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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Top Quotes from Lucifer 2019 Modern Day Quotes from Lucifer 2019

"His brain is a System of Theatrics"

The reason why I say "message" is not so much mockery of your Brain but rather what I am used to in dealing with those in my Office (The Vatican/Church).

"Its Lifestyle & Practice"

"Remember, Pride meets Fate."


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Sunday, May 19, 2019

Russian Confidence, Vodka Vibes & Genetic Chemistry of Russian Diligence [2019]

Many Russians (Men & Women) are characterized by the following traits.

  1. Outward & Sophisticated Confidence [1] [2] [3] [4].
  2. Careful & diligent work ethic [5].
  3. Sense of Coldness or attachment to clinical methods of getting things done [6]
  4. Braininess mixed with Brawniness. (balls and brains in equal measure) [7]
  5. Need for absorption of knowledge & high capacity for knowledge (good memories) [8].

*Part of this behavior may be in part due to a higher sensitivity to GABA in the Brain, as many Russians have a GABA-alpha 2 receptor subtype mutation [9].

This explains why Russians love their Vodka!

They also get better effects from Alcohol in general. 
That is...its not just a social thing nor a habit but an enjoyable hobby.

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Friday, May 17, 2019

New Order of the Ages - Equilibrium Within Society As a Peak Achievement [2019]

If there is any validity in the options presented to us, we would discover opportunities within those options. If there is a discovery to be made with the heart - then with the mind will it also be uncovered. The truth is unveiled by those who seek it, with clarity and intent the world will be changed - and decisively we will unravel the glory of that change. I have discovered the beauty of the world magnified by the essence of words. I have discovered the mind of a nation endeavoring to sustain its orchestra of successes, I have created the wave that lifts illusions from the eyes of man and heals the minds of man I have seen a people who can invision a greater reality. One  far more acceptable and prosperous than our predecessors - those who have led us out into an only "fair" reality with only fair results. The utopia we seek out can only be reached by not settling for less - for if we are more, we are not less, we demand results. Clinical and exact - magnified by human energy. We can accomplish this - and a New Order of the Ages is now present & the World must be sustained by this new society...that we have created. Then let us enlighten those who share such prospects for the future. Fragments of society reborn into a new revolution of the human mind - an upgrade to new accomplishments, then we as a society can grow stronger. More visible, more accommodating to our fellow humans our human need for support that is on a heartfelt level can only be done by healing people of the world. In which case, we support a beautiful new world which can be transformed into a gigantic success, a standing infrastructure of a successfully renewed society. Yet a society revived by its spirit of relentless ambition - a society reinforced by its affinity to the luxuries & freedoms only this modern era can have. We are defined by the reward promised through this freedom, freedom to gain, merge, award freedom by which we set the standards of society. Standards by which as a team effort, a coordinated agreement we all can agree are better for the world - to make it better healthier and more prosperous. 

It was not by chance that a coalition of the Youth was started it was not by chance that the young people stood up and verified that the future belongs to them. It was by their energy society was transformed, and business management was accentuated - defined by new heights, innovation throughout, and a thoroughly renewed and reintegrated business atmosphere. 

It was not by chance that an Anarchist movement had risen to load up the fearsome souls that exist today with unlimited courage, it was not by chance but by Fate that a new society had merged from a movement built on transparency and freedom. It was not by chance that the very same movement exposed the corruption in both Politics & Business - it is not a coincidence that the same movement had caused the world to fight for the Spirit of Freedom...that in the interest of protecting mankinds will to survive as it should without being hindered, downplayed or even momentarily let go of, we should reignite the wills of man - as a representation of the future we have imagined, shall integrate & have aspired too! A personification of the ultimate fate - the fate that is the total unending progression towards a society where happiness can co-exist with those of all races and beliefs and where prosperity can exist without argument. Where bitterness is resolved by promise of opportunity and promise of results.

had risen from the ground of the earths crust from the people take it up to form from dust. 

It is what we have lived for - what we abide by. It was what we are transformed by - it was obligations that we are bound to for success.

