MORE precise, specific, teach the truth, even if it takes longer to absorb, but allow people to hold their own opinions, without pushing yours on them.  



  1. tbh I really dnt understand the point of this article , most is common sense

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