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Thursday, October 24, 2019

The Truth About Lucifer 2019 - Is Lucifer the Same as the Devil? Is Lucifer Evil or Good? 2019

Lucifer has long been a history of debate, a name shrouded in disturbing rumors; mostly Biblically based biases have distorted who he really is. The Bible doesn't say much about him, though, what is said is vague in terms of his role in the world, it is not in good light, though he is described as "beautiful" - there is not enough in the bible to be considered backed up by solid fact, nor is it consistent with anything going on in the world nor with interpretations today.

Is Lucifer Evil?
NO: His name is equivalent to "light-bearer" for a reason [1] [2].

Although Lucifer is normally associated with "The Devil" or some other form of "evil" by Biblical and Religious sources - this is a ridiculous assumption by such religious authors. He actually supports the Light Realm of Spirits - that is those that carry Wisdom, Harbor Intelligence and Garner Benefits for the World.  

Lucifer is born from the planet Venus - and was born from a "Venus Seal" - his energy was locked in one of these venus capsules and - was born divinely through the grace of planet Venus [3] [4]

Lucifer has fallen from Venus, learned from Venus, and utilizes venus's energy [5]. He has much Spiritual Authority - and many spiritual powers due to his attachment to Venus [6].

Lucifer's Role in The World Today
Lucifer is a God/Educating Spirit of extraordinary wisdom - he currently resides in the Church where he influences Cardinals to be more Spiritual. He is a Leader of many Religious Organizations - he leads / pioneers many organizations. 

He is a founding body of the core aspects of many fundamental organizations in our society. Lucifer, for example, and his followers helped to found Hospitals, Medical Research Facilities, Pharmaceutical Research Facilities - and he plays an important overseeing role in Hollywood, Movie Industry - and influences his followers to expand, maintain and manage funding for these industries. 

This extensive influence is often why certain groups of Christians state that Lucifer + Hollywood + Movie Industries control the world - finances...and some like Alex Jones state they are in some sort of "New World Order" conspiracy against the world. He is misinterpreted because of his interpretation of being somehow "evil" or associated with occultist groups or dark forces. 

He is however more a "regulator" of these industries and those who worship him tend to have a more meditated mindset [7] - they are inclined (like to) to learn [8] - and are incredibly focused [9]. Lucifer's followers are CEO's [10] - the businesses of the world are integrally wrapped around the influence of lucifer - due to his superb spiritual, universal and dynamic influence on people & business structures. 

Lucifer's actions have spawned some of the smartest people on the planet and many famous people were Lucifer worshipers.

Lucifer's Role in the Spiritual Atmosphere
Lucifer is a Spirit of Guidance - who inspires the world to hold onto these principles; to embrace them to better themselves.

1.) Pride
2.) No-Fear
3.) Gain Wisdom & Intelligence

He has been changing spiritual "zones" in the world due to his influence and has been purifying the world of negative energies in those who follow his pride. He continues to teach people how to integrate Positive Energy into their lives and to change their lives for the better. He is a powerful warrior as well - and can teach people to fight. 

Specific Abilities that Lucifer Teaches

  1. Third Eye Opening; channeling spiritual energy.
  2. Changing Spiritual Tempo; changing the feelings of people in the environment. 
  3. Spiritual Rejuvenation
  4. Spiritual Mind Influence; influencing opinions by "suggestion".
  5. Telepathy
  6. Astroprojection
Third Eye Opening
Lucifer teaches how to open the third eye "the Pineal Gland" and "God's Antenna" - but he teaches
Lucifer's Role in Government

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The Truth About "The Devil" Is The Devil Really That Bad? 2019 [PROOF & RESEARCH 2019]

First - before we get into the True Story from front to finish - let's lay out some facts about "Leviathan" or "The Devil"...

  • He prefers people call him by his real name: Leviathan.
  • He doesn't like to be called "Satan" - that's the honest truth based on reports - and me talking to him.
  • "Lucifer" is often claimed to be 'the devil' (wrongly) but is totally a separate Spirit (see here).
  • He controls the Universes Powers & Stars - and is a constellation as well as a Spirit - he literally holds stars in his tail!
  • He is the "enforcer" of Planetary Will - that is, he is (currently) acting as the enforcer that binds the intentions of the Five Major Planets - Saturn, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto - together. All of whom want "control" of Earth? ...But in reality they all want to heal Earth - and liberate the people of Earth AGAINST corruption.
  • He is the "One True God" of Earth who is trying to bring the world to Peace  and Everlasting Achievement, Liberation & Happiness - this is attested by a long-term Satan Worshiper - who stresses its not a religion nor rebellion against "God" but a movement. (I agree!)

