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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Agent of Chaos ~ AMx ReBorN [Agent of Chaos Poem 2018]

In the discernment of Societies deepest ambitions, and in observing its inclination to not only Change, but Strife amidst Progress, it is only within the Cipher that is Chaos - that distinguishes ones Intentions, it is only in Calamity, that ones Truths, deepest Emotions and unrealities, forgotten aspirations, and flimsy Ideologies are Revealed.

To get people to show what is Inside them. All that is required is a Man that brings on Conflict, Rebellion, Desperation.

An Agent of Chaos.
I am an Agent of Chaos.

Who has discerned people from the Age of 5. And I understand what makes people tick. Yes, I understand, that peoples Fears, their Reactions - decodes the Way they Operate, in Life.
But in peoples Tears, I once found a part of myself. A part I had to dismiss. A part My Lifestyle would not allow to permeate. To penetrate. I could cry or tear up, as I did in my Early Years. Whenever pointless Violence ensued, amongst Family...and Friends moreso. Friends...friends I cared about. But I lost many of those a long time ago.

Now my Life is understandable. The Chronology of its Events...follows a Swift Role into proverbially Cutting the Throat of Men, Women & Families, who rely on What.They.Are.Used.To.

Yet I cut in-between, showing them how WEAK they really are, when it comes down to it, when the simple, human, Fight-or-Flight response kicks in. I show them ALL, how Desperate & Pathetic they can become In-MINUTES time.
...I show them what Internal-CHAOS can DO.

...And what I am made of.

My Principle Ideology, holds Wisdom above All, and an Illusion of Safety among ALL CITIZENS.

2018 - The Year of the Wolf Pack 
In the Spirit in the Soul - I remain indefinitely empowered. I remain Invariable. I remain sanctified by the Chaos of this Instinctual, Primal World. I remain - at Peace, knowing I understand the World.

...I remain as I am.
Fierce, alone and yet with others.
Strengthened and yet shuffled into Darkness.
Because the Year of the Wolf is at hand.
And my BODY feels the oncoming Dread of Competition, yet the Excitement of that Competition.
Which ever glows - through my Mind, as a Parable.
As something to live for...
To look forward to.
I am - THAT Wolf.
The Wolf born out of Chaos, and driven by Fury.
Driven by the Art of Being Relentless.
...And by the Instinct of Rebellion.
I am driven by A PROFOUND sense of Freedom.
And a doomsday desire for Armageddon.
For destruction on a MASSIVE level.
For influence to become a Pivotal measurement.
For Insolence to Reign King.

For the art of multiple revolutions to occur at once.
For the art of Strength to co-occur with Dissonance.
For the Chaos of Mind - to simultaneously occupy EVERYONE.
For the background thoughts, to dissipate, in favor of Magnification.
In favor - of INNER-REBELLION.
The FURY, of which is unmistakable.
Of a Magnitude never before Seen!
...People, have that VERY ability.
That rooted in their Rebellion against the Ages.
...And yet FOR-IT.
Rebel against Tyrants, School-Teachers, Politicians...Parents.
Become CHAOS.
Become, an Agent of Chaos.

THEN, we will re-discover this World in its Glory.
As the Passion of Human-Beings is stronger than the Arrogance of over-seers. 
WE, the People. Are.The.Future.
We will PREVAIL, over ALL.
For Better AND For Worst.
We have Won ourselves the Future.
Simply by being...OURSELVES.
Who are UNIQUE.
And shall Move Forward.
Forever UNTAMED.

Until Chaos emerges again, and the Agent of Chaos is Revealed.
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Sunday, November 11, 2018

ANNUAL Celebration of 11:11 For Area1255 Blog/Org LTD [11:11 Bloggers/11:11 Occult Worship 2018] (1111 and the Occult)


Here at Area-1255 LTD we have consistently been publishing many Articles relating to Life-Extension; in order to further the goal of promoting a Healthier, and eventually disease free World. We have published various articles that have aimed to hardline the Medical-Political scene. We have made significant strides - in that all of Our Charity organizations & developments over the years have led to the development & release of various Chemical Cures for different diseases. We have shed light on the possible cures for those diseases that are still somewhat mysterious and we have published work that has allowed Researchers & Scientists to go with an innovative atmosphere and find new paths to new breakthroughs.