It is Love that engulfs the ideology of humans but repairs the heart of those who suffer. Without that Love the next person suffers. We need human decency and an attachment to that philosophy. Without such, society can not transform - we can not truly regroup into something better we can not have a truly utopian society without such principles. We can not provide the perfection needed that our Children & Families and friends deserve. We can not guarantee a better life to those we love without such standards being integrated into our society. This world deserves change, and it shall have it. This world will see change - as we will make it. This reality is upon us, we are responsible for it. We are committed to it - for this is nothing that is impossible for us - as a People, as a Nation - as a world defined by its resilience & successes throughout the years. The life & birth of people - the unrelenting nature of human is perfect proof of that continuing cycle. Have people truly given up? Or have they risen to become heroes in recent days and in the past? Have people ever truly stopped believing? It is the truth that we are an enduring race of peoples - through our beliefs, faiths, motivations, accomplishments and diverse motives. It is true that we understand - and progress. It is truth that together - we have shown the collaboration of potential in humankind. It is true that we win together.

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Monday, April 29, 2019

Titan DHT 50 Pro REVIEW 2019 (Russian Star Peptides TITAN Pro Review/Log 2019) (Russian Star Peptides PE Penis Enlargement Gel Reviews Logs 2019)

This is a Review & Log of TITAN DHT 50 Pro - the strongest Penis Enlargement Gel available on Russian Star Peptides ("RSP Fitness"). This contains the following ingredients....

  1. 50% DHT Gel (Dihydrotestosterone).
  2. PGE1 (Prostaglandin E1; a vasodilator used for Erectile Dysfunction).
  3. A "novel transdermal vasodilator"...unspecified/patented.
This product is 150 Euro's or 167.84 USD!

On my Bank Account, though, perhaps because of the processor - it seems to average out at around 220 USD....

It could be the 'Foreign' transaction aspect, though.

