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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Why it Seems like such a "Foreign" Concept to believe in "God" as a mediator of things ; "Why Should I Believe in God?"

Well this is something that should be addressed, and I am going to put it out there in a very reasonable; self-explanatory way, I leave you the information, and you draw the conclusions.

I often come across those seeing the belief in God as a highly "black and white" concept, but, if you look real closely, the ones claiming it is so black and white often have a black and white analysis of God and possibly the bible as well. We all know how things can get distorted, and perception is everything - so when one mainstream organization, or one main news outlet gives a particular presentation of what and who God is or isn't, due to largely their perception - is it really so unreasonable to believe in the possibility that their perception is largely taken out of context? Given the amount of conditioning we are subjected to, isn't it possible that this is also a part of conditioning, not because of some direct assault, or maybe an indirect assault on the concept of God, but because we as humans often internalize our perception as right? But who's notes are we basing our perception off of, and who's notes are the presentor's basing their observations after? 

If you are going to be critical of the concept of a higher power, you should at least be well versed enough to both understand the history and to understand how to properly identify context right from the roots - and not from those who alter or give you a corrupted sample. 

So in terms of the concept of a higher entity or universal power mediating or influencing things that occur here in this life, it is understandable (in a way) that in a world mostly conditioned to see logic and the politically correct "common sense" - that one would draw to question how and why a God would even be needed and especially - how he would even be able to influence us or events. Well the one thing to subtract from this situation is understanding that the law's that govern communication and physics do not exclude the possibility of a higher influence, because the way we would be driven to look at this would depend on our perception of what , and who God truly is. 

For example , if we see black and white to criticize a simulation, such as like giving the statement "is God going to save you if you step in front of a vehicle, No? Then why not if he is a loving God?" and... "Why if he is all powerful?" ....

Well first off , the few exceptions from the bible where someone was saved in such a divine were in circumstances necessary to establish a certain point held by the prophets, or to expand God's meaning, or to justify miracles. However, one would have to understand that these are exclusive circumstances and that these people were directly operating on a specific calender given to them by the higher power. 

If an average person steps in front of a vehicle, it can be deemed insane, and it is insane...and it can never be justified as faith because it is considered suicide which is against the bible's declaration of what is right.

In addition , these folks in the stories of the bible were not acting impulsively, they were in many instances, believing after a word was already sent to them , and they were subject to lion's, or soliders or etc..depending on the circumstances...there was always to one extent or another , the first move made on the part of that important character...

For example, Joshua who was able to, even after he was weakened , and sore, pick up a large stone that the normal human at that moment would not have been able to withstand, he wasn't a bulky guy either, but he was strong - still the chances at that moment he would be able to not only lift that large stone , but also slay his enemies (soldiers from the kingdom he was sent to conquer), by one at a time throwing it and then going and picking it up again, physiologically, would have been next to impossible. 

However, you are leaving out such an important point in justifying this - if you want to look at it from a scientific perspective, then you should understand the human psyche and willpower control of the rhythms of our nervous system - in which case, this particular happening back in these times would be justified by science if they had taken the particular examination and mirrored it to the research done on strong willed individuals...people who are relentless and refuse to give up - these are people who achieve the unthinkable. 

If no one had heard of the olympics before, and the athletes in them , then from an outside in look do you think many of us would believe if we were given a lone example, outside the book, outside the TV? Wouldn't it be foreign to us if an olympic runner, appearing in a professional state, or an environment where they wouldn't be exerting themselves, just came up to us and said..."hey, i can run xxxx miles in under 30 seconds"?

That we would consider extremely foreign, especially if these olympics were constantly being downsized, downplayed and or eliminated from the news...

The same with the concept of God and his influence, if we are being conditioned not to believe or to believe in a false representation, one that distorts the picture multiple times..then of course we aren't going to have an easy time understanding, because every time we would try to draw an accurate conclusion or correlation (especially if we take the words or wise advice of people who take things out of context), we would essentially find ourselves more baffled - especially considering what we are to start with would be based on what we learn from growing up.

Now let's go back to the psychology of it all - so Joshua was essentially tuning in to God's frequency or energy field, and in strong belief people do amazing things..but willpower can reinforce the nervous system to crazy heights - and so can anything that reinforces it. But how do we go from someone who has 10% strength to 100 % strength, and how does one set aside the fear that would be associated with the weakening of our bodies...?

Well in those times, based on Joshua's beliefs, he would be conditioned to accept God - but even he had doubts at times, it said in the chapter..but what did he do? He dismissed these doubts and in his heart, mind and soul was instilled with the strength of the holy spirit and was able to based on that same psychological loop , except that loop is injected by an external force. Get it?

In other words, the mediations given by God were not done by God himself, but by positive reinforcement and Joshua's decision to dismiss the fear, and decision to not give up, and to trust and move forward! If he had decided to reject the instinct then he probably would have failed...!

He believed so strongly in his heart though that this needed to be done, and conquering to establish God's name was so essential, and meant everything to him.

Very frequently we as humans may come across a thought, or some of us may have what we perceive to be encounters with the divine. 

Now let me put something straight, I do not reject the notion nor existence of mental disorders or of the existence of delusions - they certainly exist...but to accurately say you can define what is or isn't delusion is often going to be as tricky, reckless and absurd as the notion of trying to base the above exceptions mentioned in the bible, as an ultimatum. Because again, delusion even can be perception - and thus generalizing can be incredibly foolish. 

