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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Genetic Studies on Arabs 2018 & Genetic Mutations/Polymorphisms in The Arabic/Middle-Eastern Peoples 2018

Some people in the Areas of the Middle-East and thus of Arabic Heritage have Gene Mutants in Hormone-Receptor and Hormone-Related Genes. Same with Italian & Roman Peoples. That is, the so-called "Mediterranean Race". Not everyone, of course. But there are parts of those Populations where there is an increased 'DENSITY' of that occurring. Maybe not only closer to Rome? Maybe more-so those of mixed Italian-Arabic we know there are also many Population Studies on the Middle-Eastern/Western Asian/Arabic Peoples. Which indicate some Androgen-Receptor mutations. 

There are also cases of Genetic 21-Hydroxylase Deficiency. This too, being found in those of Iranian and Arabic Heritage, mainly.
HERE'S a study on Greek Population on Androgen Receptor and other Protein Variants.

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The Path to Immortality is Within Our Reach... (Immortality & Maximal Life-Extension 2018)

By: Jason Malek Russo AKA "Mr.X The Wise"

My name speaks Volumes - the Name Jason means "to Heal" or "Great Healer", the name Malek or Malik means "King of Kings" in Arabic (I am part Egyptian and Persian) and Russo, meaning "Red-Haired" - I am indeed Red-Haired...but many Russo's aren't. 

So if you translate my Name literally - it means...
  • The Red-Haired Healer & King-of-Kings.
Of course...that is just some interesting Monotony for those reading Names to speak a Thousand words...and my Name & Reputation, certainly does.

...Now, here in Staten Island NY - where I Live most of the Year, I work in Construction, and then I also work as a Lawyer in a nearby Legal Firm. However - my Real Passion was always Health & Science...specifically, Extending Lifespans.
  • At the Age of 55, my Father died of a Heart Attack.
  • At the Age of 65, my Great Grandmother died from a Rare Bone Disease.
  • At the Age of 66 my Aunt died from Alzheimer's Disease.

...Then there's ME - always battling some sort of Stress...eventually Realizing if I DON'T get in Front of this soon...I might be Next. But no, even as a Child I dreamed of becoming something that is beyond others. A Modern-Day Super-Hero that is intent on giving Healing & Freedom to the World.

...But what good is Freedom without Health - if all of us are Sick from a Deadly 'Super-Bug' form of the Bird Flu [!], or going to get hit by the Plague of Cancer in the Next 20-years (STUDY) - then what good is Freedom and LIVING? Of course...I don't take that too seriously in terms of the Cancer risk - as it has been steadily growing anyway, in part due to all the Chemicals being dumped from the Sky [!] - and widespread Pesticide Use, especially in Urban-Areas with a Heavy Factory Presence/Work-Force [STUDY]

Environmental Health Hazards continue to Proliferate - and as a Result deadly Diseases like Cancer increase in both Incidence (happenings) & Severity [!].

So how do we stop this deadly 'Invasion' & Chemical Treachery? 
THAT is the Million-Dollar question.
Most won't have a Valid Excuse for not explaining the Answer.

...Obviously, Prevention is a double-edged Sword, one that some have seen to be as too Ordinary, Common or Simplistic to Recommend as the Mainstay for Cancer Prevention & General Life Expansion.

But Prevention by means of being truly Pro-Active is a whole 'nuther Ball-Game. One that is often over-emphasized by Con-Artists and 'Slim-Pill-Pushers'.

Because of the Extraordinarily LARGE Amount of Health & Supplement and even Pharmaceutical Scams - there is often more than a Hint of Doubt associated with any 'New & Coming' Research. In which Natural or Pharmaceutical Products are pushed to Treat/Eliminate/Cure Deadly Diseases, like Cancer & AIDS.

...but, there is Hope in the Tunnel and Out of It.

For you see, I did not study for the last 15-Years the Complex Studies, Interminable Arguments & often Elusive Bits of Scientific Information - for no Reason. I didn't STUDY just to Sit-on-My-Ass.

Aspects of Aging At the Core - Diseases by Dis-Coordination

All Disease comes from DYS-Homeostasis or Poor Balancing of Organs and Organ Systems as well as dysfunctional Cellular Machinery. Most often due to Aging and DNA-Damage. Many wonder what can be done to Remedy this long-standing issue. The answer is by restoring homestasis - which begins AT-THE-LEVEL of DNA & thus, the Secret, lies within DNA-Repair.

...By tapping into the Hidden Power of the Mitochondria - we can use Supplements like DNA-Force Plus or "Cell-Force" which have been shown in Clinical Studies to Protect and Increase Telomeres; in part by Regulating a Break-Down pathway called TELOMERASE [STUDY].

Next - at the Core of all Humans who exert Phenomenal WillPower - and Olympians who regularly teach us EVERY-DAY - how you can be better than the Rest and become extraordinarily Healthy. With downright INSANE amounts of Energy & Endurance that many of us, Only Dream to Have. At the Core of that Power - is the Concept of Neuronal Aging and Activation of the Entire Hypothalamus and Limbic System - as we had discussed in Our Extensive Article on The Hypothalamus and Maximizing Hormone Production & Hormonal Health.

MAO-B is *KEY* to that Aging Process - thus why the Wonder Drug - Selegiline (Deprenyl) normally used for Parkinson's Disease - is shown in Studies & Human Subjects to Remarkably Extend the Life-Span [1] and to even CURE/ELIMINATE SEVERE Multi-Treatment-Resistant Depression [2] FASTER than ANY OTHER Remedy yet developed; Natural OR Pharmaceutical.

Selegiline blocks this Enzyme known as "Monoamine-Oxidase-B" and thus...

