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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Anonymity Services as of 2017

This post will be updated periodically to let those who are interested know about the current and most effective Anonymity & Proxy services. It will also list proxies personally tried by the Area-1255 Staff and will be a thorough descriptor for any issues that may have been identified with well-known Free Proxies/Lists. This list will also eventually be updated to reflect the newest and best-ranked VPN services and will classify them by Country and other details. This list will be unique in that we do not use bots to ''Check'' or assess the working order of the PROXY or their apparent downtime. We will also make sure the Free Proxy List that is here will NOT REQUIRE A LOG-IN of any sort and there will be no mishaps or ''authentication issues'' as they will require none.

 It is something I have personally experienced that many free proxy lists are littered with pop-up login screens, incorrect authentication details and several other errors that could be easily addressed if the owners of the web page actually took the time to do so.

I therefore, will be carefully screening the entire list as it becomes available and is listed on this page and I will be listing my own proxy list for convenience and improved reliability/diversity of this site.

As of May 23 2017, Area-1255's Preferred Web Proxy and Multi-Portal Vendor is ...

Accessing the Area-1255 Forum

Many have wondered how exactly to access our forum without searching it, and some have been clever enough to find it (by clicking the picture at the top of the 'Web' version or PC version of our site here). That long picture with our Logo and the science diagrams would be the way to enter into the Portal that leads to our Forum.

Making the obvious assumption that some have not found the forum due to lack of simplicity (but having it this way makes it more exciting), this post is for those who would like to visit our open community without using the covert entrance.

Some other updates pertaining to the forum will be posted on here soon. 

Steroids that Boost Free Testosterone (A List of Anabolic Compounds that Increase Free T)

One of the most common questions I get each day, ''are there any anabolic steroids that scientifically are proven to increase Free Testosterone''. The answer to this is straightforward when examining the compound as the answer...but from an overall, logical perspective, the actual answer in regards to is this application practical, is much more complicated.

You see, when you ingest or inject a steroidal compound, you are actually, in essence, lowering your total Testosterone production and levels [1] [2] [3]. So when you see that a compound can increase Free T; many people think it is enough to over-ride the 'suppressive' effects of the anabolic compound. Problem is, it doesn't pan out that way usually - except on paper.

Sure, you may get an initial increase in your androgen activity, one that in part, is from a natural increase in androgen conversion [4] [5] [6] (due to being "Free"). but that boost is temporary (usually) until the suppression levels it out or returns it to baseline. With that being said, if you (hypothetically) use a Steroid that has enough of an impact on Free T without being super-suppressive, you may be able to take a natty-T-booster (such as PhytoSERMs) with it and still maintain the burst in Free T from the steroid.

Is There a Steroid that Increases Free Testosterone but without Supression?

In my experience, there's only one anabolic-androgenic compound that can safely increase Free T with minimal suppression [7] of the HPTA. That would be Proviron (Mesterolone). A classic Schering product with more underground support than medical uses, though it does have medical uses, indeed. 

What's more, is that pretty much everyone agrees it has this use without really any side-effects [8] [9].

Where to Buy YK11 SARM (List of YK11 Sellers/Shops/Retailers)

YK11 is a powerful SARM; a Selective-Androgen-Receptor-Modulator that has a greater propensity to induce both myostatin inhibition [1] [2] [3] and to induce rapid muscle growth quicker than any other SARM [4] [5] [6] it is more potent than DHT and other androgens in binding to the androgen receptor [7] [8] [9].

These are all facts. The science is clear cut, what isn't so simple though are the so-called 'sources' which all claim to offer the chemical at a fairly ''reasonable'' price but either have nothing to show for it; lab-tests or otherwise or have been reported to have poor or inconsistent quality.

So all we have to rely on is reviews and the third-party COA's which may more accurately tell us who is a legitimate supplier of YK11 versus the mock-ups and phonies. 

I'm going to tell you which suppliers I'VE actually tried out, and who provides not just Quality, but Consistency...with references.

YK11 Suppliers List
-------------------------------------------------------------- : A vendor that is well-reviewed [10] [11] [12] and respected, and has all of the right paperwork to show for their legitimacy. They sell YK11 as a solution, and theirs has been remarked as the most potent and always consistent. The delivery vehicles (chemicals that are Safe and help absorption) that they use are unique to them. They also have a team of well-trained Chemists available to answer questions!

CEM-Products : Consistently, and for years has been around, fulfilling orders in a timely manner and delivering new & quality products, they do their jobs well and stay on top of the game, and, like IRC.Bio, are well reviewed [13] [14] [15]. Their PT-141, Caber and YK11 are their best products IMHO.

RUI-Products : Another three letter code-phrase, but this one is equally legit, RUI has been around for years as well and has not disappointed much, hardly at all in fact, there were a few isolated cases but for the most part, any problems with orders were resolved when asked. I have not been disappointed by any of their peptides [16] [17] [18].

International Peptide : Another well-reviewed source [19] [20] [21] and very high-quality YK11 indeed. ;)
While shipping can occasionally take a little longer with them, for the most part they are on-point and very fast and professional. Highly recommended!

