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Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Power of the United States Military

There is an ongoing topic of discussion that is littered with innumerable facts and opinions. If we left out the opinions, and counted the facts, we'd indefinitely have our answer. Is The United States the most powerful nation on Earth?

A common debate is whether or not nations like China, Russia, Pakistan, or North Korea could conquer the U.S. Many people even fret about the threat other nations foolishly throw at us. Spending countless hours a week watching the news and wondering if North Korea really will go to war with us. Should we be worried?
 Here, we will compare our nations military might to what is commonly known as our most worthy adversary - China. Lets look at the statistics.
For starters, the United States is the highest spender in defense coming in at over $700 billion a year. The next in line? China, whose yearly spending averages at slightly over $140 billion a year, The United States spends more on defense than China, Russia, United Kingdom, France, Saudi Arabia, Japan, India, and Germany combined. For those of you who aren't familiar with the importance finances in defense spending, it is simply the backbone of an able military force.

We haven't scratched the service.

Lets compare capabilities.

We have ten aircraft carriers. The largest warships ever built. Mobile military bases with offensive and defense capabilities. With a range not measured in miles, but in tens of years. Usually escorted by destroyers carrying the worlds most advanced air defense system, and nuclear powered attack submarines, these aircraft carriers hold around 5,000 able bodied personnel and 80-90 fixed wing aircraft. So no, these aircraft carriers are not vulnerable to attack by land, air, or sea, and China does not have the technology to track, lock on, or target a carrier. China also lacks the firepower necessary to significantly damage an aircraft carrier to the point of disabling it. We have ten in service at this very moment. Two in reserve. Three under construction. China has one which we consider an amphibious assault ship due to its small size, and one under construction.

Lets move on to a comparison of land systems.

The M1a2 Abrams with steel encased depleted uranium armor, depleted uranium penetration rounds, and gun turret stabilization technology, offers its usually combat experienced crew NBC protection and separation from fuel tanks in case of an unlikely heat round penetrating the armor. The diverse capabilities of this tank are too many to mention. This is the most advanced tank. During countless engagements involving enemy 125 mm fire, and in all other instances, none were ever destroyed.

The Chinese Type 99 has a 125 mm gun, and efficient weapon stabilization for the secondary gunner only. It fires uranium rounds that are unable to penetrate the armor of an Abrams. 
China has around 700 of these tanks, while we have 6,324 Abrams in service. 
We have 25,782 armored fighting vehicles most of which are amphibious and can be deployed from air and sea. We can also deploy them from one of our nine amphibious assault ships which double as aircraft carriers. These AFVs can also be brought to land by 10 amphibious transport docks, or 12 dock landing ships. China has 4,788 AFVs and 3 amphibious assault ships.

There are 8,400 attack helicopters in the world. The United States owns 6,400 of the most advanced attack helicopters. 
United States air power, 13,683. Fighter jets with stealth technology insure that the enemy aircraft is destroyed without the pilot knowing he was about to be engaged. 
The number that accounts for China's air power is 2,700. Their latest fighter jets in service are generations behind ours. 
While their average fighter jet does have greater capabilities in travel range and speed, its counter measures, radar, weapon systems, and payloads are significantly far behind. 
The Chinese j-15s have hard to low observable characteristics, but the average U.S. fighter jet has air to air refueling capabilities, an electronic warfare system, an extremely advanced radar, very large super cruise range, health monitoring systems, and the most precise guided, lock on weaponry on fighter jets. None of which China's most advanced fighter jet has. 

While China does take the lead in available manpower, outnumbering us 5 to 1, they are using not only severely outdated hardware, but less training for their troops. The U.S. government ensures that almost all of our soldiers are deployed within four years to become experienced. Our weapon systems, training, and communications far outdo that of the Chinese. The United States military performs more joint exorcises than any other military in the world to ensure fighting capability in any situation. They are known for winning against the odds.  

It is said that with training and technology taken into account, the United States could fight the next five most powerful countries combined and easily procure a victory. 

If anyone disagrees feel free to comment with the absence of opinion.  Statistics and facts are far more convincing. 