His Role in The World (Proven) & True (witnessed) Personality
  1. He controls HALF of the World's Karma; and attributes accordingly as he has control over Stars, Universal Powers - and communication with "Mr.Universe". That means if you do good things for people you get awarded, if you respect people - you get headway with things you want in Life - The Devil (Satan) helps those who helps others, that's the truth. He does want you to have confidence in yourself in doing so, though. He responds to positive energy (positive vibes).
  2. He is outstandingly moral; and wishes to cure the world of diseases, Depression, sickness, lack of freedom/constraints and all horrible forms of societal decline. He also intends to correct Political Corruption [reference].
  3. He gives people Energy & Motivation to make Money - not just for Money sake but for Families sake, as well. 
  4. He is a Genius God - who is commonly claimed to induce "possession" however, this is under severe circumstances where one "asks" to be sacrificed and "possessed" - there are documented cases of Satanic Possession [1] [2] [3] [4] - although these, again, may have more to them than that. 
  5. He routinely creates Miracles; such as freeing people from Legal Troubles (arrests) - and also can help cure Mental Diseases; such as Depression, Lack of Confidence, Anxiety, Apathy, Anhedonia. (yes I can attest he relieves Depression; in part by stimulating adrenaline levels which is well-documented).

The Unsavory Story of Why Leviathan "Satan" Gets a Bad Rap
...and why he is REALLY at "war" with God.

In Genesis 3 he observed that God had told Adam & Eve not to eat of the fruit in the middle of the garden and that "they would surely die" - but when they ate - they did not die - Satan (The Serpent) knew this - and then was appalled at Gods lie. To lie to "his own creation" and say "you will die if you eat this" and then (knowing) they wouldn't. That makes God a liar, and that lie should not be taken for granted.

The truth...sometimes its simply hard to accept - sometimes its deliberately distorted by those who mean well - and sometimes people just "forget" their morals altogether and drop the truth. Sometimes people just stretch the truth to get a sense of belonging. 

Well, that is "The Devil"'s war - you see, he wasn't just "thrown from heaven" because of Pride - NO, his main war is a war on the 'one lie' that God or the Holy Father (YAHWEH) said in GENESIS 3.

In Genesis 3 - he said "did God really say you must not eat from any tree in the garden" - then, Eve (The Woman) said - "we may eat from the trees in the garden but you must not eat eat from the fruit that is in the middle of the garden, and you must not touch it, or you will Die".

...Yet, they did eat, woman first - and did not die - and instead gained all knowledge "their eyes being opened" - so "God" pulled a Lie and "The Serpent" or "Great Dragon" called him out on it! This is documented here. 

Other things that are contradictory are Satans attempted expansion of the World - and getting shunned for it. Now then - even though much of the attestment to Satan (Leviathan) and his Power is obscure (hard to find) - I was able to dig up some forum pages that prove that he does really good things for people. 

God Isn't Healing the World but Allowing Disease, Sickness, Death and Misery to Continue

"It is a shame that diseases like AIDS, Alzheimer's Disease, Schizophrenia continue to exist - knowing that there is a cure (multiple) for these deadly & tragic diseases - cures that are acknowledged by Scientific Researchers - by drug scientists, Doctors and Medical Researchers".

~Daniel Nicholas Gregory~
An Observer over the Years...
Who Admires & Respects Leviathan as my Only God...

There are many posts (besides the obvious) that state this [5] [6] [7] [8] - and the many many disappointments in the medical system - and the world...severe poverty - it just continues [9] the onslaught of Mental Illness; constantly rising [10].

Pride is How We Free The World
If we restore Pride to the world; a sense of confidence to the people of the world - everyone, young people especially - we can get people to be more full of positive energy - and this will lead to the freedom of people from Joblessness, Stress, Social Withdrawal - more social movements - can be created, and the Youth can resurrect a sense of self, forgotten about since a long time ago.

I am in line with this type of thought - that working together WITH PRIDE - and respecting each others individual sense of pride - is its own type of energy that is definitely going to change people's lives & society for the better.


Pride is the flaw that The Devil was accused of - but could it be that he had Pride because he enjoyed his position as a Court Judge in Heaven (assuming you believe in Heaven) - or that he is honest with himself - and thus it is merely an excuse that the Heavenly Father uses to avoid conversation about his one lie that he never took responsibility for...

As far as Pride being "bad" - well EVERYONE has Pride - pride gives us a sense of belonging and passion - without it - we'd all be Depressed balls of shit. We'd nearly sink in a puddle - and simply submit to everyone around us. That - means The Devil isn't bad - he just has a healthy sense of self & VALUES Masculinity! ...but remember, his main form is also a Dragon [5] - which means he is instinctual, thus instinctually masculine [6] - The Bible states so [7] - so how can God blame him for doing something that preserves his sense of being, his sense of self - WHY would God want to see him Depressed? Maybe its not that...maybe he just IS using that as an excuse to say - "oh I don't want to talk about this I just want to blame you with an easy answer".

