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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Natural / Herbal Treatment for Chlamydia [Herbal Cures for Chlamydia STD Infection]

Because Chlamydia infections commonly go along with Gonorrhea infections [1] [2] [3], the two are similar in the course of their infection [4] [5], their behavior [6] and the fact they both produce similar, almost indistinguishable symptoms [7] [8] (and sometimes no symptoms at all), it is a wise consideration to invest in not only prevention of BOTH infections, but also in the readiness and ability to treat both infections [9]. Since we've already written a National Institute of Health cited/supported article on Treating Gonorrhea Infections Naturally, this would be the ''follow-up'' article and equally important.

What is evident with the common infection (and coinfection) of these two bacterial organisms, goes without saying, is the frequency of unprotected intercourse but also the unawareness of the frequency of these two infections, which, often, produce zero symptoms and nothing noticeable on the person, meaning, they don't typically produce any skin alteration, bumps or lesions like Herpes, and otherwise are not 'noticeable' by any other means. Hence, their infections often go unnoticed, and especially by the person to be infected, versus the person already infected.

Now, with that being said, if a Man or Woman suddenly becomes infertile without an obvious cause (like trauma to the Pelvic region or Testicles), then these two bacteria may be involved - in fact, over 60% of infertility cases in low-income regions are often associated with these bacterial infections [10], in that case, PID or Pelvic Inflammatory Disease as a result of either of these infections is suspected [11]

Although common thought symptoms such as penile or vaginal discharge often are the first 'noticeable' symptoms of infection with these diseases, they are not definite and sometimes do not appear, itchiness of the urethra and burning while urinating are other symptoms, but again, are not necessarily going to happen at any stage of infection with these bacterial diseases [12] [13].

Oddly, infection with these bacteria affect the immune system a little differently, which, biologically marks their only activity-related difference, in that Gonorrhea can actually suppress immune cell (T-Cell) activities in humans [14] [15]. Chlamydia is not really known for that effect but there have been documented cases where immune suppression has occurred on a different level; in relation to release of pro-inflammatory cytokines as a result of Chlamydial infection [16].

Traditionally, Azithromycin is the oral/tablet/pill agent of choice recommended by Doctor's for Chlamydia/Gonorrhea infections, but it has many side-effects so alternatives for that purpose, as well as for preserving general health and boosting memorial immunity are highly desired.

NOTES: Clicking the names of the ingredient brings you to our recommended product page; it does not bring you to a 'random' page and all adwork is done by us not by randomized third-party providers, therefore, you can guarantee you are being brought to a high-quality product by clicking the ingredient name within this article.

Now, let's get to the herbal treatments/cures for Chlamydia.

1.) A combination of Curcumin/Turmeric, Amla, Supindus Mukorossi, Aloe Vera extract; a remedy that is effective as a tablet and intra-vaginal cream [17] [18] [19] [20]. Research seems to indicate that Curcumin is the active constituent but conclusions from multiple large-scale studies seem to indicate that the combination of herbal ingredients is most effective.

Supindus Mukorossi is not to be ingested, the rest can, but this product in specific is only utilized for internal (direct) cleaning, intra-vaginal/intra-urethral methods.

Supindus Mukorossi is a specialized cleaning product that is also known colloquially as "Soap Nut".

2.) Skullcap Extract and Pure Baicalin Extract : Skullcap (Scutellariae baicalensis) is probably the most effective herbal treatment for Chlamydia trachomatis infections [21] [22] [23], though, is less studied in the traditional manner as #1 on this list, but, that doesn't stop it from being recommended due to the QUALITY of the studies that have been performed on it.

3.) Berberine : Berberine is a natural pro-sexual ingredient [24] with very potent anti-Chlamydial properties [25] [26] [27], if used correctly, and bought from a reliable source like Thorne Research who does thorough lab-work on their supplements and produces consistently high-quality products, then this supplement alone or in combination with the other methods will certainly lead to the regression & Ultimately elimination of Chlamydia infections.

4.) Garlic Cloves/Extract & Powder : Although Garlic has been tested/studied less in relation to Chlamydia than the above remedies, it does show similar anti-microbial activity in cell cultures [28] [29] [30], a less encouraging statement, but certainly notable nonetheless, this doesn't stop it from being an asset to your Anti-Chlamydia herbal regimen; in simply means it must be emphasized in addition to the above remedies [31] [32] [33].