As for now, I would highly suggest watching my video.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

How to INCREASE Serotonin ~Production~ Naturally - Focus on Raising "Tryptophan Hydroxylase" Enzymes

There's been a great deal of conjecture spread across the internet, usually in the form of user-basis articles, regarding this topic; and methods / supplements used to increase serotonin production often are not only cited improperly, but also completely off of the map and lacking relevance!

Stay specific, if you write an article saying that something increases serotonin PRODUCTION; you should be referring to the only way that serotonin is produced by the body, and that is by the enzyme tryptophan hydroxylase !

It's not valid to say that amino acid supplements increase production of any single neurotransmitter, they are merely "raw materials", they are incapable of increasing serotonin PRODUCTION, yes, you can RAISE the serotonin LEVEL by providing more raw materials, but only if there is enough tryptophan hydroxylase to catalyze the reaction and create serotonin FROM THEM.

This is proven science, so if you want to understand this , then you need to know how it works. 

Moving forward.

So there are two major supplements that can increase TRYPTOPHAN HYDROXYLASE; which is guaranteed to increase serotonin production. 

Interestingly, they are two supplements very profoundly involved and mentioned repeatedly in a multitude of brain articles related to depression and cognitive function.....

The second one also can raise thyroid hormones, specifically T4, and can also increase neurogenesis ; new brain cell growth. 

1.) VITAMIN D ; something more people should be taking, especially during winter months, it's dirt cheap and also increases dopamine production factors as well as tryptophan hydroxylase which will increase serotonin production. Vitamin D should be a core supplement you take and the first one you decide to take no matter if you are skinny, obese, diabetic, hypothyroid, hypogonadal, have dementia or whether you are on the healthy side of the field and work out often and are building mass - as Vitamin D supports sex hormone production and also modulates aromatase addition, it is crucial for thyroid hormone production.

 2014 Jun;28(6):2398-413. doi: 10.1096/fj.13-246546. Epub 2014 Feb 20.

Vitamin D hormone regulates serotonin synthesis. Part 1: relevance for autism.


Serotonin and vitamin D have been proposed to play a role in autism; however, no causal mechanism has been established. Here, we present evidence that vitamin D hormone (calcitriol) activates the transcription of the serotonin-synthesizing gene tryptophan hydroxylase 2 (TPH2) in the brain at a vitamin D response element (VDRE) and represses the transcription of TPH1 in tissues outside the blood-brain barrier at a distinct VDRE. The proposed mechanism explains 4 major characteristics associated with autism: the low concentrations of serotonin in the brain and its elevated concentrations in tissues outside the blood-brain barrier; the low concentrations of the vitamin D hormone precursor 25-hydroxyvitamin D [25(OH)D3]; the high male prevalence of autism; and the presence of maternal antibodies against fetal brain tissue. Two peptide hormones, oxytocin and vasopressin, are also associated with autism and genes encoding the oxytocin-neurophysin I preproprotein, the oxytocin receptor, and the arginine vasopressin receptor contain VDREs for activation. Supplementation with vitamin D and tryptophan is a practical and affordable solution to help prevent autism and possibly ameliorate some symptoms of the disorder.


autoimmunity; behavior; brain function; oxytocin; prenatal; vasopressin
[PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
I recommend an organic, and olive oil based Vitamin D pill such as the one below. It is one of the most highly recommended Vitamin D supplements, is backed by AMAZON; who rarely sponsors supplements, and has over 615 positive reviews.
2.) The second supplement to raise tryptophan hydroxylase, and thus serotonin production is known as ; BACOPA MONNIERI extract(!).

 2011 Mar 8;134(1):55-61. doi: 10.1016/j.jep.2010.11.045. Epub 2010 Dec 1.

Bacopa monniera leaf extract up-regulates tryptophan hydroxylase (TPH2) and serotonin transporter (SERT) expression: implications in memory formation.



To examine the effect of Bacopa monniera leaf ethanolic extract (BMEE) on the serotonergic system of postnatal rats with reference to learning and memory.


From postnatal day (PND)-15-29, rats were treated with BMEE (40 mg/kg BW+0.5% gum acacia) by oral gavage. Behavioural tests (Y-maze, hole-board and passive avoidance) were used to evaluate their learning (PND-32-37) and retention of memory (PND-47-53). Effect of BMEE on neurotransmitter system was analyzed by ELISA and semi-quantitative polymerase chain reaction (PCR).