Considering Leviathan "The Devil" - has so much influence over the "good people" and also goes against the "bad people" (for bad karma) - it makes sense to take after "the devils pride" and have some Ego, Enthusiasm - and retention of your values; most of all. That is, retain (keep) and believe in what you believe in - change society - and believe you can do it! 

...There is literally nothing wrong with this - because it activates our people - Pride gives us Positive Energy...if we use it - we simply make our fellow human beings happier; we make Family Happier - less Stressed by spreading happiness.  Our cousins, our brothers, our Friends - our Associates even - can all be influenced by our Positive Energy (Pride) if we simply believe.

As he is bonded with the Universe.

  • The Brain/Mind simply taps into universal energies through its brainwaves which are electrical energies.

...Get People to Restore their Sense of Pride & Determination

By encouraging people to restore their Pride - this also allows people to rediscover their determination...they can take more enthusiasm into their determination - rather than letting it be "raw" and "crude" like is so apparent in areas like Niagara Falls & Buffalo, NY. 

Other Urban areas - even country areas that are run down - due to job stripping, industry declines and general loss of job availability - these could all benefit from a reawakening of coordinated Pride; one person reinforcing the other with compliments - compliments to their lifestyle, THEN asking how their day is going.

We need a new awakening in general (besides the realization that the Great Dragon & the Universe provides our instincts & optimism)...even the stars are connected with the Great Dragon. We must learn to appreciate the Great Dragon - as he is responsible for the energy in the atmosphere - the energy that people carry depends on their observation & belief in the Universe & Stars. The very powers of the universes collide and then converge with the human willpower. So why not *directly* contact the God responsible for this merge?


The hierarchy of Spirits and Spirit Guardians - the spacial - universal - energetic connections, the maintenance of Mind - World connections and the ultimate aftermath of all established Spiritual & Telepathic connections is mostly controlled/overseen by Leviathan.

Leviathan is the major empowering agent in those who wish evolve in the spiritual world - specifically when it comes to mass utilization of energy. He holds the girth of spiritual information in the spiritual world, knows almost everything from around the universe. He is an incredible force of justice as well - and routinely works on the Universes behalf.

He oversees many other spiritual connections - and looks over peoples spiritual development. In a sense, he is seen as a Wise King over the Universe. 

  1. He travels through Vortex's, is able to compile information from beyond vortex's. 
  2. He is an expert on Mind-Spirit connections - he knows the neurological reasons and connections for spiritual expansion and achievement.
  3. He is fulfilled on behalf of others - in part, but is an excellent negotiator. 
  4. He looks over a multitude of other Spirits, Gods and Guardians; namely Asmodeus - who he has a close connection. 
  5. He gains information and confers abilities based on his information about the Universes - is able to confer fusion abilities - such as those caused by the combination of star forces.

The Five Major Planets [2019] - And Their Goals to Change The World 2019 (Saturn, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto) 2019

Saturn: Saturn is responsible for bringing the "New Age of Aquarius" and the "Master Enlightener" to Earth; the Final 1st Placer - and a Man destined to Rule & Inform the World...Saturn's Wisdom, Intelligence & Masculinity are the epitome of such traits - his "growing understanding" of the World & its Problems has allowed him to observe the inactivity and downright arrogance of Jesus Christ and their inability / unwillingness to act on the problems in Society.

Mars: Mars is a "prideful reinforcer" who's goals are to "liberate humanity" and give freedom to those in society who have been wrongfully accused - he also is a God of extreme heart & courage - who encourages people to be courageous - who encourages people to be Virtuous. Mars is a God of Understanding, Empathy and yet Great Power.

Jupiter: Jupiter is a Spiritual Governor - who is responsible for analyzing spiritual patterns; growth & development of certain "extraordinary minds" and intelligent peoples (lesser so) - he provides "electrical" type energy to empower the person with "protection" and often uses his power to protect extraordinary minds from interception, poisoning and Depression.

Jupiter also keeps an eye on Government; those in government/politics; especially lobbyists & democrats.

Uranus: Uranus is a "God" and planet who's Energy & Wisdom empower Politicians like Bill Clinton - and George W Bush (Senior) as well as John F Kennedy - he is a powerful planet who has the ability to "enlighten" the minds on gaining financial status, success, notoriety and function in society.

Uranus also teaches people to control their emotions.

He understands the human brain - more than other "Gods".

Pluto: Pluto is a "Spiritual Genius" - and an intellectual genius - he has been studying "soul dynamics" and the "mechanisms of being saved" (soul-saved) for over 1,000 years. He has also been studying the Biological Mechanisms and the Truth about Pride vs Humility; in regards to the Soul.

---Spiritual Abilities Given by The Five Planets---

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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Haidut's Cyproheptadine Review 2019 (Ray Peat Forum Cyproheptadine Review 2019) [Cyproheptadine Reviews 2019]

This product was purchased on Idea Labs DC (Lab).