However , there does exist this issue in society - again, we are conditioned to believe based on a set of values given to us.....because we have negated much of the original belief systems, including gender roles - we have been displaced by not understanding the wholeness of why disperceptions even exist.

Again, we have to come back to the roots and not take what downlines of selfish people have given us as "truth", and out of all particular traits - insight is extremely important. If you can not put yourself in another person's shoes, enough to understand why someone would spew a particular statement, if you haven't given a proper analysis of the person in those shoes - such as why or what they stood to gain or not, of if they could have - then how can you argue that person's point is correct...without examining the intimate details of that person and their possible agenda?

Of course, I'm not trying to portray nor push a paranoid mindset onto any of you - I am simply asking you to cease your own black and white thinking, and consider using logic with your own mind - and your own observations. 

Another big issue is if one isn't in the proper healthy, physiologically sound, and parasympathetic (relaxed) mindset, it is going to cause or predispose one to misperceptions. 

Many of us are living in what is called a  "recurrent simulated stress response", constantly on guard , suspicious, and / or expecting stress or being assaulted by the urban fast paced and oh so anxiety provoking lifestyles. Science will prove that this will impair insight, and sound, analytical, open-minded thinking - all of which is essential for one to understand what I am saying. 

If you skim a few of my sentences and assume based on the first or last word, or you are trained to point out or refuse to listen to certain points of what I am saying - then are you being analytical, are you actually using your wits and trying to understand for yourself? Or are you letting conditioning and an emotional rampage decide the answer?

Now let's go back to Joshua again, Joshua obviously had to have not just the psychological loop , but scientifically, some other electromagnetic energy would have to have bridged the willpower gap, what this means is that still, even in this would be a stretch to say his willpower alone had allowed him to gain the type of immense strength that was needed to lift and continue to lift and use the same mode, the same movement to accurately wipe out each of his enemies. Indeed, his psychology would have to change immediately, and his nervous system and body cells must have either rejuvenated, or he had an immense adaptation response - still ....after that type of soreness and weakness from before, some other influence would have to have been present, but it wouldn't be the first time that black and white science wouldn't have obtained the answer in the face of a biological miracle!

The point is this, instead of debating how it happened and assuming whether there is a God or not, take an insightful look to understand what is going on within him - and then make direct comparisons based on prime, unaltered examples - how could he have had the precise psychology, physiology and all that is needed at that time exactly, when biologically it wouldn't be feasible? Because biologically you are only looking at the picture presented when you aren't looking at the fact that something drastic must have changed....but it is not a coincidence that every aspect of his strength and willpower amplified at the time when he needed it most.

So clearly, for such a precise combination of factors to be with him at that exact moment, another force must have amplified him and his body's electromagnetic energy, and in this case then proceeded after and during he decided on willpower - we call this electromagnetic leverage, by an external force...

God changed his physiology, or amplified it to adapt to the moment.

Now some will inevitably say, "I believe why Am I not being healed or empowered by God"...well there are two levels to this is that even in the bible it states that your belief can not be in vanity and must be consistent, but also that you must not fear failure and you must have which case this psychological loop then summons the extra energy in God as a reward for your persistence. It is then that willpower is supplemented by the force that immense willpower attracts ; and that force is GOD. 

For some even at this point in reading, you may see bits and fragments of what your own perception of truth is , littered about....or perhaps maybe a little too ubiquitously placed for your taste. 

In which case, let's make some other reference points...did you know that the author of "Our Improbable Universe"; Michael Mallory - a leading and well-respected physicist, did not reject the notion of a higher power? And he is trained by science and in evolved physics, he even went over the big bang theory and many others, and also said that these can be seen as inconclusive...and are not proven!

The chances of us being here, life on earth, he said were equal to rolling the same dice about 11  times and hitting a 6 each time!

Here's a quote block from the author and his page.

On the other hand, the existence of uranium in or universe might be seen as an unfortunate quirk of chance resulting from a random and mindless universe begetting process. This search for a signature begins to look and feel like a cat chasing its tail. The issue is unresolvable in a scientific sense. One can only choose a course and follow it through to its conclusions. So let's choose both courses one at a time and see where they go.

If this universe is the result of careful planning, then the creator went to a lot of trouble to fashion it in just such a way that particles like protons could turn into self-aware beings. The creator also built in enough time for this to happen. In this deistic view, life is a precious yet seemingly mixed blessing (death comes with it). We must therefore make the most of it. Clearly we should seek harmony with the ongoing process of creation by participating as fully and creatively as we can. With the destiny of life on Earth in our hands, we have a deep responsibility.
On the other hand, even if this universe is the result of a cosmic "throw of the dice", and not deliberate creation, then we have won an incredibly improbable jackpot, a universe that has the potential for almost limitless creativity. Clearly we should not squander our winnings. Instead, we should seek to become part of this beautiful and rare creative process to the best of our ability, encouraging the growth of richness around and within ourselves. If we blow it by destroying the Earth, we will have changed the last digit of our winning lottery number from a winner to one of the infinite number of losers both for ourselves and for the other species with which we share this remarkably fecund planet. Whether a creator is behind existence or not should be irrelevant to human behavior. In either case, we should cherish the improbability of being here. We should integrate our lives with the ongoing creativity that surrounds us. We should try to become a constructive part of the closest thing to eternity that we know we have. And we should marvel at the ongoing miracle of it all.