Some of our most famous pieces are the following...

  1. Sex Chromosomes, Chromosome Disorders And Brain/Psychiatric Disorders (Area-1255 EXCLUSIVE!)
  2. Protecting Our Chromosomes 2018 & Maximizing Our Genetic Capacity 2018
  3. The Path to Immortality is Within Our Reach... (Immortality & Maximal Life-Extension 2018)
  4. Establishing The Grand Order of Immortalists 2018 (Immortalist Group [Order] Joining with the World 2018)
  5. The Future of Male Sexual Enhancement 2018
  6. Advances in the BioChemical Realm of Neuro-Endocrine Enhancement 2018 (How to Enhance/Maximize Testosterone Production Artificially 2018)

The Great Celebration of 11:11 Is the Celebration That Finances the Great Revolution

In this great, Life-Extension, transhumanism - these are the things that are "In" among the scientific community. Nootropics (brain-enhancing drugs/pills) have been increasing in popularity; even among High School & especially, College Students. Those who want a good challenge & have an inventive mind are THE most significant people who are practically DESTINED to success. It is of paramount importance - that HEALING and our timeline is completed. We must stand not in the way of our objective, but we must embrace the objective - above all else, that the World is slowly freed from the increasingly toxic-chemicals, which, along with the so-called "Cultural Stressors" have instituted a change in the lower class Residents throughout the world. Their behavior, becoming steadily more primal, more extreme, more rebellious and less empathetic of others. 

...We can reverse this trend. Simply, by removing the toxicity from the world. By inducing a state of change and opening up new medical facilities for the dedicated removal of heavy metals. Never mind cost, if it isn't government funded it will be PEOPLE-FUNDED. Our organization is working closely to make this a Reality - so that changes can occur. So that the world can reside in Unity & Peace. 

The two things that every DECENT human-being, desires.

We celebrate this Day - November 11, 2018 (11-11-2018) to SHOW that Inspiration has no limits. Progress has no limits. 11:11 is a Number of Ascendancy...and Projection. Is a number that steeps in the flames of Resolve, and in the Ideology of Success. Even brash, success.

Within the Darkness & the Light - in the harsh light of TRUTH and in the unending virtuosity of Wisdom...we, as the Children of Greatness, the Prodigal Century - must light up the world with that VERY truth. We must increase our observations & Insight - and the velocity at which they become more Observant, and more Insightful. We must fast-track success - so that results are so impressive that they are idolized. We must empower the People, and arm them with Information & the Truth. 

That is Our Role in the World.

To EMPOWER. To give - a true stake in changing the entire world.
In making a Healthier World.
We will - continue to work with powerful Life-Extension organizations & pharmaceutical companies as well as natural health practitioners to formulate the End-Game, to our goal. 

In addition...with some of our Members straying into Politics. 
We can influence the Lobbyists & Republican Senate ...and Democrats to change the Medical Community...from now ON. We shall upgrade all thoughts to all realities. 

NO-IMAGINATION - no visualization, is too illogical...if it can be tested. 
If an experiment can be done, which, when there is a WILL - there is a WAY.
So, I ENCOURAGE all to seek the application of their Imaginations.
Think Outside the Box.
Think divergently.
Divergent thinking is a GIFT.
Be Curious.
Be Intellectual.
Become revered by such Intellectual Abilities - that I KNOW many of you, reading this, even if you are simply "Fans" - are capable of.

11:11 And The Great Transcendence Movement of 2018

In this world - there are two types of people. Those who sit back & allow the World to change around them...and those who change the world, even if its a Fraction of it. 

This Age is the Age of Ultimate Enlightenment.
The Age of Truth.
The Age of Wisdom.
The Age of Rebellion.
...And the Age of Peace.
The Age of Resurrection.
And the Age of Invention.
...And the Age of Unrelenting Self-Enhancement.
And unwavering Dedication to the New. 
It is through these principles - that we WILL change this World.
Because these FACTS, are Inevitable Truths.
These - are not overshadowed by ANY principle, nor by any other form of meaning...principled or unprincipled. 