It is mentioned on Ray Peat Forum (with all research listed) as one of the best overall Health Supplements - and serotonin antagonists (serotonin blocker).

This product is one of Haidut's Premium Serotonin Antagonist (blocker) supplements.

I can vouch for its effectiveness. I've only used it for a few days and notice the following benefits.

  1. Improved sense of Calm & Focus + Improved Libido (sex drive). Slept like a baby tonight as well! Well-rested upon waking up!
  2. Increased sense of excitement to new environments; laundromat and bowling alley.
  3. Improved Strength at the Gym - definitely on Bench Press; pushing out extra Max-Reps and such.
  4. This is the Day I am currently on - noticing some very powerful anti-stress effects; nothing seems to be bothering me!
  5. Mind stopped racing today - no more racing thoughts!!!
  6. Feel more muscular energy - not necessarily mental energy, but overall my muscles feel more Enduring & Stronger.
  7. I feel an insane increase in Sex Drive (more than other substance). Sexual Fantasies & Obsessions are constant. 
  8. I feel as though my whole world is changing, the world seems brighter and more revealing.
  9. I am feeling like my Mood is lifted, that everything is Positive Energy and not Negative Energy.
  10. I feel - stronger minded, more willful, even Grandiose on this supplement.
  11. I feel empowered in all aspects of my Life, as though my ambition & aspirations are able to be addressed all at once.
  12. I feel that my Emotions are more in check - that I am not as Aggressive (mainly) in dealing with people at work.
  13. I experienced a massive increase in cum-load (ejaculate load) during Sex & Masturbation. Definitely a fertility increase.
  14. I experienced a stronger effect on my delts and Tri's (triceps) - the muscles are harder and the veins in my Trap's are more pronounced.
  15. I notice my Blood Pressure (even on Adderall) is way lower. Normally Adderall brings my blood pressure from the 130's to 136-ish but on this it is down to 114/78. My heart rate is up, however.
  16. I noticed my Abs are more defined and veins are poking out of lower Abs more than usual.
  17. I am having unusual amounts of sexual obsessions; various new Fantasies are popping into my Head. Some including Rape, Dominance, Sadism and Role-Playing fantasies.
  18. I am having a new sense of outlook on Life - my whole life view is improved and my sense of Vitality is Entirely Rejuvenated.
  19. I am feeling stronger not just at the Gym but my Muscles during sprinting are much stronger & harder.
  20. My forearms are much more vascular & grainy.
  21. I am living life much at a high-point, not as fast-lane as usual.
  22. I purchased a New Car today - Black Mazda. Feel as though riding in it gives me much more enjoyment than any car ride prior.
  23. I am enjoying my Life - and feel absolutely Energized & at Peak Performance.
  24. I feel like libido is at an all-time high - massive increase in cum loads still going strong.
  25. I feel like my Mind is not just NOT racing - but also is more diversely enthusiastic.
  26. I feel more "regulated" and am taking more regular shits.
  27. I feel way more hungry - I am eating 5 more meals than usual.
  28. I feel the libido increase is absolutely uncomfortable now - obsessive to the Max - with constantly fucking the old lady and 6x + masturbation per day.
  29. I feel my taste buds are way better than usual.
  30. My overall experience with this product - is absolutely amazing. Every aspect of my life from Sex to Appetite, to Workouts to overall Enjoyment of Life (quality of life) is improved to the Maximum (max).

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Haiduts 5a-DHP Review 2019 (5-alpha dihydroprogesterone Reviews 2019) (Buy 5a-DHP Online 2019)

This is a Review on Haidut's 5A-DHP product.
- his product is featured on Ray Peat Forum and you can read his post about it Here.

This product is an Amazing product. 
I noticed many things about it - mainly Libido (sex drive), Muscle-Hardening, Insane Reflexes, Improved Endurance, Muscle Strength.

