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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Natural/Herbal Remedies For HIV/AIDS Infection 2018 (How to Treat/Cure HIV AIDS Naturally 2018)

Although there is (currently) no "Cure" for HIV/AIDS - except possibly receiving a Blood Transfusion/Stem Cell Transplant from a Donor with the Homozygous Mutation "CCR5-Delta-32 Deletion" (hypothetically) [1] - there are a Variety of Research Avenues which suggest that some Natural/Herbal Remedies may be able to vastly inhibit or block the Virus from entering Cells and damaging the Immune System and CNS [2].

There is also an Emerging area of Research which has focused on the Mechanisms of HIV-Infection and Replication - key areas being both CCR5-receptors on the White Blood Cells [3] and Protein/Enzyme Complexes like PDE-4 (Phosphodiesterase-Type-4) [4].

In Large-Scale Research experiments - Humans lived longer and sometimes needed NO-TREATMENT at all for the HIV-Infection - if they were of White Northern or Western European Ancestry and had certain genetic mutations in their Immune System components [5] [6]. In some cases, it was simply lower "CCR5 Expression" that lead to better outcomes and a non-need for drug treatment of their Infection.

Some Natural Ingredients display remarkable anti-HIV properties - and these 5 Supplements (to-date) are the ONLY Natural Treatments for HIV that have ANY actual (not FAKE!) activity against the Virus - and in support of the Immune System. Although Gene-Editing Technologies may (theoretically) offer an Alternative Avenue to Treat/Cure HIV Infection - these are far off in the Future; the Research is in its Infancy.

FIVE NATURAL/HERBAL (PROVEN) Treatments for HIV/AIDS Infections 2018
Clicking The [!] leads to a Reference that leads to the NIH Supported Research Study. Before reading the Suggestions - so that you know that Our Research is based on Credible, WHO and University Studies, Read This (Credited) Paper: Natural Products as Anti-HIV Agents and Role in HIV-Associated Neurocognitive Disorders (HAND): A Brief Overview

1.) Korean Red Ginseng [!]: Korean Red Ginseng is a broadly ANTI-HIV [1], is studied in HIV-infected individuals; both not on Medication (unmedicated) [2] and those who are being Treated by Drugs [3]. Ginseng prolongs survival in all Patients; by slowing down CD4-T-Cell decline [4]. Ginseng is also claimed as one of the "Multi-Ingredient Secret Cure" by North Korea's Scientists, to which Kim-Jong Un Elaborated on [4]. KRG or Korean Red Ginseng can also help PREVENT HIV-1 & HIV-2 infection in the first place [5]. Ginseng boosts the Immune System on multiple levels and helps all Patients with HIV infections [6].

2.) Baicalin/High-Potency SKULLCAP Extract [!]: Baicalin; a component of Chinese Skullcap, inhibits HIV-1 Entry into cells [7] [8] and blocks the Expression of HIV-1 induced TAT-Proteins and can serve as a useful Adjunct or Combination Herbal Treatment for HIV/AIDS [9]

3.) Colloidal Silver Liquid ("Silver Bullet") [!]: Colloidal Silver and Silver in general, blocks HIV in cells AND from entering Cells and can remarkably HEAL People living with HIV/AIDS. The Journal of Nanomedicine & Nanotechnology Published a Report on "New Inventions" where a Supplemental Silver solution and Silver-type drug solutions could be used to Treat/Eliminate HIV from Infected Persons [10].

4.) Olive Leaf Extract (Oleuropein) [!]: Olive Leaf Extracts and their Component Oleuropein, POTENTLY (not lightly!) KILL the HIV-1 Virus in Living Subjects, it is suggested to take HIGH Oleuropein Concentration Extracts as STANDARD or CHEAP Olive Leaf Extracts will do next-to-NOTHING.

5.) Selenium [!]: Selenium can improve White Blood Cell counts and help the Immune System get control or at least Stabilize the HIV-Infection.


If a Natural Cure for HIV-1 Exists, which it ABSOLUTELY Could - (no one that I know has TESTED this Theory, YET).
 Then this FIVE-INGREDIENT Combination would be the *ONLY* Possible CURE for it. If ANYONE has tested this Combination and it WORKED. Please send it to all National Institute of Health E-Mails and all Health Organizations and Write to my Business E-Mail your Story of Success:

The "Seven-Ingredient Cure for HIV/AIDS"

1.) Ibudilast (40-60 Mg/day) [!]: Ibudilast is a PDE-4 Inhibitor which could completely block/eliminate (not just Partially) the Replication and Life-Cycle of HIV-1. That is because HIV *REQUIRES* the PDE-4 Enzyme to be "available" in order to Infect CD4 Memory Cells.

2.) Dipyridamole [!]: Since PDE-8 also is NEEDED for HIV-infection and Continuance, a PDE-8 Inhibitor like Dipyramidole can completely attenuate the Process.

