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Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Call to Perseverance : Handling Setbacks & Personal Battles

As people we know well that setbacks ofterntimes engulf us with worry, narrow-sightedness and even instability. As a people we know that one person's feelings can affect the next person over, and the next group over, and...even those we don't know.  It does not demonstrate weakness to show our emotions, but it demonstrates a lack of awareness to let someone abuse our times of weakness and pain.  At the same time, it takes a certain attitude, a certain strength to be able to open up, to trust another and to move forward in the face of a setback. (especially when another co-worker, a spouse or family member facilitated or contributed) This my friends is the art of perseverance, holding onto some grain, some little thread of hope, even in the face of tragedy, loss or rejection.

Some of us are often tempted to go so far against the grain, after a setback, that we become too aggressive - not realizing that we are becoming no less than a pulsating negativity, one that dwells in likely the same negativity we have encountered that set us off.

Because we as humans tend to blame others, in the times of loss - we have become emboldened, but separated.  We now interpret hypervigilance as wisdom, and pity as confidence.  In the balance of things, we wish for a universal solution - one that could bring everything back that we have lost, or that could provide a perfect refresh. We start travelling the road of dishonor, and in division we are conquered.  Conquered by our vanity, and immersed in the wrong details.  We shift from being people lovers, to material lovers, and in this, we further destroy our own sense of being.

But...what if there is one strength that is a representation of our willingness to move forward, even in darkness?  Lack of knowledge, not knowing where to go and not having a plan, it startles us, but it's tough to find that plan out of nothing. Except, that the fragments of ourselves hold the answers, whatever allowed us to become successful, whatever gave us life and meaning in the first place are the very things we begin to ignore.

As a people, this destroys us, it gives rise to the same aura that affected us, even if not from a person.
So how do we re-boot after loss, or setbacks? Moreover how do we become a winner again in the story of life, without having some degree of patience to start?

Well, we have to find the patience within ourselves, even if we do not believe it exists.  We have to envelop our heart and our mind in determination, and perhaps look in other directions. In all of this, just one little start we feel parts of ourselves again, but are afraid to build up something that might be destroyed again.  But we had perseverance before? If we didn't then we would have never made it forward in the first place....

We have to hold an image of sincerity, and take pride in that image, knowing that even if others are not doing it, or are in bliss by our destruction, that we may take up a better honor than them, that we have chosen to be the better of people.

We must not blame people for our setbacks, be it financial, personal or spiritual. We must cling to the hope and perseverance that got us even one step forward, even far in the past, and take and TRANSFORM those elements.  True strength lies in the one who dreams and aspires, but the strongest ability, comes to those who persevere. The strongest people are at some point doubters, but they refuse to be beaten, they refuse to  give in to the negativity that is ever so prevalent in today's society. They refuse to be sucked in to the antagonistic, elemental stampede that comes from a narcissistic co-worker, or boss. The brave and courageous take note of disturbances, but somehow always find some degree of part in themselves that they will reveal here and there. The wise rise with humility, and take a deep breath before beginning to explore again.

This is a call to perseverance, this is the nature of handling setbacks; the spirit of victory.

 You will either be honored as a victor of hearts, or you will become consumed by the shallow enigma of this world. I believe there are many people, many intelligent people who have many abilities more than they let themselves see, if they set fear aside, these same people are the ones who have all the power.

Know yourself and hold onto your values, because when the time comes to apply them, you must tackle the opportunity, and hopefully, obtain twice as much as you did before. This is strength, to create motivation out of despair, to continue to dream, or dream differently. In all of this we can continue as noble humans, refusing to give up, and knowing there will at some point be opportunities down the road - we just have to look for them. In the meantime,  just hold fast to your values and press on forward, revert the onset of closed-mindedness, and take great pride in your values and person.

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