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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Repentance Does Not Have to be in Writing or a Certain Number of Acts, But One In Meaning.

Repentance, it is the Biblical concept of turning away formally (and in expressing deep and sincere regret) from the act of sin and general bad deeds - but it is not one that must be rooted in Physical offering. That means that kneeling - though a sign of good Faith, is not necessarily a prerequisite - and altogether, it is less important than ACTUALLY meaning it. 

So many seem to either over-engage or under-engage the act of repentance, or they turn it into a compulsion - or somewhat of a "habit" for higher ups. But feeding the flock the act of Good Faith is not as important as taking time to build the connection with Jesus Christ (Yeshua) and God (Yahweh) in whom abide and constitute The Holy Spirit.

This is where many Preachers, Priests and clergymen go wrong. The acts are there, often numerous, of high physical magnitude but of little Faith, or of little patience for real change.

Then, the only way to be saved is to abide in Faith and ASK for Christ & the Holy Spirit to be with you WHILE you Repent. Sure, there are some who have come so far as transgressors that they may not immediately feel the return of God's Energy - and in that case, more physical acts of goodness and patience may be required. Faith isn't always an easy task - but it comes from the Soul, from the Spirit, from the Heart - and the works are of course of the Body, but in Faith. Performed by the Mind but with the Soul as a Guide. This is something incredibly important to remember, as many of us have lost track of what Repentance should really mean.

Perhaps then, it is the simplest of explanations such as this - that gives light to all and encourages those to not be afraid to repent. 

"Repentance is not about a Physical action, it is not about the number of words used, it is not about the number of actions that follow. Repentance is about demonstrating Meaning in a Personal Relationship with Jesus Christ & The Holy Spirit. Its about not just the admitting of need for change but doing so in the presence of the Holy Spirit. Even if you must call for the presence with all your Heart!"

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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Never Underestimate the Energy & Fury of the Youth.

As a man born with pure Spirit - and unrivaled creativity and speaking as a man who leads anti-aging campaigns, and is himself, an immortalist (believing in extending the lifespan) - I can tell you that no matter how SMART or AGGRESSIVE you are, the energy of the Youth is God's most powerful deity. It is stronger than most care to realize. It is a force that no matter how dumb or smart it acts for a moment - will leave an impression.

No matter how Politics change, the Youth (youngest groups of people) will ALWAYS play a key role. The educated decisions of our eldest are rooted on logic, but they do not have the instincts we do. They are not endowed with euphoric optimism. Nor the ability to see through lies instinctually, rather than logically. 

I am on a quest to make dreams a reality. I have proven that no matter what anyone says, I can do what others can't. I have often been told by many people something "won't happen" as with conflicts prior, that I would not escape repercussions for my actions - or that I wouldn't become successful. All of that was smacked in their faces by the hand of God - and I overcame the most important struggles unharmed. Then you could argue, God is at my side. 
Especially since I'm right about all of it. When people believe in me - those that have, found that even if I what I say seems  illogical for a time - I end up being right. Because I am in tune with my instincts, supremely aware of everything going on. Even the content of peoples souls I can see.

So then are my instincts and my powers of perception - able to understand beyond your average Joe, with an Eidetic memory I comprehend and remember EVERYTHING ever said to me by anyone. Reading became easy. I grew into a legion of myself, replicating, and constantly showing anyone who was in my way who's in charge. As the Child of me has spoken, he writes me well - he himself with a Grin on his face. Making clones of himself. Writing my destiny in the present day. 

I am a man who invisions (and has visions). If I close my eyes I can visualize things I've never seen before. Things not based on anything I've seen. Yet, I remain grounded in the present. Without fracturing my mentality. I have become what I have sought to become. And for my enemy, the road to battling me will become so complex that they will drown in a combination of the speed of my protectors and their own falseness. I have seen this happen many times before.

I speak about Health a lot on this blog, and so do the other writers. But I have not conquered myself through easy-living but by affliction I have come to realize that any opposition is an opposition to the fully-formed Warrior that has grown from the images of my childhood into someone who has abilities that parallel but surpass the imagined ones of my Childhood. I have become, everything I have dreamed of becoming. Now, my only adventure left is of making that reality two-fold, doubling the optimism of my warrior mentality with a mix of gentle and open-minded. 

Be aware though, I do not want to encourage Anarchy - I believe in our country. I am not a Godless man. I am a man of Faith. So to the God whom I accredit victory so do I give credit where its due. I want to give this as a message of Faith & Belief. Remember that confidence can not possibly come from Hope, but Faith. Assurance is stronger because hope can be detrimental. So instead, as with the Youth - be assured, not hopeful. Be in confidence, not constantly guessing. Be in reality - but follow the power of your Imagination. Make your dreams a reality - do not simply wish upon them. Your dreams can not answer you - YOU must answer your dreams as making them a reality requires your effort. 

