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Sunday, August 28, 2016

I Recovered from a Six-Month HARD Shut Down with These Natural Supplements (Two Supplements Increased My Testosterone by 700 ng/dl)

Alotta folks see my posts, as "Damage'', I am frequently seen as one of the funnest writers, not only on this blog but on forums as well. As damage, I am seen as one of the 'tough guys' of Area-1255, but no one really knows my story. 

My name is Eric W, of course, I won't speak my last name but it is of importance that people familiarize with me. This is me before Steroids. 

Now, ideally one should recover quickly after a sufficient PCT Cycle. That means their testicles should start working shortly after their post-cycle-therapy which is directly after their last steroid dose during a full-on cycle. Their natural testosterone levels should resume. Mine didn't. After a long hard cycle of TREN & DECA + Superdrol, I gained over 25 lbs of pure muscle and cut 18lbs of water weight/fat weight. I did a total recomp. I made serious progress.

BUT, my testosterone production had ceased and LH/FSH remained way below what they should have been. That's AFTER a strong 10,000 IU ''loading phase'' of hCG as well as a full 6-month cycle of Clomid as well as several 'test-boosting' herbs. No matter what, my test levels would just not 'boost'. Until I found RS Transaderm & PhytoSERMs 347X.

Now this is going to sound mad corny, but those two supplements did more than any other standalone herb or pharmaceutical concoction ever did for me. And I wanted to know WHY. 

WHY did the standard protocol that works for EVERYONE FAIL for me!??

After doing a bit of research, I think I've found the answer.

Some herbs just simply aren't ''pure'' enough to cut it. The pharmaceutical compounds were pure, and they were even tested by multiple labs, but the herbs...who knows. It's difficult to make an assessment when you have to trust the stuff that someone else is handing you, that goes with anything. 

BUT, the reason why they failed is quite certainly beyond that - it's a matter of individuality. My own personal susceptibility to this particular dilemma, but one that also relates back to the HARDCORE nature of the compounds I was using. 

Indeed, others have also been through this, and have been shut down with a similar mixture of compounds.

Whether their solutions are the same, well IDK.

What I do know, is after months of scary, FRIGHTENING primary hypogonadism ( <136 ng/dl ) I miraculously recovered with ONLY those two supplements together for 3 months. Only PhytoSERMs 347X & RS Transaderm FULLY RECOVERED my natural and Total Testosterone (TT) back to 837 ng/dl. That means that TWO natural supplements increased my testosterone by over 700 points!!!

I don't care if this sounds phony, it's my report, my testimonial, my reality. 

It's the truth. 

So those who are looking for a natural recovery protocol (PCT) should ABSOLUTELY give these two anti-aging supplements a try. They are expensive, but worth it. 

Check out RS Transaderm Here -->

NutraBio PRE Review (NutraBio Pre-Workout Powder Review) (Review of NutraBio Supplements by Area-1255)

Alright, so I've finally gotten around to reviewing this product, I've gotten tired of 'mainstream' preworkout products and decided to try a company who doesn't throw themselves in the spotlight as much. NutraBio comes across as a professional, stringent and humble company. Their representatives are also very professional and also aware individuals, in that they called me to make sure that a change of address was correctly requested by me on the second order and to make sure the order details were correct. 

I like that about them, this type of security shows how up-to-date their representatives are but also how proactive they are in general. 

Now let's get to the product. Here are pictures of it.

Take Note : This stuff is VERY strong, you only need one scoop per day - normally I don't take labels super seriously, but they are right, exceeding one scoop per day is not recommended, and not necessary.

TASTE (Green Apple Flavor)

  • SOUR SOUR SOUR! But very tasty. The stuff is easy to drink, I just put it in a bottle of water and its game-on! I don't recommend it in milk but you can certainly put it in Juice. It isn't something you will get tired of easily. There's no chemical taste to it though, and it doesn't taste watered down either.


Intense focus that kicks in after about 15-20 minutes of taking it. Sometimes a little longer, but that's usually the amount of time it takes for the energy, pump and motivation to kick in. 