  1. Fastens Human Willpower by Restoring Youthful, Teenager levels of Dopamine - by preventing its Breakdown in the Brain/Body/CNS.
  2. Increases Human Growth Hormone Levels - thus REJUVENATING Literally.Every.Organ and Cell-System in the Body.
  3. Activates the CORE Energy Systems responsible for "telling" the Body to HEAL-ITSELF.

The CELLULAR-Growth Loop...Achievable ONLY With...

By achieving Maximal Neuronal Growth - we can Effectively Achieve a Higher Level of Cognitive Function and improve our overall Vitality...ensuring that any "destruction" of any kind is Thwarted & Over-Ridden by the Power of Growth.

In this - we can see clearly into the Future with these Advancements. That a Window of Opportunity exists - to make this information more Commonly Available & Mainstream.


Reishi Mushroom - commonly referred to as "The Mushroom of Immortality" has immense Health Benefits. Including the Valid treatment of Cancer [3] [4] [5] and Chemotherapy related-Side-Effects [6]. It generally improves ALL-ORGAN Health [7] and MASSIVELY boosts Energy Levels for nearly Every User who takes it, regularly [8]

    • It is cited as a 'True' Anti-Aging Supplement with multiple Mechanisms of Action [9].
    • It restores Healthy Cellular Function in Elderly Individuals [10] - often improving the Life-Span of even those with Chronic, Debilitating Diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis [11]
-Methods Investigated-

  1. Chaga Mushroom [Buy-Hereis shown to PREVENT (completely) DNA-Damage to Lymphocytes (Immune-Cells) and is considered another "Gold-Standard" Medicinal Mushroom.
  2. Reishi Mushrooms have other 'Immune-Strengthening' Effects that are even MORE Effective - when consumed with Chaga & Cordyceps Mushrooms as well [27]!
  3. Supplementing with Olive Leaf Extract (HIGH Oleuropein % Extracts ONLY!) can RAPIDLY & Remarkably Improve Immune-System Health, in Humans [28] [29] [30].
"Viking Age Herb" May Be The Next-Path to Mental & Energetic Immortality

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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

How To Cure Erectile Dysfunction Caused By Psychiatric Drugs 2018 (Cure Erectile Dysfunction Caused By Medication 2018) (Cure ED Caused By Psychotropic Drugs 2018)

Erectile Dysfunction can occur from any Medication with Either Neurological (Brain) Effects or Vascular Effects...with almost no Exception. Yes, there are Tendencies for some drugs that work in Certain directions to activate Sexual Function (such as Dopaminergic Drugs or Dopamine Agonists), but even these can have "atypical" Effects and can CAUSE Erectile Difficulties [1].

Of course - in a smaller number of People's Compared to Well-Known ED Causing Drugs such as....

  1. SSRI-AntiDepressants; Prozac, Luvox, Citalopram, LexaPro [2].
  2. AntiPsychotic Drugs or "Neuroleptics" used to Treat Schizophrenia; like Risperidone & Abilify (Apriprazole).
  3. Tricylcic Antidepressants; such as Effexor for Depression [3].
  4. Tranquilizers; Antihistamines.
  5. Stomach Acid Pills for GERD/Acid Reflux (Tagamet/Zantac) [4].
  6. Norepinephrine-Reuptake Inhibitors; used for Depression - such as Reboxetine [5].
The incidence of these "Side-Effects" can be pretty high. In many cases, Patients do not report such side-effects out of Fear of Embarrassment [6].

The problem with these Drugs and their "induced" or Caused Sexual Dysfunctions is that it can occur via Many Mechanisms.

As listed on Ghost's NeuroScience Page - he is a Sufferer of PSSD (Post-SSRI-Sexual Dysfunction) which has not Resolved (fully) and struggles with the Condition, every Day.

He listed MANY theories about the causes...

  1. Although SSRI's are the most COMMON culprit - they are not the Only One. 
  2. Psychiatrists/Physicians often try multiple Patient-Based Strategies in Hopes of avoiding such terrible & Life-Impacting side-effects. Including a "Side-Effect Based Taper" of the Drug [7].
  3. All Psychotropics have the Capacity to influence Sexual Function in different ways. Most often, the effects are Adverse/Unwanted - but there are also 'unusual' Reactions; like Spontaneous Erections with Venlafaxine (Effexor) [8].
Because of Individual Differences per Patient, and variations in Genes [9] - things that are often present at Birth - there is often a Root cause of Susceptibility to Sexual Dysfunctions [10]. Such as the NMDA-Receptor Gene, in Humans [11].

Some sufferers have gotten their Genes Tested [12] and have discovered additional alleles that may have impacted their Risk of Getting Sexual-Dysfunctions.

With all of this Research & Reporting being taken into Consideration - the best thing to do would be to look into Methods that specifically target the Pathways along the Same Route as the Genes. 


  1. Since NMDA-Receptors & their Expression are involved in Sexual Libido and Erectile Function [13] [14] [15], and since the Gene for the Receptor is wholly involved - then taking something like E-Pharm Test Force II - which enhances NMDA-Receptor Function on multiple levels [16], may be Key to treating PSSD and other forms of Psychotropic-Induced Sexual Dysfunction.
  2. Since quite clearly, many Psychiatric Drugs downregulate Gonadotropins in the Reproductive Organs & Brain - re-Upregulating them may be helpful in Restoring Biological/Hormonal Homeostasis (Balance). These Negative Reproductive Effects, occur in Women as well [17]. The only way we know of at this point to increase LH/FSH - is by taking a Drug/Medication known as a "SERM" or Selective Estrogen-Receptor Modulator [18] - which is proven to both treat Male-Sexual Dysfunctions [19] and to Restore Fertility in those with long-standing issues [20]. Clomid (Clomiphene) is the ideal Medication to take for this purpose of Restoring Hormone Production in users of AntiDepressants.
  3. Lastly, the libidogenic (sex-drive increasing) effects of drugs like PT-141 which DIRECTLY activate the Hypothalamus and hormone secretion is well-known, and can be used Safely in those with Psychotropic-Related Sexual Dysfunction [21].
By utilizing JUST those Three Methods listed above...we can stimulate the Hypothalamus to reverse the Sexual Impairment caused by Psychiatric Drugs.