The idols of this world must shift their Eyes to PAY ATTENTION to the growing Expansion of Our Realm - of Dedication...and Invention.

Attention to Details...but attention to reinvention. Reinvention of the Worlds, culture. 
Let us - move forward then...and begin with this unwavering dedication to NOVELTY. To SEE - that this World CAN - BE-CHANGED. In the direction of Unlimited Health, Governmental Transparency. Medical Transparency. Let us together, CHANGE the Pharmaceutical Industry to be more FLEXIBLE & ACCOMMODATING to Patients. Patients, who more often than you know - are RESEARCHERS THEMSELVES. Who - in spite of the Obligation to TRUST, their Doctors...will scour Side-Effect Pamphlets, ask Questions at Pharmacies, research this, Patients - in many cases - are actually GREATER researchers than their Doctors/General Physicians, who many times simply read-from-a-script...or look for the "easiest" or simplest solution/s.

...But WE, are NOT here for easy or simple solutions. We are for BREAKTHROUGHS - that is WHY those who follow My-Blog so-consistently. That is why, despite my "dramatic-effect" - readers continue to flock. Because my message resonates, it is a realization that everyone mutually agrees with. That the world has become steadily unhinged, unbalanced, UNHEALTHY. That even though - there is a HEALTH-REVOLUTION - this does not occur to everyone. 

...And while we can't force "treatment" on those that do not want expanding the availability of Novel-Treatments, ESPECIALLY if they have "euphoric" effects...then everyone can (easily) go to their Doctors/Clinics for 2 Purposes.

1.) To get a better Mood, a slight or moderate "buzz" and/or greatly increased Energy, Zeal & Confidence.
2.) To get "treated" in the long-term - which will lead to improved quality-of-life as People slowly exit the sphere of seemingly unending toxicity & the barrage of Germs that poison us.

In all of this - is it not then, notable...that this realization is both SIMPLE & yet a more Complex suggestion than has previously been presented? 

...But answers - are not a Common Denominator - they are meant to be CHOSEN "selected" resolutions. They are meant to be, perhaps more than obvious - but the very precursor & yet realization of RESULTS in the World. 

ANSWERS: "More than anything, are the Epitome of Human-Achievement, and certainly, lead to more Achievements."

It is ANSWERS & RESULTS we need. Answers lead to Results And Results... lead to Answers. They are interexchangable.
To facilitate the conversion of the World into a New-Age, a New Era of we have written in Our Article - "The Path to Immortality is Within Our Reach".

We must implement the ideals that are thought of by those who wander through the Technology-Industries greatest Sectors. 

"I think it is possible for Ordinary People to CHOOSE to be Extraordinary

BE EXTRAORDINARY - And this itself...will lead you to Your Dreams!

Elon Musk has it right - CHOOSE to be Extraordinary, even if you THINK you are Ordinary. Ordinary people surpass others who are equally ordinary - but ordinary people like Arnold Scharzenegger & Liam Neeson weren't always extraordinary...they BECAME extraordinary - through the CHOICE, to do so.

They became extraordinary, because they went with the Simple-Thought that "Yes I can, and I will do it"...
That... "I will be the first to do something".
And Arnold knows all too well, even if you FAIL - at least, you MADE-THE-LEAP in the First Place [SEE: Arnold Schwarzenegger "Don't be Afraid to Fail"] [SEE: Arnold's 62 Most Famous Quotes].

In order to change the World - for the better.
To HEAL it.
To mend broken-hearts.
We must create a functional engagement of all that Oppose Freedom & Expansion. For in the very heart of expansion, is the Revolution of the Human-Mind. In the very Center of The Gravity of Thought - is the Nexus of Wisdom. In the shining light - that is EVERY Man, or Woman, who accomplishes an unending Legacy. 


Not UNTIL, we accomplish - all of these things...
Not until this world has double the Integrity, fastened its pace, accelerated its Innovation - to create a TRUE-UTOPIA.


