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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Vicious Cycle of the Rich, The Dilution of the Conscience and the Whirlpool of Organized Asset's

MATTHEW 19:24 

"Again I say to you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God."

The humor but yet intention of that statement begs the same mirror, if they can't afford to be charitable, then they can't afford their soul. 

This isn't question of whether people will sacrifice, it's a question of whether they are willing to, and it represents the personalities of the average rich man or woman. Once you indulge in something good, you may over-indulge to obtain the original fullness of that something - except the rich , are often persistently driven to over indulge in many diverse instances, and on many different things. 

It is being set up for failure, even if you see nothing but success, because temptation is now all around you - and even if you yourself, as a rich person can be deemed pure, your new rich crowd may not be so noble - faster than ever, your sense of class parallel's the objectives of your become entangled for fear of being called a disgrace..and if not this - then your outlook changes to suit your own need. 

If at one time you are charitable, but it is done without feeling, then was it really a challenge...?

The psychological loop is so drastic, that because you have all this money - that it's easy to give when it's within your own reason, or your own definition of reasonable, we don't oblige by other peoples standards now...we instead put ourselves inevitably on the pedestal that we cling to.

If we don't challenge our habits, and our lifestyle, then our primitive but yet lustful side will take over, because the very loop that encourages humanitarian effort, the very loop that a poor man or a spiritual man embrace, becomes unimportant because you now have another source of sufficiency. 

So how can one draw good deeds with all of this against him, and then there's competition...addictive one's sense of confidence and perceived  power escalates, one is bound to the ties of organized and wealthy conflict.

Whether this be gambling at a casino, or following and of filing lawsuits for a show of force, based on money...what...what? All so you can say you have the ability to? Just to say you did?

What does it prove though, your money is's not going to last forever...and you can practice all of the life extension you want, but internal immortality doesn't apply to the storm that decimates your body, and it certainly doesn't apply to not having a sense of self, a sense of compassion that inevitably will consume you.

Still, remain vigorous, moreover. move on ....only time will tell, right?

If so rich that you have need for nothing, then what need for resources do you have, in terms of looking outside the box?

You have no obligation to, again, because of an external sense of self-sufficiency, money is your God, and it controls you.

Wealth can be great, but earned wealth while preserving a sense of spirit and nobility is the richest scenario of all - one where you have gained, but are still willing to lose, for a cause, be charitable and be readily able to do what is right. This is true empowerment, unfortunately though, many don't see it this way.

But...can we be strong,, in spirit, in heart..if we only depend on physical foundation, if we have no enlightenment , we dilute the conscience, if we depend on physical foundation - or material foundation.

Many of the rich are actually so egotistical, that they see the the noble as weak, they say things like "when will the pitiful die", "when will the spiritualists pass away"? "When will the Christians perish and / or die?"....funny though, because you see, their day is coming. 

Not all of the rich are like this, but so many, holding onto their whirpool of organized asset's, maybe even mafia ties...or maybe they just cherish contempt, because even though they have everything - they wonder on the persistence of those, who to them, have physically nothing...they scratch their head as to "why the poor and middle class even try" - and yet....they are the delusional...because they miss out on adventures, they miss out on originality.

For a large majority, especially the rich who also are involved in the occult, the following meme will indeed summarize their path.  Oh..but even for those without these associations, it is often a consuming situation to be in..

Yoda quotes as they relate to real life, in real scenarios, examples of such scenarios where Star Wars quotes can be applied in real life. 

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