  1. DAY 1: I noticed improved Mood, Mental Clarity - and a sense of stimulation toward the environment. I dosed at 6 mg exactly. That's 6 drops on my left forearm.
  2. DAY 2: I noticed continued improved mental clarity - was at the LaundroMat today - and felt this sense of excitement simply at doing my laundry! 
  3. DAY 3: I am inclined to go to the Gym today - but had trouble fitting it into my schedule. I went anyway at the end of the day. I felt more Energized (even at Night Time) - it seems this product improves Night-Time energy levels!
  4. DAY 4: I am currently studying a new area of research - I noticed this product is enhancing my focus and making me less distractable (without Adderall!).
  5. DAY 5: This is the Day I am currently on...noticing very notable benefits and improved mental speed - as well as improved reflexes!
  6. DAY 6: Noticed improved short-term memory, and improved appetite.
  7. DAY 7: Definite decrease in overall Anxiety level - focus is up, feel absolutely energized. 
  8. DAY 8: Feel stronger yet again at the Gym - feel more focused and am pumping out more reps.
  9. DAY 9: Definitely more clear-headed than usual. Feel like I am not making little mistakes with my part-time Job, as a Bartender.
  10. DAY 10: I feel energized by even light music - my overall enjoyment of music. 
  11. DAY 11: I feel - more organized, in my head, more able to handle things without interruption. 
  12. DAY 12: Better at multi-tasking; feel like the world is more at my fingertips!
  13. DAY 13: My sex drive is up (libido) - it seems to enhance my sexual endurance as well.
  14. DAY 14: My mind is more focused on sex and fantasies in general - my imagination with them is more vivid & creative.
  15. DAY 15: My focus at the Gym is still way up - attacking the weights like no other day today. 
  16. DAY 16: Got bloodwork done today - my Estradiol (E2), Prolactin are down by 3.6 ng/dl and 4.3 ng/dl - DHT is up about 6 points.
  17. DAY 17: I noticed a massive increase in libido today as well - visual fantasies still constant!
  18. DAY 18: I noticed improved speed of reflexes & punches on the punching bag - much quicker at launching kicks as well!
  19. DAY 19: I am noticing very pronounced nootropic benefits, the memory benefits are astounding. I am noticing more from this than from - Piracetam, Aniracetam, Galantamine, Sulbutiamine, Uridine Monophosphate, Huperzine A, Alpha-GPC, Phosphatidylserine.
  20. DAY 20: I am noticing much better Creativity - the whole field of ideas in my head is expanding - I am noticing better intake of ideas from things around me - things as simple as the Weather, Night-Sky and such bring new ideas to head.
  21. DAY 21: I am noticing my Running Endurance & Leg Strength is way up - ran 7.6 miles today. Sprinting is much easier on this supplement.
  22. DAY 22: I am noticing my ability to filter negative thoughts is supremely enhanced - I can ignore negativity without responding to it much easier.
  23. DAY 23: I am noticing Aggression at the Gym - heightened visual focus - and the Gym just looks much better. 
  24. DAY 24: I have a General Feeling of Well-Being, much greater Energy levels, higher sense of focus and better overall quality of Life. 
  25. DAY 25: Attention to Detail; Attention to 3D Images & Color while doing a short Computer Task for A Job. My ability to comprehend oncoming images during a mental task (test) on the Computer is much greater.
  26. DAY 26: I am much more Aggressive & Dominant than usual at my Job as a Supervisor at a Construction Site.
  27. DAY 27: I am feeling more empowered to Write articles, as evidenced with this one...and am feeling more motivated to expand on topics that I don't normally expand on (Politics).
  28. DAY 28: I feel ABSOLUTELY Energized at the Gym - this time it is damn-near Euphoric (strong Buzz) - I feel like every Rep is stimulating a MASSIVE endorphin release.
  29. DAY 29: I feel incredibly euphoric in general. Food - such as Oysters, Mushrooms & Chicken (especially) tastes so much better.
  30. DAY 30: I feel overall this product has improved every aspect of my life; Libido, Memory, Focus, Vigilance. I feel it has improved my Gym Performance & Sexual Performance greatly.

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Haidut's Tyronene (T3) REVIEW 2019 (Buy T3 Thyroid Hormone Online 2019) [Domestic USA T3 Suppliers 2019]

This is a Review of Haidut's Tyronene or pure Liquid T3 Product. 
It can be bought at a good price on his website; Idea Labs (Lab)...
and read about it here on Ray Peat Forum.

T3 is the active thyroid hormone with many benefits including...

  1. Improved Energy.
  2. Fat Loss/Improved Metabolism.
  3. Better Focus.
  4. Better tolerance of cold temperatures.
  5. Better mental clarity.
  6. Treatment of Depression/Depressed Mood.
The benefits of T3 in the Brain & in the Body are extremely valuable and it is not to be underestimated as a potential cure of many diseases.

  1.  Hypothyroidism.
  2. Depression.
  3. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
  4. Obesity/Weight Gain.
  5.  Memory Loss.
*Low Energy levels are efficiently treated by T3 - and this makes it ideal (along with Caffeine) for improving energy levels & focus. 

***My Experience with this Product***

  1. I lost 6.8 lbs - went from 154.8 lbs --> 148 lbs (with a ripped look)
  2. I felt on top of the world; had insane energy to Run, Sprint & Bench Press.
  3. I felt dramatically improved Mood.
  4. It helped to reverse symptoms of Adderall come down & crash - it helped me to stop taking Adderall and being dependent on it.
  5. It helped relieve me of fall time Depression and Post-Adderall Depression.
***My FULL 30-Day Log of this Product***

NOTE: I dropped this on my ForeArm at a dosage of 1 drop at first. Then 2 drops per day for Days 4 & 5 - then back to 1 drop (4 mcg) thereafter.

