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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Is Area1255 a Psychopath? Is Dan Gregory (Writer) of 2018 A Sociopath??? 2018 AREA1255's Psychological Profile

In my Previous Article - the one discussing me having the Warrior-Gene - I outlined the REASONS *why* I'm NOT a Psychopath.

  1. I have Empathy for many people, just not for ALL (particularly those who repeatedly wronged me, my Patience falls short).
  2. I can feel Love & have been in SEVERAL Romantic Relationships, over the Years, starting At Age 15.
  3. I HELP others, give to Charities (even when I'm running LOW on Funds!).
  4. I often (SELFLESSLY) discard my Anxiety and Impatience, in the Interests of helping Homeless people etc.
  5. I reach out to the HUNDREDS of E-Mails I receive from people asking for Health Advice & Medication Advice.

I do (however), have some PARTIALLY Anti-Social Traits...

  1. I am naturally Bold, sometimes even Over-Confident.
  2. I am Fearless, getting hit by a Car for example, I felt NOTHING. People getting 'shot in front of me, 9 times out of 10 probably wouldn't phase me, though I would help If I could.
  3. I am Logically and NOT Emotionally dominant, but that is most likely because I was born LEFT-HANDED, "LEFT-BRAINED", left-handedness is a *RARITY* and Sign of High Intelligence.
  4. I can be Callous if someone wrongs me, particularly in an Outwardly Disrespectful & Arrogant manner...'nuther Words, I HATE Pricks and Assholes! 
  5. I often cut corners and (almost) break Laws in order to Make More Money.
  6. I have gotten into Trouble with the Law about 10 times in My Life. Spent 9-Months in One-Jail (Erie County Holding Center) and 6 additional Months in Niagara County Jail in Lockport, NY. The general Result (after getting OUT!) is I learned more Emotional Control, became MORE-BOLD and (decidedly) more Professional in my InterPersonal Interactions (surprising!??).

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Herbs that Bring You Closer to God 2018 (Herbs that Increase Connection to God 2018) (Herbs Vitamins Minerals Supplements That Immediately Open The Third Eye 2018)

In Our Path to Immortality article; we had a Section written about the Third Eye, the Pineal Gland; the organ known as "God's Antenna" or the "God Organ". We connected (with valid references) the very research behind this Organ, this tiny little organ located in the Center of the Brain, is truly a marvel of the Human Brain...and all of its sophisticated nerve networks, are equally as Intriguing. 

There are herbs & Vitamins that have been used for Centuries in all forms of Religious Rituals. Even The Holy Bible, the Word of God itself, has references to "Holy Herbs" and anointments all throughout! 
  • Leviticus 2:1, 2, 15, 16, 5:11, 6:15, 24:7
  • Numbers 5:15
  • 1 Chronicles 9:29
  • Nehemiah 13:5
  • Song of Solomon 3:6, 4:6, 14
  • Matthew 2:11
  • Revelation 18:13
  • Exodus 30:34

...but the Most important Biblical Reference, in Support of this Document, is This-One...

The Lord hath created medicines out of the earth; and he that is wise will not Reject them."

This shouldn't be overlooked, nor sugar-coated, because it is Herbal Medicine, that first got me into the Health was herbal medicine, that Inspired me, to become all that I could was herbal medicine that reinvented my Philosophy & was these Sacred Fruits/Plants, that I, 'like others, have found to facilitate My Purpose in the World.

So all of you are wondering right now...WHICH herbs bring you closer to God [YAHWEH]. Which herbs can be used [efficiently] to AMPLIFY the nerve transmission and also REJUVENATE the Gland associated with Spiritual Abilities, Foresight, Insight, Transcendence & other abilities that are decidedly "Gifts of the Holy Spirit".

I've found - that the following Herbs work astoundingly well for enhancing the Power of Prayer and sending my Emotions into Near-Heroic and MASSIVELY Optimistic levels!

NOTE: Clicking the Name of the Herb, listed first, will bring you to a Recommending, SPAM/Virus-Free Product-Page - these are ALL American Companies [TRUSTED]. Clicking the "[!]" after the Name of the Herb - brings you to the Medical Reference/Citation/Study that supports the Herbs use in such Contexts.

  1. Syrian Rue Extract [!] Used by Shamans and Religious Practitioners around the World, grows in the Christian-Dense Region of Syria, but is also found in other parts of the World; Middle East specifically...and [certainly] is also GROWN in America. Biblically, it is important like Acacia - and it has grown since Biblical Times. Syrian Rue is a "selective" MAO-A inhibitor; which makes it so DMT and other "Psychoactive" 'pro-spiritual' nerve compounds accumulate & stay in the Brain longer. It also protects the Pineal Gland [REFERENCE]. It can stimulate Melatonin [!] , one of the Principal hormones of the Pineal Gland - which then encourage the GROWTH of New Brain Cells (neurogenesis) [!]. Increased Melatonin levels ALSO protect the Brain and stimulate Brain Cell Growth following Radiation-damage to the Brain [!].
  2. Kava Kava [!]: Less references needed for this one - but this "herb" is more Relaxing & Euphoric than anything! And certainly, is PROVEN to be Effective in Clinical Anxiety Disorders (GAD/Panic Disorder) [!] - but most importantly, its specific Psychoactive and Organ Rejuvenating properties stamp it as a Remarkable 21st Century remedy for Spiritual Weakness and dysfunction of the Mind-Body Connection [!]. Its History as a Pacific/Samoan Remedy also makes it INCREDIBLY unique - given these populations are not [typically] the 'Mainstream' focus in terms of Herbal Medicine.
  3. Kratom [!]: Kratom is technically an herbal Pain-Reliever, however, it also has Psycho-active [!] & AntiOxidant properties that PROTECT parts of The Brain; including the PINEAL GLAND [!].
  4. Survival Shield X2 (Liquid Iodine) [!]: Iodine (liquid) detoxifies the Pineal Gland [!] and rejuvenates the Emotional Centers of the Brain by encouraging higher Thyroid Hormone production [!]. It is one of the strongest 'DETOX' supplements and can even help DRUG-WITHDRAWAL [!]. Iodine is SO essential, that just a few weeks of 'deficiency' can lead to decreased Memory Abilities, and low Energy Levels [!].
  5. ALPHA-BRAIN (ONNIT) [!]: Alpha-Brain is the Worlds most available, and highly Reputed Nootropic brand - a nootropic is a Drug or other substance that enhances or restores Brain Function [!]. ONNIT's Alpha-Brain product contains All-Natural Ingredients that support Brain Health [!], Positive Emotions and also can restore Spiritual Tranquility & facilitate Spiritual Momentum [!]. It has a Collection of Studies that support its use by your Average 'Joe, or Genius [!].