5.) Luteolin + Quercetin + Reishi Mushroom Extract : Another ''polyherbal'' formation, but lesser known, each ingredient demonstrates inhibitory activity against Chlamydia, and each ingredient alone and especially, in combination promotes anti-inflammatory responses against each the infection [34] [35] [36] [37] [38].

Barlowe's sells an exceptionally potent Reishi mushroom extract, so either Nature's Way or Barlowe's are both good products as far as Reishi goes.

One thing I've noticed with Reishi (although I take it for a different purpose) is that high-doses seem to improve Physical & Mental Energy but can occasionally provide a dissociative effect if combined with other mushrooms like Cordyceps and in addition to serotonergic substances (serotonin-promoting substances).


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Monday, February 6, 2017

Barlowe's Herbal Elixirs Panax Ginseng Extract (80% Ginsenosides) REVIEW { Ginseng product Review}

I would like to Thank Barlowe for continuing to provide great products and being an honest business man, he offers truly remarkable deals and products that (in my eyes) have redefined the herbal atmosphere.

One thing I can say is he is always reliable and his products never dwindle in potency.

Now, to the product. Panax Ginseng ''Extract'' is notorious as an energy booster, as it is added to many energy drinks, including the cheap 99 cent drinks (Arizona Ginseng & Arizona Energy Rx) and the more popular ones like MonsterTM rely on this ingredient for their sustained energy boost. 

This product in particular is the most potent Ginseng extract I've tried yet, and remember, this isn't ''American'' Ginseng, this is the 'hot' or Korean Ginseng that is meant to be stimulating - and it is.

I've noticed a few things right off the bat.

  • First, it actually amplifies your Energy and Alertness level within the first day of taking it, its that strong, but of course, the effects are felt more so after Day 3 and beyond.
  • Second, when you take it with Caffeine, that effect is two-fold, and I can see how people can go overboard with it.
  • Third, if you take two or more capsules a day, its a strong possibility it may raise your blood pressure a bit (at least it did mine).
That being said, at one capsule a day I had no issues, also its possible (even probable) that me sipping Coffee throughout the day, and on some days instead taking Caffeine tablets, could have influenced my blood pressure as the interaction between Caffeine and Ginseng is notable.

The fact is, this product is actually comparable to Modafanil if used correctly, which is surprising for an herb, to give that much of an alertness and energy boost that it even remotely compares to a pharmaceutical who's goal is to provide rapid alertness, is a rare thing...and very important.

With that being said, the pharmacology / mechanism of Ginseng is no where near Modafanil, instead, it seems that Panax Ginseng variety works by antagonizing GABA-B receptors [1] [2] [3], thereby enhancing dopamine and noradrenaline by disinhibiting those neurotransmitters [4] [5]. Ginseng may also facilitate Ca2+ (Calcium Ions) entry into specific brain cells/neurons, thereby improving their action potentials and energy synthesis. Panax Ginseng Extracts have been shown to directly activate non-NMDA glutamate receptors as well. In some cases, it may inhibit GABA-A currents as well.


Even without Caffeine, this product packs a Punch!

Its a strong energy booster, and though I really love my Coffee, I think its safe to say this has a stronger overall 'Energy' effect. Hard to place at times, but it feels like it revs up every cell in your body slowly, but surely, and it definitely amps up the nervous systems 'pace', to be more quicker responding and sharper in decision making, though its prominent effect seems to be alertness and stamina-boosting.

That's where it really held out, endurance training and Strength training went way better on this stuff! With the strongest effects on endurance meaning longer runs, and more reps for the Leg Press. Pushed out more reps and more sets on one day with this stuff as well. Endurance with calisthenics (Pull-Ups, Push-Ups, Ab-Crunches) was much better as well [enhanced]. 

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

AntiDepressants that Increase Sex Drive / Libido (Pro-Sexual Anti-Depressants List)

While most antidepressants are known for 'killing' libido, or decreasing sex drive significantly, there are some others that do the opposite, for many.

In this article we are going to go over those as well as the mechanisms of each of these drugs, and the WHY each one has its own difference. Each medication has its own section and Picture here, so as to make the whole read easier and understandable.  This list includes all current (up to 2017) Psychiatric medications used for Major Depressive Disorder (M.D.D) which is the clinical classification for Depression.