The methods are PROVEN in Studies, proven in Research & Proven in Personal Reports by Men & Women who have Personally Tried them [22] [23] [24] [25] [26] [27]. PT-141 Nasal Spray is also mentioned in a Patent - where Researchers would include as part of a "Multi-Drug Formulation" to treat SEVERE Long-Term Sexual Dysfunction/E.D caused by various factors - including Drug Use [28].

NOTES: Although these Suggestions may at first glance seem a bit Generic - they are totally in the View & in Full-Consideration of Scientific Advancements & Human Studies/Research. It only takes a little bit of digging - and you'll find many have already experimented with similar Cocktails to Restore Sexual Function.

In MANY cases (but not all) - Erectile Dysfunction/Insufficiency/Lack-of-Hardness is related to Adrenaline Issues. Mainly High Blood Pressure associated with High Serum (blood) Adrenaline...this can be Remedied with Combined Alpha-Blockade - such as taking Doxazosin 4mg daily + 17-24 MG Yohimbine HCL daily. Doxazosin can be bought at International Drug Mart...whereas Yohimbine is considered a Dietary Supplement and can be bought for Cheap - Buy It Here For The Best Price.

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"Victory Is Something You Take With You, Not Something You Have To Grasp" 2018(By Daniel N Gregory "AMx ReBorN") (Quotes About Faith & Victory 2018)

One day when I was walking - in the Midst of thinking about so much Shit at Once, Stressed out that I felt like there was a never ending Mental Battle...then the OCD shit - I always have this "background noise" - this feeling like something is unfinished, like I should do More Push-Ups to Prove myself, or that I have to do something that wasn't done...but I asked under-my-Breath and in my Head, for my Ancestor Rollo Ragnavaldsson (of Normandy) - that if HE could hear Me, to give me some Advice - something to Energize me and tell me what I was doing wrong...WHY was I cursed to deal with the Feeling of Unfinished Business, when there was None in Sight?

Suddenly, when walking past an under-pass/thru-way - I heard a Voice - that was Distinguishable (I NEVER hear Voices ever, and never Did after that), and I KNEW it was him, and he said...

"Remember, Victory is something you Take With You, Not Something You Have to GRASP" 

~Rollo "Gange Ralf" 'The Viking' Ragnadvalldsson~
(Also known as Hrolf "The Walker")

 ...that Resonated with Me, in a Way nothing else Did, because all of a Sudden I had the Optimism, The Internal Peace to Carry On - then in a Moment of Fear, tempted to "assign" myself by looking someone in the Eye BRUTALLY - which Is/Was one of my Bad Habits...that I *SHOULD* do it - or else I am Weak...but that Message, I KNEW at that Moment my Glance wasn't necessary. I KNOW I'm tough - not everyone has to Know that though...not everyone has to be the Recipient of An Unnecessary Posture, or Glare - not everyone is Deserving of It. 

And so - I steadily learned that Day, that Gargantuan, Marvelous Moment - what I was Doing WRONG - "TOO MUCH" - that IF I believe in the Reasons & Purpose of My Rigorous Workouts, Exercise, and writing Articles - then I ALSO Believe In the Success of those Things...

Which is something I should CARRY WITH ME - as I OWN IT. 

It is Mine...uniquely My does not belong to anyone else Nor do I need ANYONES Authority, or backing down, or Begging, or False-Challenge, or even a REAL prove something that I Know, in My Heart I've Already Proven.

Once is Enough...Once should always be Enough. Not for all things in Life, but for Many should be a Symbol of Victory...
~AMx ReBorN~

THINK: The Vikings wouldn't BEAT an Enemy such as the English-Folk or come back EMPTY-HANDED, even IF they lost at first (Paris, France) - they learned their Lesson - brought Reinforcements and a New Strategy - THEN they Obtained everything they needed/wanted. By Symbolizing Just-That-One-Victory - they had enough MACHO-PRESENCE to do it...and enough Posture, and Strength to Make-It-Count...and upon Negotiating...they made their Presence further known in the World.

The Vikings DIDN'T Require (in Pretty much ALL Cases) a Reinforcement of their Didn't Need to be Said Twice. 
They made themselves known from Day One.
Their Presence alone and certainly, along with their Success...was the Only Message ever necessary.

"Reputation Speaks, but a Confident Man and a Confident Belief System - Speaks Louder!"

~Daniel Gregory; A Powerful 'Mutt' that is also a Descendant of Rollo the Viking and Ivar the Boneless.

If your Reputation is Strong - it is Based on your Confidence and Interpersonal is based on your Message to the World - and your Success which is then Reinforced by the Idea in which you have Created. By your Own Confidence, your Shadow is now an Aspect of Personality that has become essentially, its own Energy Force...its own Life Lesson to be Transferred to Others to Look at in Awe or in Fear. 

By believing in both the Old Norse-Pagan Concepts and the Christian Concepts of The Bible and GOD'S words...

  • I have created of Fusion of Inherent Bravery, Courage & Salience that is Remarkably Unique, Remarkably ME.
  • I have been able to Conquer my Own Thoughts, and Gain things In Life I've always wanted.
  • I have Achieved a Balance, an Equilibrium - that can not Be Beat...that mixes the Perfect Elements of Serenity, Euphoria and Simply Being ALIVE.

Something that not many can do (easily) - but by Meshing the Norse-Power within the Blood and using that together with Christian-Concepts I have easily demonstrated that I am an UNRIVALED Force - Intimidating, Charismatic, Resonating...even Magnetizing, that is How Much Confidence I If I only need to prove that Once to other People...then that Significance should be there to Stay - I don't need to Prove ANYTHING to my OCD, or to My Thoughts...or to things I feel like I've failed...because they are just another Target I have to SURPASS and ACHIEVE Once...Once, that's it! 