This product ranks very high on the motivational scale, it simply activates your motivation unlike anything else I've tried. I'm talking nootropics, most stimulants, B-Vitamins etc. It's very strong in that regard. When you drink it, you feel the need to blast right over to the gym, or to wherever you go to workout! Heck, this stuff makes it fun just working out in my backyard (I have bench press back there). You are STRONG on this stuff, in part because of the 'buzz' and the energy it gives you. In that, I'd say the motivation comes from a prominent mood-lifting effect from this product!


This stuff isn't like some products, where you notice a 'peak' on day 3, or effects that only last for 20-25 minutes. This stuff gives you a steady, long energy burst and buzz that lasts for at least 4 hours, but usually up to around 8 hours, which is why I recommend you don't take it before 6 PM or near bedtime. The stuff will hit you HARD and will last longer than most pre-workouts.
Moreover, the energy it provides is not only a mood-lift but a 'have-to-do-something' type energy, it just emanates. The energy is not content to reside within in you it has to be exerted upon something, and its also perfect for sparring sessions and wrestling.

Its reliable energy burst is good for anything, using half-a-scoop can be used for studying. 

That makes this a VERY diverse product.


Holy shit! This stuff is strong like thunder, it creates not just a buzz but it dramatically increases muscle strength on the bench and off of it. It absolutely is NOT placebo and the strength is, quite frankly, for a preworkout...UNREAL! You will absolutely notice pumps that lead to strength, or strength that leads to pumps. It is not just the pump or solely the pump that enhances your strength, I feel it does something through the nervous system.

Keep in mind I was not taking ANY other supplements while using this, aside from a multi-vitamin. That's what makes this product so special, you know its IT that is working. 


Perhaps the most significant effect of all of it. The pumps on this product are equally INSANE. In all honesty I think NutraBio is using purer products than most, and their chemists are good at understanding what other products lack, because the ingredient profile isn't super different (but definitely unique) than some other preworkouts. It's different, but I mean they didn't change every-single-concept of a PreWorkout just so it would look different, so naturally of course, some ingredients will be also present in other preworkouts (like Creatine), because they've been proven.

Here's the ingredient label, took a snap-shot of it below that one.

I bought this product from their home page @

PowderCity Aniracetam Capsules Review (Independent Review of Aniracetam Capsules from Powder City)

Sup Ladies and Gents!!

DaMage is here with another smashin' review.

That's right, he's down but not out, but really he's just back from a long vacation!

DaMage decided he wanted to try a noot, so he tries a noot. It takes a noot like...well you get the picture. Aniracetam is it, and powdercity was the store chosen because of it's favorable prices and very good reviews. 

They also deliver their test papers on your doorstep (online), how delicious is that?

So, let's get to it.





  1. I noticed an increased short-term memory mainly.
  2. Creativity was ever so-slightly increased.
  3. I noticed psychological arousal and increased engagement in conversations. 
  4. I noticed an increased eye for detail.
  5. I noticed a dramatic alleviation of social avoidance only after day 5.
  • Nothing too negative, but I did notice an odd hypotension type feeling on the first few days, prominent at day 3. It felt like my blood pressure might have dropped a bit on it, but it was nothing severe.
  • It did seem to induce a mild despair-like Depression when taking two capsules a day, however, this did not occur on one capsule per day and it could certainly have been due to other factors including personal lifestyle and the stress going on in the last couple weeks.
  • I noticed increased aggression on this.

Aniracetam is actually a very subtle nootropic, as some would agree. It doesn't come on hard or fast nor does it have any clear stimulant effect. At least not the traditional type. But it makes you more fluent, more conversational, and more understanding in a way. That's despite the increased aggression I'm noting before which is more related to things not necessarily interpersonal but just random bits here and there, however that particular effect isn't exactly a concern of mine and I have a hot temper anyway with or without so.