This is just but one example, and I intend to continue updating this and this article will serve as a type of "conversation grounds" for people who wish to use their intellectualism to make reasonable arguments, here , on this page..... 

Saturday, October 25, 2014

DaMageZ's TV Reviews (Area-1255) : VIZIO E600i-B3 60-Inch 1080p LED Smart TV {VIZIO Smart TV Reviews}

OK FIRST I must thank Jason for referring me to such a great TV line - I honestly never heard of this brand (maybe once or twice) before being referred to it. This one in particular really caught my eye, and I ordered off of below.

I also ordered it with a 4-year warranty for 58.12 USD$

The product has been nothing short of amazing. Has a smart dock and standard applications; netflix, huluplus etc  
The picture and sound are marvelous and it is almost borderless. It has three HDMI connections as well as many others. 

It also has wi-fi and ethernet capabilities, and these all work very smoothly. Connecting it to XBOX 360 works like a charm and given the excellent display and such  - it makes playing any sort of shooter game that much more immersing!

If I had to run this product up in a comparison, it definitely matches right up to even 1500 $ TV's! Since my last samsung TV I didn't have a ton of money to play around with, but I trust Jason's recommendations.

This was a great deal and I am glad I have began to take notice of VIZIO's products.. I may order more of their stuff down the road, but for now, I am definitely sufficient with this. Very, Very impressive.

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{Review} VIZIO E601i-A3 60-inch 1080p Razor LED Smart HDTV (2013 Model)

So I aim to clear some confusion about this product, now I have to admit - I was a little skeptical about this product at first. Multiple friends of mine had stated that they heard "elsewhere" that this was not a good brand, or that there was a multitude of flaws in the "inner workings" of this TV. By third parties, it was suggested that it would not last very long and just, all of this negative stuff. Well I decided to take a chance then, at a Wal-Mart black friday sale last year....stood in line for about an hour, and went to get the voucher....proceeded to purchase desk, and then had to go online to fill out a form with shipping info etc.

When I received the TV, the first thing I noticed was it wasn't as bulky/heavy as other TV's, specifically samsung HDTV's - in addition to the beautiful display quality, after hooking it up, I found the colors were even of more quality than my previous HDTV's , and the sound was spectacular!

In addition , there was little to no glare, and the matte finish was quite the complement. 
The smart features are beyond functional, and netflix is downright amazing on here. It also is not the type to take up unnecessary room, very convenient!

About a week later everything is all still good with the TV, then a buddy calls me and sais how he ordered the same TV I told him about , off of amazon - and he also was amazed with the presentation, and overall quality of the product.  It has since become his center of his game room, and everyone enjoys hooking it up to the PS3.
It just goes to show you how third party and third parties of third parties can be all so wrong. You shouldn't just take other people's words for it...and some companies have a tendency to plant false user reviews , and being that VIZIO is one of the lesser known, less mainstream brands, but yet manufacture's good quality products - it happens to be a target by those who don't wish to allow for any further competition. 

Based on my experiences and friends experiences, as well as my research, this holds to be true. 

A year down the road, this TV is working perfectly in all of it's splendor....I couldn't appreciate it more and I was glad I got it for the sale price it was at back then ; 788 $.

Nevertheless, it may be something to keep in mind, and although the price has went back up at this point - black friday is right around the corner.

Hope you appreciated this review, just thought some unique imput on this product is sorely needed.

Also keep an eye on this page below - they are frequently out of stock and it appears overall (how ironic) the reviews are bumping up to a more honest value - as opposed to the slander that was last year and the years before it. 

Amazon still offers one of the greatest deals on this product , so if you like the convenience of direct ordering online - I would definitely order there as opposed to some sites that may charge you a hella lot more.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Vicious Cycle of the Rich, The Dilution of the Conscience and the Whirlpool of Organized Asset's

MATTHEW 19:24 

"Again I say to you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God."

The humor but yet intention of that statement begs the same mirror, if they can't afford to be charitable, then they can't afford their soul. 

This isn't question of whether people will sacrifice, it's a question of whether they are willing to, and it represents the personalities of the average rich man or woman. Once you indulge in something good, you may over-indulge to obtain the original fullness of that something - except the rich , are often persistently driven to over indulge in many diverse instances, and on many different things. 

It is being set up for failure, even if you see nothing but success, because temptation is now all around you - and even if you yourself, as a rich person can be deemed pure, your new rich crowd may not be so noble - faster than ever, your sense of class parallel's the objectives of your become entangled for fear of being called a disgrace..and if not this - then your outlook changes to suit your own need. 

If at one time you are charitable, but it is done without feeling, then was it really a challenge...?

The psychological loop is so drastic, that because you have all this money - that it's easy to give when it's within your own reason, or your own definition of reasonable, we don't oblige by other peoples standards now...we instead put ourselves inevitably on the pedestal that we cling to.

If we don't challenge our habits, and our lifestyle, then our primitive but yet lustful side will take over, because the very loop that encourages humanitarian effort, the very loop that a poor man or a spiritual man embrace, becomes unimportant because you now have another source of sufficiency. 