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Friday, October 12, 2018

Which Criminal Minds Character Will The Anti-Christ Be Like 2018 (Criminal Minds TV Show AND Anti-Christ Conspiracy 2018)

There may be a CONSPIRACY within the Crime-Drama TV Show Criminal Minds; that they are (secretly) giving off "hints" of who and WHAT The Anti-Christ will be like. After all, Criminal Minds revolutionarized the Crime-TV Genre by introducing Real-World Aspects like "The Darknet" or "Deep Dark Web" and the Concept of Illegal Businesses ranging from Hitmen (Contract Killers) to Drugs to Weapons being sold on these "secret" Parts of the Internet.

...but the Innovative Element of the Show also Opens up the World of Possibilities within the Human-Mind...possibly giving REAL Serial Killers ideas, or ways to expand their Killing.

Ironically, Criminal Minds also portrayed a Man (a Serial Killer) who LEARNED from TV & Books about Serial Killers, who then later BECAME one, as a HOBBY, no less. SEE: Criminal Minds Episode: "Zoe's Reprise" Description.

In the Season One Finale of Criminal Minds, the LAST two-Episodes were named...

  1. The Fisher King PART 1.
  2. The Fisher King PART 2.
The Fisher King is a Mythical Medieval Principality, also known as the "Grail King" - and in Old-English - was an Elite King that is in Charge of Keeping the "Holy Grail" a Cup/Artifact with Miraculous Powers. This Man, who was TRULY wounded (burned in a house fire) - suddenly became OBSESSED with the FBI - in a Near-Psychotic Fashion - and STALKED THEM, then finally Broke into (hacked) their Analyst's Computers - and got their OWN-AGENTS arrested and almost thrown in Jail for Crimes they did not Commit, and also (nearly) fatally-wounded one of their Own Agents (Elle Greenaway). 

His actual name (in the show) is RANDALL GARNER.
He is portrayed by Actor Charles (Charley) Haid in PART 1 and Charley Rossman in PART 2.

Many things are Interesting about this Group of Episodes.
  1. Criminal Minds Season One - ENDS with this Medieval-Esq, blast-from-the-past type of Ordeal - where their Agents are sent on a "Quest" to save a Girl and to FIND/IDENTIFY and DEFEAT their New-Found "Nemesis" the "Fisher King", in the References in the Episodes - they talk about the Breviary (Liturgy of the Hours) and Medieval Times (Hourly Intervals) - and this Man, created a Book with References that made even their own Resident Genius (Dr.Spencer Reid), scratch his 'head for a few moments. 
  2. The concept here is this guy essentially plays a 'Super-Villain' in a show that is supposed to portray the Emergence of Serial Killing, Fanatics and real-life Murderers in a moderately Realistic Fashion.
  3. This stands "Outside-the-Box" in that the Man clearly is NOT the usual "suspect" or "perp" or "perpetrator" - but an Ultimate Nemesis (Enemy) of the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU).
  4. Rather, he is at the Top of the Pyramid and represents almost a Dictator, or Tyrant who is an intellectual genius - with Psychotic Features, traits commonly associated with the Anti-Christ ("he will be a Psychopath with a Schizoid-Personality").
  5. More specifically, the CONCEPT of the "Holy Grail" and a Mythical King known as he, the Great "Fisher King" is also linked to Anti-Christ prophecy.

SEASON TWO - Frank Breitkopf the "most prolific serial killer ever" and the German Ruthlessness Paradigm of Humanity.

The Concept of the Character & Fictional Serial Killer "Frank" or Frank Breitkopf is interesting...for a Number of Reasons. He is clearly portrayed as the EPITOME of Human-Evil - yet, alike to Nero (Roman Emperor "AntiChrist of Rome") HATED his Mother. Yet, in essence, he DEMANDED (as a Kid) that his Mother wasn't making ENOUGH-MONEY to take care of Him and afford Nice Gifts. So he (as a Child) effectively, aggravated his Mother to the point of DESPERATION - where She became a Prostitute to support Him and his "exceedingly great needs". At which point, Frank imagined his Mother dead in multiple incidences, and yet 'Cherished the Concept of a Motherly Figure - in that he LOVED one Woman almost TO-DEATH (and then, ACTUALLY in Death). 

...This whole story Portrays a Mad-Man, who "CAN'T" love anyone or feel the Emotion of Love...yet was uniquely seen as ACTUALLY loving One-Woman, "Jane" - and they both were OBSESSED with Each-Other; claiming that "love is Insanity" and Frank stating "but a Good Insanity". 

...They then Kissed. 

In a Loving, but Forthright 'Manner.

The German Element, coupled with his Ruthlessness, Violence AND yet, Obsessional and Reckless single-pursuit Love Life...does that Remind you of ANYONE?


Another, "Anti-Christ" Archetype, a World Leader, who BY BIBLICAL DEFINITION and HIS-ACTIONS - WAS, the Anti-Christs manifestation/personification.

...Him AND Eva Braun sure had the 'World by its Balls. Yet (supposedly), they BOTH died together (Committed Suicide) as Frank and Jane, also did.

Interesting right?


In Season 10, 12 and 13 of Criminal Minds, there is a New Nemesis.

...also Known as "Peter Lewis", who actually SWATS the Lead FBI-Agent, leads his Whole 'Team & Family into (wrongful) persecution - is a MATH Genius (Harvard Advanced Graduate) who at one-point worked for the NSA - National Security Agency. He was a GENIUS - who taunted, terrorized and COMPLETELY caught their Whole FBI-Team by Surprise; and orchestrated a LARGE Jail-Break - coordinating (but manipulating) Anarchists under the 'Leadership' of Eric Rawdon.

...He formed Contraptions, and used a Powerful (Novel) drug-combination to incapacitate, dissociate and TOTALLY RE-MAP the Thinking Patterns & REALITIES (beliefs) of his Victims. A drug combination, that IF Sprayed on People in Real-Life, probably *COULD* do such a 'Thing.