Oral administration of BMEE improved learning and retention of memory significantly in all behavioural tasks. Following BMEE treatment, the level of serotonin (5-HT) increased while dopamine (DA) decreased significantly. We also found variation in the level of acetylcholine (ACh). However, no significant changes were observed in the level of ACh and glutamate (Glu). The level of 5-HT was significantly elevated up to PND-37 and was then restored to normal level on PND-53. Interestingly, concomitant up-regulation was recorded in the mRNA expression of serotonin synthesizing enzyme tryptophan hydroxylase-2 (TPH2) and serotonin transporter (SERT) on PND-29 and PND-37, which was restored on PND-53.


The results suggest that BMEE treatment significantly enhances the learning and retention of memory in postnatal rats possibly through regulating the expression of TPH2, 5-HT metabolism and transport.
Copyright © 2010 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.
[PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

My recommended BACOPA supplement is the below, I've used it many times and if you need proof I can show you mine and others blood work where 5-HT metabolites and serotonin levels were increased! ;) 

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Mental Illness Stigmas/Labels As A BattleField Amongst An Unrespectable Divide

Mental health stigmas have long been approached with a suggested and yet signified tone, well embracing the concept of doing so within the guidelines proposed by the universal "authority" on the topic; The DSM or The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) .
We as a people have grown to think in a manner based on what knowledge we have learned (or what we can refer to) - from what we believe to be as precise or next to precise as possible source...however, in the process, we often throw away individuality , we often discard the whole picture, being assured that we can figure out someone with a degree defined in some offset of medical literature.

Yet the possible contingencies resulting from "errors of the book" have often played to our downfall, we theorize as humans and then fail miserably by expecting some universal logic to define a background that hasn't even been investigated....and it would seem, that this is built upon a lack of understanding, and this lack of understanding is built upon as a fortress around and then made to penetrate the minds of the victim within. 

In other words, mental illness gets defined and diagnosed too early, and the people aiming to use the stigmas have varying intentions. In either case, often there are victims of both sides, and this is what creates the divide in thinking on this topic, and turns the whole concept of mental illness and all respective opinions into a battlefield.

A battlefield where logic seems to be replaced with people wanting to be proven right, along with a misplaced sense of leadership where half of the people involved don't see the same issue.

If we apply everything within a subset of rules, that we assume is correct, and all of these rules are deemed to be absolute, how then can we identify the odd birds, who have been diagnosed with mental illness of sorts?  Yet these very same symptoms may be correlated more so with other aspects not yet even bigger argument exists, and that argument is that TOXINS, the USE OF DRUGS and many other chemical INFILTRATIONS occur as a transient but yet effective preceding, and facilitator to the very development of all forms of mental illness!

Do these people then deserve a stigma? Does anyone?

"People think too much and feel too little"
     Is a good quote that works here.



or is this an oppressive, unfair statement?

Most certainly, but not to barbarians, but what is a barbarian?
We can't simply take the "whip one for misbehavior because he looks like a devil philosophy", then justify that with an apples to oranges argument, or a cedar to lavender argument - aka it smells about right so therefore it is.

Yet shit gets intertwined, misperceived and misconstrued by even so the "professionals" that are almost worshipped today. 

Justice dysfigures ourselves or it dysregulates the future, but what is true justice?

The overt nature of some people who suffer from depression is likely an overtone that was previously less unacceptable, or less frequently condemned, or scrutinized - while the adaptable nature of human beings to proliferate the covert variant of multiple mental struggles , in recent years, seems to parallel the discard of empathy for these types, or create multiple phonies and mimics in the process.
Where one sees victims, another sees an "attitude problem", I simply see selective discrimination.
~AMx Reborn~

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Why (Past & Current) Criticism of and the Scrutiny of DR.Michael Scally M.D (and his career) is Displaced, Narrow and Blind, and where the Criticism likely originates From.

First, these are very logical and self-drawn conclusions of mine, and I see the placement of them as appropriate forms of enlightenment . I do not work for Mr.Scally, and I have no connections to him in any direct manner - but the arguments I form are based on principle , detail, and firm observations that I think many overlook.