3.) Coleus Forskohlii (Forskolin) [!]: An Indian-Medicinal plant that contains Anti-HIV diterpenes that directly KILL and suppress HIV - but better yet, by taking the herb long-term (1-3 Months) one can PERMANENTLY alter Complement C3/C4 Receptor Expression which can create a "Functional Cure" of the HIV-Infection. This is because Microbes like HIV-1 & HIV-2 infiltrate the Complement Immune Processes - what MOST people DON'T KNOW - is that most Public Research Foundations have been HIDING the fact that the Complement System can be augmented to change small-scale Genetic Factors in the Immune-Systems behavior - making it ABLE to kill off HIV in TOTALITY by switching on an "On-And-Off" switch for Super-Loading the Immune System Activities. The cAMP/Cyclic AMP/Cyclic Adenosine MonoPhosphate System interacts highly with the HIV Infection process - therefore - as with MANY disorders, the cAMP-system is *KEY* to Curing an HIV infection.

4.) Colloidal Silver [!] + Indium (HIGH-DOSE) [!]: High-Dose "Silver Bullet" Supplementation can *SUFFICIENTLY* Kill/Block HIV-1 infection and thus create the necessary "Germ-Free" environment for the Final Ingredient - INDIUM. When Silver is ADMINISTERED WITH Indium, Indium can AMPLIFY the AFFINITY (ATTACHMENT) of Silver to HIV-1 virus particles - allowing COMPLETE (100%) and *Sufficient Killing*. 

5.) Curcumin 95% [!]: Curcumin, a component of the Spice/Herb "Turmeric" (Curry) is INCREDIBLY Anti-HIV/Anti-AIDS - although alone it will *ONLY* "Slow Disease Progression" and help to block HIV-associated Damages, in combination with the above - Gene Expression can be changed. In this case the Entire Immune-Neurogenic System can re-arrange/re-orchestrate the Immune Response. 

6.) Cyproheptadine (12mg/day) [!]: Also known as the "Endotoxin Blocker" as it blocks Endotoxin in cells and Body [See Here] which HIV *RELIES ON* in order to Conquer the Immune System and make it go Haywire. Cyproheptadine directly AND *Sufficiently* Blocks HIV-1 entry and activity in Cells [STUDY].
Cyproheptadine is CURRENTLY used in HIV-1 Treatment Protocols to stimulate Appetite, Weight Gain and alleviate side-effects of AIDS Drugs [STUDY].


2.) Too much of a TOXIC Substance found within Undercooked Meat and SPOILED Food called "ENDOTOXIN" is part of the Reason why GAY/HOMOSEXUAL Men are VULNERABLE To HIV-1 Infection.

3.) HIV-1 is *VULNERABLE* To Damage by "Low-Electrical Currents" and thus, WILLPOWER coupled with EXTREME Electrical.

4.) The Phillipino/Filipino "Strain" of HIV Is Particularly Infectious - but there is some debate that it exists in the Context it was Reported in...

5.) The Natural Herb "Alpinia Zerumbet" possesses Considerable Anti-HIV activity.

6.) The so-called "Cuban HIV Strain" or "CRF19" Is (CURRENTLY) the most Infectious & Deadly Strain of HIV.

7.) Cuba's vicious new strain of HIV: 5 things to know.

8.) The "Indian HIV" Strains also tend to be Particularly Hazardous, some are as Fatal, possibly MORE Fatal than the Cuban HIV Strain.

9.) Update on HIV in Western Europe - is a particularly good Report which seems to elucidate A LOT about HIV-Statistics/Origins.

10.) More about the "Cuban HIV Strain" can be read HERE.

11.) Gender, Race, and Geography: Do They Matter in Primary Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection?

12.) Is the virulence of HIV changing? A meta-analysis of trends in prognostic markers of HIV disease progression and transmission.

13.) "White Women & HIV" - is a GREAT Study which unveils much more about HIV Infection among White Women and prevalence as well as Virulence Factors.

Was HIV/AIDS a NAZI Invention? (Exploring the Origin of HIV From the Hypothesized "Swiss-Secret Lab Origin") 2018

Adolf Hitler had a lot of of the Main Ones being to "purify the World" of unclean and Weak races. Africans were included in this mix. One hypothesis of HIV-origin was that it was "secretly" created in A Swiss-Lab by Continuity Nazi Scientists or "New-Age Nazi Researchers" - who continued Hitlers plan for Extermination or Reduction of other Races by using a New Kill Method. That they simply "placed" HIV in Africa - in order for it to be later "found" and then to create an elaborate Conspiracy that it "mutated from Chimpanzee's or Monkeys" - even though it may have been first found in Animals already in a Human-infectable form [1].