  1. DAY 1: Nothing to note today....perhaps minor vasodilation on my Cock. Slightly improved flaccid hang? Too early to tell.
  2. DAY 2: Not much today either - not after First Application (9 AM)....however after 6 PM - BAM! Definitely improved Flaccid Hang Size.
  3. DAY 3: More improved flaccid hang size. Slightly increased libido. 
  4. DAY 4: Strength at the Gym was increased, got a Random Erection at the Gym! Nice!!
  5. DAY 5: Increased libido, yet again. Erectile Quality WAY up. Flaccid Hang size enlarged significantly (0.5 inches???)
  6. DAY 6: Definitely noticed some 'gains' in terms of Size, although haven't measured yet...will probably do it tomorrow!
  7. DAY 7: Measured this morning...approximately 0.2 inches of Growth although its possible that increased fullness accounts for half of that!
  8. DAY 8: Nothing new to report. Although incredible graininess in the arms and a noticeable 'drying' effect (veins showing/hardened muscles etc) is pronounced.
  9. DAY 9: Multiple random boners today! ...At all hours. Morning (3x), Afternoon (6x) Night (3x).
  10. DAY 10: Insane amounts of Bench Strength...DHT definitely adds strength! Libido was almost out of control today! Couldn't stop looking at every girl in the Gym that passed by or was sitting nonchalantly in some corner or on a seat. Even the 30's Desk Lady (cashier) at the Gym looked Sexy!!!
  11. DAY 11: Increased flaccid hang size yet again! Veins popping out in Dick & Biceps more noticeably! Engorged as a Motherfucker!
  12. DAY 12: Incredible strength gains on Grip & Butterflies!
  13. DAY 13: ...Bench press sets were extended by 3! I pushed out 10 extra Reps on each set and Maxed Out with 20 extra on the last one!
  14. DAY 14: 0.4 inches increase in total Size and 0.2 inches girth definite! Measured this morning.
  15. DAY 15: Increased sex drive & beyond....literally every chick was a turn-on (except the fat slobs) - even Anorexic looking bitches that normally would turn me off were turn-ONs today!
  16. DAY 16: I noticed a Morning (Raging) Hard-On that lasted ~3 hours. Very impressive!
  17. DAY 17: Well today I noticed improved Muscle Strength with pull-ups and improved running endurance. Although I'm not sure if I can attribute this (totally) to DHT or some other component? Random (full) erections during my Run. Each run spurred up another erection!
  18. DAY 18: More noticeable sensations and improved orgasm intensity is utterly apparent today! ...I am impressed with both the extended duration of orgasm and intensity as in WOW "I came hard" experience.
  19. DAY 19: OK! Definitely am noticing more 'growth' down there. I've noticed this the last few days but declined to measure due to putting it off (to be sure). I wanted to 'play it safe' by waiting a few more days until I could be sure measuring would produce a favorable result - documentable, that is.
  20. DAY 20: Up 0.4 inches LENGTH & 0.3 inches GIRTH (for sure!).
  21. DAY 21: Definitely noticing ridiculous amounts of hard-ons...continued vascularity, engorged/enlarged veins in my Penis & improved libido (further).
  22. DAY 22: I feel incredibly empowered by my Day! As if everything will go right! I feel Energized, as if I've reached 'Perfect Equilibrium' - I feel a sense of totality & fullness....a slight 'buzz' or rush - almost like a light dose of Cocaine! ...Improved erections and sex drive noticeable! Continued flaccid hang increases - this time all day long!
  23. DAY 23: Only three more days since last measurement, though I don't plan on measuring until the 25th day. I noticed continued increases in Endurance; its DEFINITE that this product (for whatever reason) extends my Running Ability without getting out of breath etc!
  24. DAY 24: I noticed a MASSIVE increase in Sex Drive on Titan DHT 50 Pro - today. Nothing less than Obsessive! Fantasies pouring through my Brain - with new 'touches', Creativity & certainly a new "direction" in Imagination...very Intense! For sure...considering no Pornography was used!
  25. DAY 25: Measured again today! Up 0.7 inches in Length, No Joke!!! Girth is 0.6 inches...which means it caught up significantly with the length gains, which is impressive...normally girth comes in later and girth gains take longer to happen.
  26. DAY 26: Insane how fast this continues to build strength. It extended my max bench press weight by 30 lbs! I can not attribute this to anything else.
  27. DAY 27: Random erections all day long! Literally from 6 AM to 9 PM. 
  28. DAY 28: Sex Drive, Flaccid Hang & Obsessive Motivation and Desire all were at their absolute climactic point today. Nothing stood in the way of my goals - and I crushed them all.
  29. DAY 29: Definitely empowers the Libido (sex drive) on a level that nothing can compare to...its not just arousal - its increased mental fantasies, sensation and ejaculate volume as well (cum-load increases x5).
  30. DAY 30: Up 0.9 inches in Length, and 0.8 inches in Girth - thats almost an Inch in exactly a Month. Very impressive. I will be buying this again.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Natural Cures for Magical Thinking & Superstitions 2019 [Herbal Solutions for Psychosis 2019] [How to Treat Magical Thinking Without Medicine Drugs 2019]

Magical Thinking; it is a form of thinking that involves the following traits....

  1. Believing in Unusual or Unorthodox explanations for simple events [1]. Example: The Illuminati have a curse on my Family, that's why all this bad stuff is happening to us! NOTE: Such Paranoid/Conspiracidal thinking is common in almost all forms of Psychosis.
  2. Applying a delusion to an otherwise normal thought process [2]. Example: I am doing Math homework and have finished the first page now I will ask "God" how to do the second page so he can put the answer in my Head [3].
  3. Over-Emphasizing events & encounters - to the point where everything has an alternative meaning (ideas of reference) - or somehow invokes the commitment of "Fate" [4] [5]. Things are perceived in an abnormal fashion - a normal reality is substituted for a false perceptual reality [6].
  4. Believing that the SuperNatural is involved with every aspect of ones Life, including their Mental Integrity - as in "I worship so and so God, that is why I am calm today, he makes me Calm" [7].
  5. Believing one has supernatural abilities; that one can Telepathically communicate [8] - or is reincarnated as Jesus Christ [9] [10], in the flesh...or that one is "not a human" and is "destined to a greater life" [11].
  6. Believing one can "see the Future" by watching for the Signs [12], including correlations to things that are already predicted but may in essence, be a leap to assume such correlation is equal to a causative event. Such as a Dream about World War III - and then it happens "my dream told me the future". ---Read Notes on SuperNatural Influences on Brain Chemistry---
  7. :::Read About The NeuroScience of Dreams & Nightmares Here:::
These are all examples of 'Magical Thinking'