Victory is in Ones. A Victorious Person is Number One. He does not require a Re-Message, he does not require a Constant Self-Brought reminder...for Words are Nothing, and Actions - and sometimes NON-ACTION - speaks MUCH Louder.

I was walking around a Construction Site, and I could have easily chosen to Walk THROUGH-IT - just to be an Asshole...since most of these people looked like they could be Sized Up Once in A While...and besides, I LOVE showing how Fierce & Ferocious I am...even INHUMAN.

Because it makes me Stand-Out - my Confidence is there to such an extent - that the sense of Combined Determination, Vigilance, Intelligence and Boldness - creates an Aura that makes even TOUGH, Muscular People, think twice before Challenging me in Any Way.

So like my Ancestor (Rollo), I can CHOOSE to be Confident...

I can choose to Not Have to Remind Myself - of a bitter untruth, that my own Accomplishments and / or OCD-Compulsions do not have to become a Curse...and they Only Have to be Said ONCE.

Once is Enough - once to be Victorious. Once to have your Message Prevail - to the Self and Others.

Once is all that Required.

Victory, should always be something you take with you, it is YOURS, Permanent, a Victory lasts forever, it is Immortal - and if you make it big enough, it is both Famous & Immortal.

Nevertheless, Victory you take it with you as SUBSTANCE, as Your Reality, it is not something you must tap into to Reinforce, it is something to be remembered, because when the next (and TOUGHER) Challenge, comes...then you Know - that You MUST do it and Be.Done.With.It.

Thus, I reaffirm Rollo's Words as I relate to him and his Way so much, that almost every aspect of My Personality is like Him...and then, I Re-Affirm as being "New Rollo" - the Current Title of Victory that I Have Established. Because, in wholeness, and Courage, and Sincerity - I am HIM.

Thus...I do not need to Prove anything. And neither do any of you reading this.

Just Remember: Victory is something you Take WITH YOU, not something you have to Grasp, hold onto or Repeat.

~Daniel Nicholas Gregory 
"AMx ReBorN"~

How To Beat Intrusive Thoughts And OCD Mentally, without Drugs, Supplements or Vitamins 2018 (Cure OCD Using WillPower 2018) (Mind over Matter to Beat OCD 2018)

For years, I and other writers have suffered from different forms of OCD. Mine in particular has gravitated from being Purely Obsessional - to being downright catastrophic in terms of how bad some things get (like stepping over Side-Walk cracks in Order to Avoid My Energy Being 'Sapped'). These types of thoughts have plagued me since I was a Child. 

...but perhaps, most importantly - the reason for that is the fact that I have a sense of Superstition rooted in My Beliefs and Motivations. That often - I take the Concept of Faith TOO FAR. In that, everything and everyone can inadvertently be a Messenger in those Concepts of Faith - or into which 'Karma' is defined...perhaps, then, that the very Concept of Me & My OCD is *Partially* Belief based. Then, in that case, I would have to figure out a way to change the way I look at those Beliefs - or simply use the Compulsions to my Advantage...

The Specific Type of OCD I have is Considered: Obsessional OCD with a Superstitious of Magical Thinking-Type Component. 

  1. The fear that my Energy is being drained by those around me, or somehow being "sapped" by a Demon - which is based on a False-Mind other words - I might feel lethargic after Crashing from Stimulants, or not using them at all (for Weeks or Months)...or simply because I took too much Melatonin - then my Mind is picking up on the tiredness and 'searching' for other explanations that are bizarre - like "what if" this lady sitting next to me is a Demon or is sapping my Life Energy - odd, I know - but of course I know this is unrealistic and ridiculous.
  2. Besides, this isn't a Thought Disorder - as all Symptoms are eliminated upon INTRODUCTION of A Dopaminergic Substance; such as Adderall, Ritalin or other Stimulant.
  3. Which shows that I too, like Dan Gregory (AMx ReBorN) fall into the "Low-Stimulation-Subtype" of OCD.

However...I am not Psychotic - as these are entirely Fear and "Query" based OCD-Ideas that go away when ignored. When confronting, or playing into the mere "Possibility" of the thought - based on unsound illogical thoughts. THEN the Thoughts get worse - or many times, my Mind finds further, more Deep & Bizarre explanations for Bodily Symptoms. 

This is all OCD...for sure, but I wanted to know how to BEAT-IT without Drugs; Stimulants or otherwise. So I took some time off from Work - as even though my Thoughts were At Bay during Construction...they would come back in Isolation - when alone. By myself. In this case, I could say I agree with the

 "Idle Mind and Idle Hands are the Devils Workshop".
~AMx ReBorN~

So I took some time off - sat in the Woods every day of the Week...working on my TAN. It was during this time I quickly discovered when my Brain is low on Stimulation - it picks up on these bizarre thought patterns and the Thoughts are SO INTENSE and PULLING - that I actually felt I HAD to go to these Woods to "recover the Energy taken from my Body".

...But I was never really severed, nothing happened except COINCIDENCE - and it is that area of low-stimulation which I believe plays this Role, that is two-fields at the same time...the lack of
PROPER stimulation opens me up to Negative Thinking, Self-Doubt, and the Fear of Losing Control...the lack of Focus on a Meaningful task - allows these thoughts to Enter - wherever the ORIGIN I'm uncertain.

It certainly SEEMS Inhuman...that these Thoughts would SELF-PERPETUATE and FEEL SO though the second I THOUGHT that someone was draining my Energy - there was an overwhelming sense that it just HAD TO BE TRUE...then I felt it, NUMB, no EMOTIONS, COMPLETE ANHEDONIA!!!

...The worst feeling in the World.