As a general rule, medications that block the breakdown or reuptake of Serotonin tend to decrease sex drive, whereas medications that block serotonin receptors tend to increase libido, IF they do not also have anti-dopamine or anti-glutamate actions. The drugs used for smoking cessation tend to have dual benefit as anti-depressants and are very strong in that regard. Certain drugs have more plausible benefit for libido than others due to purely pharmacokinetic differences; including in absorption and absolute bioavailability.

NOTE: I've gone through a lot of lab-testing and a lot of personal trial-and-error to find sites / stores that are legitimate and high-purity, simply click the medication name below to be directed to the store/buying page, they are also the best prices I could find on them.       


1.) Wellbutrin/Zyban/Bupropion : Easily hits number 1 on this list purely because it only affects (and enhances) dopamine system activity [1], with some effect on norepinephrine [2] and some mild anti-nicotinic/anti-cholinergic activity [3] as lesser effects. Wellbutrin is incredibly popular in the United States as a ''quit smoking aid'', it is thought that Wellbutrin decreases both cravings and the effects of nicotine [4] [5] in part by blocking the receptors that Nicotine binds to (nicotinic-acetylcholine-receptors) thereby blocking the 'subjective' effects of Nicotine [6] [7].

Wellbutrin also has the ability to result in rapid anti-depressant effects when administered at a dose between 150 - 300 mg per day, 150 mg x2 a day is a reasonable dose for most people with actual Depression [8] [9].

The drug is well-tolerated and people tend to like the pro-sexual/recreational benefits as it heightens sensation, pleasure/arousal and libido drastically [10].

It can be bought by the pill, meaning you can choose to buy 5 pills or 10 or 30, or 60 etc it can be bought --> HERE

2.) Aurorix/Moclobemide : Moclobemide is a MAO-A or monoamine-oxidase-A inhibitor  [11] which boosts libido by blocking the breakdown of monoamines and catecholamines, it elevates dopamine levels [12] [13] and can also increase Testosterone levels in Men [14].

Moclobemide is very effective at enhancing mainly the male libido, and keeping hormones healthy, but it may be effective for Women who take it as well [15]

Be sure to take all medication as prescribed, including Aurorix/Moclobemide.

Typical dose of moclobemide is >300 mg / day.

3.) Agomelatine : Agomelatine is a relatively new anti-depressant which is also a good anti-anhedonic (anhedonia is the inability to feel pleasure or satisfaction from activities and lack of emotional quality). Agomelatine is unique in that it antagonizes/blocks the 5-HT2C serotonin receptor [16] [17] [18]; leading to enhanced dopamine/noradrenaline release in Humans [19] [20]. The drug is very safe, and VERY effective at relieving symptoms of Depression [21] [22]. It also improves Insomnia effectively [23].

The rest of Agomelatine's actions relate to melatonin-agonism (stimulation) which can improve neuron growth in the Brain/nervous system and can treat Insomnia/Sleep Difficulties effectively [24] [25].

Agomelatine thus is very useful, it can be bought at Ceretropic in the form of powder, if you want brand pills, ask your Doc for a script. It enhances dopamine and noradrenaline and promotes libido in the vast majority of people who use it.

4.) Trazodone : Trazodone is an effective anti-depressant [26] and sleep aid [27] as well as anti-anxiety pill [28], and can treat/eliminate erectile dysfunction, including severe cases in Young patients [29] [30] [31] and in some of the Elderly [32]. It increases 'sexual arousal' rather than libido, in the classical sense, but still is considered a pro-sexual agent with anti-depressant properties, and in that sense, is the best drug in its class.

Trazodone has been used for a long time, almost as long as tricyclics and has incredible long-term benefits, but does have a hypotensive effect [33], particularly at higher doses [34] and when combined with other medications that affect blood pressure [35].

The medication is generally well-tolerated.

5.) Mirtazapine/Remeron : Classified as an 'atypical anti-depressant' and specifically as a noradrenaline and serotonin system modulator, a complex mechanism of action involving alpha-2-blockade and downregulation [36] [37] and serotonin 5-HT2A/2C blockade; leading to enhancement of frontal dopamine/noradrenaline release. 

