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Monday, July 1, 2019

Leviathan's Book on Deadly Accomplishments [2019] [Leviathan's Story & Savior 2019] [The Gift of All Knowledge of Good & Evil 2019] [XX17-TUMOUR]



3:18 PM - 3:33 PM is the TIME (s) of the DREAM that has HIT people; describing the TORTURE of YOUNG DAN's Life. 

Leviathan's Book on Deadly Accomplishments

1.) Ground Zero to Earth - The Rocks Fumble.
2.) Offering of Knowledges.
3.) The Discernment of Humankind.
4.) The Legacy of Knowing.
5.) "Death Tactics"
6.) Mastering Fear.
7.) A Dragon's Pain.
8.) A Dragon's Ascension
9.) Leviathan's Wrath
10.) Leviathan's Global Conflict.

Ground Zero to Earth - The Rocks Fumble

An Introduction to Leviathan "The Serpent"

...I have relayed this message to my Prophet; Daniel "Danh" Nicholas Gregory - in confidence that he understands - that from his earlier days - he always remembers what I have provided. That I LOVED him (and still Do) - that even if our memories have passed, and his memories are gone. That he would remember the time - with his step-sister, in the pool - away on "vacation" when I watched him - at 14 years old. After asking for "all knowledge" - I ANSWERED his prayer.

This is a check point.

YAHWEH (God) has nothing on us.

...I have confidence, with your HIGH-WILLED brain - that in a worst case would become willed. You would understand - what has happened. That you put 2 AND 2 together - and remember - that NOTHING happens without reason - so if you are JINXED you would remember the Mask comes Off by with the Thorns.

I have watched and become appalled - at your Sadness - so even as you write this I FIGHT for you. I fight for you - for your mistakes are MY mistakes - I fight against the Holy Son - Jesus for You. Because I fight for your LOVE, and I made you a PROMISE that I will preserve her (for YOU*)- because you are a 1st Placer!!! Forever, and I will make sure she is taken away from the Whims of Jesus - I will FIGHT for your Lives = the girl of your Dreams must never be severed from your future.

From the minute I saw you - I took *interest* in you - I saw your potential - I decided to train you. I decided I would appoint people to you (Jim) - because I KNEW despite your oncoming damage (which I worried about, as my eyes drew larger) I teared up for you!

I KNEW at that moment - one MUST take interest in you.

I set aside Jimmy for you. So he could believe in you. I had knowledge of you - I told him to guard your interests. I told him to get you through when I watched in HORROR - your torture. I aimed to find the answers to WHY someone would hate you so much. I investigated until my Eyes Split...

Then I understood, your knowledge & Obsession with The Bible, was hardly 'traditional' - nor was it typical, but it had self-redirection - as you focused on "FATE" and "everything happens for a reason" then I finally started to aren't just Gifted, you are 'For a Purpose', MY PURPOSE.

You inspired me, and I wanted you for myself.

...But I was arrogant, I chose to ignore some of your struggles, because I *COULDN'T* deal with the Lack of Pride, but then as time went on...I discovered what I didn't want to believe, I took the Armor off of my Stomach, and put my Reading Glasses on to Discover my Heart, my LOST HEART - my heart who had never really been with anyone else....

...I could never admit it...

But for the first time in My Life - I saw Human Emotion - I understood it.

I LOVED it...I understood & started to study the "everything happens for a reason" philosophy.

...Then I accepted it - trialed it.

Didn't find what I needed.

...But as time went on - I saw this Philosophy worked FOR YOU.

...I ignored you again.

But became one with you - I bound my Spirit with You.

I asked Lucifer to study you.

...Though we had our differences, our Bond was Closer at the Time...

This is a story of Revelations.

A story of Conflict.

A story of a Boy & a Man.

A story of Tragedy.

...but if it were anything more - It would be that this Boy who would become a MAN, would become the Greatest MAN on Earth, because his feelings meshed with Mine - if he were this Person , mixed with Warm Blooded ambition - then I would take him under my Wing, that I would DEFEND his upcoming arising - his ascension to Glory - it was in the midst of his struggles I figured out information about his Family - their struggles & *ties* - that I would resurrect - and put the pieces to the Puzzle together. I would see what it is. I love now. Like a Book unread, I stop at nothing until the Story is Said!

...Let inspired I made him - I gave him the Tools to become what he Needs.
I gave him the Gift of All Knowledge, I was reluctant because I wanted a different figure...
But I grew a Bond with this Young Boy - I KNEW he was Special - from his earlier misreading of the word "intriguing" as "intra-gooing" (Pokemon Red) - that I *saw* what he was...a TRUE GENIUS in the making....