Aniracetam doesn't seem to have a profound effect on motivation per se, unlike some other nootropics, but it does allow for deeper focus and allows you to stick to your task like glue. That's the best way I can describe it. It has optimal attention enhancing effects after week one though I know some will argue its immediate, I don't feel it is. The effects on the first few days were hardly noticeable at all, if at all.

Aniracetam shows its real colors after week two though, that's where you notice a more balance/optimal effect even though a lot of it appears after the first week is over. It does seem to improve mental clarity.

The effects on perception, perceived height/weight of others and of objects is negligible. There does not seem to be an effect on overall perception besides the increased focus and reduction in anxiety that would accompany a faster and more willing response (i.e in Class). There is absolutely no jittery, stimulant type-effect here. The effects are actually calming, think of that time you were just a kid, so focused on your schoolwork but calm, and yet have all the determination in the world to get it done, without it seeming like there is any pressure or time limit. Don't remember that? Well imagine it, cus that's how this feels - it's like a calm, engaged focus. 

Another interesting thing about aniracetam is it shot my testosterone levels up a bit in bloodwork (882 ng / dl --> 903 ng / dl) and nothing else can account for these effects as I had not changed my diet nor supplement regimen nor was any other supplement being used while on this. Oddly, the libido-boost with this supplement was unlike a traditional test-booster, and stronger than a lot of test-boosters and with that I would say is the only ''neutral'' or positive side-effect I can attribute in this fashion to Aniracetam.

There is a not-so-subtle feeling that your balls are 'working better' on this and as such I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that AMPA-positive modulators and AMPA-receptors in general are tightly tied to gonadal hormones in some unique way because Piracetam also produced this effect for me (and others) as did Phenyl Piracetam.

The other thing I liked about aniracetam is the fact that you don't have to really expect too many side-effects (unless you count the aformentioned above side-benefits as side-effects) and you don't have to worry about it interacting with other sups or medications (even though I wasn't taking anything else). I do think however given the hypotensive-like effects though you may want to watch, particularly with higher doses, the consideration and / or use of blood pressure pills with Aniracetam. Even though I can not say for sure that aniracetam lowered my blood pressure on the first day (I did not use a cuff or actually check blood pressure that day), the third day I ended up checking it at a local pharmacy and it was at 88 systolic (top number) and 68 diastolic (bottom number) so it was definite at that point that aniracetam can lower blood pressure. 

That could be in part, because of the anti-anxiety effects or GABAergic effects of Aniracetam [!].

So, that will do it for my review of Aniracetam.

Overall, I liked the product, it was very enlightening and definitely a good experience. I would definitely count it as 'calmer' than Piracetam and certainly unlike Phenotropil in that it was not stimulating. This product would definitely be geared to those who naturally are more anxiety-prone and for those who have prominent attention issues / concerns. I'm not going to say that it is for everyone or is a perfect supplement for everyone, but I think its safe to say that nearly everyone will get some sort of benefit it, even if it is not the 'in-your-face' kinda benefit. 

PowderCity's Aniracetam Product Page/Store Page is Here -->

Friday, August 26, 2016

List of Natural / Herbal SSRI's : What are some Natural Serotonin-Reuptake Inhibitors?

Lots of articles exist talking about ''natural anti-depressants'' and 'natural serotonin boosters', however, most of them go into SAMe and other amino-based supplements, and the ones that DO talk about SSRI's are usually mixing them with other non SSRI supplements so it's difficult to filter which parts of the list are actually accurate.

Here is an effective 'master-list' of natural selective serotonin-reuptake inhibitors (NSSRI's/SSRI's). These supplements should not be used without a Physician's advice and they should not be used to treat, diagnose or cure any disease.

1.) Kanna : Is the most potent and proven of the natural SSRI's [1].  It also inhibits PDE-4 so this can lead to rolipram-like effects and amplify the antidepressant effect [2] [3]. It can be bought at TopExtracts here.
2.) St. John's Wort :  A well-known herbal anti-depressant which inhibits serotonin transporters and modulates brain levels of catecholamines [4] [5]. St.John's Wort may also calm excessive levels of norepinephrine by blocking dopamine conversion to norepinephrine [6] (in other words, it can help reduce the transformation of dopamine into norepinphrine and adrenaline). It can be bought at a good price @Amazon.
3.) Bacopa Monnieri Extract : A well-known and often used herbal memory booster, it has multiple pharmacological actions however its effects on mood are based on serotonin transporter (SERT) inhibition & expression modulation [7] [8] [9]. Buy it at Amazon here.