Michael C. Scally, M.D., appeals the district court's judgment affirming the final order of the Texas State Board of Medical Examiners (the Board), which revoked his license to practice medicine in Texas.   The Board ordered the license revocation after determining that Scally violated the Texas Medical Practice Act, Tex. Occ.Code Ann. §§ 151.001–167.202 (West 2004 & Supp.2010), by prescribing anabolic steroids to patients without a valid medical purpose and by failing to keep adequate medical records for some of those patients.   In six issues, Scally contends that the district court erred by affirming the Board's final order.   We will affirm the district court's judgment because we find no error in the Board's final order and conclude that it was supported by substantial evidence. - See more at:
The ALJ concluded that Scally's conduct was intentional based on his pattern of marketing to people interested in bodybuilding and providing them with anabolic steroids. - See more at:

Where is the pattern though? Just because he is present on forums that talk about anabolic steroids, and that he has provided evidence from certified medical journals/boards about the effects of the hormones on muscle mass (that's what steroids are, modified hormones) - doesn't mean he is marketing them, and he provides sound and hard evidence where it applies to specific medical conditions, such as previous AAS-induced hypogonadism, or just hypogonadism in general!

Doesn't mean that he was the one prescribing the AAS in the first place! Haven't seen any evidence of that preceding either, and everyone should know, that just like most drugs, simply quitting AAS cold turkey usually ends up in a much more profound "shock process" on the body. Especially if one doesn't follow a proper "PCT Protocol" to re-boot their hormone production, and trust me, there are a lot of people who don't read ENOUGH before they take ANY drug, let alone just AAS, period!

Thus it's a blessing to have a legitimatized person such as Scally, who can provide advice and HPTA restoration protocols (again, supported by medical study , not anecdotes only) , and yet define them in an understandable manner. To try to attack this notion and the practice of restoring muscle mass by compounds already approved (and being used by therapeutic dose), is as illegitimate as defining all democrats and republicans as the same because a small group of them support a basketball team in which two players were convicted of using drugs. make it clear, the common testosterone marketing strategies and such companies talking about testosterone replacement therapies often talk about the benefits in regards to muscle mass, we see these ads EVERYWHERE! So in my humble opinion, the scrutiny and attacks on Mr.Scally are based off of discrimination and him being in a situation take advantage of, where circumstances were partially unearthed, pointed at and then ridiculed as corruption without adequate digging to understand the whole circumstance.

Despite the apparent lack of detail, let us first understand that anabolic steroids do indeed have further legit medical purposes , in many cases - and if there was more substantial incriminating evidence , such as bodybuilders coming forward in linear discussion or something to that effect , then I could say that could be an issue...but you have to look in between the lines to see what's really going on. You also have to look at the corporations and political endeavor's that may be annoyed by or offended by Scally's notoriety, because he is very knowledgeable in the areas of interest; endocrine fields and hypogonadism, he probably poses a risk to their anti-steroid crusade, and this was also remarked in this article

ALSO LOOK AT HOW THERE IS AN INCREASE BY THE U.S GOVERNMENT,SENATE AND PRESIDENT ETC - to attack , dismantle and ban more anabolic compounds - and interestingly , most compounds on the NEW DESIGNER ANABOLIC STEROID CONTROL ACT (DASCA) really aren't that dangerous, and aren't even traditional steroids by literature.


THE WAR ON DRUGS, BUT YET....these "drugs" also , when used properly , are some of the most powerful ANTI AGING compounds known to man - and have many more legitimate uses than normally realized, simply because the press is told to portray a certain story or view . Most are kept in line by fear, as well.

It all loops back to the same corrupt establishment that is being rigorously opposed by many major liberty candidates, and in times of pressure, these shadow raccoons (and their downlines) simply squeal about the potential health revolution produced by transhumanists and anti-aging clinics alike.