Though sedating at low doses (15 mg), Remeron's antidepressant benefits become more apparent at doses of >30 mg up to 45 mg and 60 mg being maximum dose [38]

The benefits of this drug are many, it has beneficial effects on stress hormones, lowers cortisol/ACTH and decreases Prolactin levels. It may even increase longevity and have anti-aging effects on the cardiovascular system and on cells in general. It can be used for libido and general strength & Vigor.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Natural Evidence Based Treatments for Gonorrhea "The Clap'' (Natural Cure for Gonorrhea Infection)

I've searched around on this before, just out of general curiosity and be honest, anticipating some at least DECENT suggestions posed by other Author's. Unfortunately, what I found I was not impressed with. 

The majority of these ''natural health sites'' promote unsubstantiated evidence, and that's it. They have no medical authority, and rarely provide direct, informative, and credible citations. Instead they expect people to rely on poorly stated 'alternative' remedies with no standing, no precedent...and I'm not saying alternative remedies are illegitimate, but the ones that are being pushed for complex diseases and infections DO NOT fit into the right criteria to as a 'treatment'.

So I'll leave my disdain for Charlatan's there.

(And btw, there are 'alternative remedies' listed later on in this article but the RIGHT ones, proven ones, not snake oil)

Gonorrhea is a bacterial infection produced by {Neisseria gonorrhoeae} bacterium and it is an infection that can affect the Throat, Testicles, Penis, Vagina and uterus as well as eventually, the Blood, Joints, Bone and Heart - if untreated, these complications are rare of course, like 1 in 500, but at the very least, the chances of Gonorrhea causing infertility are fairly good (like 1 in 15, in untreated persons whom are susceptible). Now that number [1 in 15] may not sound very good/high, but it is when you calculate what that means for an average population, a region, a City. It results in explained infertility in the thousands...And we wonder why Infertility is on the rise, this bacteria often causes no symptoms even after infection [1] [2] [3].

Besides infertility, Gonorrhea often can cause Epididymitis ; which is inflammation of the tube at the back of the testicle that stores and carries sperm [4] [5] [6].

  • Pain in the testicle or both testicles.
  • Pain during urination.
  • Discharge from penis  and / or swollen lymph nodes in the groin.
  • Urinary: frequent urge to urinate or frequent urination.
  • Can cause also painful ejaculation.


  • Testicle Swelling/Enlargement
  • Sensitive Testicles
  • Heavy Testicle Pain
  • ''Surges'' of Pain in one or both testicles.
  • Blood in urine and blood in semen/ejaculate.

...So now how do we TREAT this Awful disease, well, get 'ridda the Bacteria 'o course.


1.) Turmeric/Curcumin : Turmeric is a spice, Curcumin the 'active component' in the spice that confers health benefits. Curcumin/Turmeric is one of the only herbal supplements EVER proven to actually treat Gonorrhea by inhibiting its growth in the same manner as antibiotics, IN A LIVING HUMAN BEING, actually, a group of them [7] [8] [9].

The trick is - it HAS to be taken with AT LEAST 2000 IU's of Vitamin D for active synergism (combinative effort between the two nutrients) and for a real result to be manifested.

First, you should begin taking them AS SOON AS YOU SUSPECT INFECTION

Turmeric/Curcumin should be bought from a certified, lab-tested HIGH-POTENCY source such as Barlowe's. He's a good fella based in Florida (West Palm Beach) who has some of the most potent herbal supplements I've ever seen (or taken) and at RIDICULOUSLY good prices, each of his products (including Turmeric/Curcumin) is under 20$ with only a few exceptions, he also sells every notable aphrodisiac that has ever had any credibility!

2.) HIGH-ALLICIN Garlic Extract [!] : Regular 'ol Garlic might inhibit the progression of Gonorrhea infection, if used at about 1/4 to 1/2 a teaspoon a day, on food, or in drink, or eaten directly (not recommended), but to actually have a TREATMENT you need a SUPER-HIGH percentage of the active component within Garlic; Allicin. Allicin is the main anti-bacterial and anti-viral component in Garlic powder & Garlic cloves...its also present in Onions and contributes to the 'eye-watering' effect. A pungent anti-bacterial substance, how 'bout that?

We need Kyolic Green Label for potent inhibition of Mr and Mrs Neisseria.

NOTE: You can simply 'sprinkle' Garlic on each of your foods, but this won't be enough to cure the infection, you will need way more than that, this #2 option is also very much so optional, but it can speed progress and removal of the infection from your Body, if implemented correctly.