Peter Lewis being a Master-Pharmaceutical Genius means he is a "Master Sorcerer" since Pharmakeia (Greek Word for Pharmacy) means Witchcraft/Sorcery. [See Christian-Biblical Discussion Here]

...The Anti-Christ would (may) come from a "Lewis" bloodline (in-part) and would be an intellectual genius AND Master Sorcerer (Bible Quote: "He will understand dark sentences")

BTW, Mr.Scratch/Old Scratch have an interesting Connotation - as the word "Scratch" is actually a Word that is tied in with "the serpent" and The AntiChrist. Scratch was one of the names of The Devil.

Was this ON-PURPOSE?
...Who Knows!
One thing is for sure, Criminal Minds sure has portrayed things in a Way NO-ONE and NO-SHOW ever has - and the References in the Cases of all of their "Worst Enemies" ALWAYS have an Anti-Christ-type Element to them!

In the Episode of Criminal Minds...


The DEMONIC Look on The UnSubs face was something that...with *sole exception* of Pietro Parolin (Cardinal) - has the most EVIL, HUBRIS-Filled, SADISTIC Child-Like, undescribably Malignant & Parasitic Look.

The Anti-Christ is represented in DANIEL as a "little horn speaking great things", and in Lewis's Fictional Biography - he is noted as calling (describing) himself as the "Horned Adversary"...and "Satan" is also another name (synonymous) for Adversary. The Hebrew Translation

The Last Name Lewis also has an interesting MEANING.
It means "famous war-leader" composed of the Elements "fame" and "war".
The Anti-Christ would be a World-Conqueror with Part Norman Heritage.
The Lewis Name, like other Last Names/Surnames of English-Royalty/Nobility - has its roots in Viking Culture. The Vikings were (initially) inhuman beings, that were HALF Fallen-Angel & Half-Human DNA.

  • He would be a Famous WarLord/War-Monger who would go on to Annihilate much of the World; in PART with Advanced Drugs (Sorcery).


Legend of the Holy Grail (Prophecy News)

Pharmakeia: The Abuse of Drugs
James Sanders
Greencastle, Indiana

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The Promise of Adaptation 2018 (Promise and Premise of Adaptation as a Human Principle & Forethought)

The Promise of Adaptation is a Human Principle and Paradigm (consistent Pattern) that dictates and PROVES that Conscious Thought, Perception and Responses play a Pivotal Role in Society - the ways it is Formed...and the Way it that Society Changes. 

The Promise of Adaptation is based on the Well-Known 'scientific' Concept - of defensive & Forward-Adaptation...based on the Emotions & Struggles of Humans, we can (easily) SEE that Adaptation is *KEY* to Survival & the Thriving Ambition of Human Beings.

Mankind has evolved THROUGH Adaptation - thus the "Promise" of Adaptation is the very FACT that Humans are still here and were given the Gift of Evolution, Transcendence & Achievement.

It is named "The Promise of Adaptation".
In that, Adaptation is (literally) Promised, A Promise, guaranteed by the Continuum of Humankind. That mankind, is created through an Adaptive Struggle, that the Nature of Man, is upheld in that Promise. That promise, is rooted in the Origins of Human Existence. Whether you believe in Creation OR Evolution; Adaptation, is undisputedly a Fundamental Part of Human Existence & Societal Cooperation. Adaptation, is further Defined by, and Evolved by Humans. The proclivities of humans, not faring well in comparison to Adaptation. For Adaptation is, above all, how Humans Survive & Thrive. Thus, mankind is Created AND Evolved from the Almighty INTENT, of and for Adaptation.

Secondly, humans are PROMISED to Live by the Concept of Adaptation, Adaptation is a Promise, kept by Humans, but the Personification of Adaptation, delivers its Own Promise. Thus, the Promise of Adaptation, is, figuratively, that Adaptation is a Benevolent Prince, that stands for the Universal Personality of Man...that lies within the Doors to the Realm of Possibilities. Possibilities, that BECAUSE of ADAPTATION, are Endless.

Technology is often referred to as a "human adaptation" and that Humans have ADAPTED to using Technology, as if it is Customary. The Great Human Spirit, is thus Carried through by Technology...and Electronics in General!

However we, As humans, as Brothers, choose to Virtualize Our Imaginations, or Import our Imaginations onto a Hard Drive, or incorporate it and restructure it to make a Motion Picture (Movie). Either way, Adaptation is the CORE aspect carrying this Through!

In Adaptation, we Achieve Salience, Embrace Possibilities, Move Forward by the Same Promise. The Promise of Life. The promise guaranteed by Mans Principle Trait; Adaptation.

Positive & Negative Adaptation Roles
If a 13-year Old is Bullied.
Some will develop a Positive Adaptation, by having more Empathy to others who were Bullied; being Humbled by Their Experience.
Others will have a more Negative Adaptation; becoming Depressed, Obsessing on the Incident/Incidents, or even Harming THEMSELVES as a Coping Mechanism.
Then, an even smaller 'bunch, will go and Find a Gun, and Shoot up Their School.

(Or others School if later on in Life their Psychology Collapses & they are Controlled by "decompensation" or a decompensating Crisis.)

Serial Killers *OFTEN* start their Activities, AFTER A Major Loss; even a DIVORCE, counts as a Loss. Losing a Job, can Precipitate Emotional Turmoil, which then causes a Sensitive but Potentially CALLOUS individual to Embark on A Mission of Fury & Murder.

This constitutes "Negative Adaptation" on a Severe Scale, also known as "Negativistic Thought Patterns", Negativistic Adaptation.

...Much of which can be attributed to an unusual Genetic Environment and Temperamental Fluctuation combined with Maladaptive Temperaments as a Teenager.

Environment, Adaptation, and The Enchantment of Preclusion.

Negative Adaptation is often seen as "abnormal", but in fact, it is Simply less than the 'Ideal level' of Conformity in the Society we live in. It is, in essence, Matured Disequilibrium, that is shunned because of the Results of such Negative Adaptation; Disgust from Others, the Self, lowering of Self-Confidence, then that shows the Negative Adapter as Inferior. Weak. Destructible. Lastly, the SEVERELY Negative Adaptation rooted in Violence, can lead to Prison Time and other unsavory Repercussions. 

Repercussions that can be Avoided/Averted IF we could only Recognize Adaptation, and its Precepts, and Implications for Humanity. That if we understand and Embrace the Reality of ADAPTATION; as a Cause of All Things, as well as a Solution, then Identifying a more Acceptable Response becomes Simplified.