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Monday, November 13, 2017

Update: Area-1255 2017 Conference

The original founders of Area-1255 and as well the idea makers behind Cipher Elite (Mohammed B.) & J.Seconavich (Jake Seconavich) will be writing a combined Area-1255 update and our IRC and Skype transcript will be posted here for transparency purposes.

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Update: Area-1255's Shadow Circle.

The shadow circle has recently been updated on TOR. For any questions contact us

The shadow circle 'inner circle' crew has one objective. To provide resources otherwise not accessible, even on the DarkNet.

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How Many People Live to Consolidate Possibilities, Versus Living Them?

One thing that always comes to mind when hearing peoples "hypothetical" questions and scenarios is that people are often stuck on possibilities and where they would/should go with them. Perhaps a central part of the dysfunction in our society is disorganized thinking, to the point where a good portion is not inhibited in the classic sense - but hindered by their own thought process!

A good quote should be put here.

“A weak man has doubts before a decision; a strong man has them afterwards.”

― Karl Kraus

Now by definition, to consolidate a possibility would be to enhance the strength of that possibility and to bring it together, but why bring together a possibility under a possible pretext when you can live by choice and not by fate. 

I'm living proof that you can have a Spiritual belief (Christian) and yet still live by choice. I and other writers of this blog believe the same. Choice - is all-important. Even if you are an incredibly fatalistic bastard - the so-called image of fatalism objects to randomization anyway. In fate, or actions of unintended measurement - choice, is always at the core. It may not always be YOUR choice - but your choice can affect the outcome. Hell, you want to do something dangerously illegal? Its a choice. You can also make the choice to execute good judgement in doing so. I'm not promoting breaking the law, but if you aren't hurting anyone or stealing from people I'd say - just don't get caught.

How do you not get caught? You don't tell people about it. You avoid being identified. You control your communication. You maintain vigilance. You estimate the moves of people without seeming like you have something to hide.

But this is about EVERYTHING. Who lives in possibilities then. I'm not AGAINST possibilities, my writing has always spoke about them - but notice I always emphasize EVEN MORE the initiative of turning what is one idea - STRONGHELD or not - into a reality. No matter what it is. Tune into your inner strength. That's what I always preach because your inner light will guide you!

If you piss the wrong person off you have a choice - the outcome doesn't have to be fate. You can forgive or you can battle! But each choice must have its own assortment of things that follow. Objectives. Tools. Interactions. Every action shall yield a consequence. With or without others permissions. Be aware of that!

Remember, if we live to gain then we must live not by the concept of possibility - but of transformation. We make our beliefs and what we strive for a reality! No matter who or what tries to stop us - we stop them and that's a choice! Then we move forward! 

There is no chance, no destiny, no fate, that can circumvent or hinder or control the firm resolve of a determined soul. 

~Ella Wheeler Wilcox

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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Maintaining The Power of Assurance (How to Be-Self Assured 2017)

In life, all success is both made and followed by assurance. It is rooted in it. 

With assurance of our initiative, we can become assured of the outcome. There are disappointments at times but for the most part - success and assurance are of the same body. Disappointments are like apparel - they can be utilized (worn) for a moment rather than simply discarded. They have each their own occasion. They can be considered as equipment that justifies success. They can be considered elements of the persons style and worth. 

Assurance though must be maintained. That is usually the more difficult objective. Belief can not hold its punch without assurance. So as I assure myself as to others - that the original intent remains true. Then that shall continue. I hold the key in both Faith & Assurance. Through a higher power than myself of course. It does not change the fact that in order to maintain the security of my objectives that self-assurance is paramount.

No fluctuation however strong nor in the magnitude of events around me, nor attempted hindrances nor opposing beliefs can ever stop the assurance that I hold firm. 

If someone should doubt for a moment then the energy of assurance is the path to turning that doubt into belief. Therefore - not one second of doubt from me nor others shall be any significant factor. Nor should it delay my progress in writing, in business or in any other value that I hope to achieve. 

All of the writers on this blog value these virtues. All of the writers on this blog, to some extent or another, value abstract thinking. We all value perseverance and resolve and we all understand that a Physical toughness will never mean anything without mental toughness. 

Imagine walking in a hot desert with very little water for miles upon end. This is the type of "adaptation" and toughness that I train myself with. All temperature extremes are adapted to. Training comes in many forms. This all reinforces the Faith and instincts that I use to make leaps. Then assurance must come naturally, not because I value these traits but because I actually utilize them. Without relying on too many other factors. It is best to have assurance with as little support as possible - in order to understand the maximum capacity for adaptation.

