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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

[Supplement Review] GuardianX Lifestyles - Omniscienti

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I don't know if they didn't know the proper spelling of the word Omniscient* or if this was done on purpose to illustrate this supplement as "the all-knowing's" off-spring..


Well, no matter. It's a nice product, as such, I have to illustrate my gratitude in the form of Omnipotent creativity.

Area-1255 Proudly Presents...

This is Guardian X Lifestyles - Omniscienti

Product Can be Bought @ NUTRAPLANET
It is a "Pro-Cognitive" supplement, which may (supposedly) increase long-term memory, and memory retention, as well as active (functional) memory. 

Their write-up is as follows...
Everyone disciplined in the art of health and fitness stride towards never letting anything hold them back from perfection. Without knowing any limits, they never accept “NO” as an answer. These individuals are often faced with many barriers that stand in the way of aspiring towards their ultimate objective. Though, with the enhancement of one's cognitive ability, one is allowed to strategically break through any obstacles faced along the journey set ahead of them!

 Omniscienti by GuardianX Lifestyles is the most potent cognitive enhancer ever made for the optimization of mental stamina and reversal of age related cognitive decline. Users will experience an increase in focus, memory, motivation, and an overall heightened sense of awareness; colors will seem brighter, and sounds will sound clearer, almost instantly.

Now while I can't attest to these effects at the dosage mentioned on the bottle, I can say that my sense of smell, and colors, and hearing was "enhanced". You see; two capsules were simply not enough. Furthermore, according to the proper science on these ingredients, Adrafanil is typically dosed at 600-1200 MG anyway(1). However, starting users have been known to start at 200-400 MG.

Per Serving (2 capsules), there is only 100 MG, that means that this is no Month Supply, and this product is far under-dosed. Even describing the synergy of the ingredients...which we will get to, in my opinion, it still doesn't justify under-dosing, but then again, the ingredients are pretty expensive.

Upon ingesting the first couple days (mornings), I noticed that (dosing at 4 capsules at once), those "sensory enhancing" effects did indeed take place, there was almost a sense of euphoria at was like a trance state. Not exactly something one would expect from a cognitive booster, or even a stimulant, in most cases.  However that was only for the first 20 minutes...then I felt wired. I was immediately focused on doing something with myself...I mean, motivated, and alert, but not distracted by any means. If I chose to focus on something, I was more than well-empowered to do so. 

It seemed to only last for a few hours...I took another 2 capsules in the afternoons...the rush came back for another couple hours. I mean the initial rush, the sensory euphoria...and the burst of motivation amplified. Again though, after a few hours, there was a falling off of effects.

Later in the week I noticed that (@ the same dose, 4 in the morning, two in the afternoon) my creativity had really sparked more, I began sketching twice as much, and my attentiveness to detail was even greater, I was completely immersed in every detail. I would not leave the chair til I was finished.

So you could say almost "obsessed" with the task at hand. It was actually quite a revitalizing experience.

I am convinced the ingredients are not only legit, but a proper and synergistic composition, and even though the product lasted roughly 10 days..there is no question it had effects. The thing that makes this product that this particular mix of ingredients has never been put together like this, and released in a bottled product on the market. I was impressed with that, indeed.

I was disappointed it was underdosed, but overall, it's a very unique product. People simply can't avoid (if you know anything about the ingredients at hand) the inevitable truth that it is under-dosed..however, so it's no mystery.



Adrafanil is a CNS stimulant with appetite suppressant properties, and wakefulness promoting properties(1)(2). It exerts these effects by converting into it's active compound "Modafanil", where it then increases histamine,norepinephrine,dopamine,acetylcholine,glutamate and serotonin(3)(4)(5)(6)(7). Pretty much every neurotransmitter is increased by it. The histamine helps to suppress appetite, and conducts through thalamic acetylcholine neurons to sustain wakefulness, the norepinephrine also contributes to this effect by regulating sodium and calcium channels(8)(9)(10). Adrafanil and Modafanil, may both cause nausea by activating or increasing serotonin activity at the 5-HT3 receptor, this same effect may cause anxiety in predisposed individuals, and can be blocked by administering a 5-HT3 antagonist such as Zofran (Odansetron, an Anti-Emetic). This however may reduce the stimulant effect of this ingredient.

This ingredient in particular, is dosed at 50mg a capsule; two caps is a serving, you can start at that if you want, but based on the literature, and my experiences, you will need at least four capsules at once. Then you can do two in the afternoon, so really, of the whole product, six capsules is pretty much necessary.


A "racetam" is what this is...
*It should increase AMPA (Glutamate) receptors.*

Now while Piracetam (a similar compound) has been proven to do this, there has been no conclusive study showing Colouracetam, definitively does the same, however, it should, since there is no big chemical or atomic difference, not like the contrast between "phenylpiracetam" and "Piracetam HCL". You see in that case, the "phenyl" group, is like adding Phenylalanine to a stimulant gum, it provides an "extra" effect. In this case, colouracetam is simply a different form of Piracetam, without any fancy "phenyl" or "acetyl" groupings.  Being the other structural similarities, I can see it doing the same thing, nevertheless, I pulled up what I could about this compound, rather than just theorizing...

So it appears it is also a 
 "high-affinity choline uptake enhancer".

What that means, essentially, is it helps choline enter the brain easier, choline is a vitamin found in certain foods and in some multivitamin preparations...

When choline enters the brain easier, it more readily makes Acetylcholine; a neurotransmitter involved in attention, long-term memory (increasing both).

So essentially this ingredient; Colouracetam...would increase long-term memory and attention span/focus through the above described mechanism/s.


Centrophenoxine is an anti-aging compound marketed under the name 'Lucidril"; a drug used to treat senile dementia and Alzheimer's Disease.

Centrophenoxine has the ability to act as a powerful antioxidant, and to enhance glucose uptake in the brain cells. It rids the brain of toxins like "lipofuscin" in studies...and it helps increase RNA synthesis in the Brain.


Galantamine is "brain-boosting compound" shown to be an effective "AChE Inhibitor"....
It is quite a powerful compound in *PROPER DOSES*.

Galantamine is a competitive and reversible cholinesterase inhibitor. It reduces the action of AChE and therefore tends to increase the concentration ofacetylcholine in the brain. It is hypothesized that this action might relieve some of the symptoms of Alzheimer's. It is also an allosteric ligand at nicotinic acetylcholine receptors. It has shown activity in modulating the nicotinic cholinergic receptors on cholinergic neurons to increase acetylcholine release.[6]
Galantamine in its pure form is a white powder. The atomic resolution 3D structure of the complex of galantamine and its target, acetylcholinesterase, was determined by X-ray crystallography in 1999 (PDB code: 1DX6see complex).[7] There is no evidence that galantamine alters the course of the underlying dementing process.[8]


Overall, I liked Omniscienti, the ingredient choice and diversity of uses makes it a worthwhile product.  I plan on building my own stack with it of some sort, maybe adding pure piracetam, and my own source of Adrafanil..depending on the Costs. Very diverse, and potent product, a little underdosed but it can still be worked with for the majority of users. It seemed to also increase my strength output during workouts!!!


  1. Great review brother.

  2. best review ive on omniscient sir!

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  4. Owner here, great review!! (wish I could have done 90 caps a bottle. Since, three caps a day was my personal sweet-spot, but the ingredients are just way to expensive... I will hopefully be able to do something like this in 6 months-yr). Regardless, shoot me a email for a free bottle!

    1. I figured something like that, either way, you are on the road to success. I like the innovation a lot...also what is your e-mail friend?


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