So how can one draw good deeds with all of this against him, and then there's competition...addictive one's sense of confidence and perceived  power escalates, one is bound to the ties of organized and wealthy conflict.

Whether this be gambling at a casino, or following and of filing lawsuits for a show of force, based on money...what...what? All so you can say you have the ability to? Just to say you did?

What does it prove though, your money is's not going to last forever...and you can practice all of the life extension you want, but internal immortality doesn't apply to the storm that decimates your body, and it certainly doesn't apply to not having a sense of self, a sense of compassion that inevitably will consume you.

Still, remain vigorous, moreover. move on ....only time will tell, right?

If so rich that you have need for nothing, then what need for resources do you have, in terms of looking outside the box?

You have no obligation to, again, because of an external sense of self-sufficiency, money is your God, and it controls you.

Wealth can be great, but earned wealth while preserving a sense of spirit and nobility is the richest scenario of all - one where you have gained, but are still willing to lose, for a cause, be charitable and be readily able to do what is right. This is true empowerment, unfortunately though, many don't see it this way.

But...can we be strong,, in spirit, in heart..if we only depend on physical foundation, if we have no enlightenment , we dilute the conscience, if we depend on physical foundation - or material foundation.

Many of the rich are actually so egotistical, that they see the the noble as weak, they say things like "when will the pitiful die", "when will the spiritualists pass away"? "When will the Christians perish and / or die?"....funny though, because you see, their day is coming. 

Not all of the rich are like this, but so many, holding onto their whirpool of organized asset's, maybe even mafia ties...or maybe they just cherish contempt, because even though they have everything - they wonder on the persistence of those, who to them, have physically nothing...they scratch their head as to "why the poor and middle class even try" - and yet....they are the delusional...because they miss out on adventures, they miss out on originality.

For a large majority, especially the rich who also are involved in the occult, the following meme will indeed summarize their path.  Oh..but even for those without these associations, it is often a consuming situation to be in..

Yoda quotes as they relate to real life, in real scenarios, examples of such scenarios where Star Wars quotes can be applied in real life. 

The Truth about Dreams, Nightmares and The Collective Conscience ; Astral, Spiritual and Metaphysical Correlations

Dreams have always been held of special importance in many culture's, many signifying dreams and nightmares with visions, or describing them to be a mixture of one's own projections, desires, and fears - with possible alignment and bits and fragments of the future. Though I would have to spare you the generalization and say that it is not easy to distinguish dreams of meaning and those which ultimately originate from almost entirely, our own feelings. However, our feelings are based on our electrical sensitivity to stimuli, our interactions with people in that day, or in the past...and which of these things we are holding with us. We all have different sensitivities to psychic energy fields as well - and these same fields hold an electromagnetic frequency that plays a split role in determining what type of transcendence or astral progression we may merge with.

By deciding something in our mind, we do so largely out of fear, or out of faith and courage. Our dreams are influenced by these emotions and then possibly amplified by external forces that may either be demonic or angelic, but it follows the paradigm of levels. The spiritual caste structure so to speak.

Anything and everything can be picked up by us, but all of what I mentioned above also comes into being by what we choose to internalize.

That being said, there is a physiological factor as well, anything that announces or amplifies our aura, our energy field, or our feelings that correspond to what energies we connect to will certainly have a role in how amplified, vivid, or meaningful our dreams are. That includes hot and spicy foods before bed.

It's all one big collage of factors, as I frequently say, but there are chemical correlations that are significant, however, these factors are often only dependent on the major spiritual and conscious or subconscious factor - it's the accumulative fragment, the incremental aspirations, the largest thoughts are the ones that will be inversely influenced by external subtle, or aggressive energies.

However, we must not downplay that the same door swings both ways - we can choose to indulge in a particular emotion, which then indulges the spirit that carries it, or we can reject it and immerse ourselves in the divine, holy, and pure conscience.

That of the core existence, that channels all positive thoughts and inspirations.

Sometimes our daytime instincts are a representation of something that we have internalized without reason...for example, a dream of something coming to pass that for some reason, we remember it...and we keep it with us , as if it is real , without understanding why...and some of us will come to the conclusion and realization that this event may end up happening...when it does, how do we explain the vision of the future in the past....? That's why I advise people to write down their dreams, and take note of their instincts...because it all can be a part of a collaborated conscience, that doesn't mean that all dreams and visions and nightmares come to pass, nor can we consistently group them all literally into the whole lump  - because indeed, some of our minds have the inherent and second-nature tendency to be abstract and yet cluttered.

We can't take all dreams literally, but we can consider and notate them, as some of them may really indeed be the kinetic absorption of the future to come, the alignment of what may be, depending on our choices and state of subconscious. 

It's also possible that all of the data we absorb from the emanations and mediations of the other dimension, come to us as knowledge based on what we already know. In other words, our minds may be wiping the slate or going over possibilities that never happened in our dreams, as a type of analytical simulation. Thus making the ground even trickier to step on, and the path gets foggy when trying to understand psychic intentions, especially if we aren't adequately connected to ourselves.

I've found that the sphere of central energy is never suspended where we can't touch it, but we often take fragments from it in an indirect but magnetizing way - our minds , many of us today, are simply fluctuating and analyzing so much , that every piece appears in a distorted ratio and scrambled kind of order to sort this out we have to achieve some degree of a meditated state of mind...