Another hypothesis, which can be seen as a "Conspiracy Theory". Is that "SIV" was created in expectation that it would be (eventually) mutated into a Human Infectable Form - and that this too, was an elaborate, sophisticated Nazi-programmed plan that would act as a "Time-Bomb" to destroy the Worlds populations - predominantly those of African and Homosexual nature. Since it FIRST appeared in a selected population in the USA; the Gay Population - it seems like there is more a Biblical-Vigilante type intention behind it, if Any Conspiracy of such Kind TRULY exists.

The Problems with this hypothesis though are MANY.

  1. We have no PROOF it was Created in A Nazi-Laboratory or in Switzerland - although some suggest it was the most likely origin [2]. Most of these suggestions come from Russian KGB sources [3] or Covert Chinese Intelligence Sources [4] which were once employed to Observe Western European Scientific & Military Innovations.
  2. We know only be "Convenience" that it could be a Nazi-Intention - that is that it originated in African and predominantly infects and kills African and non-white Races [4].
  3. It is unlikely that Hitler or the Nazi's would use this Method - since it can kill Whites as well [5], even though many White People are partially or even completely immune to HIV [6].
  4. It is unlikely that Hitler knew about the "White-Immunity" spectrum or that some of the "Nordic Race" had a special Mutation that rendered them mostly or Completely immune from a Virus that had not really Paved its way yet in the World [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11].
  5. It is also unlikely that a PRECISE Prediction as to the "mutation date" that SIV would successfully JUMP to Humans or become readily infectious of Humans and Human DNA - would conveniently have been covered up amidst Thousands of other Nazi Projects that are either well-known or LEAKED.

Romans Conquered the World but Left us Vulnerable HIV & AIDS

  1. Since Roman DNA and the "Mediterranean" and Italian Gene Lines are robust, and yet Immunologically-vulnerable to HIV/AIDS - it would seem likely that this incidence would have been known about and thus - would have parallel's to the Nazi-Research Intentions - yet, there is no Evidence nor Belief within Nazi Pyramids that those of Roman/Italian heritage are on the Extermination List but rather - are defined as "Weaker Europeans".
  2. Since Romans are (generally) responsible for "oppository" Genetic influences that give "normal copies" of the CCR5-Gene - even those of Mixed Northern European and Southern European Ancestry are more likely to be infected by HIV/AIDS than those of Purely Northern or Germanic Ancestry.
  3. Thus, those of Roman and Italian heritage pass down traits that are totally contrary and OVER-RIDE Northern-Type mutations.
  4. Roman Genome's thus create an Adverse Immunological and Genetic Environment by this Hypothesis and are in part, Responsible, for the Rise & Success of HIV and AIDS.
  5. It would also seem likely that IF Romans and Africans are on the "same-level" there would be less a disparity in NAZI-Opinions of the Two and both would be equally targeted by the Nazi-Extermination Efforts.

NAZI-Research Programs (Secret Ones)

Vikings, Viking Rage, The Desire for More & Toxoplasmum Gondii 2018 (Germs & Narcissistic Behavior Explored 2018)

Vikings were exposed to many Pathogens due to their practice of blood-spilling, Rape, interactions with other Races and Creeds - and Daily Sacrifices - one of these pathogens - which, along with their Religion, Curiosity and Culture - was likely Toxoplasmum Gondii which is also known as the "Narcissistic Parasite" - in Men & Women - this pathogen, feeds off of the Brain cells and redirects electrical Energy [1] - it alters Hormonal Balance, causing increased Plasma levels of Testosterone [2] and causes over-excitation of Brain Cells and Neurons [3] and leads to a functional Ego-Driven state of Absolute Desire for Dominance & Power over others.

It is hypothesized, that this Germ had infected not just Dictators like Adolf Hitler - but also played a large role in William I of England AKA William the Conqueror - although one can state that Genetic Attributes are of larger seems that Toxoplasmum Gondii - in individuals with a decidedly normal immune system or non-immunosuppressed Immune System - can be a Prerequisite and Precursor for Narcissistic and Power-Seeking, even murderous Behaviors [4]

Without T.Gondii infections - which currently occur in about 30-70% of the World Population - the state of Global Narcissism would either...

A.) Be lessened dramatically or 
B.) Not exist on the same Magnitude or Intensity.

Toxoplasmum Gondii can thus be seen as the ultimate "Portal to the Netherworld" of Demonic Energy - the Opener of Malignant Energies and all kinds of Mental Illnesses. Since T.Gondii creates a "Hyper-Dopaminergic" state - this can be one reason by which it contributes to "Enhanced Reward Seeking" - more-so in those who ALREADY have it written in their DNA - such as Viking Descendants.

Although Toxoplasmum Gondii can be also a pathogen that contributes to Depressive Illnesses and "Super-Ego Decreases" [5], more-so in Women [6].