3.) Olive Leaf Extract (OLE) [!] : Must contain greater than 25% Oleuropein (Active Ingredient found in Olive Oil & Olive Leaf). Click the little enclosed exclamation mark near the name of the product to view the National Institute of Health's citation. 

Take the product mentioned herein for AT LEAST 9 weeks! To be sure the infection is cleared, USE WITH THE OTHER METHODS IN THIS ARTICLE!

Since Oleuropein and Olive Leaf are potent antimicrobials, and can also fight viral infections like Herpes and Hepatitis A, B & C [!] - it is crucial that this treatment be included in your Anti-Gonorrhea supplement regimen.

Take 2-3 capsules of this product twice per day for the first 7 days, or up to 14 days if you feel the need then 1 capsule twice a day thereafter, until 3 months + have gone by.

4.) Mangosteen Fruit/Extract/Juice [!] : Can be eaten, drank or supplemented with, or all of the above, but you need to take enough of it, too. Two 8 oz. glasses won't do it - try at least 5 glasses of nice tall and proud, Mangosteen juice.

Supplement with this brand of Mangosteen extract as well, or eat the whole fruit daily for at least 3-5 weeks.

Mangosteen directly attacks the Neisseria bacteria that causes Gonorrhea infection. 

It also blocks its protein synthesis without interrupting the protein synthesis of cells and organs in our own body!

Now that's wonderful, and convenient. :)

Probiotics should be taken daily and can help the Mangosteen's acidic components rid the Gonorrhea infection. 

5.) Colloidal Silver Supplement [!] : Perhaps the living legend out of the series of supplements presented here, Silver is an INCREDIBLY powerful anti-bacterial agent to which no bacteria seems to be able to build a ''resistance'' against, affirming Silver's diverse and efficient 'attack methods' against bacterial and viral infections, it can also help prevent host cells from becoming infected with Herpes, Hepatitis and HIV. 

Silver Bullet is the best product by the best brand, by far.

It was formulated in part by the infamous Doctor Ed.Group @ The Global Healing Center.

Take as directed on bottle.


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Can Proviron Be Used for Erectile Dysfunction / Difficulties? (Proviron VS Viagra for Impotence)

Proviron (Mesterolone), has proven to be a very diverse little remedy for many ailments. It is so widely used nowadays by Bodybuilders and even recreationally by some Runners and triathletes, that it has become somewhat a 'secret elixir'. Especially by those who favor androgens and the like compounds. 

There really is no comparison to it, for an oral androgen that exhibits specific androgenicity versus anabolic activity, thus it is a specific androgenic aid, with very reliable actions on nervous system and strength. 

Now the question Today is whether it is also a proven or valuable remedy for Impotence, a horrible disorder where the man can not become erect from sexual arousal nor touch, or not 'hard-enough' for intercourse, in these cases, the problem mostly comes from a vascular issue, however, these issues can START as a hormonal issue. We largely are talking about androgen deficiencies, a condition which Mesterolone here, can help greatly with [1] [2] [3].

The PROBLEM is, that Proviron is not a guaranteed cure for Impotence, in fact, it only really works when there is either 1.) A Clear androgen deficiency/problem  or 2.) Decreased/loss of libido which is happening simultaneously (at the same time) as the erectile other cases, the classical 'blue pill' (Viagra) may be of better use.

With that being said, Proviron can certainly be used in conjunction (with, along side) with Sildenafil citrate, or another 'boner pill', but it at doses between 25-50 mg twice a day are ideal, so as not to disturb natural hormone balance [4] [5]

I've also found, and it has been my experience in dealing with so many issues clinically, that the drug Masteron may actually fare better than Proviron if there is a chronic Impotency issue.

It has been found that libido issues often occur from other causes as well, so you'll need a Doctor (G.P/Phy/PCP) to rule out trauma, and other Physical and / or Psychogenic causes...if the cause of the erectile dysfunction is deemed to be psychological, then the drug Trazodone may be most useful, as it causes vasodilation and adrenaline blockade, is studied specifically in E.D patients with psychogenic erectile dysfunction [6] [7] [8] [9]. This includes particularly young patients as well. For other types of erectile dysfunction, consulting a Physician is always important.


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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Medical Uses of Kratom (List of Medicinal / General Uses of Kratom)

After DEA armed up last month (now last year) against Kratom, many people were (and still are) wondering how a large 'protective' agency and another suppposedly legitimate 'consumer-based agency' as the FDA, could target such a harmless young plant...a plant that only seeks to do Good.