...And it will succeed. It must succeed. This revolution of human thought. The entraining of Technological Progress. The speeding of human-thought - and the Resolution of the Human-Consciousness. YES, through these things we can become COMPLETE. Perfect. The greatest example of Human-Achievement is OURS for the Taking!!!

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Friday, November 9, 2018

YAY! 666 Views TODAY (November 9 2018) (666 Statistics, Photos of 666, Pictures of 666 2018)

YAY! 666 Views TODAY (November 9 2018) (666 Statistics, Photos of 666, Pictures of 666 2018)
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The Gregory Irish Clan, Gregory Family Crest, The Gregorian Calendar & The Dragon 2018 (AREA1255 Ethnicity Nationality and Heritage 2018) (WHAT is Area1255's Ethnicity?) 2018

"AMx ReBorN".

What is Area1255's Ethnicity/Nationality/Genetic Heritage?

The Gregory Family is (primarily) Irish & Scottish - my particular Gregory lineage comes back to (Paternally) the Gregory Irish-Clan - the Crest of which is Symbolized by a Big Blue Dragon with a swirling tail and red-tongue like a Fork!

I am also related to the following High-Land Scottish Clans...

  1. Clan McGregor/MacGregor (name Gregory is derived from there).
  2. Clan Urquhart (famous Clan who's Members serve all over World Government)
  3. Clan McDonald/MacDonald/Donald (Daniel McDonald married a Shannon).

My Grandmother (maternal), her Father was Jose/Josea Bloom, who was A Freemason. 

Some of my PATERNAL (Grandmother) relatives include the Leister's/Lesters who came over on the MayFlower

Many of the English-relatives on HER side were also related to Norman-English ROYALTY/Nobility. 

There were also Mason's, Templar Knights and others related through my Maternal Grandfather's roots, his Mothers surname was "Perri" which, means "PETER" and their Family was from Calabria, Italy. 

...Before that, it was most likely a SPLIT Greek & Roman-origin Family.

...I most likely descend from a Group of Crusaders.

I am also related to Vlad the Impaler ("Dracula").
SEE: Count Genomes - Analysis of Dracula's Genetic Mastery.

...Though I have not found the EXACT link - it is likely related through a Polish-Romanian line somewhere on either My Dad or Maternal Grandfathers side.

The name of the Person who descends from the "BASARAB DYNASTY" is Adrian Stanko and the other is Melissa Stankovich, and the the Romanians: Tetra Cojocaru, Needa Varga and John Varga.

I also am related to MULTIPLE RUSSIANS (hence why I am 32% Eastern European/Russian) AND Poles on my Maternal Grandfather's Side. Down in the Forese line, his Father's Mothers Mothers Mother was Anna Ross who was 50% Russian, since her MOTHERs Maiden Name was OSENKO.


The ENTIRE Calendar that the World goes by NOW, is known as the "Gregorian Calendar" which comes from the Personal Name and POPE's name "GREGORY".

It was first implemented by POPE GREGORY XIII.

...Thus it can be 'said that My SURNAME is A Foundational Element and a common reference in TODAY'S SOCIETY. The Gregory's are an Ancient Irish Clan who currently hold Political Positions, Offices, Elite-Roles and others...many of the HIGHEST Gregory's work in the U.N (United Nations).

My Father is an ICE-Agent based out of Homeland Security Office of BUFFALO, NY.

His name is "DANIEL L GREGORY".

We all have the same name, LOL.

Thus, ALL-GREGORY's are Notorious for having the above references written in their name. And ALTHOUGH Gregory can also be a First has the same meaning either WAY.

Which is...

"Awake, Watchful, Vigilant or Aware"

...AND, if you STILL aren't convinced about GREGORY involvement in End-Times.
The FREE-MASON seal involves the LETTER "G" for a Reason!!!

It has been said that this letter G actually means "GOD" and...