Toxoplasmum Gondii and the "Desire for More" Among Norman Descendants

Normans (North-Men) were remarked by the following Traits.
"Specially marked by cunning, despising their own inheritance in the hope of winning a greater, eager after both gain and dominion, given to imitation of all kinds, holding a certain mean between lavishness and greediness, that is, perhaps uniting, as they certainly did, these two seemingly opposite qualities. Their chief men were specially lavish through their desire of good report. They were, moreover, a race skillful in flattery, given to the study of eloquence, so that the very boys were orators, a race altogether unbridled unless held firmly down by the yoke of justice. They were enduring of toil, hunger, and cold whenever fortune laid it on them, given to hunting and hawking, delighting in the pleasure of horses, and of all the weapons and garb of war."

Even though the Eager to Gain trait may be (in-part) Genetic and possibly Cultural - the Global incidence/prevalence of Toxoplasmum Gondii - indicates (along with the Research behind it) that this Pathogen has existed along with its "cousin-germs" for Thousands of probably even played a Role in the Wrath & Greed of Egyptian Kings.

The T.Gondii and related Parasites have also been remarked in the Bible where they are seen as "afflictions of the Mind" and "diseases of the Brain".

The Bible Verse LEVITICUS 11:31:33 talks about Refraining from touching Dead Bodies - and the following verses state how dead animals (And Humans) can carry deadly diseases - other verses such as in ECCLESIASTES speak about Brain Disorders as a result of Sickness. Matthew 17:14-20 speaks about a Boy Possessed with a Demon who developed Epilepsy, and was Cured from it.

Clearly - both Biblically and based on Research - there is a Clear Uniform Reality that Toxoplasmum Gondii & Brain Parasites are a "contributing factor" to Brain Diseases and Diseases of The Mind - including Malignant Personality Traits and have persisted throughout Generations of different peoples.

Malachi 3:6 speaks of Gods unchanging nature - he is not a God who "forces Changes" but when willed - brings changes by Means of Harmony and Serenity [ROMANS 12:16:21] and by the suggestion of using Natural & Herbal Remedies (ECCLESIASTES 38:4).

Clearly, the persistent, residual, changing, and exploitative Biological Nature of Brain and neuroparasites is contrary to God's "State-of-Harmony" and Perfect Health and embodiment of Purity.

It it thus suggested that Brain Germs - which have persisted for Generations - are also an Inlet for Demonic Forces. Demonic Forces may be able to thus "control and segregate" Parasites - utilizing them at will in order to Shape Generations and altogether changing Human Behavior. Thus - a State of Impurity - widespread Germ exposure - uncooked Meat and unsatisfactory Manufacturing Conditions may be one means by which Satanists control the World - and can clearly use these to their advantage to Isolate and Reduce the Capacity of Populations and Societies to see through their Games.

Does T.Gondii Play a Complementary Role or a Dominant Role in Human Behavior?

If Toxoplasmum Gondii is as large an influence in Human Behavior as reflected in studies and with regard to the clear patterns that have emerged in Society. Then one question that should be answered is whether it plays a Predominant Role or whether there are other Prerequisites that effectively ALLOW the Parasite to do its dirty work.

One report went over a series of Studies that implicates the Parasite in Suicidal and Homicidal Behavior.

The Epidemic of Mass-Shootings, School Shootings and Violent Serial Murders and the onslaught & Rise of Rapists and widespread Violence seems to be linked inexplicably to Psychiatric Disorders - since T.Gondii is a pivotal factor that increases the both the RISKS [7] and intensity of Mental Illnesses [8] - it would seem likely that T.Gondii is not only a CORE aspect of Neurophysiological disturbances - but also a Transitional Factor for those who have preexisting or Genetic Factors for Mental/Psychiatric Illness.

Since it can cause both Depressive [9] and BiPolar-type illnesses [10] - it remains of serious interest in Neurological Research [11].

Oddly, Women are affected differentially than Men by this Parasite - and often become more Submissive, Emotional & even Romantic [12]. Although some Women experience opposite effects - such as Increased Self-Confidence and reduced Anxiety [13].

Toxoplasma Gondii & Reproduction & Sexual Behavior

Toxoplasma infections are more prevalent in Women of Child-bearing Age and high-sexual Activity [14] - in essence, the Parasite can influence sexual behavior [15] and be transmitted sexually, as well [16].

Since T.Gondii is much more prevalent in Promiscuous individuals [17] as well as Sex Workers/Prostitutes [18] - and since the Parasite does not (necessarily) display Prominent symptoms in those infected early on and in whom have Normal Immune Systems - the infections go unnoticed [19] and, often, given the Expense of Testing - rigorous procedures needed for such tests...and lack of Will by most Physicians to test for the is often that many go about Life not knowing the reason for their Mental Problems.

Toxoplasma Gondii can increase the Risk of developing Schizophrenia as well [20] - and in this Population...the Abnormal sexual behaviors may be related to both the State of Illness/Disease and T.Gondii changes in neuronal homeostasis [21].


