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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Mental Illness Stigmas/Labels As A BattleField Amongst An Unrespectable Divide

Mental health stigmas have long been approached with a suggested and yet signified tone, well embracing the concept of doing so within the guidelines proposed by the universal "authority" on the topic; The DSM or The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) .
We as a people have grown to think in a manner based on what knowledge we have learned (or what we can refer to) - from what we believe to be as precise or next to precise as possible source...however, in the process, we often throw away individuality , we often discard the whole picture, being assured that we can figure out someone with a degree defined in some offset of medical literature.

Yet the possible contingencies resulting from "errors of the book" have often played to our downfall, we theorize as humans and then fail miserably by expecting some universal logic to define a background that hasn't even been investigated....and it would seem, that this is built upon a lack of understanding, and this lack of understanding is built upon as a fortress around and then made to penetrate the minds of the victim within. 

In other words, mental illness gets defined and diagnosed too early, and the people aiming to use the stigmas have varying intentions. In either case, often there are victims of both sides, and this is what creates the divide in thinking on this topic, and turns the whole concept of mental illness and all respective opinions into a battlefield.

A battlefield where logic seems to be replaced with people wanting to be proven right, along with a misplaced sense of leadership where half of the people involved don't see the same issue.

If we apply everything within a subset of rules, that we assume is correct, and all of these rules are deemed to be absolute, how then can we identify the odd birds, who have been diagnosed with mental illness of sorts?  Yet these very same symptoms may be correlated more so with other aspects not yet even bigger argument exists, and that argument is that TOXINS, the USE OF DRUGS and many other chemical INFILTRATIONS occur as a transient but yet effective preceding, and facilitator to the very development of all forms of mental illness!

Do these people then deserve a stigma? Does anyone?

"People think too much and feel too little"
     Is a good quote that works here.



or is this an oppressive, unfair statement?

Most certainly, but not to barbarians, but what is a barbarian?
We can't simply take the "whip one for misbehavior because he looks like a devil philosophy", then justify that with an apples to oranges argument, or a cedar to lavender argument - aka it smells about right so therefore it is.

Yet shit gets intertwined, misperceived and misconstrued by even so the "professionals" that are almost worshipped today. 

Justice dysfigures ourselves or it dysregulates the future, but what is true justice?

The overt nature of some people who suffer from depression is likely an overtone that was previously less unacceptable, or less frequently condemned, or scrutinized - while the adaptable nature of human beings to proliferate the covert variant of multiple mental struggles , in recent years, seems to parallel the discard of empathy for these types, or create multiple phonies and mimics in the process.
Where one sees victims, another sees an "attitude problem", I simply see selective discrimination.
~AMx Reborn~

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