  1. Magical Thinking is defined in the NIH/PubMed summary/collaborative Article/Study with the following reference  "In his book “The Golden Bough”, James Frazer described magical thinking as prescientific attribution of causal relations between entities not connected by any demonstrable natural law. Frazer divided magical thinking into two major categories: the law of contagion and the law of similarity. By the law of contagion, entities in proximity can act on one another with any manner of effect. For instance, by touching an oak leaf, a human can acquire the height of its parent tree. By the law of similarity, entities that resemble one another are linked causally. For instance, because a walnut looks like a brain, eating one will directly improve the eater’s IQ score."
  2. I have OCD; Obsessive Compulsive Disorder - this disorder INCLUDES Magical Thinking...especially for me! I used to do the whole "step over side-walk crack or something bad will happen". I've had other superstitions, like believing in "Godwinks" or Signs from my former God (hebrew god). I believe in a Praying Mantis being on my door as a Sign of Good Luck....I love praying Mantis's - and have written an article on them. Magical Thinking is often an integral part of OCD - critical in that it plays a role in the 'reasons' for Compulsions that necessitate themselves as a solution to a given Fear or Obsession - including obsessional or repetitive fears. For example: If one is a Christian and has OCD - they may believe in a higher sense of "Purity" or Morality - in that any violation of such thing immediately evokes the Wrath of Karma - delivered by Christ...or that any "beating around the bush" is a Lie and such exaggerations will result in "Punishment"....punishment for Sins. 
  3. In Schizophrenia; a severe psychotic illness - marked by seeing things that aren't there, having delusions about the "Government being after them" or people trying to poison them (paranoid delusions), also by hearing voices that aren't there. In some cases, this Magical Thinking present in Schizophrenia & Schizo-type disorders; including Schizoaffective Disorder - manifests as talking to people who aren't there ("Imaginary Friends") [13] - to abate loneliness and quell Anxiety & Distress.
  4. In Schizotypal Personality Disorder (which I was diagnosed with as a Child) - "magical thinking" [14], over-active Imagination [15] & high amounts of linear & non-linear Creativity are present [16]....including divergent thinking [17] - or "without origin or example" creativity, where the Mind spurs up an image - that is based ONLY on possibilities & Creative Effort - and NOT by the example of another [18]
  5. Mindfulness is a key characteristic described as a profound sense of self-awareness and even over-attention to ones feelings, beliefs and subsequent reactions and Emotions. Schizotypal Personality Disorder (SPD) - where the condition of Schizotypy exists (originates) - is defined by & shown by an "excessive amount of Mindfulness" [19].
  6. In Schizoid Personality Disorder; another semi-psychotic type personality disorder - social aversion [20], aloofness/emotional coldness [21], social anxiety [22] and disrupted Internal vs External attention issues are found [23]....That is, that Schizoid persons (schizoids) are known to have an elaborate fantasy world inside their heads - yet very little need for Emotional Release - an aversion towards love or intimate encounters [24] [25].
So...HOW do we Cure Magical Thinking with Natural Supplements? 