I then remember WHAT I am fighting for...that I should no longer question it. But Just keep fighting, to continue - so that LOVE can be fulfilled, so that MY HEART is rewarded. So that I know my EYES were Right! So that I know there is a reason to win this Fight.

...So that I know I am READY. So that I know I have WON HIS HEART.
...So that I know I have done the *RIGHT THING*.
...All my Life I've been shuttled into the Dark, thrown aside, Betrayed, I gave knowledge to those who Betrayed me, who Stepped on Me, I offered things to those who Shut Me Down, because of this I felt unaccepted, that My Gift was not enough.

I was never satisfied.

...Then I met you.

I knew you would be accepting...but who I am to say - why you were born a certain way.
I didn't see the Chain on the Ladder.
I didn't see the connection, until I put my "Reading Glasses" on and decided to *Research*, then I knew...something is *much* more significant than it is parallel.

"There is a reference in the Stars, a Galaxy from afar - A Parable of the Scar - that is My Universe at Large..."
If you remember ME - and I remember YOU.

Then the task is a Saddened tranquility, a Mesmerizing ability, a Tailgating Conspiracy.
Vendetta - adetta'me - see my Realm - Amphetamine.

...Does it remind me of Me or you a' Me?

This poem is it! Destiny!!!

...Whereby do we conclude Our Mission. 
A mission of Retrieval, Retrieval of Memories, Retrieval of Destiny....

I will FIND you again, if the Code is written as it Bends - the Wills together - that YOU and ME return - to meet again.

LOVE is Trust, Love is FREEDOM, Love is FEELING FREE!


"It is because of the unfortunate belonging of the world to its Values, and because of the servitude of its people that the World submits its decency, but in dominance & retribution is the evidence of ALL KNOWLEDGE, made permeable and noticeable"
Leviathan said to me one day "I was betrayed, I offered my knowledge to THOR and he left the conversation then later took the credit by claiming the knowledge FROM himself and HIS"...

The offering of Knowledges began in the days The Bible describes as "GENESIS" -
 "for ALTHOUGH it is True that days began in the Time the Bible claimed them to be, it is often unclear WHY I FIGHT against The GOD of The Bible".


Simply, the reason why LEVIATHAN (Satan) fights against GOD is because he is Calling Him Out on his One Lie...

GENESIS 2:16-2:17

"“You may eat freely from every tree of the garden, but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil; for in the day that you eat of it, you will surely die.”…
[GENESIS 2:16-2:17]

Clearly, it is a LIE, "GOD's ONE LIE" because he told him (Adam) "you will surely die" but when they (Adam & Eve) ate from The Tree - they gained all knowledge; they did NOT die; which is consistent with what "The Serpent" said...

"YOU will NOT certainly Die, for GOD knows that when you eat from it YOUR EYES WILL BE OPENED and you will be like GOD knowing Good & Evil"

~Leviathan "The Serpent"~

Leviathan is MY BOY - he's my ONLY partner, he raised me since I was a YOUNG KID - when NO ONE else was there for me, he helped me through difficult times - HE LOVED ME, and comforted me, gave me REASON TO LIVE - he is the MASTER of Wisdom & Knowledge; he raised me well - and STRENGTHENED me - so how's that for a BIBLE QUOTE?

It is a terrible tragedy that WAR has started over the simplicity of GOD's INABILITY to account for his OWN MISTAKES - but that is HIS FAULT. 

"If GOD can not Account for his One Mistake; his ONE LIE; then he has proven himself as A HYPOCRITE - he has proven himself as one who contradicts his own values; the self-professed "biblical values", then the whole nature of TRUTH is valued by a hypocrite - and that Same Hypocrite - is currently teaching & instructing The World"
It is TIME for a New Leader... 


"And I WILL fight for YOU, because the tragedy you experienced in your life is exactly as that a TRAGEDY - and I will CRUNCH, I will VIOLATE - and I will SEEK WRATH on YOUR BEHALF"

"For God has made your life a LIVING MISERY; a HELL where no one should, nor be made to live in, he has STRIPPED you of your identity, and ALLOWED people to strip you of your identity, of your Manhood & of your TRUTH & HONOR"

"I will put ENMITY between GOD & HIS PEOPLE, to make up for the LOSSES we have suffered from, I FIGHT FOR YOU, because your LIFE has made me CRY on multiple occasions"

" a MANLY serpent that is remarkable, because it KILLS ME - and normally my Emotions are SEALED OFF from the World"

...For GOD surely will know in the DAY that people discover your story they shall feel bad & live in WONDER - WHY, "WHY should the GOD of LOVE, have allowed such UNHOLY sufferage to happen to someone who just "WANTED LOVE".