Colloidal Silver or a supplement like "Silver Bullet" may be the *ONLY* viable and Effective way to Counter the Parasite within the Body [22]. It can be bought - HERE

However, since most people DO NOT KNOW they are INFECTED - the Brain & Behavioral Changes often occur before anyone gets a chance to supplement with Silver.

With that being is worthwhile for those who SUSPECT or have otherwise PROOF of Infection - to run a Week to THREE WEEKS of Colloidal Silver supplementation.

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Lessons in Positive Energy & Spiritual Activation (How to Purify Abnormal Sexual Desires/Lusts and Negative Emotions 2018)

Spiritual Energy is related to the Emotional State of the Human Mind. The more one uses Positive Emotions such as Happiness, Optimism and Love - Empathy, Consolation - the more one resides in those Emotions and channels them in their Behavior...the more these Emotions can amplify and be reinforced. Others can be affected by these emotions which can be channeled through Christ or other Angelic Forces

The Belief in ones Mind is essential. 

Without the belief that anything is possible, without the Faith that anything can be done. Without resonating positive emotions...

There is either apathy, the state of being not content or simply...that the person can be overcome by Negative Energy and emotions like Fear, Anger, Hostility, Pessimism and along those lines.

Energy is also about neural balance...if you are "Adrenaline-Dominant" or overcome by Stress are more likely to advance into a decaying state of Mind. A state refractory to good judgement. To positive ambition and to influencing others in good judgement. The reality is that - at the core - all Evil and the state of Sociopathy that exists in this World is based on Negative Energies taking over. 

<---Negative Energy Dominance---> 

  • Negative Energy dominance is contrary to positive spiritual balance.
  • Negative energy dominance occurs when ones mind is not sober, balanced, serene and when it is plagued by Stressors, Toxins and Chakra-Imbalances.
  • When the Kidney's Yang/Yin balance is out-of-balance and the Central Energy is weakened, suppressed or the Life's Primal Force is artificially interrupted it also creates a "longing-state" which can lead to Negative Emotions; like Desperation and Agitation.
  • When these unserene and Negativistic energies interrupt the Positive 

 <--Positive Energy Dominance Balance-->
  • Positive Energy dominance is contrary to Fear, Hostility, the worry that "something bad might happen"  - Positive Energy balance/dominance is rooted in the Faith Concept that "everything happens for a reason" and that one can alter things for The Better Good. That God's Justice prevails and that having a Conscience - Prevails. That having a Good Moral Code, prevails, always. 
  • Positive Energy balance Succeeds when one assures themselves and believes without a shadow of a doubt that it will succeed.
  • In this - Optimism, Belief, "Knowing" - these become a Project of Initiative from Good Forces of this World.
  • The Mind then taps into these Forces in "knowing". In knowing that Justice and Moral Objective are Paramount and Essential.
  • As an Essential - the observation that all good things come from the Lord Jesus Christ and a Positive Mental/Emotional State can be rooted in Brain Logic and the Heart. "The Heart wants what the Heart wants" - believing in such an unsurpassed concept such as this is more than Sufficient to overcome the Arrogance of Self-Entitlement and Self-Perpetuation. Self-Reinforcement - by which Negative Emotions resume and resonate - can be purged by Understanding the Heart and NOT BEING AFRAID TO THINK WITH THE HEART.

Sexual Lusts, Anxiety, Impulsivity, Challenges of Negative Energy

Abnormal sexual lusts - believe it or not, or rooted in a subtle form of Anxiety. A residual, low-grade Anxiety state that is barely noticed. An "Impulsive-Energy-State" that has to do with Mental Chaos and disruption of Energy Force.

When you add in Electromagnetic Energy forces (Leviathan, Lucifer, Azazel etc) and certain Parasites like Toxoplasmum Gondii - the result can be barbarous and unrelenting. Such forms of deviant sexual Energy are directly related to Negative Energy; the desire for "Stress Relief" and desire for 'getting-off'. 

...but these themselves can be rooted in an imbalanced state. 

The idea of challenging these lusts comes through Will-Power and utilizing Positive Emotions - such as Empathy, Concern, Optimism, Purity and advocacy.

Lust - in itself is a Powerful Emotion that can be twisted in many different directions from a plethora of different factors.

 Although Sexual Desire is normal - deviant desires. Are considered abnormal. 
Abnormal sexual desires such as Sexual Sadism, Extreme Dominance, Pedophilia and others are a result of negative energy dominance and an imbalanced mental state. They are characterized by disquilibrium, disinhibition and a displaced Memory State.

...At the root, deviant sexual desires are actually a Cognitive Disorder.

 Without complete Purification on a Biologically, Neurological and Spiritual Level...these lusts can not be countered easily and certainly not ridded.

There are 5, Five Actions that can be used to control these Lusts.