  1. CBD Oil aka CANNABIDIOL: The only over-the-counter supplements PROVEN to treat/eliminate Magical Thinking, magical experiences and delusional thought process are those natural ingredients like CBD Oil [26] - which have been studied for Schizophrenia [27] - more extensively than many other natural supplements [28]. Project CBD has a collection of studies/articles proving Cannabidiol (CBD) is the only well-researched Natural Treatment for Schizophrenia & Psychosis [29]. CBD Oil has immediate AntiPsychotic effects & is deemed efficacious (highly effective) [30]. It can be bought on a legit (local) discount site over-the-counter (without a Prescription!) - via Top Extracts: Specialty Products (discount link).
  2. E-Pharm Test Force II: A supplement that contains a combination of D-Aspartic Acid + Sarcosine (N-methylGlycine) [31] [32] - it is used to boost Testosterone levels in Men & Women [33] [34] [35] - however, the ingredients are also used to treat Schizophrenia [36] [37] [38] [39]; as well as Cognitive/Memory issues present in Schizophrenia [40]. E-Pharm Test Force II; a supplement containing both DAA + Sarcosine - can be purchased at a cut price on AMAZON - here. It has several good reviews to justify its potency/quality as well. For Testosterone purposes - another natural alternative is Test-Stack Rx Product No.17 "Test-Booster" - however it is over $200 (USD) and is thus unaffordable for does WORK though - read My Review on Test Stack Rx Signature Testosterone Booster here.
  3. N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC): Is a neuroprotective (brain-protecting) amino acid Supplement that is proven effective in multiple studies for Natural relief of Schizophrenia symptoms [41] [42] [43] [44]. It also improves Acute (short-term/immediate) Psychosis; including Magical Thinking [45] - as it calms nerves from over-firing in the Brain [46].
  4. Correcting Hormonal Imbalance: Testing THYROID Hormones [47], Estradiol (Estrogen) [48] & Testosterone (and Androgens) [49]: Psychosis, Magical Thinking, Schizophrenia - and all things leading in the direction of "abnormal thinking" - have a hormonal component [50]....HYPOthyroidism (low Thyroid function/hormones) - causes Schizophrenia [51] [52] & Psychotic symptoms to emerge [53]....often without notice. LOW E2 or Estrogen (female sex hormone) can lead to Psychosis [54], although, incredibly HIGH levels of Estrogen can precipitate a Stress-induced Psychotic state [55]! Estrogen increases Fear....Interestingly, Testosterone (androgens, male sex hormones) help one to control their reactions to Negative Emotions & Negative Energy - if diagnosed as a Schizophrenic [56]. For those who don't have Insurance or can't afford TRT (Testosterone-Replacement Therapy) - AndroGel (testosterone GEL) is available on NapsGear (Geneza Pharmaceuticals) without a Prescription....shots are also available on the same site as NEBIDO - which is the only 'true' TRT injection that is long-lasting and works to relieve Low Testosterone Symptoms [57]. Using Raloxifene - an Estrogen 'regulating' drug also proves useful for Schizophrenia and Psychotic States [58]. Test-Stack Rx "testosterone booster" (VIP Discount Link Here) also may improve Psychotic symptoms IF there is a clear deficiency in Gonadal Hormones (mainly LH/FSH)....however, it takes 2-3 weeks (at minimum) to have any noticeable effect on Mental Status.
  5. Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplements (Krill Oil also!): Omega-3 Fatty Acids are considered to be extremely beneficial in treatment & prevention [59] of Psychotic Disorders [60] [61] [62] - including full-blown Schizophrenia [63] and dissociated states [64]. I take MegaRed Krill Oil - which helps to block Adderall's pro-Psychotic effects in me....although I am never 'truly' Psychotic - more or less just enthused by odd forms of thinking or "tests" of Creative Effort.

  1. Magical Thinking is associated with elevations in multiple neurotransmitters; namely Dopamine [65], Serotonin [66], PEA [67] [68] (phenylethylamine) - in other words "monoamine neurotransmitters" which heighten stimulation [69], expansiveness of the Mind [70], openness to ideas [71] and which amplify Emotions in the person [72] [73] [74]
  2. Magical Thinking can involve DEFICITS in Glutamate neurotransmission [75], specifically an under-active NMDA-receptor [76] [77] - which can also be due to Lead Poisoning - in which Lead (Pb+) directly blocks NMDA-receptor function [78] and can create Psychotic States [79] [80] & abnormal forms of thinking [81] and Emotional Processing [82]. Lead exposure also causes ADHD/ADD symptoms (Attention-Deficit-Hyperactivity-Disorders).
  3. A virtuous or "heroic" person is often a High Dopamine + High-Serotonin type....whereas a Pompous sex-addict (fiend) - the "Player" type is typical of a High Dopamine LOW Serotonin brain chemistry [83]. Cheaters typically have a Dopamine-D4-receptor gene that makes the receptor more active & sensitive to Dopamine [84]. Cheaters are known to have too much Dopamine in blood as well as Vasopressin [85] - a hormone closely linked to Testosterone activity [86].
  4. A Person with "High-Empathy" usually has more NOREPINEPHRINE (noradrenaline) [87] - conversion from Dopamine, thus, their Dopamine is taken and transformed into NorAdrenaline more readily - than a person with less DBH activity. DBH or Dopamine Beta Hydroxylase - causes dopamine to convert or "turn into" norepinephrine - which is a more 'stimulating' monoamine in many ways.
- Connection? Causation? Or simply Variable per Person?