"Transcendency in sleep, the intertwining of dimensions, the connecting of astral bodies, and of mind to mind..this is the secret of the wise who desire their own divine mission - this is the epitome of the meditated minds, the vindication of their struggles, and the emanation of their glory in ways others have not seen."

So this is another collective conscience, those who desire so much from a central mediating body aka GOD, or to some, from the universe  (to which God mediates) , these are those who believe everything happens for a reason, and are frequently found or known to pray for things and events that others would call crazy...yet their conscience drives them to it, because they expect so much and believe so much, that their kinetic influences, to and from, inevitably pave the way for whatever it is they desire - often again, in fragments...assuming these stay in faith and positive energy for a majority of times, and are humbled most of the time, these will be able to generate the outcome they desire, and are often given messages in alignment with obtaining the "how" from the universal and core energy - that God provides transcendence and connections - to a state that most would find absolutely impossible or illogical. To the faithful who believe in these things, they often meet resistance, but in continuance, they often also end up proving everyone else wrong.

Thus some dreams reflect this desire and conscience, but the difference is the belief is so strong in these individuals, that their aura, their body and soul's, and minds' energy field , has an extended outreach , capable of obtaining information from sources that others do not realize, capable of even so, if it be relevant, connecting  with another person's mind for  a purpose that is sole, exclusive, and genuine.

There is always a genuine element when one believes so much, but a balance has to be achieved for this to become a reality - for any extension of one's influence or astral receptivity to become a reality - sometimes one must escape the anxiety that confines them daily.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Preserving Nobility, Cherishing Brotherhood, and Being Alive in Excellence

To what end do we as humans judge another, who is living a life we know largely nothing about ?
Do we each walk our own paths, or do we immerse ourselves in the thoughts of others? Are we the basis for intertwining with another's thoughts? Do we own the mind and heart of any other person?

Absoulutely not at all.

As such , why do we take so much pride in a perilous, and narrow concept of trying to over run others? Do we know what will happen at every moment, does every smooth face hold good intentions? Does every rugged and aggressive face embrace evil?

Again, No.

So why do we strive to be after another's image? Can't we all be unique and not assume the goals, aspirations, and struggles of another? I have found bias to be settled in discontent, and judgement to which we have no authority, to come from a lack of establishment or internalized comfort.  Moreover, I have found a lack of brotherliness and kindness in these modern days, I have observed it long, and I am troubled by it.

But I say to you, don't let anyone take your sense of humility away, and follow your dreams, not the face or look of another. Be unique in every way, and for God's sake settle yourselves, but not too deeply, be aware for no one knows every bit of what the future may bring.  We may have instincts but no body is 100 % correct......and some pieces are illusions, but I will not stand for the illusion that we may have our hearts restricted from kindness because of some poorly justified sense of self.

I believe in being noble, honest and yet important, but I cherish sacrifice as a sense of living, and this is true power.  If you rise by putting someone else down, then you don't rise at all, you merely give yourself the illusion of this rise, but your inside is never adapted to a real struggle, for some of us only attack what we feel is weaker, because inside we know we aren't that strong - we aren't all powerful.

It's a given that the ideas and images of video games, movies and TV tends to instigate, or precipitate, violence...and it is a contagious attempt to draw us into idolizing violence and power above all else...when in reality, the true concept of power and nobility has been lost. 

But not completely.....

No, I believe that many of you, if not most of you, still have this within you. If you were all to see yourselves as unique, and yet not forgetting respect - and holding your own but not forgetting to give - or to forgive. Then you can release some of the pain and suffering of modern society, nobody can promise to wash it away without your help, no your will must be to move forward.

If we stop looking at each other with eyes of arrogance, and we start picking people up, instead of holding them down - then we can become more alive....ask yourselves this, even if you reject these concepts, how long does the high of putting someone down really last?
What if you were more productive, helping yourselves and others to see to their imagination?
While working on ourselves, can we find peace and unite instead of being unproductively divided?

Can't we learn to accept others for their faults, and instead of being afraid to say what's on the mind, people should be allowed - and this perception should be widespread!

What happened to differences being unique, and everything being seen as it's own, instead of living by the labels of a corrupt system?

I understand the fear of being persecuted by the system, but I do not agree with it.

 I believe you either make something of yourself against the grain, or you go with the politically correct and oh so bland lifestyle, of robotic mindsets that plague this society.

Sure there are jobs at risk for some, and there are families at risk - but if we are paralyzed by this fear, by this illusion of comfort, that is really only temporary, then when and if we will be forced into a decision, when the time comes, what then? That my friends, will be far more uncomfortable then to make decisions now to be a better person, and decide what values we will really strive for.

If you understand how to live as if we are all family, and set ego's, cultural differences and irrational behavior aside, then perhaps, productivity can increase - and health problems due to stress will decrease. This would be a hit that big government did not see coming, or maybe they did.

Either way, whether you live in the moment, and in pure spontaneity or not, we will have to make decisions, and these may affect our lives and others for the better or worse, far more than we can see at a moment. So to the fast brains of the world, study yourself this, if a healthy psychology consists of lessening or preventing stress , at least to some degree, then why should we bar ourselves from greatness by acting as potentiators of another's stress ?

Surely this will reflect down the road...and this is disruption anyhow.