But as an example, so to be more specific - the specific thought was IF I wasn't getting my usual COMPLETE Euphoria/Grandiosity from listening to Viking Music - that somehow my
Nordic Genes were being suppressed - thus why I was feeling numb...and thus the Idea that this was happening became all too REAL...but upon encountering the COINCIDENCE of Anhedonia & Complete Emotional Numbness. 

That is when...I really believed it for a Moment (even though I didn't).

...You see, what I DIDN'T stop to Realize is that the FOCUS and REASON for these thoughts...was because I was (at the Core) believing in the Ideology that...

"The more Faith & Strength you have, the more You are Targeted, the Greater the Conspiracy against You".

Because I believed that People like Me are more often Targeted - that because of my Guaranteed Grasp at Success - that oh well, it seems PLAUSIBLE that someones Jealousy would be turned into a Demonic Weapon...NOT THAT I ACTUALLY BELIEVE it, not in the Traditional Sense...but the thoughts can get SO DAMN REAL that it literally feels as if there is a Spirit reaching INSIDE me and MESSING WITH ME.

Prayer doesn't work...not for Long.
Doing 1000's of Push-Ups only does so much...then once the ADRENALINE wears off - the Negative Thoughts start again...

I quickly realized that the ONLY way to beat these to STOP BELIEVING IN THE CONSPIRACY - OR when....when they come, when the Inevitable thoughts come - to simply not ANALYZE peoples Reactions that may reinforce such a Negative and RIDICULOUS (Momentary)

...but the BIGGEST Ability I had is that I have the ABILITY to understand these aren't real and ITS NO COINCIDENCE Adderall eliminates the thoughts, but WHY?

Because the lack of EXTERNAL Focus on my Environment - means an Exclusively INTERNAL focus...when your Mind and CNS are DEPRESSED - Negative Energy tends to Predominate.

So I BEAT these doing the following.

  1. Facing the thoughts and essentially counting them as "just thoughts" and FORCING myself to Believe simply that they are nothing more than Words and Suggestions to be Written down, as part of a Creative Story...rather than giving into a Compulsion that something such as Leaving the Room, or leaving to go to the Woods is in any way NECESSARY to get Energy back that, isn't really being Drained but rather is in the Midst of A Natural Mental Variation that is being caused by an Inadequate handling of Stress (AKA OCD stress is probably raising Cortisol, resulting in Anhedonia, which happens regardless of the so-called Defined "Source". Technicall simply a Variation (from Euphoria-->Dysphoria) because my Body & Mind are not consistently being stimulated by an External Focus - moreover, there is a General Lack of CNS-Stimulation which can account for the feeling my Energy is being DRAINED. Thus - by simply CONVERTING the concept and belief based on Superstition into being MEANINGLESS...however, sometimes the thoughts were SO INTENSE that it just overwhelmed that Willpower - so in which case, I simply would RE-DEFINE the INTENSE feelings as STRESS - and then label it mentally as a "Force of Stress" rather than BELIEVE in the Conspiracy that someone is being used by Demonic Forces in a Conspiracy to make me INSANE.
  2. In Dan Gregory's Article "Victory is something you take with you, not something you have to Grasp". It really stuck with me - the whole message Resonated...and he's onto something and his Ancestor who I can say ABSOLUTELY is with him. Now despite my Superstitions - I am a LOGICAL person and would probably LAUGH in my head if someone told me they believed this shit THEMSELVES. But there's an Odd Energy with Dan...for sure - something that I've never felt in my Life - so his Viking Ancestors might be that Energy that I sense...because his Sense of Confidence is Unique in that it essentially caused everyone in ANY Given Environment to notice him and fall in Love with him immediately.
  3. It is worth noting that the Greatest thing I've EVER DONE is facing the ONLY battle that was Tough for me...the Battle inside my Own Head...I can fight any Bastard FACE-TO-FACE - with them having an Unfair Advantage even...I can fight, break or Crush anyone in a MMA-Style battle...(I've even fought tough-ass Norwegian MMA-Fighters in Sparring and Pro-Fights back in 2002, before I retired). But the BATTLE INSIDE MY OWN HEAD...that shit KILLED ME...and I had to STOP letting it kill me, because it was impacting my HEALTH - something I treasure more than anything else!
  4. So I had to start noticing what it was that was IMPACTING me...I noticed that...
  • I wasn't drinking enough WATER; the Dehydration probably contributed to my Fatigue and OCD - as Dehydration creates A Functional Stress Response.
  • I was BELIEVING in Superstitions and "Magical Thoughts" I clearly KNEW weren't realistic and were coming from some Internal Dialogue that was the Result of "Negative-Energy Predominance" and Mental Dysfunction.
  • I was barely eating for DAYS at a time - the lack of Nutrients probably ignited some of these issues...however, EVEN on a Caloric Surplus I would often ENGAGE these thoughts. 
  • Because they JUST-KEPT-COMING, they didn't stop...they just kept up and KEPT UP - and it was like someone nagging at you, trying to Remind ME it is FUTILE - and before I know it - my own Family Members were TELEPATHICALLY harassing me and trying to NARRATE my LIFE. Because, and ONLY BECAUSE - I decided to engage my OWN ANALYTICAL MIND - so much that it became a Death-Nail in its Distress..or more than likely ALMOST a Suicide-Nail. But, I overcame it.