...For this plant to be robbed of its innocence, is also robbing people of the `choice` of natural pain relief...and healing. Therefore, this ''herb'' which has been used for Ages in South-East Asia, is being targeted, wrongfully...!

There is no justification for this, it doesn't have to be paragraph upon paragraph of the research, but I'm going to say it anyway - because simple or long, banning a natural remedy which could HELP PEOPLE GET OFF OPIATES, is a criminal act. If not criminal, then Blind. Blind of the consequences, and certainly blind of the Truth.

So let's get started, shall we?


  1. Kratom primarily offers the benefit of fast, consistent and natural pain relief, when used responsibly, it acts as a pain-reliever on both the nerves and on muscle tissue as well as Joints - in other words, a universal natural pain reliever, one that can be applied to almost any form of pain [1] [2] [3].
  2. Kratom can act as a mood booster, again, when used responsibly and in careful, minimal doses, it is a safe & effective natural anti-depressant, but should be used primarily for pain relief by those in need [4] [5].
  3. Kratom is a powerful 'calming agent' due to its alkaloids central action [6] [7] [8] [9]. NOTE: Not all strains are this way though, gotta do your research
  4. Kratom is an anti-inflammatory, to some extent [10].
  5. Kratom is an immune-booster, many report it as 10x stronger than Vitamin C, science backs it up [11] [12] [13].

So there we have it, a Quick Overview of Kratom's proven benefits. Now of course, there are twice as many 'unproven benefits' but we are concerned with the Proven ones - they are the ones that matter, in relation to general health, and in relation to knowledge regarding Kratom, but ESPECIALLY, for making the CASE on Kratom's behalf, for reinforcing the FACTS that show Kratom's legitimacy - and unprecedented usefulness.


I'll be the first one to admit how many Quacks there are out there, and how many unsubstantiated claims there are regarding Kratom - cus' I've seen them all. No you can't pull the wool over my eyes, and those who are partially blind, and I mean from an understanding perspective, are the ones who (usually) fall victim to Kratom quacks and Charlatan's, but let's not get into the view that every claim that doesn't fall under the above is 'quackery', in fact - let's give people the benefit of the doubt for the other uses of Kratom. You see, I don't have anything against belief, especially in natural remedies, and in Insightful Judgement. When people learn, it makes me happy. 

I'm not a narrow-minded Guy either - I understand things. Well. Thoroughly. Its only when barbarian style attacks against things that do us well emerge out of the Dirt, so to speak, and crap gets spewed out of a horse's ass that doesn't know where 'he came from - that I get really pissed off. 

Okay there's other stuff that pisses me off.

But let's leave that there. 

The thing is everyone has a Voice, but everyone is capable of a slithering tongue as well, so therefore, as much as some things can be discounted, just as many 'wrong' claims should be shunned.

Let's be more specific.


  1. An ''Orgasm-inducer'' - and it doesn't create the 'Wave' effect that Heroin does - and it should be seen even remotely similar to prescription and 'street' any way, because that just distorts the fact of what Kratom really is.
  2. Kratom is NOT a tool to take over the World, it is not Cocaine, and it does NOT allow one to leap over buildings and avoid all pain that comes from brushing your knee-cap against a Stone Wall.
  3. Kratom is not used for Spiritual Encounters, and it is not a hallucinogen (Sorry Guys).
  4. Kratom is not nitrous, it doesn't cause you to burst out laughing in the middle-of-nowhere, but it may have that effect (Maybe!).
  5. Kratom is not something that will give you super-human strength, or to break out of handcuffs, and it will not allow you to read people's thoughts.

So now that that's out of the way, I think its safe to say you can all, and keep reading!

  1. Kratom has a mysterious past behind it, and though it has been mentioned in Shaman texts, it is mostly in the context of healing and pain relief, and as far as that goes, Kratom is literally a living miracle.
  2. Kratom is a Plant, A Tree, it has leaves, and it breathes...ain't that exciting?
  3. Kratom is a resilient plant, and grows fine under a lot of different conditions.
  4. Kratom is easy to take care of ^, but if you grow one, or keep one, do take care of it Please!
  5. Kratom is specially gifted in the ''art of ease and relaxation'', it should not be underestimated, but it should not be abused, either...

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