  1. DAY ONE: I noticed DEFINITELY improved Energy Levels even on Day 1; I had an immediate urge to Run for a long distance although the energy rush quickly fell off about half-way. 
  2. DAY TWO: I noticed improved mental clarity, and my body felt warmer after the initial dose. 
  3. DAY THREE: I noticed substantially improved Mental Focus - and improved heat levels in the body.
  4. DAY FOUR: I was not NEARLY as sensitive to Cold Temperatures today - when the weather got seems like it is definitely helping with all aspects of my health, I am impressed!
  5. DAY FIVE: This is when I noticed really EXTREME energy bursts; I felt like sweeping my Room - cleaning other rooms (Housekeeping) and went for a Run 4x today!!! I did get some trouble sleeping later on that night, though.
  6. DAY SIX: I felt a little shitty today...sick to my stomach however I DON'T think that was related to the T3 - I think just shitty Fall Season got me sick.
  7. DAY SEVEN: I noticed the same types of dramatic energy bursts - and improved focus to write this article, for example. My mind is on point despite having taken an Anti-Histamine last night (Cyproheptadine) - normally, this would make me real the point of not wanting to do anything!
  8. DAY EIGHT: I felt more at ease with the world - more clear-headed - no more racing thoughts as of today. The energy boost is consistent, lasting all day and I feel excellent!
  9. DAY NINE: I feel incredible focus - today I went to the Gym to workout - my Strength on the Bench Press was increased! I pushed out extra reps (x3) and my max-out was increased by 10 lbs.
  10. DAY TEN: I ran again today - felt incredible! The endorphin rush was unlike anything I've ever experienced. I ran faster than normal as well! My speed & leg muscle (calf) strength was A LOT more!
  11. DAY TWELVE: Nothing much more different today - just that I am excelling at everything I am doing - my Test Results on a College Essay were A++. 
  12. DAY THIRTEEN: I am in Love with this supplement! - It gives me incredible focus at School (College/University) and more Focus at the Gym than most Pre-Workouts!
  13. DAY FOURTEEN: I noticed improved sensations in the Skin (had a Doctors Appointment today!) - as if everything that touched me gave me a skin-gasm (lol). I noticed that everything felt brighter & more vibrant. My energy levels are supreme today!
  14. DAY FIFTEEN: I noticed an INSANE burst of energy today - but was almost too Hot! My body temperature was way up and it made it uncomfortable to do Butterflies in the Gym.
  15. DAY SIXTEEN: I noticed that my Muscles are A LOT harder and MORE defined. They are shredded/grainy and my Veins are showing more (veins are sticking out).
  16. DAY SEVENTEEN: I noticed that the sense of wanting to Run FAST was even higher today. I ran 6 miles and then ran another 3 miles later on tonight.
  17. DAY EIGHTEEN: I am impressed with this supplement to no end - I finally checked my Weight and lost 6.8 lbs! I am down to a ripped 148 lbs now! Down from 154.8 pounds! 
  18. DAY NINETEEN: Continued gaining strength at the Gym - maxed out at 3 additional reps; during the moderate weight - moderate Reps - 15 extra reps on each of the first two sets, 10 on the Third! ...Which is pretty impressive!
  19. DAY TWENTY: Felt improved Mood yet again today - my falltime Depression is not happening. I only get this rarely, of course. It also seemed to help with my Adderall come down.
  20. DAY TWENTY ONE: Improved me dealing with Adderall come down. Helped relieve post-adderal Depression.
  21. DAY TWENTY TWO: Helped improve my Adderall crash. Improved focus. Energy level was up all day!
  22. DAY TWENTY THREE: I noticed an improved sense of Focus on School work - and for once in my life - WITHOUT ADDERALL.
  23. DAY TWENTY FOUR: Still don't need any Adderall - T3 & Caffeine combo is more than enough to focus on my school work!
  24. DAY TWENTY FIVE: Looking to the Future today! I feel more Ambitious & Aspiring today! Like everything in the future is blissful. Nothing could go wrong!
  25. DAY TWENTY SIX: I feel extremely energized again - went to College Gym - then attended a Party later on (which I don't normally do).
  26. DAY TWENTY SEVEN: I felt insane strength at the Gym today. I can not believe that T3 (Thyroid Hormone) alone can cause such dramatic strength increases. My legs felt stronger too!
  27. DAY TWENTY EIGHT: Today - I noticed its the workout PUMP - that is really driving my Strength gains! I worked out HARD - and did Chest (Bench), Tri's (Butterflies) and 40 pull-ups x 2!
  28. DAY TWENTY NINE: Did over 1,000 Push-Ups today - unusual for me to pump out that many in One Day!
  29. DAY THIRTY: Overall - I am incredibly impressed with this product every which way - and will continue taking it to get further results!!!