  1. By dismissing them as Legitimate and Reminding myself that I AM Sane - that the Coincidences, no matter HOW I play them out...shouldn't be looked at On-the-Basis of what seems RELEVANT to the THOUGHT CONTENT - but should be looked based on what it reminds me of is going on In My Body - Physiologically. 
  2. That at the ROOT of OCD - is FEAR.
  3. That if I'm a Christian - I believe in FAITH > FEAR as my Life-Story.
  4. a WORST-CASE Scenario - if I wanted to engage ANY Superstition or Magical-Type Belief I can simply believe "Gods got my Back, I WILL Conquer this".
  5. Now I realize...not everyone believes in GOD - or even Spiritual for those people, whatever the content of the Obsessions (Thought Queries) or Compulsions (actions that Seem to Eliminate the Curse of the Obsession). You simply have to CONVERT the Obsession into Illegitimacy - DEBUNK it...debunk it with WHATEVER YOU CAN FIND AROUND YOU...just FOCUS, FOCUS ON SOMETHING around you...something that is Positive - something that has SUBSTANCE...something that allows you to Entertain something more Realistic and Meaningful. YOU CAN BEAT THIS!!!!!!
  6. I've suffered with this SHIT for Over 10-years, tried EVERY supplement known to Man...none helped significantly EXCEPT Adderall - but during this
    "Process of Willpower" I was able to ADAPT and CONQUER my Thoughts WITHOUT IT!

Things to Help in the Process

  1. Remind yourself you Survived this long...that the Thoughts however Intense and REPETITIVE they are - that your Brain has a way to dull it down a little...even a tiny bit - without the Body finding ways to Circumvent the Stress response...everyone with OCD would be DEAD. That's why OCD is listed as "debiliating" but not Deadly. 
  2. Because...even though it can be INTENSE and REPETITIVE - it is a merely a Reflection of a Rich Internal World - mostly perpetuated by the FACT that you are Intelligent and Analytical. 
  3. So remind yourself, that you are ALSO intelligent to get through this - and ATTENTION IS EVERYTHING. Its all about WHERE YOUR HEAD IS AT!
  4. You have to be able to Consciously Recognize WHERE your head is at and CATCH-YOURSELF - before you notice your thoughts are heading in a certain direction...then use THINGS AROUND YOU - admire their Beauty, admire a Pretty girl sitting down somewhere...admire your Own Ability to SURVIVE. Because without willpower, wouldn't OCD be assuredly FATAL?
  5. So for most people with OCD - they either fall into the Category of Mild-Moderate OCD and often, more often than not - only using Natural Supplements or Light Medications...OR they fall into the SEVERE category DEFINITELY (assuredly) on Medications, such as SSRI's.
  6. So for either case, any Therapist/Counselor/Psychologist will TELL-YOU that you have to find what is at the ROOT of these Thoughts...which Beliefs are perpetuating them...and then ask yourself, WHAT is really going to happen if you simply LET THEM COME AT YOU...what is going to happen if you STEP ON that Crack in the first, you will FEEL the Fear - the impending doom that you STEPPED ON THE CRACK...but then, if your Focus is elsewhere, or you CALL a Family Member to talk - and if there is ANY Remaining Mental focus on the Conversation at hand...rather than YOUR OWN MINDS Internal Dialogue - that is reminding you it is "STUCK" in a when you have OCD - you have to say to your Mind..."I'm going to get you out of this Trench, I'm going to remove you from this Cycle by getting you to understand the PIT CAN NOT HARM YOU, it is Irrelevant, just like a Drawing on a Piece of Paper...sure, it LOOKS INTENSE, but IT CAN'T HARM YOU...neither can the CRACK in the is INERT, IMMOVABLE, it does NOT POSSESS Energy that has the Ability to SUPERSEDE our Own the root of that superstition - that we MUST step over the is always FEAR...fear that "something" bad will Happen...regardless, we tend to Believe it anyway, because the FEAR, the LOOP - the HABIT OF COMPULSION is so INTENSE and IT REINFORCES ITS OWN REALITY!!!!!! So you must PULL-AWAY from the Reality these Thoughts Center-On and REINVENT your Reality to Match the Environment - notice how BIRDS and MOST Humans don't go around ASSUMING that something will Happen...if they can be FINE stepping on the Cracks in the Side-Walk then SO CAN WE...AND, if you REALLY need A JUSTIFICATION - you Simply say to yourself - "HEY I HAVE OCD SO I HAVE MORE BRAIN-POWER TO THEM, SO WHAT CAN HAPPEN TO A DETERMINED PERSON LIKE ME SINCE I AM BETTER THAN THEM". Evidence, that we are Alive, that we are Smart, that we are Analytical - that we can figure everything out...because we are Relentless, and WILL figure everything out.

OCD is a Reminder that we are Humans, Habitual - having both Fear and Lessons in Life...perhaps too much Fear, so we must Counter-Balance the Fear based on an Internal Conversation...and Remedy it by labeling it as Unimportant.

...Even if we MUST create Another FALSE Scenario to get over the Belief we are Doomed...then Perhaps, some Grandiosity is Warranted...that we can Supersede the FATE or DOOM caused by a 'Wrong Move', by stepping on the Wrong Crack - or by obsessing On Our Sins....which is another one.


Sin...does NOT Equate to OCD...but Guilt does - BECAUSE GUILT, like FEAR, Energizes a Negative Force within ourselves - leading us to Despair and being "caught" in a Vortex that INEVITABLY results in Disbelief, contrary to the Concept of Our Minds believing in something...we can become so IMMERSED and Involved with this World - this World that "anything can Happen" that we underestimate an Enemy that ISN'T EVEN THERE...and Even If he IS/WAS - The Bible Reminds us CONSTANTLY NOT TO BE FEARFUL [!] - "Resist the Devil and He Shall Flee" (JAMES 4:7) - so it ISN'T a Matter of having to "WIN" a Battle - but rather, IGNORING an Unnecessary one that we have Created of have been Cursed with...REMEMBER, because the Battle is meaningless is IT DOESN'T PROVIDE TOTAL SUCCESS...and a Compulsion in the Battle of an Obsession - is, AT BEST a Momentary Reward that is NEVER REALLY YOURS...but that might be the DEADLY SIN - IF YOU MUST ENGAGE An Obsessional Idea - IF THERE.IS.NO.OTHER.WAY - at the Time or For a Time...then learn to do the following.