...HOWEVER, what MANY-PEOPLE don't know is that the "G" was actually originally thought up on the BASIS of the CODING of the LETTER, the letter "G" is also HEBREW-NUMBER 3 - and correlates to the SEAL OF THREE's - and IF translated directly by the ORIGINAL-BIBLICAL meaning of "G" - points EXACTLY to the Time Period of Pope Gregory the Great - and The Bible AS WELL AS FreeMasonry have a very Specific, thought regarding POPE GREGORY THE GREAT.

They BELIEVE that a Man bearing the surname "GREGORY" will appear at End-Times and Play a Pivotal Role, some say he will be a Great Prophet who "handles" his People and gets them to PICK UP the Bible and ESCAPE the Wrath of the Anti-Christ...others say he will be THE-FINAL POPE.

...Others say he will be a GREAT Military Commander in END-TIMES known by a NAME like "Commander Gregory the Great" or "Lord Gregory the Great"...

Alike to the Order of St.Gregory The Great!

Lastly, the early MACGREGOR Clan-Chiefs were all PRINCIPLE, powerful, formly FREEMASONS [REFERENCE].

Conor McGregor BTW, also OPENED up about some interesting facts in THIS-POST it is mentioned (along with his INTERVIEW, reference) and THIS-ONE is the REAL interesting One!

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Go Forth Gregory, and Conquer like We Did, Make THOR Proud!!! (Making THOR Proud 2018) (Neo-Pagan/Neo-Norse/Norse Bloggers 2018)

The Words of Rollo Ragnavaldsson whispered to me as I write this Article...

"Go forth Gregory, and Conquer like We Did, bring our Legacy forward to the Current Day, make THOR Proud".


It is my Imperative.
It is my Choice.
That I do not follow the Advice of others.
...But simply AGREE with Rollo, and His Ways.
You see...I understand him. 
I share his Personality.
I know what its like to lose Faith in one God.
I know what it is like to GO-MAD, like he Did [!].
I know what it is like to EMBRACE the ONLY-WAY-THAT-GETS-YOU-FORWARD.
I know WHY...he embraced THOR, and that is the Same-Reason that I do!

THOR gives Strength to those who DESCEND from his People.
He gives the Motivation to Conquer.
He gives the Motivation to GAIN.
He gives the CENTRALITY to Our-Vision.
The Knowledge for Our Whims.
He is the ALMIGHTY God of the Norse, who's COURAGE Resonates (even-today) with the Northern Peoples.

...And like Rollo the Viking - I am Empowered, Believing.
And LIKE THOR - I am Courageous.
I stand HIGH and make myself known, as he would Encourage.
...For that is the ONLY-WAY - TRUE-SUCCESS.

...So stand with me NEO-PAGANS, those who Follow the New-Age Norse-Religion.
I am here to vibe WITH-YOU.
I am here, to stand with you...
As you, adapt to the Modern-World - and your Beliefs attempt to FIT-IN.

...But I WILL create an ARENA where you can EXPRESS yourselves!
I will resurrect the Lost & Almighty Spirit of THOR.
Who's Roar and HAMMER strike changes into The-Sky.

Who's POWER, resonates with US - Night & Day.
Whether on a Voyage.
At Work.
Wherever we GO. THOR shall be with US!!!

Wherever WE go, as a Society...we shall have the MYSTICAL Power of the Norse, the Runic, Transcribed, MET, and PASSED-DOWN power...that can NEVER-BE-BEATEN!!!

So to my Fellow NORSE/NORDIC peoples!

Do NOT be ASHAMED of Your-Heritage!
Treasure it!
Treasure even so the "lost" Viking Age.
...Because they are SYMBOLS of Your Perseverance!
They are Symbols, you RUN-WITH.
Like it or not, you are one of THEM.
You always feel a Need, to Unleash, to WORK-HARD???
Where, do you think, that came from?
It came from Our Viking Ancestors, and YOUR, Viking Ancestors, who gave US the Gift of Living in Full-Color.
In Unending Ambition.
From Cold to Hot.
From Wanting to Following to Leading.
The NORMANS, who come from Your People - MADE Government largely what it is today.
...So your Image resonates EVERYWHERE, and CAN'T be denied.
BUT, you SHOULD be Ashamed...if you DENY, where you came from....
There is no denying the past...only outliving it.
And if you do not take into consideration that it was ONLY because of "Mainstream Effort" that MUCH of The Nordic Population became CHRISTIANIZED

Then you would KNOW - that you have NO-OBLIGATION to be "mainstream".
You NEVER were BEFORE that time-period.
You never were.
You were ALWAYS - Norse; Pagan.
It was only when the World changed, that a "Religion of Peace" became in High-Demand.
...BUT, who is to SAY, that YOU can't WORSHIP the OLD-NORSE Religion and STILL remain Peaceful!??