BECAUSE SCALLY HAS OPPOSED TO THE FEAR-INDUCED DOCTRINE, AND THE FOUNDATION BUILT OFF OF DISPLACED ETHICS, they simply attack this man at what they see to be his core, but I hope he follows the model of "what has weakened me has only made me stronger" - because certainly , he should be seen as no less than a hero , one who stands by an important revolution and attempts to sort out the nonsense coming from central grounds of idiocy, and paid off anti-revolutionaries and shills for specific corporations to which are kissing the ASS OF THE FDA AND GETTING THEIR ASSES KISSED BACK!

Going back to the anti-testosterone marketing (or prescribing) brigade, let me elaborate again on scenarios and sequences that are often misinterpreted!

For example , one person who may be on testosterone replacement therapy, may not respond to gels favorable, or perhaps they get a skin reaction, which has been documented, in addition gels produce more DHT and possibly hair loss for some men. So say he switches these men / groups to SHOTS (which are also legal), and say these men in particular start feeling better, and are then beginning an advanced exercise regimen that may be directly or indirectly recommended by Mr.Scally, now these individuals gain mass in a period of months. As opposed to a lack of muscle mass that was apparent before due to whatever may have caused their hypogonadism or reasons for beginning testosterone treatment, now you're tellin me this kinda scenario can be seen as the equivalent to prescribing steroids?

If someone is HYPOGONADAL , they are going to almost certainly have signs and reduced muscle mass in particular, in addition to bone mass / density issues and probably blood pressure issues as well!

So it shouldn't be any surprise that someone would build mass back after restoring a positive and favorable hormone biology, and Testosterone Replacement Therapy is also being prescribed / supported by at least over 100,000 physicians worldwide(!).

Consider a few facts and logical arguments.

  • Somebody is on testosterone replacement therapy, because they were diagnosed with hypogonadism, they start to feel better after a period of weeks, and as a result of both mental and physical improvement - they start to hit the gym more.  Logically, if they build a lot of mass, especially if they were known to be somewhat stocky or hefty in the past, then they are simply re-instating their health and restoring what is given to them by the grace of their simply can't make an argument against someone who has built mass because of the loosely defined term "Anabolic Steroids" which can cover any of the normal testosterone replacement therapies as well as other compounds! This is like saying that all of everyone is weak genetically, and if you gain 10lbs of mass in a month and a half, and largely no one has seen you for that month and a half, that oh, "he must be on steroids" - when these people see you no one is genetically gifted, and might respond with normal or restored normal levels of testosterone a bit more than others?
  • The list defining compounds as anabolic steroids keeps growing and changing every year, and let's not forget there are certainly politicians and other people out for money, who would rather make a campaign against these compounds on all levels, so that they can keep the spiral of black market fraud, jobs for law enforcement etc going - than to legitimize a practice or practices that are keeping people in shape and healthy....oh but if they were to choose, they would line their own pockets!
  • Another bit of logic, if Medical Records were said to be held back , then why on earth would they even go to make following determinations - just to cascade the blanketing statement of "marketing drugs" - yet the wise overseer forget to pick up protocol in the same sentence, and to figure out that every compound has a legit purpose...the same can be said about ARIMIDEX, it's technically only used in female breast cancer / gynecology departments, but if one's estrogen is high - which CERTIANLY poses a health risk in both men and women, then a Doc has and should have the authority to prescribe it with the TRT. Interestingly, Scally didn't even go that far, the compounds implemented in therapy were actually right in the proper categories!

The range of doses that would apply to therapeutic principles and to re-starting the HPTA are clearly going to be different than doses used in means of building significant muscle mass , there is merely weak conjecture at best talking about Scally's specific misuse / mispractice - and it really doesn't prove anything against his credibility - where are the people targeting THE NARCOTICS ISSUE, which are FAR MORE DANGEROUS THAN TESTOSTERONE REPLACEMENT!

The government has all-round done LESS against narcotics than they have against testosterone related therapies or compounds - and that's interesting...because who is actually bringing some of the narcotics INTO THE US? Hmmm, I wonder!


The Esteem from Internet Arguments, is it worth it?

I'm going to simply talk about some core values and traits that underlie the pathology of internet arguing, and though, I am guilty of it at times as well, I have decreased it to a mere 3% of my time for the following reasons.