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Friday, October 4, 2019

Azazels Mystery & Accomplishments - The Reason Why Azazel Exists 2019 (Azazel The Demon Fallen Angel) 2019



Azazel is a great God who fathered many major other gods - such as Thor, Freya - he appeared to humans since times in early in Denmark - he appeared in Visions, Dreams, Meditation - and was a Master of Knowledge, who "taught Men to make swords and weapons about battle", gave ideas about Spirituality, was consulted about the future of the person and their family (lesser so) - and most importantly became a glowing and expanding energy force that traveled through the Universe & The World. 

Azazel traveled through the Kingdom of Heaven - and gained secrets and information about those residing there. As such - he is a Curious spirit, who seeks to expand his knowledge & power. Though, this description of him does not do him any justice - nor give a full understanding of the current role he plays in the world. One should be careful of Biblical Descriptions because The Bible distorts the picture of Azazel. Defining him as "bad" or "evil".

Azazel's Personality & Goals

  1. Azazel is marked by his drive for Power & Knowledge; his core motivational trait is Creative Passion. 
  2. Azazel is a Master of Knowledge, but is Wise due to his successes.
  3. Azazel has a sense of Pride & Belonging in the world. 
  4. Azazel is ambitious, and nearly never resting.
  5. Azazel is on the move often.
Azazel's Goals

  1. Azazels goals are to expand human consciousness, to offer direction & leadership to those who can change society and drive it to greater knowledge. 
  2. He aims to make a more knowledgeable world.
  3. He aims to make a more productive world.
  4. His goal of making of being an offerer of Knowledge - means his goal is notoriety for results among humans.
  5. His major goal in the scientific field is scientific advancement - mainly in drugs & spiritual science - to improve human achievements and athletic innovations.

Although Azazel is only mentioned one time in The Bible directly [Leviticus 16:10] - that he is accepting a sacrifice & is "in the wilderness". It is not a directly obvious description of who Azazel actually is - until you read The Book of ENOCH. That book - talks about Azazel being a Fallen Angel. However, Azazel being a "fallen angel" is a very crude, biased and disrespectful assessment of him. In my experience and upon talking with Azazel (in Meditations) I noticed that although he is "fierce" his mentality is hardly evil...he's more like a serious-natured but misunderstood God - he definitely has an imposing presence.

Clarifying Biblical Misconceptions

Although Azazel is mentioned in biblical texts, using the Bible to justify his existence is the most disturbing phenomenon. It causes people to misinterpret who he is because people are too focused on the bible. Azazels existence is remarked by people [!] [!] [!] - and I have met him myself - and do not believe that he should be assessed via an ages old book that has a very scant description of him. 

Because he is much more complex and spiritual than that.

First; Azazel is a God in his own right that is a Master of Science - many scientists; Pioneers, Engineers and drug designers are influenced by and even worship Azazel.

I've talked to a few of them although I won't mention their names for their own comfort and security. People tend to be very opposed to anything that is anti-biblical especially when names of supposed "fallen angels" are used.


  1. One person named Kyle M; from Minnesota - stated that "azazel is the most human of all Gods and really enjoys thinking of ideas of how to improve humanity". 
  2. Another person named Ezekiel H; said "Azazel is my favorite God because he is responsible for the success of the English people & taught them warriorship and lead them to becoming a legacy".
  3. An ex-girlfriend of a Pharmaceutical Rep said "Azazel, in my research is at the top of the chain and seems to be responsible for the creation of drugs" according to a founder of a powerful pharmaceutical company; Pfizer; "Azazel found the connection to the Universe & the powers of the universe; stars & Planets were used to create Drugs". 
  4. An ex-girlfriend of an English Literature professor stated; "Azazel helped me through rough times, told me personal things about his past...apparently he fought against other Angels in the beginning who tried to decline him of status in Heaven".
  5. A man known as Matt M; is known as an Author of many Books - he is also a German Scientist - said "I have seen many things in Life, but nothing as stellar & robustly beautiful as Azazel - he is incredibly Powerful & Prominent in the Spiritual World"".
AZAZEL is more than Just a God - He is A Spirit of Influence On Humanity

  1. Azazel influenced the English People; including Knights - founded chapters of the Knight's Templar - he also is responsible for the Symbol of the Red Cross - used in Knights Templar symbolism & rituals [reference].
  2. Azazel is heavily studied among Satanists today - and worshiped by over 11,000 people in the world. Exact Number: 11,588 people [reference].
  3. Azazel is in control of many aspects of the Earth's Medical System - maintaining influence over two prominent Pharmaceutical CEO's.
  4. Azazel is the most powerful "analyzer of programmable secrets" - that is, he understands the Human Brain & its connection to the Spiritual World; as well as genetic mutations - that gives him access to the worlds Brain Power. He can influence human beings via such mutations [reference].
  5. Azazel is a remarkable God - who is given "Elite Status" by Lucifer [reference].