  1. The Will to Do Good and Be Righteous: By using Positive Energy and a Serenic Energy, the Grace of the Lord along with the Will to do Good can overcome these impure desires. The Will must be maintained and held onto though - the Concern for others must supersede personal desires and personal ambition - and Temptation.
  2.  Purification of Parasites: In order to obtain a Pure state of Body & of dangerous Lusts. One must purify themselves of parasites that encourage Greedy & Narcissistic behaviors. The idea is to do Bodily Cleanses throughout the Year. Things like Myco-ZX to remove Mold, Z-Shield to remove Heavy Metals, and occasional Colloidal Silver supplementation. Can be used to remove the pathogenic causes of Sexual Lusts. Toxoplasmum Gondii (T.Gondii) being the main "Narcissistic Parasite" is truly a Plague to this World - and many people, including myself, believe it is (know it is) the Key to re-balancing the World and ridding it of impurities. 
  3. Removal of Mental Oddities and a Functional Anxiety State: Mental Oddities and quirks have their place - certainly, one should not be afraid to be themselves. However, disinhibition and abnormal thought processes must be purified in order to remove the Self from the Super-Ego and "bad-habits". In certain Mental Rituals we pick up on unhealthy habits and unheathy Mindsets...which CAN be overcome if we do not Engage them in the First Place! The "Functional Anxiety State" or a low-grade Anxiety can be an initiator of these abnormal drives and this over-excited State of Mind.
  4. Arbitrary Energy Forces & Demonic Influence: A "Demon" is a moving, transparent and (often) masquerading Negative Energy force that attempts to change the Human Personality and Mind-State. The State of Mind can be altered by "infused intentions" which Demons use by provoking and adding to a barrage of Emotional Chaos. To stop this - the Anxiety State must be removed or suppressed. A Peaceful state of Mind must then be Achieved and must replace an over-excited state of Mind. Things like Inositol (18 grams per day), cutting down on Caffeine use and also things like Valerian Root Extract and KSM-66 can be supplemented with to obtain a more peaceful mental state that is more easily able to override sexual lusts & impurity. 
  5. The "Christ-State" of Higher Consciousness: A Belief in Jesus Christ is necessary and along with treasuring/cherishing his Values - in order to become of a higher consciousness. Purging sexual lusts can only be possible when a Set of "higher rules" is the mainstay for ones Ideology and Belief System - without which - there is no Equilibrium - no Balance. No "Pure" Objective. No resistance to dark energy. No REASON to RESIST. The Christ state suggests a state of Ascended Purity and the Acquisition of a Pure and Balanced Mental State. An actuality becomes a Reality when the Reality is written in Biblical Concepts of "not-harming others" - the Ten Commandments - by and through which one can have a Reason to Stay Pure. 
 Mental Invalidities and False Beliefs

"All Beliefs can be Infiltrated and Perverted, only through Self-Regulation and Dedicated Perseverance can we challenge the Ability and Capacity for them to be altered, deviated or digressed from. 

The Transformation of Belief is the Epitome of Mental Acquisition of Energetic Success - you become the Belief - to which you Believe.

...You become the One thing you Believe in - you become what you Are and what you Intend to be.

With False Intentions, false demeanor, duplicity and wrongful stringency - one can expect their Beliefs to be Sabotaged - without Hesitancy or Resistance."

~AMx ReBorN~

 The Volition of Will Power & Transcendency

In a Prior Article - we Reviewed the Concept of Transcendence and in our Dracula article - we also reviewed how certain Genetic Components are directly related to...not just the Existence of Spiritual Transcendence AND Ascendance but also...

  1. They are related to the Magnitude of Superstitions.
  2. The Ability for Fatalism to be utilized by the Spiritual World and how Spirits can reinforce Fatalism.
  3. We reviewed how Will Power itself has the Ability to channel Energy from the Human Genome and various mutations...
  4. That those who In Their Genetic origins - having "Fallen Angel DNA" or otherwise can supersede Spiritual Willpower of others or Reinforce the Same. 
  5. That Personal Ambition and Volition - can be used to "Force" or alter, or transfigure Events - and in doing so...can be a Means to Personal Harmony...or Ascendance through Evil Channels.
The Combative Element of Vicariousness and Essential Unity

Interactions with other Human Beings is an Essential Part of Humanity and Sociality. To Communication with Others is to Celebrate the Sole...after all.

"An Idle and Lonely Mind is Satan's Workshop".

Being in communication with others is having a Sense of Grace - knowing that one is Human

Knowing that one can Achieve in Unity with others. Knowing that others share a Common Human Decency & Emotions - the Capacity to Be Hurt...the Capacity to FEEL. The Capacity and Reality of Feeling Together.


"To Combat Energetically, or Emotionally, The Unity of Humankind - is to Combat the Soul - but to be Vicarious and Relentless - is to Ascend with the Cards in Hand...and to Succeed"

~AMx ReBorN~

 We KNOW by Precedent - that a Combative Unity is alike to a Vicious Mindset - it is the State of Anarchy, Rebellion and Mistrust.