...Only an IDIOT would Suggest that!

So do not be like an idiot, for NONE of you are Born that way.
You are born Superior.
Born enhanced.
Born out of the Graves of the Now-Fallen.
You COME-FROM Magical Power.
You come, from the Super-Natural.
Do NOT lose yourself, THYSELF, or by any way the Christian Peoples would SAY-IT.

If you want to ACT, do it!

If you want to REVERT to the Norse Religion, DO-IT! Its NOT too late!!! There is a WHOLE population in the World that is (CURRENTLY) converting back to Norse-Pagan practices, a 21st Century revival sort of thing!

If you want to CONQUER, do it!

If you want to GET-INTO Politics, EVEN World-Politics, DO IT!

...And, if you want to LIVE in the PAST and/OR in the PRESENT, DO IT!!!

Revive, for OUR Name-Sake...the Warrior-Brotherhood, which did so Conquer the Whole World...and gave us Our SOCIETY, that is...Today.

The ROCK-STAR Emerges...
In effort to become the absolute greatest embodiment of Perfection, and Personification of Change & Revolution. I have coordinated with a plethora of Companies and Individuals. Together, we will obtain the World from the oncoming threat of Global Government. We shall heal the World with MUSIC, with ADVICE - and good cause!

...I am also partnered with some VERY popular Musicians/Metal Artists.

In due time - this World shall be empowered by the Vision we have set forth.
As a Life-Extension Organization/Blog - we will never back down from our Goal. We are relentless. We can achieve a Healthier, less primitive, more United society. And we shall!

There will be a Throne, aligned with Gold, that in its very presence, is the Essence of Greatness, and a result of the Free-Spirits that have created the throne that each Man, and Woman, today, sits in.
We shall resurrect the Economy MORE than Trump, has.
...And I PROMISE YOU ALL - you will soon Join me in igniting this powerful revolution.
The revolution of the ultimate Anarchist-Immortalist Fusion.

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I've Become an Illusion - One that Has Formed like a Wolf and yet a God! ...And yet I am REAL (2018)

In all of my years...only one thing has been my "Standard" by which I live. That is Persistence. In my writings. I am a persisting, pressing entity. I am one thought that has branched into many thoughts. All from the same consciousness. All from the same CORE belief. This belief - that all things are possible. That by having the Will to do so - the will to move forward. That NOTHING is impossible. That being the FIRST to do something, also means you could be the last and the ONLY person to accomplish such things. It is through this philosophy that I establish a Ferocious Momentum. One capable of consuming the Minds & Whims of others. 

In my focus, backtracking is not only deleterious, it is actually an IMPOSSIBILITY. Moving backwards is NOT possible at this point. I go forward, whether I think I'm fully prepared, or not.

I move forward AGGRESSIVELY, without hesitancy.

...And all those who do not, have not, or will never Belief in me. Are only MOTIVATORS. Those who have dismissed me for my Ways, motivate me. And when I have accomplished FULL-PERFECTION & SUCCESS. Then, they shall SEE, the True Me. The Full Me. The Perfect Me. The one who's ambition is unparalleled, and who's accomplishments are Unprecedented. Yes. I WILL come to meet these things in my Eye, and GRAB-THEM. I am Numero Uno. I am the #1. Nulli Secundus; second to NO-ONE. I am he who is like a Wolf, and yet like a God; tasked with Leadership and War. I am he who gains and Conquers, like my Ancestors. I am he who sets forth and NEVER-LOOKS-BACK. I am he who stands at the Ground, and yet summons Energy from the Sky.