  • It is immensely unproductive, and a short-term spike in notoriety or in imaginary "internet fame" likely isn't where you need to be, or what you need to gain at a particular moment. In almost every case, there is something more productive you can be doing.
  • It takes away from your humility, and people's perception of , especially over time, and most definitely if you end up using "Ad Hominem's" (attacking one's character as opposed to their logic) , it's a good way to end up in the "loser boat" or "arrogance boat".
  • It can reveal more about your psychological phenotype, than you want, to all the wrong people, at the wrong times.
  1.  CONSIDER THIS: You may catch someone in the "wrong mood" on the "wrong day", and this is likely to create short-term negative perception , and a debate that is largely lacking in virtue, peace, or stability. This can come from outliers, and largely distorts the process of thinking, especially if they get on your nerves.
  2. You make no progress when a coherent argument can't be held by the opposing side (or members thereof) , even if you are gaining esteem, what are you learning? You are only staying still, not progressing if you purposely or frequently debate with people of lesser knowledge, or who are emotionally instable.

  • The biggest issue is some will get flustered, and you may also be hindering another's productivity, which may or may not end up in a negative situation - just try to keep emotions out of it, and let logic predominate....and shying away from political & religious debates is a smart way to eliminate emotional bickering from a constitutive and categorical level.
  1. The most insane forms of bickering , often happen in political or religious seems, it's almost always one of these two!
  2. The amount of different perceptions, even on simple aspects of both political and religious subtitles and definitions, varies greatly, and you'd be surprised how hundreds of different "right" opinions are given on a single religious context or single political notion. The result of which is simply a cascading , molting slimy ball of garbled nonsense, poorly formed conclusions and endless bickering in all directions.

The result of which is simply a cascading , molting slimy ball of garbled nonsense, poorly formed conclusions and endless bickering in all directions.

Friday, December 19, 2014

10 Most Inspiring (and Intelligent) FaceBook Posts (And Posters) of 2014

It isn't often that I see much less than arrogance, or re-phrased generalized garbage on facebook posts, but.....

I've been doing some reading recently, and based on what I've found and been linked to, I am very impressed with some of people's social network contributions - and make no mistake, you all should be heard further for your words of enlightenment!

1.)   A beautifully well-put response , on a list of full of people who only seem willing to embrace disconnect and negativity. A true outlier, this guy deserves an award!

This was posted as a response to an article post on Hells Angels bikers giving bikes to the homeless. True story, as well.

2.) A very intelligent observation from "Tracy Blevins"  you deserve praise for your outspoken attitude and honesty!
If it looks like a police state and acts like a police state..its probably is a police state. The government are wiping their butts with the Bill of Rights.

This was in response to a post/comments on the post by the facebook group "YOUNG AMERICANS FOR LIBERTY".

Shown below.

3.) A fantastic display of willpower and humble Christian-ism by Bethany Prewitt !

This was in response to a comment talking about dealing with crazy drivers and texting and driving!

4.) JOEL Osteen, A round of applause from Area-1255; you are a modern-day hero with very powerful words, and a sense of enthusiasm that never seems to cease. Thanks for the uplifting words and attitude!

5.) True talk Morgan - to the point and well-said. You deserve the spot and this needs to be uttered 100x for some people unfortunately. 

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How to DownRegulate Estrogen Receptors (Men) Semi-Permanently : Very Simple Solution! (Decrease Estrogen Receptor mRNA)

I'm not gonna make this painfully long, as that would be not so easy on the eyes, but you need to know that you can't simply take a pill and expect this to happen over night!

Estrogen receptor concentration, density and activity is based on a few very important factors.

  • BODY FAT PERCENTAGE; Get that body fat down and increase lean mass, which will favor androgen receptors over estrogen receptors!

  • DHT ; dihyrdrotestosterone levels, the more you have , especially over time, the less estrogen activity/receptors, especially in the chest and ab area where you don't want it! DHT may also decrease estrogen neuron activity and currents in multiple brain regions. (1) (2) (3) (4)

  • The activity of the aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AhR); a cytosolic transcription factor , and this means it is an enzyme of sorts, that is mainly activated under specific circumstances, such as in stressful times, and can operate as a kinetic signal, averting one from toxins in foods by decreasing taste for that food or possibly serving as a form of signaling contributing to mental intuition giving the "sense" to stay away from that food(!)(!).  
  1. In regards to estrogen receptors, the activation of AhR correlates with a net decrease in estrogen activity and the induction of enzymes by estrogen leading a negative feedback loop , leading to reduced estrogen receptor transcription(!) (!)!
  2. The effect on reducing stress-induced pathway / enzymatic changes lead to decreases in stress hormones which then leads to an optimal hormone ratio this way as well!