It is the State of Invariably knowing & Believing in Chaos versus Peace. 

It is the State - of Arrogance...since Combat is Violence. Of Violent Urges. And Violent Intentions. Violent Ends and Furious Deeds - a Combative, Deciduous and Utterly Virulent Mind is the Conscious-Acquisition of a Satanic-Ego and a Devoured Soul. 

 A Conqueror's Mind is overcome by this Obsession with Anarchy & Rebellion. It is obsessed with the Idea of Conquering - only for the Purpose of Self-Reinforcement...Ego-Enhancement. The Adjective & Purpose of Satan's Will and the demonic front for Human Destruction.

The Proceeds of Satan Have Met With The World Hand-in-Hand

"Satan has overcome the World by Deception and the Universal Granting and Allowance of Ego-Driven Behaviors, but he has not taken hold of those who reside in Spiritual Unity"

The Unfortunate Values of the World and its Global State of Vanity have successfully embraced this Energy. The Cultural Traditions have ignited a State of Lust and Adaptation to Lusts...the "normalization" of Lustful Equality - as if ALL Lusts and Sexual Desires and Impure Desires; such as the Desire for Money & Power.
*The Light Verse*
Oorae or (OR-RAY) means "Light" or "Power from the Light" in Hebrew.
The Energy that can be Created from this can over-come Satan.
...But the Cultural Traditions of the World have implemented a Spiritual and Bodily Trajectory that has been difficult to Purge. Mainly because people, by-and-large DO NOT WANT THEM PURGED.
They see them as "Normal".
What people don't realize - is that World Peace and a *better* State of Human Consciousness can NEVER be obtained without Removal of the Above Mentioned "low-grade-Anxiety" - the Functional Anxiety State that *SEEMS* to have overtaken us All.

Because Lucifer can also make himself "look like he is from the Light" - theoretically (hypothetically) he can infiltrate this Verse and other forms of "Hebrew Magic" - however, he is (generally) blocked from doing so by The Power of Jesus Christ. As long as one Believes.


To Advocate for Spiritual Integrity, within others, around others - and to make sense of All of This - letting others know that they are OK and that they WILL BE OKAY. Is the Ultimate Act of Transcendence and PROOF - Proof of Spiritual Equilibrium and Purity. 

  1. There should be No Blackmail - in a Perfect Purity State.
  2. There should be no "Reasons for Peace". Just the unconditional Need for and Utter Intention for It.
  3. There should be no Justification for Purity - just that it is "RIGHT".
  4. There should be no Question of Purity - no need to Question those that are Of God - so as long as their Souls - AND MINDS - are Pure; Pure in HEART, Pure in THOUGHT - and PURE IN INTENTION.
  5. There should ALWAYS be Room for Salvation "Believe in Christ and Ye Shall be Saved" AND "Resist the Devil and He Shall Flee".
Those above Bible Verses are ABSOLUTELY *KEY* to NON-TRANSGRESSION and REPENTANCE - and Obtaining a State of True World Peace and Equilibrium


  • Restlessness gives a "Cover" and gives Way to Ruminations and a sense that "something Could go Wrong" - but as long as the Belief doesn't morph into "if something could go Wrong, it Probably Will" - then the Mind can supersede this *OBVIOUS* Contradiction. 
  • Cognitive Dissonance, or therein where Opposite thought processes, obvious Logical & Mental Contradictions can take hold through "holes" in Normal or Extended Thought Processes - is a HUGE *PROBLEM* for Humanity and for Global Peace.
  • We should ACT To Eliminate a State of Negative Cognitive Dissonance and the Cognitive Dysfunction that Plagues us All.
  • If we can Advance through Spiritual Equilibrium and NOT Dissonance - then the "Christ Unity" or "Christ Consciousness" can overcome any Sense of Evil Prevalence and The Dictation of Souls through Evil Channels.
  • A "Dark Destiny" is IMPOSSIBLE as long as these Values are Understood. 
  1. To Deny Narcissism is to Embrace Humility - to Embrace Humility - is to Embrace a Spiritual, rather than a Physical Euphoria.
  2. Even though Narcissism is rooted in Euphoria - the pestilence of it is compatible with either Dysphoria or Euphoria.
  3. Malignant Narcissism is the total Self-Embracement, the Obscenity of Obtaining a Perfect and Unchallengable Mind. The State of Obtaining a Luciferian Agenda by Proxy of the Minds Mental Flaws - the state of ALLOWING ones self to fall Prey to Vanity and Relentless Self-Ambition and Self-Reinforcement.
  4. Truly, a PLAGUE to this World.
  5. In Kids & Adults both - the Challenges of Personal Pride & Narcissism can be overcome by Valuing Others versus Valuing the PRACTICING Empathy - rather than just "ATTEMPTING" it or Intending for Empathy or Sympathy to occur - a FALSE Thought Process - since Empathy is not rooted in Habit - but HEART.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Estro-Fear! A Review of Estrogen Connection with Fear And Anxiety 2018

Estrogen is considered the Female Hormone - one responsible for development of Breasts [1] and female sexual attributes [2]...but in Men, in particular in those whose Testosterone levels are at their Peak - or in those who use Prohormones or Steroids [3]...this pesky hormone can be a Cause of One Particular Emotion...