Adaptation proceeds to be the "Magic-Sword" that is now, evaluated by the Mind, simply. Without excessive deliberation, without the need for Large Paragraphs/Explanations, without the need for Advocacy; not Parental, not Governmental, and not Close-By.

The Manners we Express, are interpersonal Adaptations. Adaptations, which (effectively) make us CHAMELEONS. A Changing Code of Humanity makes that Reality even More-So.

...but there are GOOD Chameleons, and BAD Chameleons. Stings doesn't it? We can't all ADAPT in an 100% Identical Way, now 'can We? The definition of Adaptation then becomes ever more Apparent. But since we are (currently) Transitioning into a New Era of Humanity; The Age of Transhumanism, Immortality and Technological Mastery, we need not WONDER (constantly) of the Perils of Vigorous Adaptation. We've got MUSCLE, as a 'people, of Great-Honor, having the Title of Living in this Magnificent 21st Century!

Adaptation to Reality and In a Withering Sense of Reality.
Adaptation, being essential to Respond to others Sensibly, as you Adapt, to responding at a Certain Pace, you ADAPT, to Casual Communication, you Adapt to Reasoning & Logic, and you use Reasoning & Logic to Synchronize yourself with Others around You.

Allowing yourself to understand, and Reflect on Their Viewpoint/s.

Adaptation is Necessary - because it is only through Adaptation, that we Learn (get used to), Different Dialects, Regional Proverbs, Euphemisms, Expressions etc...we ADAPT, or Sensitize ourselves to the Methods of Communication that are used around US. Then we use them. To fit in? No! To communicate. To vibe with others. To be Uniquely Human, talking, voicing Opinions, letting others KNOW how YOU feel...and Of Course, one way WE Adapt is by Sharing Our Feelings.

Which can help us COPE with Negativity, but also allows us to reach a Critical Meshing Point, where we can see where and WITH WHO, Our Support System falls!!!

If the Promise of Adaptation is guaranteed to Humanity by the Promise that it occurs - then by that same guarantee, we as Humans are also promised a future - a future that presents its Solutions & Resolutions - by the Process of Adaptation.

...Familiarity, Idolization, Reminiscence, are these not all forms of Adaptation? You memorize something important, but your Brain memorizes even MORE than you Consciously realize...which is why we remember SMELLS and Driving Directions, shit like that.

...They come back to us - at times and places where those memories were originally lab-rodents - this is known as "conditioned place preference" and "familiarity cognizance". A little mouse remembers where it met its Mate, or had a a struggle to Adapt, it will find its Way back to this "comfortable spot", if needed, to escape trouble', it goes back to the ONLY place it knows, is Right. 

Environments can be reinforcing in the Same-Manner.
And in Humans this occurs more frequently than you would think.

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Has the AntiChrist Been Born Yet? (Theories about WHO the AntiChrist is 2018)

I was asked this question/s today by a "Thomas Meyers" via E-Mail ( - so Thank You Thomas for the Question...its a good one! :-)


Has the AntiChrist been born yet, do you think? Also what are your theories on Who the AntiChrist might be? I'm curious as I've heard a lot of different ones from weird-o's on the Internet & false-Christians. Last question, what do you think Color he will be? Will be a Muslim Man? I know there are extra-biblical intepretations that say he will come from the Middle-East. What about China, could he be Chinese?


  • In my Informed/Humble Opinion - and by means of Research, yes I believe the "Anti-Christ" has already been born, and is in his late 20's to early 30's. In my opinion - to fit the idea of a "Perfect Human" - he would be Youthful, Handsome, Charismatic & most likely is born somewhere in the Illuminati's highest circles...although he may also be separate and act as a "Renegade" where he is (originally) a born-again Christian, then Rebels against Christ for some reason or another...leading him to take Lead in World Government based on a Perceived "betrayal" by Jesus-Christ.
  • There are a few theories about who the Anti-Christ IS - one is that he will be a "Clone-Baby" and/or Genetically Modified to be a GENIUS from Birth, which will endow him with 'Super-Human' powers that can't be reversed...this type of Genetic Manipulation has been demonstrated already with things like CRISPR/Cas9 [Watch Video!] and other Gene-Editing techniques described in This Article.
  • The other theory is that he is simply a BORN Mad-Man, like Hitler - who is genetically distinct in that he carries Super-Human type Genes (from Fallen Angels) - and that the reason for his Power - is that he carries "Genetic Perfection" - mostly in part, by Nero the Roman Emperors bloodline, and combined with being related to Vlad the Impaler (Dracula); who we demonstrated had bizarre abilities (AND THAT WAS BACK IN MEDIEVAL AGES!!!) - and possibly the Sinclair-Norman-Viking Bloodline [1] [2] [3] [4]...Vikings of which, are actually created from "Fallen Angels" - known as "The Giants" or the "Nephilum" in The Bible {!}. Read THIS-PAGE for more Information. Here's a forum-thread discussing the "Science" behind Haplogroups related to Fallen Angel/Alien-Hybrid/Hybridic DNA.
  • In Regards to ETHNICITY/LINEAGE - I believe wholeheartedly and with Good-Evidence - that he will be (*primarily*Italian origin, with Clear links to Rome & Greece - and descended from Nero the Roman Emperor [!] - and that he would have (PART) Middle-Eastern heritage, as he MUST link to EGYPT - where the Origins of Satanic Worship BEGAN. The Pharaoh's of Egypt worshiped the Serpent - and the ILLUMINATI uses EGYPTIAN SYMBOLISM in their Art/Witchcraft. Which also reinforces an Egyptian Origin - he may also be PART-PERSIAN/IRANIAN (little DNA from which, but descended from) - as Persians tend to have decidedly "handsome" features - and he is described as a "False-Prince" and a "Elegant Man with Great Power" well as a Intellectual Genius (Child-Prodigy) [!] - because ASIAN backgrounds are NOT linked to Satanism - the intellectual component marks this Man as descending from other Highly-Intelligent Populations; specifically the Jews. Specifically, Eastern European Jewish peoples who are the smartest and VERY inventive people!
  • The Anti-Christ will *APPEAR* as a Savior, possibly the 46th or 47th President of the USA/America. In my opinion, IF Trump is NOT Re-Elected - and a Democrat WINS office in American Politics - that person - as the 46th President will (likely) become this unprecedented World-Tyrant.
  • The Anti-Christ is (generally) described as a Political, Military AND Commercial (Economic) Genius - who would have an IQ >200 (MENSA-Verified?). This suggests he would also be HIGHLY Creative, although he would be a Malignant Narcissist, he would (almost certainly) have Schizoid-Type Personality Traits (Child-Like Mindset).