CAP IT!!! Just Do ONE Compulsion and Then DEEM that Compulsion to Be "Permanent" or All-Superior - and IF you Obsess on Numbers - INSTEAD Obsess on the #1...that YOU are #1 and #1 IS VICTORY. 

If ONLY One Crack of Side-Walk is necessary to be Stepped Over - then just DON'T BE NERVOUS - then STEP OVER IT. Then say to yourself, THAT'S IT. #1 = Victory - meaning I'm set for the ENTIRE DAY, OR WEEK even.

Just don't believe ANY Further Victories are necessary - because then, YOU ARE JUST GOING TO HAVE TO KEEP PROVING SOMETHING YOU HAVE ALREADY PROVEN.


You are #1, and ONLY 1 Compulsion is ALL that is Necessary. 
Because the Number what EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU ARE - possessed of an Extraordinary Mind...WINNING by That #1 - and proving YOU - are the CHAMPION, of Your.Own.Mind.

That is HOW I overcame my OCD with WillPower - by twisting the Battle, knowing that One Victory is A Message that is Definite...I'm either #1 OR I'm not!!! Which is it? Well of course, for My Own Health & Sanity...I'm NUMBER ONE, and SO-ARE-YOU. Every one of you that SUFFERS, DAY-IN-AND-DAY OUT, from are all #1, you are ALL My Brothers, and you CAN, And WILL...Conquer This ENTIRELY. Permanently. 

IF you want to Believe in a Superstition - then BELIEVE in the Power of My Words; a God-Fearing Man - who's God (Jesus Christ) resonates with ME, and Now WITH YOU ALL reading this - and at this Point of Reading this - CONSIDER YOURSELF the VICTOR, the CHAMPION, NUMBER ONE ALWAYS, IN YOUR HEART AND MIND...and sometimes, The.Heart.KNOWS.Best.

Love and Blessings to all those with OCD - who are just trying to Go About their Lives, who Struggle, but as of this DAY - who have become Champions of Their Own, Magnificent Minds...even IF you HATE your Own Mind - remember it GOT YOU THIS haven't Died Yet...and you WON'T - because your OCD is non-trangressable, Safe from all Continuances and Fury - is not despised by The Lord - because in THIS-DAY-AND-AGE - we are EXPOSED to so Many Toxins...DAILY, that ANYTHING can be playing a remember, God sees this as EVIDENCE NOT THAT YOU ARE INSANE, UNLOVED or DEMONICALLY-POSSESSED, but Rather, EVIDENCE of Your GREAT Mind - that was Simply Unhooked or Unhinged by something...ITS NOT YOUR FAULT. 

And you CAN - and WILL - Succeed. Through Your Own WillPower - through your Own will Assuredly, Succeed...


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Monday, September 10, 2018

All The Pathways Involved in Testosterone Production 2018 (List All Pathways in Testosterone Synthesis 2018)

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An effective compilation - Thorough, and really up to date. That's what my viewers are looking for; a place where bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts will come to really find the "spot", where all the proof is laid on the table. A place where you won't find just a few little descriptions whom are lingering around with an unfinished story, and unanswered questions. No. This here, this is a place where everything to date, is put together, on each individual, separate subject matter. 

 This, is............................. Area-1255.

It is the definition thereof, it is what we designed this site with, it is our hearts dedication and our minds brilliance. I take you to the place where information is brought together.
 I am AMx Prodigy, aka AMx Reborn. I will be guiding you through another article of mine, flooding this wonderful blog with my subject matter. Today I have compiled - "All the Factors Influencing Testosterone Production", that we know of, to the date of today.
Studies, both recent and far passed, will be shown. I am not leaving anything out, If I am, comment below.

This is a common subject discussed, a lot of people think they know everything about it, but there are so many more factors than what many people realize influencing their testosterone production.  In essence, I'm going over the internal negative feedback loops and the neurochemicals that regulate them first.

I will also discuss how to alter these chemicals to your advantage. Members of,,, get ready.

First off, let me start with the most commonly overlooked neurohormone/regulator of testosterone. Indeed a potent factor influencing testosterone production.


Histamine acting via H1 receptors triggers GnRH (Gonadotropin-Releasing-Hormone), and thus triggers within the hypothalamus, production of LH (Luteinizing Hormone) and FSH (Follicle-Stimulating-Hormone) (1). LH signals the testes to increase the production of testosterone while, FSH, signals the production of enzymes like aromatase, stAR (steroidogenic-acute-regulatory-protein)(3) (4). Both LH, and FSH, are heavily involved in sperm production, fertility and general well-being (5) (6).

Histamine acting via H2 receptors; stimulates adenylyl cyclase, just like Forskolin extract; this increases cyclic AMP and subsequently, just like forskolin, increases testosterone production(7) (8) (9). H2 receptors also increase Ca2+ (Calcium Voltage Channels) (10) (11). This leads to increases in many neurotransmitters; AcH (Acetylcholine), GABA (Gamma-Amino-Butyric-Acid), Glut (Glutamate), Serotonin, and Dopamine (12) (13)

Histamine acting via H3 receptors, decreases histamine release as an autoreceptor, this decreases the effects mentioned above(14)(15).

So, how do we optimize histamine-induced testosterone production ?
By keeping histamine levels moderate, but yet not too high, not enough to cause allergic problems.
Make sure you are getting enough Folic Acid, Vitamin B12, L-Histidine, and protein in general in your diet.  Also keep enough Zinc in your diet so you are zinc dominant. Zinc opposes Copper, and Copper can decrease histamine(16) (17)

We can use PITOLISANT - a potent research compound to block H3 receptors and allow for massive testosterone and libido boost. PITOLISANT can be bought at TRANSHUMAN TECHNOLOGIES --- HERE

The second factor influencing testosterone production - Dopamine/Prolactin. 
This one people should be more aware of.