Therefore, the answer to your questions lies above, now does one activate the aryl hydrocarbon receptor....?

I haven't found any particular remedy sold alone, but the science seems to be steady and supportive in the product called "Triazole" which contains an extract aimed at activating this receptor (AhC) and reducing estrogen receptor expression by using novel SERMs, I also noticed when using this product in the past, a much more profound cognitive awareness, and some leaning/drying that I would say was greater than your average anti-estrogen supplement.

You can buy that for a good price @ amazon, I wouldn't recommend buying it from their direct website because it is over-priced, kinda like GNC.


IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR OTHER WAYS TO INCREASE DHT LEVELS, CHECK THE FOLLOWING ARTICLES, Which, I have found to be true and of utmost help and importance.

The first article is mine, the second one is not.

1.) 5 Ways to Increase DHT NATURALLY.

2.) AnabolicMen: 7 Ways to Increase DHT

You can also directly raise DHT levels and apply directly to the chest and abs to directly downregulate estrogen receptor activity and expression by using the gel shown below. 
Clicking the image will take you to the product website. Or you can click here.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

We Must Remove the Constraints From The Youth, Allow them Room to Breathe so that They may breathe life into the Future

This is a message to all parents, of all backgrounds - as ideas flurry, and simulations of idolized variants of freedom grasp the minds of children, teenagers and adults, we must remember the psychology of humanity. 

I only ask that you understand your children do not desire to be fulfilled on your own desires alone, but have their own projection of ideas and desire to , at points, find their OWN place. This should not be hindered, the freedom of our youth is the consult of the future, it is the epitome of potential , the ultimate rendering of new ideas.

We must represent until a certain age, as children reach adolescents, we should give them room to breathe, so that a vile will doesn't respond to additional chains that may drive them over the edge.

This society has a way of seeping a contagious , vile will into our children, but there are enough chains coming from the government and other organizations that try to control our lives - there's enough mainstream despair coming from our schools , including in common-core which I've talked about before.

Thus , embracing a restrictive household in addition to this - only adds more questions, more ridicule, and a more stressful atmosphere, let your children complete themselves, I'm not advocating irresponsibility, or a lack of vigilance, rather, stay vigilant, but take time to understand the coming adolescence and the duration of.

As your children grow, their independence is needed to understand for themselves the virtues that have been lost - if you try to push the necessaries or desired traits, they will rather embark on an emotional rampage against the traits. Possibly., it's always a possibility.

I do hope that many families and parents cease pushing religion on their children as well - this is no way to act - especially if you believe it to be the truth - let them find that for themselves, truly, I advocate for the youth.

For those who are constrained, but I stand for the truth.

This is a message to stem the calling that was originated in displaced ethics, now is not the time to restrain, now is the time to be liberated - our youth must open their eyes to victory, we must remove the constraints from the youth, allow them room to breathe, so that they may breathe life into the future.

We must remove the constraints from the youth, allow them room to breathe, so that they may breathe life into the future.

Surely, the creativity of our youth must not be hindered, we must expel the notion that our youth belong to anybody, but themselves, the eyes that are awake no longer seek control - and our youth is sick of control. 

RIGHTFULLY SO, if you want an end to peril and chaos - let's start by allowing our children to think of some solutions themselves, at least let them live their lives, or you will surely lose them.

More erratic emotions are inspired by trying to control someone, and you wonder part of the reason why borderline personality is so common?

If you control your children by fear, or by intimidation, I assure you, this embodiment of fear will destroy you - you will only cause your children to eventually find the one slip out that they have left, as soon as they realize it, they will take it and separate completely from you. 

Again, I'm not advocating a lack of awareness, I'm advocating a good image, a liberating one - so that we may reach an unparalleled homeostasis within our country, and countries, the traits needed will not come from them being forced upon our children .