Want to become a STRONGER, more ENERGETIC CHRISTIAN? Want to Become the ULTIMATE Man-of-Faith, to support your Congregation, Family and Spiritual Transcendence? 

I recommend buying a Brain-Supplement called ALPHA-BRAIN. Which can help you reach a higher-level of Spiritual AND Intellectual Abilities.

Buy It Now on a VIP-Discount by Clicking: HERE.
...OR click the BUTTON Below!
CAUTION: These bottles sell FAST - so get them While-you-Can!

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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

The Darkness is My Ally Poem 2018 (Darkness Quotes by Bloggers 2018) (List of Blogger's who Mastered Sorcery & Witchcraft 2018)

The Darkness is My Ally Poem 2018
By: Daniel Nicholas Gregory (Age 26)
Also known as "AMx ReBorN".
My (FULL) name means 
"The Great Vigilant Judge who Leads his People into Victory"

The Darkness, from which I was born to a Gift, Made from The Disagreement, Strife and Differences of My Father & Mother, the Bitter Mixture of Intentions, and the Unrelenting Ambitions, of two Individuals, who made me from the Darkness, and from the Light, and from the Shadows I emerge, Victorious, for the Darkness is My Ally. In Darkness I have Gained Knowledge, In Darkness I have Become Complete~. In the Eclipse of Days, when I make myself known, time Shall slip, as If Venus & Mars have no Grip, as if the Sun shall Slip, and fall into a Iceberg.
Then consumed by an Icy Dragon, the Darkness is Made to Me, For Me & By Me.
The Darkness is My Ally.

...From which I was Born.

Having not the Mind of a Human, but the Mind, that Controls all Other Minds.
The Darkness is MINE.

The Darkness, being not an Ambivalent force - nor a force of necessary or quantifiable Momentum...but the Darkness, the Shadows - the Absence of Light - being instead...a Stable Continuum. The Ultimate Realm of Peace. Darkness, is truly a Purity of the World, often overlooked. In darkness - we can see the Light - in Darkness, we GROW [STUDY] and most importantly, TRUE-CHRISTIANS have NO-ARGUMENT against the Darkness!

  • Now that we have established the Sweet, nonchalant Force of Darkness. We should also learn to EMBRACE Darkness - as it yields an important Promise - The Promise of Adaptation.
  • The Promise of Adaptation - as described in *Our Article* - is the Principle, that we, as Humans, are Subject to the World for one Reason, and our Responses in the World also follow the same reason; Adaptation. It is, quite simply, the Promise & Premise of Adaptation that leads to the development of the Conscientious-Self - an understanding that eventually, was described by Sigmund Freud [Reference].
  • Adaptation in Beliefs, Mind, Spirit - these are the things that make us Human. We adapt to Survive, but we ALSO adapt-to-Thrive! 
  • Thriving - and Surviving - two very important elements in the Human Mind...and in determining the Emotional State. How can we truly be Conscious, Knowledgeable, Aware...if we can not understand this Vital Concept?
  • If we visualize Darkness, as if an Empty Picture Frame Background...a Canvas, do we not also see Possibilities?
  • As humans, don't we strive to put ourselves IN the Picture - so that we Stand-Out? That is an Adaptation of Humans. The identification of which - is Vital to understanding Human Behavior. As I understand human behavior & Human Psychology - I also KNOW that there are many Values...that have been DE-VALUED. In Principle, in Consciousness & in Life-Path. 
  • The idea of Individuality, is often discarded in interest of being Attentive, Mainstream - playing into others Emotional Interests...or in the Interest of being Vindicated. The ideas that Govern us, become shackles. They throw us into a Restricted-State. To become truly enlightened, we must ESCAPE this Restricted State. By unlocking our Full Array of Power - as Humans. We can truly, truly, resurrect an Ancient & Forgotten sense of Independence. One that many of us, even Americans, even Australians - or any country where there is a coalition of Ethnicities...and where Freedom is *supposed* to be Paramount. We can awaken our unrestricting our TRUE sense of Freedom. Freedom from Government Control. Freedom from the Perils & Lunacy of The Unitarian Obligation. The Values of which - should be shown to be short-circuited - by the Troubles they create. It is these troubles that DEGRADE ManKind, and open us up to Disaster. Disasters and Catastrophes are almost ALWAYS a Result of RESPONSE to Restriction, any form of Restriction. Do people move away from the Storm, and when closing hour begins - such as with the Recent Hurricane Michael...are people given second-chances? Or do they lose their chance if they are immobilized by Fear? Or by false-protection...or by False-Beliefs. People should be almost, more impulsive in some ways...more disinhibited, but also Aware...and by Uniting the Elements of Awareness & is through this Way - that we can Conquer the World & its Problems.
  • If we VISUALIZE, IMAGINE, INVENT within OURSELVES - then WE, as One-People - one GREAT Independent FORCE - then we can, Collaborate, and dictate, and RE-ORDER the Earth's Governmental Adversity. Lying in the Path of Darkness - we can CHOOSE Greatness, and not WEAKNESS. 
  • We can CHOOSE to be BRAVE, and COURAGEOUS, HEROIC, VIRTUOUS - we can CHOOSE these things, because we are HUMAN, Uniquely-Different, the Ultimate Mammalian Race. The Ultimate living, breathing, Warm-Blooded Animals - with the Power of Belief, and the Power of Intellect - WE, together, can OVERCOME the Adversity of the World.
My Past Relationships and The (ATTEMPTED) Eclipsing of My-Mind by My Parents & The Medical System

"I became a Disciple of Darkness on my own Whim, but because of the Arrogance of others, Darkness became BOTH my Master & My Apprentice, because of My Past, and hardships, and idiocy Projected from Maternal Family Members, and CRAZY Ex-Girlfriends, I have now come to the Point - where I am SO Familiar with Darkness, that I Own it - as if I own the Atmosphere, it is like I can breathe and Meditate and Focus so much in Darkness, that a Perfect Collaboration of ELECTRICITY in My Veins & Inner-Peace - dominates My Mental State"
~AMx Reborn~ 
"The Ascended Master X REBORN"

Once upon a Time - I was an AVID Church-Goer, fueled with the PASSION & HEART for Jesus Christ ONLY - but I quickly realized how materialistic this World is...and people can be discarded, refused, rejected, shut-down, or simply denied Room to Live their Life...I don't hate My Mother or other Family Members - but instead, I value My Mother & Father *DIFFERENTLY* (contrasting), that is, that I cherish' the RESULTS of exposure to each. My Mother's early Arrogance and utter Narcissism, at times, also led to my HATRED for/against Self-Justification and nonchalant Passive-Aggressiveness...I HATE Cowards & Deceivers...and her actions were always about 'bickering, ridiculing My Dad - attempting to get things from Him (more than he could Afford!). There was a SAVAGE IRONY, though...