A Systematic Review

J Nerv Ment Dis. 2018 Feb; 206(2): 81–101.

Published online 2018 Jan 30. doi: 10.1097/NMD.0000000000000782

PMCID: PMC5794244

AUTHOR: Margaret Altemus

PLoS One. 2014; 9(3): e91151.
Published online 2014 Mar 11. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0091151
PMCID: PMC3949980

Tertia D. Purves-Tyson, 1 , 2 , 4 Samantha J. Owens, 1 , 2 , 4 Kay L. Double, 3 Reena Desai, 5 David J. Handelsman, 5 and Cynthia Shannon Weickert 1 , 2 , 6 , *
Joohyung Lee, Editor

(National Institute of Health:NIH/PubMed Database)

Drugs. 2005;65(8):1051-9.

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Monday, April 22, 2019

Natural Modafanil Alternatives 2019 [Natural Adrafanil Alternatives 2019]

Modafanil is a powerful waking drug that activates the Brains hypothalamus [1] to awaken the Mind, it causes Histamine (the "wake-up" neurotransmitter) to start firing [2] and activates the Histamine nerve channels [3]. It does this by disinhibiting Histaminergic neurons by reducing GABA activity; a "calming" neurotransmitter that reduces Histamine [4] & Glutamate [5] and promotes SLEEP.

Modafanil & its 'Brand-Name' Provigil also have Dopamine enhancing effects, through its interaction (inhibition) with the Dopamine Transporter (DAT), thus, it has effects *kind-of* in the same direction as Amphetamine & Concerta/Ritalin (methylphenidate) but is more "selective" for certain Brain Regions & locales (subpositions) of the Human Dopamine Transporter.

This Dopamine action of Modafanil may also promote Histamine release this way - as activation of D2-receptors increases Histamine release & firing of histamine neurons. Presumably by reducing cAMP, which is a second-messenger with anti-allergic & anti-inflammatory effects - working in an opposite direction to Histamine [Reference]

More evidence for HISTAMINE role in Modafanil is that in a Head-to-Head comparison with another Histamine releasing drug; a H3-antagonist which tells the Brain to "disable the breaks on Histamine neurotransmission" - they both had identical effects on EEG results & Power Spectra, proof that during Sleep Deprivation, even, these Histamine-based drugs are getting at the core of the issue [6].

Adrafanil also does all this, except Adrafanil is Over The Counter, Modafanil is [typically] Prescription only [7], although it can be Purchased without a Prescription on Naps Gear; The Internets Largest Underground Pharmacy, producing mostly Anabolic Steroids.

Even though Modafanil is used for Narcolepsy; its main approved use (medically) - it also is used for ADHD & ADD; Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder [8] and Modafanil have a long history [9].

Adrafanil converts (turns into) into Modafanil, taken orally, effects for ADRAFANIL start as early as ~45 minutes [10], but on average Adrafanil kicks in within 1-2 hours (onset of effects) [11] [12].
Knowing these are well known "smart drugs" - and have a whole Research Paper (collaborative) justifying that use [13] - why should we seek alternatives?

...Well for one thing, these supplements can vary in Availability & Pricing. Some Nootropic (smart-drug) stores simply stop selling Adrafanil & Modafanil, without much notice. Sometimes due to Legal Concerns, especially if they are selling pure Pharma-Grade Modafanil.

Other Reasons: Not everyone responds well to these Drugs/Supplements, some get Hypersensitivity Reactions [14]  Allergic Reactions [15], Anxiety [16] [17], Nausea/Vomiting [18]. NYMag also reiterated these possibilities for atypical reactions and gave personal account of such Modern-Day "Wall Street" of the Drug. Me for example, I HATE Adrafanil because playing with the dose (300-1200 MG) is more complicated then simply taking the straight Modafanil tablets or splitting them.