Truly living is having a long-term purpose, but always being aware, but being able to challenge the elements of our greatness but yet preserve the most important things. We will not always be able to salvage everything, and there will always be some sort of loss, which is why it's important not to worship or overly embrace material things.

These things we can not keep forever, so let us then challenge ourselves to do this.

Let us live as brothers and sisters, and in spirit and in good honor, and respect. As much as possible, then we can continue on without hinderince, holding on to true strength, and this is far better in the long run than holding on to external enjoyment.

Follow your dreams, but don't be afraid of adversity, no , pick up courage and utilize it, and then, then my friends this will spread like wildfire and more will pick up these elements.

The Brave Will Rise, The Youth will have instinct in tact, and a brilliance not seen in previous generations.

I see a strong and intelligent people, especially in the willful youth, and in the modern day madness, people have preserved some courage and spirit, but have often dropped it back off in exchange for attempting to win some point or futile battle, or some completely un-necessary argument. If instead we resist that first temptation, then we will hold onto things that most won't, and these things, these are actually elements.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I will either return three times as strong, with twice as much as I had before, or I will return to the place I came and make the path I should have long ago.

It is only after we fully utilize the encouragement found within, that the afterthoughts of every major event in our lives come into play, as the spear of our new reality. 

If we are consumed by our past, instead of enlightened by it, we have gained nothing. Our past though doesn't need to make sense right away, because it is only a reflection of who we were - it is about understanding who we are today - and having a vision of who we want to be, that we can fully appreciate our own actions as a partition of which we hope to make a new and far better outcome from.  If we take advantage of our noble traits, and fully put them in motion for whatever we believe in, then our own conscience and instincts will point us in the right direction. Whatever you believe, believe with all of your heart, but you must not wander aimlessly in the story of life.

If you find yourself without a plan, pick up a plan not from scratch, but by the reminders of all powerful fragments and memories we can utilize today. 

We can't dig deep enough to understand our purpose in life, if we haven't searched ourselves long enough to know what we really care about. What is a stable reminder, but an exclusive event, one unique to our own lives, this is what is important. Collect and re-collect, but don't dis-appreciate the past, don't regret the past - because in doing so you only destroy the moment. You should take what is positive, and all of those great reminders as a transient, but persistent weapon to move forward, because without holding onto the positive reminders...we lose purpose.

We are like a heat seeking missle, just looking for anything to aim at thoughtlessly, either in aggression or in dysphoric wonder, but if we can't distinguish our target, what sets us apart from the rest?

I don't aim to promote vain aggression, I'm simply telling you to understand and identify, and to carry something meaningful, even if you are hated for it. 
I write this because I realize that years past I was running and wandering aimlessly, both in the physical sense and mentally, and even spiritually to some extent.  I always had some sort of faith, but yet always some sort of lingering doubt, I believe in God's existence fully, and there is no better realization then finding a meaning in the will of Christ.

We have options though, and no power can truly stop us from deciding upon our own will, but you have to ask yourself, would you rather wander aimlessly, seeing the act of embracing a moral code as a dictator of sorts? In all of this though, not having a purpose, in replacement of a true, invigorating, and long-term purpose that would reside subtly if one were to understand the concept of a higher power.

One that thwarts the ideas that little objects and materials should confine us, and obliterates the moments of unhappiness with sense of life and meaning that can't be found elsewhere.

This is what the spiritual denialists are missing out on. 

When I ran into real trouble with the law years back, I was mildly afraid but yet not surprised, it didn't stop me from moving forward but caused me to seriously question some of my actions. Although of course, like many, my will and impulsivity was an easy fix for a moment, and a vain one. Yet somehow this will within me pressed forward, and still found a way to exit negativity, and to maintain persistence...somehow adapting to the confinement I would be placed in.

It is in these moments I grew to be stronger, I was weakened, discouraged, but yet emboldened again, the spirit had uplifted me more than ever during certain moments when I would have truly plunged into darkness and full negativity. Yet I understood, and made the most of my time in holding and in jail.

I had become emboldened throughout, re-collecting sparks of creativity and further examining my life, and anybody that had previously been involved in it.  Like many, I wish'd I hadn't made some particular actions to cause such a conflict, and situation. As time went on, trouble of all sorts came at me and from me. I had assumed an intolerant mindset at times, sometimes risking a real battle that could have ended up in either more charges for me or injury.

One thing remained, I was faithful during closing / night hours, and believing, and praying despite being told of the chances I would escape the charges.  Many had founded their path against me, but in essence had no will to really attempt to overpower me, in fact, it was my will but yet ironically, unwillingness to listen at the time - that probably averted many catastrophes.

It's a great paradox, where one would expect a negative reaction to result from a negative action, but instead, of faith I had pushed my will past the barrier, enough to overpower my enemies in incapacitating curiosity, and instilled inevitable aversion. Or maybe some enemies just received a partial forgiveness, being divinely signaled to stop in their tracks, on their own end it may have felt like the wise thing to do, for whatever reason.

Maybe, no , not maybe, it was an outcome formed by every single specific factor, on all levels, by precise coincidence, that this aversion was fate - but only because of the will's or the battle of involved.

Throughout the time there I was quite fond of some activities, particularly working out and getting into a schedule, I had to adapt, it was the only way to stay strong.