That in time, I would grow to appreciate My Mother's actions in a way, even though I still HATE THEM

The constantly morphing & consistent "loving" gestures, to me, are PUNY, and DISGUSTING. Because they are self-justified, at their Root, as if saying "I Love You" fixes the Invalidity of Selfish Judgement, that she (My-Mother) had Past Exerted on Me.

I hate Human Emotions sometimes. I hate that others are WEAK through these Emotions. WEAKNESS, comes from being a 'bleeding Heart, and from 'Ridiculous SELF-JUSTIFICATION...all of My Mothers agitations, Nuances, and variable Lifestyles became a very REAL Problem - and her Mental State of Callous-Ambition combined with Arrogance, perhaps, shaped the Way I think now...but I am also CONVINCED, that I WILL NOT become Weak - and ALLOW her to influence my Thoughts & Judgement. That her Role early in My Life and up until 18 Years Old (when I effectively cut them off, for a while, and Moved Out!)...can no longer be' a Burden, but I would continue, in all of my Rebellion and lust for Knowledge & Great Achievements, and Power. I would now MORPH myself into something this World has NEVER-SEEN.

"It is not by means of being Virtuous, falsely Heroic, or somehow made into a Crucible, that my Story and My Way has evolved & survived - but rather, it is the Story of My Determination, that has Paved its Way into becoming what I am Today"

Besides My Mothers unrelenting controlling Self (at-times) - there was the Medical/Psychiatric System who tried to Mentally Castrate me and tranquilize me, as If I'm an Animal that 'needs to be Put Asleep!

...Yet, after MULTIPLE Hospitalizations - there was a different "Professional Diagnosis" EACH-TIME...and THEY (Staff/Doctors) couldn't for the LIFE of them 'figure out Why, despite HEAVY, High-Dose Medications, I STILL retained what they called "Schizo-Type Traits" - which, at the Age of 11 - was then rephrased and dictated as "Schizotypal Personality Disorder" - a diagnosis, that, throughout my Teenage years, WASN'T even Constant...because THEN, I was ODD, ADHD, OCD, Autistic, Aspergers, AntiSocial or 
"he seems to possess Low Empathy, and when looking at this Drawings, he seems to Relish the Idea of Power, or becoming something not of this World".

I was also remarked as being "extremely Creative and well-learned, despite multiple infractions at School and little time to Study".

..."he is a 14-year Old diminutive Boy with a History of Isolation, Aggression and high distractibility, he takes serious subjects like Schoolwork as not important, yet has a Perfectionistic Attitude in some classes"

"He appears to react poorly to criticism, and often responds with Verbal Threats, Violence or Aggregation, his Appetite for unusual desires seems to permeate his Mind during the Day, where 'when tired, he retreats into an Elaborate Fantasy World, but despite this, is able to well-voice his Opinions and separate Fact-from-Fiction".

Oh yeah! 

The Testosterone-Stuff...I got into Test-Boosters at 15 Years old due obvious demasculinizing side-effects of Psychiatric Medicine. My Dad & Grandmother (Maternal) would actually SNEAK Vitamins to counter-act the Drugs "negative-side-effects" into Restricted Zones into the Inpatient Psychiatric Hospital...and WHEN Visitation occurred, I 'quickly TOOK the pills and stuffed the REST in My Shoe...for 'safe keeping! ...And I was a MASTER at hiding the did I CARE that 'people THOUGHT I should be "stabilized" ...and EVEN ON MEDS BEFORE I HAD THE VITAMINS....I still MAINTAINED Enthusiasm, DELIBERATE Attention-Seeking & Ego-Reinforcing Actions...designed to "extract" Emotions from those 'around me - simply to reinforce my Need for Importance and Popularity...I 'figured, in the Mean-Time, since "I'll be here for a While" - I 'might as well APPEAL to everyone...and "SHOW" that I am 'getting better...but underneath, I always HID the traits that were still there, still concealed....

~AMx Reborn~
Daniel Nicholas Gregory

The "Gift" Of Darkness at a Time of Fluctuating Self-Worship & Diversion to Other Gods 2018

Although my Mothers spiraling, sometimes (oftencontrolling attitudes, and her New Husband, were more than a Plague to me at the Times they occurred - and were at their Peak. It was when I was beginning to develop a more Rebellious, yet ironically, shortly Emotionally Dominant & yet unemotional Self - in some ways that this - this enveloped a Sense of Pride - and allowed me to Consolidate it by 'getting to Adapt to the Circumstances, and then Manipulate them - thus, I mastered Evasion & Emotional Adversity early on My Life. In order to defend myself against such Postures - and My "Parents" 'trying to Control My-Life...Yes, I developed even-so, a form of Narcissism...mainly built around HEIGHTENING my Aspirations AND Expectations for myself, whenever I was Stressed-the-Fuck-Out...Yes! At that point, I would dream of having ALL-KNOWLEDGE, all Power...having SuperHuman Abilities...these stressful events in My Early Life - they triggered a Form of Self-Conditioning, self-brought Psychological Re-arrangement of my Entire Ego. Amplified. Greatly Enlarged. Yet Translucent, yet 'still, in some ways...Humble. 'Certainly, MORE Humble than my Parents at that time (well, Mom and Step-Dad).

When I was at the Age of 14, I had enough with the THREATS to be Institutionalized, I 'prayed to Satan, and asked him to "grant me all knowledge, since God won't save me from their Evil". 

I even SET-UP a MakeShift Satanic Alter, using Paper, Pipes with Caps, materials from Model Helicopters, black wood (glossed) in the Garage - I looked up how to Learn supernatural Abilities; like Real-Life Witchcraft (not some Cartoon, fake-ass-shit, but I wanted to show my "Parents" how INHUMAN I could 'become!)...