D1 and D5 receptors stimulate cyclic AMP, but not as potently as histamine shown above.
This increases leydig cell testosterone production as well(18) (19).  

Dopamine D2 receptors inhibit cyclic AMP, but they also inhibit prolactin, so you see a balance needs to be maintained. Let me explain, prolactin inhibits LH and FSH production, and thus decreases testosterone production, but it also inhibits dopamine production, and thus acts as a double negative in messing with sexual signals(20).   Prolactin is often called the "multi-culprit", because of the actions it has, it can interfere with other aspects of general health, stemming mostly from reduced sex hormone production.  

 How do we maximize dopamine to keep the boys going, via these two potent mechanisms ?

....You could take L-Dopa, USPLabs PowerFULL contains this substance, and it will most certainly reduce prolactin since it converts directly into dopamine. You could also try to get your doctor to prescribe you cabergoline, if your bloodwork shows high prolactin, or you could order cabergoline online from either a research chemical shop or has it I believe.

 Moving on.

The third factor in test production is GABA activity. 

GABA is a neurotransmitter which regulates other neurotransmitters,.. see how convenient.
GABA specifically inhibits serotonin in certain areas and can stop the inhibitory influence of serotonin on test production(21) (22).
So that's fairly simple, how do we activate GABA just enough to do this ?

Baclofen as suggested in the study, or Picamilon, or just straight GABA at a low-moderate dose.

The fourth factor. Almost Never looked at or Seen.
Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors, and even Acetylcholine in general affect testosterone synthesis and activity(23). Acetylcholine via Nicotinic Receptors inhibits many of the important enzymes required for proper testosterone production(24). But muscarinic receptors help move testosterone along by improving circulation and nitric oxide levels (25) (26)

How on Earth do we deal with this optimally ?
Well, let's not shut down acetylcholine production, it has many benefits for memory and general health. 
...Perhaps a substance that selectively blocks nicotic receptors, but not muscarinic, I'll update if I find anything.

The fifth factor. Yeah, the color of this text is plain Bold Black, that don't mean this paragraph ain't important :P

The fifth factor is..........NMDA-receptors, in which you can target by consuming D-Aspartic Acid.
NMDA-receptor activation increases GnRH hormones and thus testosterone production(27). Yes.
It also increases aromatase and prolactin though, so make sure you combine the other methods above, and the ones below, to come. That are beyond. Yes.

Recommended DAA product is --- AI Sports Nutrition D-Aspartic Acid

The sixth factor. Dirty Estrogen. Although it's not completely dirty - you always want a little estrogen, for proper results in... whatever it is you are trying to do with enhanced hormone levels.

Estrogen inhibits LH and FSH production as well(28). You want to decrease aromatase levels a bit, and get estrogen down to a minimum in the lowER range, but don't crush it completely, or put it into exile.

Take an aromatase inhibitor supplement like MHO Poppers, read the review on here if you want to know exactly what's on it. You could also take Erase Pro, which works pretty good for lowering estrogen. Inhibit-E by SNS (Serious Nutrition Solutions) is another good one, just don't take too much. Read the directions on the bottles please.

The Seventh Factor !

The Opiate and Prolactin Connection

 Opiates can trigger Prolactin release friends. You abuse heroin, codeine, morphine or other types, or even just USE them, for normal 'medical' purposes, and you will surely have a prolactin response. This is because beta-endorphin and Opiates block dopaminergic inhibition of prolactin(29).  Interestingly, of all factors listed in this article, this one seems to have the most supporting medical literature (that is, quantity). Further backing this up, opiate antagonists (drugs that block and reduce opiate activity) have efficacy in restoring testosterone production at least equally to hCG, if not more(30)(31). Naltrexone is also shown to have profound effects on male sexual behavior, restoring sexual potency and drive in many cases(32)(33). This is also consistent with opiates being heavily involved in prolactin release, and again justifies the first statement therein.

How do we deal with opiate induced prolactin ? 
As said above, we can use naltrexone, if you get your hands on it. It also shows low hepatotoxicity; meaning it is safe on the liver(34)(35).

Another option is getting serotonin down a bit. Serotonin seems to activate beta-endorphin(36), this could have a lot of side-effects however.  Anxiety and depression namely.  



cGMP/PDE-5 INTERACTIONS with sTAR and Testosterone Production

The first documentation of this interesting interaction, to where a group of people would be involved in an experience, not merely a study involving rats, was the finding that Erection Drugs such as Viagra and Cialis, were found to increase Total Testosterone production and simultaneously lower aromatase and estradiol(estrogen)(37)(38)(39).

(40)  < It seems Nitric Oxide induced cGMP released triggers steroidogenesis > 
So, that means by increasing cGMP, namely by inhibiting PDE-5, we have yet another mechanism to boost Testosterone production, and simultaneously lower estrogen, while raising factors like sTAR which also promote androgen receptor proliferation. Sounds good to me.

You know what my theory is?

...It is the increased circulation playing a big role here.

Now think about this, more circulation = more nutrient delivery = more androgen receptor creation due to enhancement of raw material delivery into AR cell surface.

This is the same case with everything, more blood flow, more nutrient absorption, better function of everything. But this is a very magnificent way of pointing it out there, EVERYTHING WORKS IN COORDINATION, if your general health (including your blood flow) sucks, you are Obese or what not, this is yet another mechanism your Testosterone will be Reduced!!!

(41) NITRIC OXIDE-cGMP-Stimulated Testosterone Production (41)

                                                   THE 9th FACTOR

                                                     NMDA-Induced GnRH Hormone and nNOS+

                       NMDA (N-Methyl-D-Aspartate) is a receptor made for GLUTAMATE

                        When GLUTAMATE Binds to this receptor it stimulates the efflux of many    

                         in the Brain!  It also increases LH and FSH which then stimulate
                 TESTOSTERONE PRODUCTION  (42) (43) (44) !



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