Blue Sky Peptide : Blue Sky Peptides are and have been a legitimate source of high-quality peptides since 2014. They have been around and definitely know which products are in-the-game and which are nonsense. Friendly staff members and easily reachable customer support as well as fast shipping make this product the only #5 on this list!

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Sunday, May 21, 2017

A General Update for Area-1255 (May 22, 2017)

Since 2013, Area-1255 has been covering extremely sophisticated topics, bringing scientific advances new light and disputing the tales that plague this generations Health Trends.

We've analyzed and commented on hundreds of medical papers, and have reviewed hundreds of products over the years. We have set up multiple support channels; forum and e-Mail etc

This and our general media support and organization support have brought our organization to new heights.

In addition to a full writers team, we have lab & research experts who have committed themselves to understanding the most complex of health conditions; through our partners, we have continued to release valuable products and research supplies.

The new advances in medical technology have allowed us to coordinate with other Medical Technology Vendors and to provide increased engagement in, and demand for the technology.

In addition to this, we have been at the forefront of many other technology fields. Including Network Security and Hacker News. We extensively cover breaking news stories relating to the Dark Net, and through our Partners, are able to offer valuable research 'tools' to interested parties.

Those who have any questions directed towards our Organization are encouraged to contact us @

We are currently not accepting new writers at the time but will be hiring more by August of 2017!

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Top Organic Kratom Stores (Top 5 Organic Online Kratom Vendors)

In the last few years, several new Kratom vendor's have been coming out of the woodwork to display their awesome and heavenly product. Many of them claiming ''highest-purity'' [1], high'' Mitragynine content [2]'' and even most psychoactive strain [3]

Some declare their Kratom to be able to induce body highs.

While all of this can be seen as effective advertising, there's still an amount of assessment beyond product potency, particularly because some vendors feel they can afford to cut corners when their sales are through the roof. This becomes a problem if attention isn't being paid to quality of the ''Kratom-land''...crops in which they originated. Some soil just isn't suited and some regions just not healthy to grow specific herbs in.

This is why Organic and supplier transparency are important in determining where to buy your Kratom from.

With this being said, many Kratom vendors deserve a fair-shake, and there aren't that many outright lies or complete Frauds in the business...though there are a few.

Top 5 Organic Kratom Sites / Vendors
1.) Top Extracts Kratom : One of my favorite stores and my #1 Go-To for Kratom. The quality has never waned and the generosity and professionalism of the owner is impressive. Not to mention competitive prices (actually a bargain for what you get) and always new innovative products on the shelf. All current strains are offered with purity reports and transparency where needed. He has a few other hobbies including Kava and Ayuhuasca-type blends that will give you a good bang for your buck!

2.) SoCal Kratom : A great store that offers ''sample packs'', has several sales throughout the year and seasonal specials. Quality and diversity of Kratom strains is impeccable and has been consistent throughout the years!

3.) Kratom Crazy : A high-quality store with bold claims but humility is a given. Despite some minor inconveniences with their payment system, they have a remained a reputable Kratom seller.

4.) Herbal Salvation : A reputable seller also marked on Reddit as trusted. Very consistent & high-quality Kratom.

5.) Eternally Herbal : A BIG Kratom supplier and fulfilling thousands of orders per year. Though you wouldn't think it by their front page alone, its their Etiquette and courtesy that lands them #5 on this List!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Causes of High and Low Serum Albumin Levels (Short and Specific Listed Summary) (Easy-to-Read Version)

Albumin is a type of Protein found in the blood that essentially 'binds' and transports other proteins and chemicals in the Body. Specifically, it has a large role in transporting Hormones, Amino Acids, Minerals/Nutrients and other endogenous messengers. 

High levels of Albumin (hyperalbuminemia) are usually associated with one of the following.

  • An increased need for nutrient transport (as with trauma/shock) [1].
  • Dehydration [2].
  • A high-protein diet [3].

Low levels of Albumin (hypoalbuminemia) in the blood are associated with poorer protein delivery and poor health outcomes and are usually due to...

  • Hepatitis B or other hepatic infection [4] [5] [6].
  • Ongoing liver Disease (Cirrhosis, liver cancer etc) [7] [8] [9].
  • Inflammation [10] [11] [12].
  • Malnutrition/Low-Protein-Intake [13].
  • Crohn's Disease [14].
  • Kidney Problems (including lupus nephritis and other kidney issues) [15].
  • Infection (usually severe like tuberculosis, Hepatitis or HIV) [16].
  • Celiac Disease [17] [18].

Suggestions for Treating Low Albumin in blood would Include:
--> Increasing protein intake; supplementing with a high-quality protein powder like PES-Select Protein.

--> Protecting against and reducing inflammation - supplementing with Turmeric root/Curcumin can help.

--> Cleansing liver/kidneys with a complete liver/kidney Detox regimen.

Suggestions for Lowering a High Albumin Level would include...

-Decreasing protein intake IF EXCESSIVE.

-Reducing Stress.

-Increasing water intake and preventing dehydration.

Overall, a low albumin level is more concerning than a high level is, but it is still best to check with your Doctor to determine the cause of the abnormal lab value.

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