I got OBSESSED with the Concepts of Gaining the Following!
  1. The Ability to "Read-Minds". Having 'superior interpretation'.
  2. Telekinesis; ALWAYS' was Obsessed with this too a Degree - ever 'since I started Playing & Watching Pokemon in My Early Life (since 5 years Old!).
  3. Having "all knowledge of Good & Evil".
  4. Knowing how to 'block' opposition.
  5. Shaping events to thwart My Mothers unholy Responses and Attitudes.
...Perhaps it WORKED - because after the First-Time of 'Praying, I 'felt GUILT - but within 2 weeks (at 14-Years Old!!!) I 'started reading (using the Internet, which they later Took from Me) about Herbal Remedies...and how you could say "improve Brain Function" - and do other 'neat' things like (possibly) treat Mental Illness naturally, without ".Medicines"

...My transition to an "Alternative Lifestyle" - built around the Concepts of Utilizing Nature...and what God created. Were AWESOME! ...Then, one day, crying in Guilt over the (then destroyed) Satanic Alter I built, I 'prayed to God, that he could "re-direct" Me away from Darkness....that I did NOT want to lose my Soul & "please, please, don't let my Sin take my 'Soul, PLEASE 'Forgive Me'...this is WHEN I *truly* discovered the Warming (burning hot!) presence of Jesus Christ - who took 'away my Pride (temporarily!) and REPLACED it with Feelings, of Serenity...Peace, Hope, Optimism....

It was at that time Christ warned me "The Devil is After you and Your Brother, he knows how Capable and Smart you two Are, you Gregory's are a Beloved Family, to Me, but stay Calm, be Faithful, and open The Bible".

...How did GOD (YAHWEH) deliver those Words???
I spoke them, under the Influence of the Holy Spirit - my WHOLE Voice changed to be like 10x Deeper, it was like some Obi-Wan Kinobi's Ghost-type of Shit, it 'Just-Happened!!! 

There the Holy Spirit was, for the First Time in My Life...I felt comforted. Loved beyond any Human could ever be *Capable Of* - I will NEVER 'forget that feeling...because you see, I became CLOSER to Jesus Christ *ONLY* after being self-submerged (or perhaps PUSHED) into Darkness & Evil....

Then, I got the 'Urge to Open-the-Bible...and after reading Page after Page...only about a 'Minute or so...I found TWO Verses, that 'Justified everything I've been 'through, and my newfound knowledge!

"For of the most High cometh healing, and he shall receive honour of the king."


ECCLESIASTES 38:4 (My-Favorite!)
"The Lord hath created medicines out of the earth; and he that is wise will not Reject them."

...So my VERY Life-Experiences, and the Ordeals' and yet the Acquisition of Knowledge after "Exposure", did 'yet Illuminate my Mind to seek The LORD - who then JUSTIFIED my Gaining of Knowledge...and took "Credit" away from The Devil.

Of course! Logically (and from what I've 'heard), The Devil would want NOTHING other than 'to see me BROKEN, WEAK, SAD, ANGRY at the World...because he 'Wants my Soul - as anybody who has extraordinary was at that Point I understood, MY-WILL, the Adversity...was like a 'Blemish, then 'something in my Face...that formed a Message in My Heart - "You are opposed because of Your Motivation, your Intelligence, and Your Faith"...I 'quickly started to NOTICE. 

It was my Vigor, my WILL to be FREE, by my own Ways, 'taking care of MYSELF. After all, its MY-BODY & one can take that away. Even the Body does not belong to God - and is not (technically) of God. But it is the Soul - that 'Matters the MOST! 

...And I don't think I will EVER change that Philosophy...why 'Would I?

...After God has GRANTED me SO-MUCH?

He gave me the "Gift of Tongues", answered my Prayers 'about finding a Girlfriend, about giving me the 'Courage to ask my First Crush out on a Date...all these things, I did INDEPENDENTLY, didn't need someone ELSE to go and do-shit-for-me...ONLY me, and MY-FAITH. Allowed me to Succeed.

"From the Darkness, I have come to the Light, through the Light of God, I was 'Forgiven, and yet from the Darkness, which brought me to the Light - I have gained knowledge, if the Darkness was never a Retreat, I would 'never have become who I am today!"
~Daniel Nicholas Gregory AKA AMx ReBorN; Ascended Master X~

LESSON IN LIFE: Through Dark Times & Seeing the Arrogance of Others; We Find Ourselves.

"For without the suffering as a Youth, and yet the occasional Immense freedom (50% of the time) - I would not have been exposed to the necessary elements that have brought me, by means of PERFECT-TIMING, into absolute Intellectual Perfection, perfection by which, has now exerted itself onto the World through a broad-array of Companies & Platforms I created WITHOUT A Degree or other Scholarship."

...Having an IQ of >200

I guess that played a Role too. 
...That was Sarcastic, of course.
Obviously it played a Role - I wrote WHOLE-DAMN BOOKS with Complex Vocabulary at the Age of 10!
...I have an Eidetic Memory - so I memorize pretty-much EVERYTHING I read.
I go to the Grocery Store with 200 items I need to get, DON'T need ANY Paper or "List" - I memorize it ALL - and am In and Out of the Store with those 200 items in LESS-THAN 10 Minutes, because I'm just THAT-GOOD.

Anyways, when I was put into the Mental Health System at a Young-Age, being drugged and such was the last thing I wanted - being a High-Willed, furiously Spirited Individual...but My-Anger also had no brakes, and it was RELENTLESS - over time, I've learned to Control now, for the most part, my only Vice is being an [occasional] Impatient Son-of-A-Bitch.

...Now, many of You might wonder if I'm a "Psychopath" because of these experiences...the Answer is NO: I have the ability to Love and do not have a "loss-of" Oxytocin receptors in my Genes that would otherwise Precipitate Psychopathy...

Although I have *SOME* antisocial traits...such as.

  1. Boldness/Fearlessness
  2. Lack of Inhibition/Restraint.
  3. Trouble with the Law.
  4. Occasional Grandiose Self-Importance.
  5. Impatience & Defensive Aggression.
I also wrote about the FACT I have the "Warrior-Gene" which means that my Brain doesn't break down Serotonin, Noradrenaline as much as "normal" people - leaving me with higher Catecholamine activities and a more "stimulated" Mindset - coupled with REACTIVE Anger/Aggression - could be BAD IF I don't control it Right...or keep my Blood Pressure down to a reasonable level. 

As we all KNOW (or should) that High Blood Pressure cuts off Oxygen to the Frontal Lobe - which can lead to the Emergence of Psychopathic traits, in susceptible Individuals.