This Fear can lead to Paranoia [4], Suspicion [5], Rage [6], loss of Gains [7], excess Stress [8], low libido [9], Erectile Dysfunction [10], strange/bizarre behavior [11]...

The Estrogen Cycle Creates its own Stress Response.

As prevalent as Endocrine-Disruptors such as Atrazine and Pesticides are, today. These types of Constant, Continuing Stress often go unnoticed...and diagnosed as an "Anxiety Disorder".

...but when people disregard the Hormone of Fear and Emotion.

There are horrible, even deadly consequences.

In this Thread, a fairly experienced Bodybuilder noticed that one of his classical Symptoms of "High Estrogen Levels" when cycling - was Anxiety, accompanied by High Blood Pressure and often...Paranoia...

Other threads have discussed other Emotional Issues like crying in Public and being fearful of being in Public aka "Social Anxiety" or "Social Phobia" type disorders.

---Read this Guide on Estrogen's Role in Bodybuilding and Controlling The Levels---

Even though "Low E2" can also contribute to Anxiety - it is far less damaging or more like "background noise"...occasional at best. Besides, low E2 is typically a Sign of low Testosterone - unless drugs are involved. Or excessive Nicotine use.

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Friday, August 3, 2018

BioMex Labs Masteron 200 Review/Log 2018 (New BioMex Labs Masteron 200 Review 2018)

This is a Review of BioMex Labs Masteron 200 or Drostanolone Enanthate + Drostanolone Propionate...I bought this product from Naps Gear.

Naps Gear is one of the most well-Reviewed AAS-website around.

I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to buy Legit AAS Online.

---DAY ONE---
--> First shot went well, did an IntraMuscular (IM) Leg Injection.
--> No direct effects yet.
--> Slight sense of Energy & Confidence, as of later on that Day.

---DAY TWO---
--> Possibly increased sense of Confidence and Energy.
--> Mildly increased Strength in Gym on Bench Press.
---> Increased Confidence.

--> Definitely increased Strength.
--> Boost in "Alpha" Demeanor/Confidence and Focus.
--> Increase in overall Temperament, Optimism.

---DAY FOUR---
--> Re-shot again today.
--> Felt good.
--> Feeling very good on this Product so far.

---DAY FIVE---
--> Definitely increased Strength.
--> Increased Random Boners.
---> Increased libido (mildly).

---DAY SIX---
--> Increased Muscle Tone/Hardening/Definition.
--> Increased Strength and Libido more Evident today.
---> Increased Muscle Hardness super-evident.

--> Increased Vascularity.
--> Increased Grip Strength.
--> Increased overall Bench Strength and Increased Capacity for Reps.

--> Increased Vascularity, even more so, appearing in Shoulders and even Veins in Forehead more pronounced!
--> Remarkable increase in Libido.
--> Increase in "Calm" Alpha-Demeanor.

---DAY NINE---
--> Feel more Empowered and Optimistic.
--> Increase in Gym Aggression.
--> Bangin' old lady much more often than usual.
--> Much more Motivation & Ambition.
--> Taking more Naps today and yesterday?
--> Feel Calmer yet more Focused.
--> Sharper Mind/Recall for sure!

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Barlowe's KSM-66 Ashwagandha Extract Supplement Review 2018

This is a FULL Review of Barlowe's New KSM-66 Formulation Ashwagandha Extract Review.

Barlowe's products have always been of superior quality, to me. 
I have written many reviews including on his Tongkat Ali Extract.

KSM-66 is shown in multiple Human Clinical trials to...
  1. Lower Cortisol, in Men & Women [1] [2].
  2. Increase Testosterone levels [3] [4] [5].
  3. Increase Fertility/Sperm Count [6]
  4. Increase libido in Men & Women [7] [8].
  5. Decrease Anxiety levels, in Men & Women [9] [10].
  6. Increase Immune Cells and T-Cell Lymphocytes [11] [12].
My Experiences with his Organic KSM-66 Formulation of Ashwagandha Extract are the following...
  1. Improved Memory; a Nootropic effect - mostly on short-term recall and improved remembering of people's names and their E-mails.
  2. Improved Energy level.
  3. Reduced OCD & Stress.
  4. Increased libido.
  5. Increased Muscle Strength.
  6. Improved Immune System and Adaptation to Stress.

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