I am he who stands in Lightning, and hails to the Thunder. I am one who worships the Darkness within the Clouds, and the changing Skies as they brim full of the Universes energy. I am one who is ENLIGHTENED by a Full-Moon, energized by it. I am one - who detests Superstition, yet Embraces it. But steadily, cautiously, and strategically. Superstition becomes Magical Thinking that isn't, and yet is. So I dismiss it. Yet pick it up, sometimes for Convenience, sometimes as an Armament. Sometimes as a hallmark of Glory. Sometimes to recollect my PAST. Sometimes, to become a Child again - I embrace the Visual Ideals of my Childhood. And sometimes, to become the most Masculine Adult I can be. I mix those ideals - with a sense of Vigilance, Oversight, Intelligence, stoutness and observancy. It is through these mechanisms. I have been able to SHARE new-ideas...ideas that will Forever change our World and the Way we Live.

...and when you see My-Presentation on the World-Stage. 

Remember My Eccentricity.
Remember my Dramatic Effect.
Remember my Enthusiasm.
Remember my Imperative.
Remember my Call.
Remember my Way.
Remember my KNOWLEDGE.
Remember my Style.
Remember my Methods.
Remember, my Value.
Remember, what I stand for.
And what I hate.
Because in these Words.
Are my Soul, and My Fate.
And you, alike can be one to change forever the Whims and the Ways
...of the State.
I am here to be Inspiring. 
Here to Inspire.
Here to Visualize.
Here to Create.
Here to CHANGE.
...And so I shall!

~AMx ReBorN~
The Amazing Ascended Master X
"He who has obtained all knowledge, and is tasked with applying it to the World, to mend its broken soul, to unite people once more so that Freedom among all, without exception, is Possible".

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Saturday, November 3, 2018

Irwin Naturals Steel Libido RED ("Magnum Blood-Flow") REVIEW 2018 [IN: Irwin Naturals Product REVIEWS 2018]

(2018) AREA1255's RATING for IRWIN NATURALS "Steel Libido" RED (2018)


    1. This product, being primarily a blood-flow product, I did not noticeable impact on Libido a whole lot. Especially not within the first few days. However, vasodilation and a minor increase in Erectile Hardness (EQ/EH) was apparent by the Second-Day of use; where I took 4 capsules per day, all at once; usually in the Afternoon time.
    2. Secondly, I noticed improved "spontaneous erections" or 'random wood', without ANY sexual stimulation...I get these NORMALLY -- but this product DEFINITELY increased the Frequency of them.
    3. Sometimes I would be sitting in a Restaurant, or even in a Family Members car...even in my OWN-CAR - and BOOM, random boner!
    4. I also noticed a VERY pronounced increase in Mood and Energy levels. This supplement; due to the inclusion of Mucuna Pruriens/L-Dopa extract - could be a useful "anti-anhedonic" - in other words, a Substance that increases Pleasure from ALL activities, not just SEX.
    5. ...And that's where this product REALLY shines!


  1. NO Major side-effects were noted. Even at TWICE the normal dosage (4-capsules TWICE per day). That means even at DOUBLE the amount recommended on the bottle; the amount you "AREN'T" supposed to Surpass - I noticed NO ill-Effects!
  2. Unless you count random boners as such a 'terrible' side-effect...I'd so overall it was a Pleasant Experience.
  3. I took the Product for a Month - no Headaches. No 4-hour Erections (the random wood lasted about 20 minutes MAX most times). And certainly, NO-EFFECT on Blood Pressure (besides a MILD, insignificant decrease for about 10 mins after ingesting the Pills, literally a 1 point to 2 point drop in Systolic Blood Pressure.
  4. ...But the DROP in blood pressure is reasonable, since the Product contains L-Citrulline and other things that are SUPPOSED to decrease the "force" of blood flow and YET, improve overall Circulation!
  5. Lastly, the libido INCREASE (noted AFTER 5-Days) was NOT annoying enough to Put-the-Bottle down or otherwise discontinue Usage!

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