I also assumed a charismatic mindset, and got a janitorial job there; getting paid for it as well.

This allowed me to obtain items and foods and snacks and things.

Well of course anyone who has been through this knows what I am talking about, but this is perhaps a bit indirect and generalized. For a good purpose though.

Many continued to doubt me, but I was persistent, even aggravating many, but still having such a faith that I would assume the proper will and embody the proper diversion, in order to complete what I had set out to say ; that I will seek out and beat the trial, even those who had come and said it wouldn't happen,, and there was nearly no chance.

In  the days nearing the end of my duration there, one conversation was particularly faithful., and that was in response to my lawyer; who had asked reluctantly "what do you expect to happen here"...I replied with "weird things happen when I roll the dice".

I was drowning in negativity and sometimes in doubt, but outwardly always knew what to say, and wasn't afraid to say it when it came down to it, because I had to make it count - and I knew even though I doubted at times that God would influence the asset's of the legal opposition in a correct manner.

I didn't know how my Faith and God would disband it, I knew my chances of winning the case were very low, but that one or two percent didn't hold me back - because I believed in coming coincidences, and alterations of events that would precede some sort of advantage. I hoped in these things constantly, sometimes being called insane in the process, but I didn't care about that.  Criticism would be nothing compared to the victory that would be achieved in good faith, and in persistence.

Part of all of my feelings were encouraged by reading similar stories in the bible, and I had related to the Chapter of Joshua, this is what began the storm of emotions and motivation, that would precede the victorious mindset I had embraced.

In the chapter it was described that Joshua would be weakened in his quest to beat the enemies of God, God's name - that is Yahweh was to be embraced throughout the nation , and to be expanded for the purpose of all that is to come in the later years. He didn't understand at first how to beat multiple enemies, being outnumbered in the process, but he was given an instinct from the holy spirit, and that instinct told him to have faith and that he would be given the power to lift a stone he had not felt he was strong enough to lift - but he knew what he had to do and just did it. At that time a force hit him, and he drew enough strength to overcome his enemies. This is a miracle to be sure, but one only that would come because of belief, and not letting go of what was said - the chance was taken in courage, and enough to overwhelm the current fright.

This seemed kinda outlandish to me at first, but what did I have to lose right? Well I too embraced this same mindset, no matter what criticism would come - and it is this very mindset, and the will of mine that emanated throughout, challenging scenarios and events, and achieving the ultimate outcome - the victory in court, where most of all charges would be dismissed, and the remaining dropped down to nearly nothing.

       Judges was another good chapter , where judges literally would be influenced by God after the sinners would repent , that they would be released from persecution, God would influence the emotions of the judge's, that they would have good heart.

I had also always also believed in the ancient prophet Daniel's words, warning of the antichrist, frequently spouting off and debating about the oncome of world war III and how the antichrists rule would be set to take over. I had spoke of many events, and in this time I had even faithfully predicted the outcome of other's court cases, going merely with instinct and presumption - whilst praying that I would be enabled to understand. In faith this way too I was persuaded, and it turned out many of my predictions were right.

This sets a powerful precedent, that all things can be achieved if you believe, and that you believe you will  summon the energy that is necessary to pick you up from nothing.

Even though I may be one of the odd examples, or one of the more fortunate ones, this does not mean that others are not capable of similar altitudes of faith..just know this...

You have to be willing to deal with rejection, with a storm of negativity on every end, but remain with your will in tact, even if it seems lost  - move forward with whatever you believe in and this will empower you through all difficult times. 

If you feel you don't have the will at first, then you must pick it up like your life depends on it.

The moral of all of this is, now that I am out, even though there is not enough time at the moment to fully describe all of the other trials that were pending, these were also faithfully dismissed. This means that either I had some scary 6;1;1 luck - and I mean literally - the chances of all of this would be that slim, or that faith truly had set that precedent in my life - but if I were to had believed in only luck during all that other time , I wouldn't have a reason for going now ....

So why believe in something of basic precedent that either way, it is what it is - solely because I believed against the odds..being subliminally spoken to in my heart that there is a reason to keep going and not take any deals....from the District Attorney etc.

No..the very reasons I set in my heart then are the same I set now...only now , I thoroughly expect adversaries at some point - because this all left an impression on me - that no matter what , there will be battles - but as long as we keep striving for our perceived victory , that is what keeps us alive on every level.

So the fire will rise, and storms will begin, because what I have said and embraced is true, and if one is to have such a faith and a victory , then surely one must see that reflection is not of normal origin, and it is that abnormal or misunderstood origin that so many refuse to take with them today.

Even if you don't believe in a higher power, the art of courage itself that is scattered perfectly in my story, at all the right times, should be an essence that all should seek after in times of peril and distress.

Even if you don't believe in God, it is inevitably true that what I have found in myself, is so immensely positive on my psychology, that what I achieved would be considered a feat like no other.  A victory brought about by perseverance, and an aggression balanced with serenity and rage, but somehow always believing I would find that is something remarkable, and it is something I will never leave behind, because it is a part of what I am today.

So I appreciate the present and the past, and though there were a lot of hardships, I wouldn't take back any of my actions that got me there, because they are fully integrated into my will, as a constant reminder of what I need for the future.  This victory stands with me as a force that can't be forgotten.

I don't expect all of you understand - but I encourage you to try to connect, because in doing so you may find some parts of yourself that were missing; you may find everything you need to keep going.