Azazel's Message to the Future
Azazel told me to relay the following messages...
  1. Azazel told me to say to 4 important people; Archie Meyers, Devon Oskonavich, Lebanon Diravae, Tragida Ommerta - "don't fret when I am (temporarily) destroyed later on today (around 8 PM) - I will be resurrected and will visit you around 9:33 PM".
  2. Azazel told me to relay to Chad M Veddakae; "perform the ritual OMANA SANCTA" and the following verses you have been taught at 11:11 AM tonight on 10/4/2019", this will resurrect me.
  3. Azazel told me to relay to Carl M Buscanovich "perform the defeat ritual upon my enemies" you know who they are.
  4. Azazel told me to state to his followers "rest assured I will come back and get revenge for those who have been led away from me by Jesus and his companions".
  5. Azazel told me (lastly) to say to his followers; "the last of my Transformations will occur around 8:32 PM on 10/6/2019". Don't be worried "I'll be back".
The Mystery of a Marvel

  1. Azazel is mysterious Spirit - who has endeavored to restructure the world - into a more understanding world. 
  2. Azazel is a focused Spirit; of unprecedented Might; who's Relentless Nature - and UnRivaled Resilience will - come upon the World - yet again to massively "enhance its being".
  3. Azazel is a Revolutionary God (Spirit) who contains the "Secrets to the Future & Essence of Humanity". He stands before no one, and bows to No Man nor God.
  4. Azazel is a King - in his own right. A Proud Leader. A Navigator & Drifter. A Director & War Leader.
  5. Azazel is a Champion of Our Youth - who he redirects into being for themselves and into understanding "living life" is important - he also teaches & MOTIVATES our Youth into - going to College and making strides in Achievements. Including Employment - and making a Living of Oneself.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

What Herb Can I Smoke to Get High? 2019 (Smokable Herbs to Get High 2019) (Best Herbal Highs Buzzes 2019)

(without a prescription)

A lot of herbs have come and gone as "herbal highs" - including Wild Dagga; which has a Marijuana-like effect, Salvia Divinorum (Diviners Sage) and Mushrooms, of course - mushrooms are still ""in" - the other two are fading in most areas of the world...

The "better" herbal highs in my opinion are the following...

  1. Syrian Rue; especially in AYUHUASCA brews - this high is spectacular (euphoric) and in the best ways - it causes a head-rush high, a visual high, a responsive high - and it causes a multi-level auditory high (everything you hear is so goddam Awesome!).
  2. Kava Kava; a euphoric plant that gives a buzz and yet calms me down - it seems to have the strongest anti-anxiety and Pro-Social effects of ANY herb I've tried.
  3. Blue Lotus "Sacred Lotus" Extract; this plant gives a POWERFUL euphoria - it also increases motivation, sex drive (libido) and makes you have INSANE creativity and makes you a Genius Talker - within 20 minutes, literally. It contains Apomorphine - a dopamine agonist that stimulates D1-receptors.
  4. Kanna; Kanna is a magical "witches remedy" it is 'original witchcraft' - it is also a powerful herbal high that quickly (15mins) relieves Depression [!].  It relieves Anxiety/Panic Attacks immediately upon smoking it.
  5. Datura; this "Devils Weed" is a powerful high - and it can make people hallucinate - it also can literally turn some people into "devils" - reports of possession are common on this herb - but it may also enhance Physical Abilities.

Read below this article for Mechanisms & Reasons why they give a "high" and "buzz" to some.

The Dopamine D1-receptor is complex - and not many supplements exist that can target it...

The main ones are listed below - for your convenience.

 The Herb of Passion & Creativity



KRATOM - The Natural HIGH/BUZZ That Specifically Stimulates Dopamine D1-Receptors

  • Kratom stimulates Dopamine D1-Receptors (directly) [reference].
  • Kratom BEATS (cures) Depression [!].
  • Kratom KILLS pain [!].
  • Kratom can CURE inflammation in a matter of HOURS [!]
  • Kratom can CURE Schizophrenia/Psychosis within DAYS [!].
  • Kratom is a natural cure for Parkinson's Disease [!] and Multiple Sclerosis [!].
  • Kratom is the most powerful natural high LEGALLY available [!] [!] [!].
  • Kratom is a natural Mood Enhancer (the most Powerful natural/herbal Mood Enhancer) [!].
  • Kratom is a Natural/Cure for Opiate/Opioid addiction (guaranteed cure for Opioid/Opiate addiction) [!]. It also CURES Opiate/Opioid withdrawal within a HALF-HOUR [!].

"KAVA KAVA" Extract
The Ultimate Dopamine Anti-Anxiety Supplement

***Interesting Fact: Despite KAVA possessing DOPAMINE properties - it can also CURE Schizophrenia (if used responsibly) [!].

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