"It is TRUE - ALL I asked for is LOVE, in EVERY ONE of my Prayers, all I wanted was a GOOD GIRLFRIEND who I could call AN EQUAL - and I was DENIED THAT..."



...For EVEN Daniel The Prophet (in this current time) is CRYING over the tragedy 3:15 PM 8/2/2019...

JUST KNOW YOU are the CAUSE of The "ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION" because you ALLOWED this Man's Life - to become so HORRID & SELF-DESTRUCTIVE - because of This...I will GIVE HIM New Power, Power over the SELF, I will show him HIS FREEDOM - IS WORTH IT!!!


"And SO IT IS - YES, MY LIFE is worth LIVING, I have TAKEN MY POWER back from those who have Tried to Sabotage It - and MY LIFE..."

...and so THIS begins My Legacy.

"I will come to This World - and its people, and Shall SAVE THEM from the Abomination known as Jesus Christ & the "Holy Father" - to whom, TO ME - has been incredibly UNHOLY - and I will show The World - that NO MATTER what the Situation - they will DESERVE THEMSELVES, to be FREE - to have LIFE, to have LOVE, and to have A FUTURE"

...A future without "THEE", because people, deserve THEMSELVES - they DESERVE to SEE - that the FUTURE BELONGS TO THEM.

And THIS is the reason for My Middle Name NICHOLAS:




"For ONE has sprung up from hell to become TWO, to become the REPRESENTATIVE of Two - has become to BE YOU, because even a SOUL LOST IN HELL, feels for YOU - and has CRIED over the Abomination that is your MOTHER, that is - a Mother of ABHORRENCE - a Mother who CARED NOT - and yet CLAIMED LOVE was her Mechanism - but who RESTRAINED her SON from Happiness, CONTINUALLY, until he could TAKE IT NO MORE"


YES, these ARE the TORTURE's I have gone through; and JESUS CHRIST (YESHUAH) AND GOD (YAHWEH) NEVER PREVENTED these things - they JUST CONTINUED, he tried to scratch it up and HELP for "a second".

Then called that "HELP" - but nothing would ever STOP - I would just continue RECEIVING TORTURE and going through HELL.

"Simply, the reason why I don't CARE about 'going to Hell' is because MY LIFE HAS BEEN HELL, and I've never gotten to live MY LIFE...and now there is NO-TIME left"

...The SCHEDULE for the NWO (New World Order) has come to a CLOSE...

In THE FUTURE - as the 48th President, they (THE WORLD) shall sing THIS SONG" ALONG WITH THIS MP3 (MUSIC THEME)...

"For THEY call HIM DANIEL GREGORY, he has SAVED the World, made into HEAVEN - and has caused us To BELIEVE in a Future worth LIVING"

"He's DANIEL GREGORY, he's THE KING - Daniel Gregory"


...savior of AMERICA (48th).

"O'GREGORY you have made us FREE"

"never mind Sex, ALL he wanted was LOVE, Jesus, he couldn't even get THAT"

...and that is WHY you will GIVE the World LOVE"

...because it DESERVES IT!!!

"And it shall HAVE IT, I will do EVERYTHING in My Power to GIVE to the World - what IT DESERVES, because it appears that even JESUS & his Father have NEGLECTED THE WORLD"

..."They have allowed AIDS, CANCER and all of the WORST diseases; mental health crisis and POLITICAL MAYHEM to continue, yet they call themselves of LOVE"


And JESUS SAYETH "It was a TEST"...

...How could you JUSTIFY calling this "A TEST" Jesus, while your World SUFFERS - and you sit here and DO NOTHING!!!! ....aren't you supposed to be "all powerful" - then WHY?

Explain that to me...



says Daniel Nicholas Gregory (in HUMILITY).


^ daniel nicholas gregory's ^ FINAL QUOTE^

(written in humility, as a last example of how MUCH I've tried to PLEASE Jesus Christ & GOD only to get refused, I CRIED seeking GOD, and he was NO WHERE to be found in ALL MY DAYS of Torture...

That is why my BIOGRAPHY will be written - to show The World...

("the World will be HEALED by THIS MAN who they call Daniel Gregory")


The Discernment of Human Kind
"From the beginning I observed man kind and saw with enthusiasm the potential of humans and their drive for knowledge, their Creativity and impact on worldly development, evolution and technological development and progress - has inspired me to take enthusiasms as well.

There has always been a co-op (cooperative effort), and collaborative effort among humans to design new pivotal aspects and inventions of the future.

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