Finally - if assurance should be grounded with Faith (and by that I mean maintained firmly) then that Faith should be one of expectation, not hope. Hope is a strong emotion but can also be crippling. One could argue expectation is too - except expectation provides more fuel for the moment and hope has the capacity to be infiltrated by anxiety. Therefore the greatest decisive win is assurance held strongly together with faith and dedication.

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Sunday, November 5, 2017

A Glimpse of Faith is Permanent, so as long as you Become One With It.

A person may have a glimpse of hope, a fraction of Faith. Even if previously they had more. That is all it takes though. †It isn't about the quantity of Faith that saves. Its about the magnitude of that Faith. Its more than recovering an ounce of what seems to be lost. I say "seems" because Faith is never permanently lost. If you can fuse Faith and Belief with Prayer - and you can find other elements (such as music or art) there is no limit to the power of circumstance

We are all capable of creating Unusual Circumstance, through Faith.

We do not have to linger on Fatalism. At least not the concept of a permanent path. If you choose one path out of Greed or Evil. Then most likely those elements will not keep you there - Fear will. Fear of losing it. Fear of being weak. Fear of being SEEN as weak. So for all would-be tyrants who believe that Power is remaining sturdy on a dirty path - there is hope to change that around. To swap your cold, worn and greed-ridden soul for the power of Hope & Faith.

†It is the Power of Belief and knowledge that then, through awareness comes Godliness.†

In this is the Power to Create Events. And God will justify your switch from Evil. But you can not allow fear to dictate what you think God himself is capable of.

More, you can't allow your Ego and the need to prove your worth top all Spiritual and even human values. If one thing encourages you to return to darkness, then you can re-use the things that encouraged you to change - or at least the fact of the matter. It is easier said than done. But through Faith in Yahweh (God) and Jesus (Yeshua) we can overcome new boundaries, we can create circumstances in our favor and ride the Wave to Victory.

Therefore it is of deep empowerment within my Faith that has triggered to write this out of years of self-collection/self-reflection. It is from deep Insight and with the events of the world I couldn't be more Right. Yet in all of this I am inspired to say that God has led me to understand the power of Right and Faith so much that he has caused a quake in my environment. Miracles have been shown and upon finishing this I will meditate again to understand more of what has been given to me. This post will cover multiple areas of Faith.


A long while ago, unusual circumstances would be a requirement for some things. I got them. Always. But over the years the power of things in my Life coming together under unusual circumstances was something that I found in numbers (a statistic), in quantity, instead of in quality. It became a compulsion. It even abounded in misery for a moment. Then I realized, unusual circumstances can be met with great power when they themselves are made with great power. If I or anyone like me is too eager to find them - then what power will they have when they have become additional unusual. You see as humans, we like to define expectations for things - we like to set limits, or we set things too high - so much that when we get them. It is nothing more than a moment of gaining - God has taught me to re-appreciate the power of those circumstances, rather than to treasure them in an act of gaining. 

It is for this reason this post is written.

Now I'd like to share a Bible quote.

Hebrews 11:1
"Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see."

Fitting that this happens to be an "11" in Chapter - not that it matters much.
But what does matter is that if all things - and people have a purpose and all events happen for a reason, then we should not necessarily analyze those reasons. We can observe, but most things are beyond our knowledge, at least at first. That is the Spirit of Christ which guarantees our union in Faith, a confidence for things to come. A confidence unmatched and guaranteed. Because if all things lose true value, if events are superseded by Man only, then there is no miracle. There is no confidence. There is no value of life. 

Only Faith can restore Quality and Value in people and places - and perhaps most importantly in the Promise and Power of the Future, guaranteed to us through Christ our Lord, Amen.

The Power of Faith is to be resurrected FULLY tonight - those who slip shall fall but I pray they, even my enemies get up - however, a Sword has been given to me to Win. To obtain Victory in righteousness. To counter-balance the Evil in this World and to show that others can, too, do the same.

Do not feel Weak, but the right action assures us that others, even the Strongest will need assistance at times. I may not be Perfect, but even I have needed God and peoples assistance at times. Hard to admit. But I do, at times. However, the Power of God has uplifted me at this moment - and I now pray he shall uplift others to do the right thing. I will not falter nor be lost in darkness, nor in confusion. I am to be rather, reborn again in Christ, once more for Insight and reflection, for awareness. 

My goals will remain the same.

My union in Faith will remain.

My courage and perseverance will remain.

So then shall my Faith and the Power of my Ancient strength and my Ancestors who through me and God will separate the world from itself - to re-evaluate itself. To understand what it is missing. Now, my objective is not necessarily to heal the World. I don't feel that is my job in the traditional sense. I do however, feel, that Faith can inspire Insight and encourage others to seek the forgiveness and Strength of the Lord.

~AMx ReBorN~
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