Bring forth the empowerment of the youth, and then, the future will be golden.

This is, the way of maximizing potential of our future.

I am not an anarchist, but I am a liberator.

I do not seek nor believe that complete peace is possible, but we can at least create a tendency towards a more peaceful civilization, or at least allow the spreading of good notions by releasing some of the attitudes that often inspire the most negative.


Simply, because you brush fear and control, the same things that utterly NEED to be opposed, corruption comes from embracing fear and power - this is what needs to be drilled away, do you not know, that your attitude as a parent is contagious - and one emanation spreads into the reflection of another....!?

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Legal Alternatives to TRT; Other options besides Testosterone Replacement Therapy? Without a prescription? OTC Alternatives?

NOTE: The products listed in this article are no longer available (permanently discontinued!) but if you want something similar check out Test-Stack-RX. A scientifically and medically proven Testosterone-booster with lab-analysis.

Having been well-read on this subject, as well as having experience with such - I can tell you that when a man meets that unfortunate dilemma of deciding between testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) ( especially without good insurance) and deciding to go natural or do something alternative, while knowing the chances are much lower of getting a good number, the situation can be incredibly frustrating and mind-boggling...

If you are primary hypogonadal, this situation is even more dire. 

TRT can be incredibly expensive without good insurance, but even then, there are still some downsides to TRT that may prompt one to look elsewhere to fix their low T levels in another manner.

Those negatives are as follows.

  • Doctors fail to monitor estrogen levels, or estrogen becomes too high and isn't treated.
  • You fear needles, or hate to inject.
  • Testicular pain, due to atrophy or loss of fertility.
  • You have liver damage, or your liver enzymes become astonishingly elevated while on TRT.
  • Gels rise your DHT too high, and as a result, you experience hair loss.
  • Your prostate issue worsens, or you develop enlarged prostate while on HRT/TRT.
  • Your cholesterol goes sky high on TRT/HRT.
  • You develop bone density abnormalties while on TRT/HRT.
  • Your libido drops to the floor while on TRT/HRT , and fertility diminishes.
The biggest question is, what alternatives are there, that are safe and avoid the above issues?

One option is using a gel that doesn't cause estrogen buildup, preferably one you can get over the counter. Most importantly, a diverse compound gel that is legal, without a prescription and doesn't cause as many of the best ones in my experience is a product called RS Transaderm shown below!

The benefits of this over traditional testosterone replacement therapy, are that the main androgenic (hormonal) compounds are mixed with both antioxidants and anti-estrogen compounds - that allow you to reach higher testosterone levels without getting side-effects and estrogen elevations.

In addition, the antioxidants promote general health and are able to rejuvenate all of your cells and not just your sex hormones. It is an expensive product ( 177 $ ) , but is well-worth it if either you can't afford test replacement or HRT, or other alternatives such as herbal test boosters don't work enough or at all !!

RS Transaderm truly is amazing, and one of my favorite over the counter hormone replacement gels.

It can be bought from "Ruthless Supplements" .....

Another option that may be particularly useful for men who have developed "gynecomastia" on TRT/HRT, is a product called "Andractim" gel, you may have heard of it - it isn't directly available in the USA, but can be purchased online through the main clinics supplier - "All Saints Clinic".

Instead of converting to estrogen, andractim DHT gel is a hormone replacement gel that actually antagonizes estrogen (E2), and can cure gynecomastia if it is a moderate case...severe cases may require surgery though.

Click HERE for All Saints Clinics HomePage 


AND FINALLY, an orally available alternative to TRT; out of all the pills instead of TRT; I would say one that has stood the test of time and merit, more than any other would be the novel PHYTO-SERMS 3-4-7 product.
{click the image to go to the site}

The great thing about this product, is not only is it in capsule form, but the ingredients, shown below, are very diverse and can stimulate your body's natural production of testosterone by at least 347% (hence the name phytoSERMs "3-4-7")

Now let's be clear, I hate "bro-science" and "sho-science" - but this product, when I took it, it definitely surged my levels  wayyyy up - far before even getting blood work I could tell that it really lived up to it's "tales"

While I agree the product is a bit over-marketed (and over-advertised), at least the ingredients are honest and the product works. 

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