The ANSWER: Still NOT Psychopath; as I DON'T lack a Conscience...however, I have more Empathy for SOME people than others...and tend to have more Empathy/Concern for Younger Peoples (Teenagers and UP).

...Maybe, just maybe, I will become the HERO of that Age Group - as a Conservative-Independent Anarchist

I can rally in support due to my Charisma & Intrigue...and this, can (certainly) create a New Era of Humanity - shown in My Article - The Path to Immortality & Maximal Lifespans & The Grand Order of the Immortalists (GOOTI).

EVERYTHING I do, has an Algorithm, a Complex, ENIGMATIC One that NO-ONE understands...which is why I have been often nicknamed "The Elusive & Enigmatic Man"...

...For I have EMERGED from Darkness & Obscurity, to take My-Place in the World...and My THRONE. Is Mine!!!

The Concept of "Light" as a Benevolent, Saving or Purifying Force is an Illusion, just like The Perceived Troubles that people CLAIM occur only in Darkness...

A Perfect Quote shown above...
 "People often believed they were safer in the light, thinking monsters only came out at night. But safety - like light - is a Facade"
~C.J. Roberts, Captive in the Dark

Yes...even ME, even me who KNEW, nearly from Birth, that the Night & Darkness is an Odd Time, a Time, where, once Upon a Time, I WAS a tad-bit scared, but with unusual FEARS that I ALWAYS was able to, I was NOT that Kid that had to RUN-OUT of a Nearby Room and sleep in My Parents Bed...I was too Independent for maybe the Irony, is even though I had (irrational) "Fears" - such as Artificial Plants (as Decoration in My Grandmothers House) "hopping" around and GRABBING me in My Sleep, or STOMPING on Me...

...Or the ones where I was FRIGHTENED that Lightning would come through the Window AND shock/kill me as a Child...yet Ironically, there was *ALWAYS* a SENSE of Inherent Grandiosity, which by its Nature - ALLOWED me to BLUNT the Fear, by Means of My Willpower and ideas like "oh well IF I get HIT by the Lightning, I'll probably survive and become a Mutant".

YES! I Loved X-Men Movies/Comics as a well as Medieval Books, books about the Universe/Planets, and then at the Ripe Age of 9, PORN. LMAO!

...Yes, because in a WAY, I was ALWAYS a Deviant...and Crafty little 'guy, who found ways to "get-into" things in a Secretive Manner, utilizing Efficient EVASION - I once Groped the Breasts of a Girl 5 years OLDER than Me, on a School Bus, for example...but, she didn't really say "NO", either...even though the Age of Consent was beyond my Realm of Knowledge at AGE NINE!!!

::::::FINAL CHAPTER::::::
"With the Last Quote bordered by THOR'S HAMMER; the Almighty Weapon of the Norse God THOR, who Empowers ME *DAILY*, to 'become the BEST that I can Be!!!"


"Truly, it is in darkness that one finds the light, so when we are in sorrow, then this light is nearest to all of us"
~Meister Eckhart~

Well Mister, er-um, Meister Eckhart, I couldn't Agree More! 
It is clearly, that in the Darkness, you see the DISTINCTION of Light, you are 'experiencing a State of Gloom - or possibly even Euphoria, or maybe Pride, or maybe Anger...or MAYBE, you just CAN'T SLEEP! You're a "Night-Owl", like Me. 

And you've had these issues since you were Born!

...Which have continued through well into your Adulthood...after Emotional Struggles, realizing what LIFE is, and Turmoil and happenings have all occurred...leaving you to be a 'Shell of your Old, Former self, broken 'down by the HARSH culture of This-World...this Cold, Dark, Harsh World...

...That People have 'Adapted to!!!

That they have 'understood, that PRIDE, is Fully unearthed in the Darkness
A Full Moon ignites Vampires, but more specifically, it energizes BOTH Night-Owls and Maniacs!
It ignites a sense of Euphoria...WHY?
Because the Moon-God THOTH - Projects Energy from Saturn ONTO The Worlds Inhabitants...and then, Angelic & Demonic Forces then "channel" those Energies into specific people, in specific ways, to Teach them Lessons, lessons In Life, lessons about MOOD. Lessons about Changes. Lessons about Fluctuation.

...But Most-of-All, Lessons about Darkness.
You see, it is in the Gloom, or Need for Stealing, that we SHUT OURSELVES OFF from the World...or all the 'other Bizarre desires Psychopaths might get during the Night-Time, where they 'may be less Detectable - and ABLE to Evade the Police (potentially).

HEY! Its an Opportunity.

...But in the Grimmest of Nights, 'surely there is ONE-LESSON that Separates and Yet, Unites Humanity, that 'whether you are going through Depression or Sadness, or are Hopefully Optimistic, Energized, Addicted to the 'Atmosphere - even with those - we (instinctually) as Humans, seek the Light of Clubs, and yet the Darkness of them. The Colorful, diverse array of Lights at Raves and other Local Venues only really is available AT-NIGHT! Why? Why do people go to Clubs & Raves AT NIGHT???

Because the Darkness, is a time to Socialize, where all the BLAZING Colors inside, Red-Lights, Blue-Lights, Yellow-Lights...even at a Roller Rink...same deal...these Lights SHINE in the Darkness. 

"It is *ONLY*, in the Darkness that we can really Appreciate the Light - in all of its Splendor."
~Daniel Nicholas Gregory of Blog Area1255~

BTW...If anyone 'wants to Understand my (Vain) ASPIRATION in a VISUAL-MANNER - It is to become like Lasse L√łkken Matberg - of the Norwegian Royal Navy. Truly a "Viking Descendant" who ACTUALLY LOOKS like a Viking...with the thick beard and Alpha-Attitude and the Ripped Body...this is ALWAYS my Aspiration - and I'm almost to that level of Perfection, anyhow.

Dude even has an Instagram, he's Famous! 
Another 'aspiration of Mine! As with many People......

...Besides who can IGNORE the BRUTE-SAVAGE Roles Vikings was AMAZING!


...but more than that, the DESIRE to CONQUER, to become PERFECTED, all-knowing, Having GREAT-WEALTH. These, are my Human, Primal Desires...which I have MADE INFINITE - through my Acquisition of Darkness, Fused with an Appreciation of Light - and merged with The Velocity of My-Ever-GROWING, 'Genius Brain"

JORMUNGANDR & LEVIATHAN truly have an Interesting 'Dilemma, ME!

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