I see now where I currently am, though there is still a great deal of conflicts, I am outnumbering the negative with the positive, always staying ahead, and always embracing the pace I need to stay ahead, this consists of amplifying the traits that I used in the past, and tripling the amount of times that I regain courage, it consists of persistence and dedication. Realizing that yes, I will face setbacks, but as long as I am moving forward twice as fast, and doubling up on my courage no matter how many things or people come against me then I will succeed. I am determined, and will not stop until I achieve what I have set out to.

Albert Einstein's quote works well here as well.

And this is something to truly take note of, and where I am now - as I move forward, I expect competition, I expect setbacks , but am determined to move ahead of them all.

To remain forward, and embrace what you are passionate about - is the art of dignity and truly enjoying life.

Now.. it is time I look back on the before and after, and only one thing remains in my heart and in my mind, one statement that I can summarize everything with, now and later - one that I will hold to myself and hang onto without end.

Because I am starting to realize what I left off with, and what I have obtained on my journey, and what really matters - and what or who I am moving towards.....

I intend to instill curiosity, and open-mindedness, well anyway, here is the quote I summarize this all with.


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Monday, October 13, 2014

Describing the Optimal Physiological, Psychological & Spiritual State Whenst Working Out; "The Zone"

The "zone" is described by many researchers, scientists and fitness enthusiasts as well as athletes as a state of "mental operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity". I would describe the zone as an amazing endorphin rush, and in relation to workouts; it is when you lift/workout and you feel completely in rhythm with your goals, the workout is like a high and you have such a calm but yet aggressive motivation - the perfect balance; "the zone". It is when you are able to move to the next level in discipline, and utilize every sound and every movement, every tool as one collected and powerful unity.

This state of mind is smooth, but yet determined, it is not afraid to push past the next plateau, it is aware, but confident, it is calm, but yet aggressive - it is massive, and invigorating. 

I can go on and on but inevitably what so many will ask, is how to achieve these workout highs? Or,
"how do I get these workout highs back"?

To answer this we must go at the psychological roots and the physiological roots of this phenomenon, and one of the most important things is being able to embrace the notion of "just do it".  We must embrace a meditated but determined state, somewhat at least, before hand.

Then the next step is let go of fear, and get going with every single factor that may play a role in our physiological response. We must know ourselves, research diet but do not obsess to the point of anxiety, achieving the zone is the art of knowing we aren't perfect , but that we can take all elements of our persistence in motion with our goals. It is the art of letting go of the negative, and taking in the positive, all other things are to contribute and act in synchronicity with this phenomenon. This includes DIET, and a proper hormone balance.

Eating clean is a necessary part to this, but it doesn't include stressing yourself out if you have a "cheat treat"..for the more stress, the more you are setting yourself away from the zone!

Sometimes it's more unhealthy to obsess over whether you should or shouldn't eat something like a pastry or donut, or candy bar or anything like that. That being said, a positive metabolic state, being essential for the zone - can be improvised by replacing bad snacks with organic snacks, and traditional candy bar's with organic candy bar's and those made with natural cocoa, sugar etc

A lot of what impedes our success comes from the dilutent's, preservatives and neurotoxins found in processed and pre-packaged foods....

If we shy away from these foods, we will feel parts of ourselves coming back into balance, we also have to take care of our intestines!

I know much of this might sound like un-necessary garbled nonsense, or junk science, but every little thing counts - so as long as you aren't counting each little thing as more or less than it really is. So as long as you don't stress about it, so as long as you strive for homeostasis and not an artificially engineered or dependent state.

This is not to say that pharmaceutical chemicals, or supplements can't help or shouldn't be used to get to the zone, it's just they shouldn't be over-emphasized, depended on, or shown or thought as some ultimatum necessary for equilibrium!

The bottom line is everything has to be in rhythm, and exogenous chemicals can complicate things if you aren't experienced and well-versed, plus you have to take into consideration yourself, your 
genetics, and a whole bunch of other things that may just be a means to overthinking the obvious - that the zone is really just a state of complete homeostasis, where all body functions and the mind is working in complete coordination with your workout - and you are immensely enjoying it in the process, you are ecstatic but aggressive.

And this meme of sorts, describes perfectly how to achieve successful workouts, upon the only altitude that counts; true focus. You can not achieve the zone in pure aggression, for this will only wear you out and cause you to lose balance - and this doesn't necessarily just apply to workouts where only balance or extensions of balance are required - it applies to everything. 

Straining, overtraining, and training in vanity and negativity, and in pessimism will not get you into the zone.  Thinking about stressful things will not get you into the zone - not alone at least. But if you properly couple aggression with serenity, resulting in a calm-channeled, motivated, persistent but joyful experience - then you have made your way to the zone and to enjoyable and efficient workouts.

It is considered by our body, a physiological stressor, to think about things that bother us, or to think of a negative image or to convince ourselves we aren't good enough until we meet that image. To be clear though, I am not saying to reject an image of what you want to be, but you need to be as patient as you are motivated - you can not aim to accelerate the pace, if in the process you are stressing yourself because results aren't happening soon enough.

This is something I see all too often, people get discouraged and stop training, and then they lose motivation, convincing themselves they will never make it - instead of enjoying the process and everything that comes with it.


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