--> I also find Adrafanil & Modafanil to cause Anxiety, sometimes worsening OCD, although by means of its Alerting effects gets me "out of my head" and onto my surroundings; including Work... so when my Mind finds a Task, you could argue that Modafanil improves my OCD. However, Modafanil use without an outlet; either Writing or Day-Labor work = likely more OCD.

Adderall on the other hand, not so much. 98% of the time it COMPLETELY eliminates my OCD "Intrusive Thoughts" and in the process reduces my overall Anxiety level, by again, more prounouncedly getting me out of my head.

--> Be careful using Modafanil along with too much Coffee/Caffeine, it could lead to Insomnia (being unable to sleep) and Fast Heart Rate (tachycardia)....

--> On a bad day, Modafanil made it more miserable to be alone, but also made me more Social, and Fearless & Assertive, in some ways. I was more witty in conversation and better on my toes during Hard Tree Work.

--> It helped me Multi-Task.


1.) Syrian Rue: Syrian Rue (Penganum Harmala) activates Histamine neurons as its natural component; Harmaline, stops Histamine from leaving the Brain or being broken down too fast [19]!

Syrian Rue also can alleviate Depression / Sleepiness, by acting similarly to MAO-A inhibitor AntiDepressants; its constituents block MAO-A activity in the Brain [20]; leaving more neurotransmitters around for usage & uptake (assimilation).

2.) Life Extension Dopa-Mind: This product is tablets containing a special Wild Green Oat Extract (WGOE) patented as "NeuraVena". In clinical studies, it improves many aspects of Alertness & Cognition/Memory.

It works by blocking MAO-B (thus stopping Dopamine and PEA from being removed) [21] [22] [23] and inhibiting (blocking) PDE-4 - which leads to increased cAMP and prolongation of cyclic AMP's positive effects on Brain Function [24].

3.) Onnit Alpha Brain: This is a popular, highly reviewed Nootropic supplement - which is loved by almost everyone who takes it. It seems to have both immediate effects [25] and general long-term Alertness & ProCognitive effects [26].

It is studied to improve Recent Verbal Memory & Executive Function [27].

It has powerful cholinergic ingredients like Alpha-GPC, Huperzine A & Bacopa - all of which substantially improve Brain Function.

4.) "Genius Consciousness" Super Nootropic: Contains a plethora of excellently studied ingredients. Is known to hit FAST and deliver powerful long-term results [28].

It increases Brain Growth Cell Growth & regeneration (neurogenesis) [29].

5.) QUANTUMind: A little more expensive, but worth the price due to expensive ingredients that quickly stimulate Alertness and Concentration/Focus.

It is well-reviewed.

---> QUANTUMind Independent Review

OTHER RESOURCES: Smart drugs: implications for general practice
Paul J Nicholson and Nigel Wilson, Chair
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I have always Sympathized with GANONDORF the "Great King of Evil" from the Legend of ZELDA series of Video Games....I understood his Sorrow, his Plight - and as well understood ZANT - a misunderstood, lonely MAN who was shut down by his own people, and declined ANY form of Happiness - some "secret" notes - is Zant couldn't find 'love' either due to being exiled from the Twilight Realm and yet Persecuted, as there his loneliness festered and his Anger SIMMERED - until he 'couldn't take any more' - and prayed (Reached Out) to ANY "GOD" that would listen....Ganondorf through his Ability to Supernaturally (Telepathically) communicate - 'appeared' to ZANT - while he was on his Knees....much like THOR appeared to me to offer me LOVE - and a Destiny WORTH LIVING!!!!

....I, like GANONDORF - have learned the Power to Telepathically Communicate to others...although it ISN'T 'Perfect' - (I haven't Perfected it, yet).



  1. Both of us have 'ROYAL' Arabic Blood (Egyptian, Armenian). Both of us have a darker complexion (although he is WAY darker). He was also exposed to WAY MORE SUN (from being in the Desert!).
  2. Both of us seek after PERFECTION; Absolute Power...I desire to RUN & WILL GAIN the 48th Presidency!  (48th President USA America Candidates Guesses Estimates for 2028 USA Presidential Election).

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