Products are also listed below for your convenience.


Monday, August 22, 2016

Natural Aldosterone Lowering Supplements (Supplements to Lower/Decrease Aldosterone)

Below is Wiki's overview of Aldosterone. A Summary I mostly agree with.
Aldosterone is a steroid hormone, "the main mineralocorticoid hormone",[1]:50 produced by the outer section (zona glomerulosa) of the adrenal cortex in the adrenal gland.[2][3] It plays a central role in the regulation of the plasma sodium (Na+), the extracellularpotassium (K+) and arterial blood pressure. It does so mainly by acting on the distal tubules and collecting ducts of the nephron, increasing reabsorption and excretion of ions out of and into the tubular fluids of the kidney, to cause the conservation of sodium, secretion of potassium, and thereby indirectly influencing water retention or loss, and influencing blood pressure and blood volume.[4]When dysregulated, aldosterone is pathogenic and contributes to the development and progression of cardiovascular and renal disease.[3] Aldosterone has exactly the opposite function of the atrial natriuretic hormone secreted by the heart.[4]
Aldosterone is part of the renin–angiotensin system. It has a plasma half-life of under 20 minutes.[5] Drugs that interfere with the secretion or action of aldosterone are in use as antihypertensives, like lisinopril, which lowers blood pressure by blocking the angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE), leading to lower aldosterone secretion. The net effect of these drugs is to reduce sodium and water retention but increase retention of potassium. Another example is spironolactone, a potassium-sparing diuretic of the steroidalspirolactone group, which decreases blood pressure by releasing fluid from the body while retaining potassium.
Aldosterone was first isolated by Simpson and Tait in 1953.[6]

But there are some things that perhaps are more important than these facts. Like the fact that we can use natural medications / herbs to lower aldosterone, and also that aldosterone is involved with muscle tone [7] [8] and the appearance of muscle definition because of it's role in sodium distribution through the body [9]. High amounts of Aldosterone hide our hard-earned gains by causing sodium retention, and high blood pressure at higher amounts, creating a state similar to adrenaline-dominance, except through a much nastier pathway [10] [11].

Therefore, lowering aldosterone has utility in bodybuilding and especially, 'cutting', aka getting shredded, getting to low body fat and low water retention.

So let's do this.

1.) As with ACTH, Ginkgo Biloba extract remains one of the best anti-stress supplements that also reduces aldosterone significantly [12]. Ginkgo also acts to cause vasodilation and has a slight diuretic effect through other mechanisms as well [13] [14]. This all leads to muscle growth and improved blood pressure. NOTE:  Ginkgo reduces aldosterone by inhibiting the Angiotensin-Converting enzyme which normally acts to help produce Aldosterone [15].

2.) Magnesium again, in normal healthy subjects even, Magnesium reduces the blood aldosterone concentration [16]. It also protects the heart after a heart attack [17], and helps prevent heart attacks [18]

3.) Hibiscus Sabdariffa extract is one of the most powerful, human-studied natural aldosterone inhibitors available. See this study here on Nigerians with HBP.

When No Obstacles Remain, There I Become.

It could never have been said, or written another way better. The deadly truth, is also a healing truth. The reality is what others have been starved from. My tune is that reality. The reality that their punchline has been on a road to expiring for a long time. The reality that my goals are the ones that have been kept, fought for, and have been set back, and then made to re-equip, so that for a time they looked abandoned, so that for a time, my goals seemed far away. The truth? 

My goals can't be stopped, I realized that when I saw how quickly some would concede. I saw that my future was an awakening, that one idea standing on top of the highest mountain. Seeing everything that nobody else saw, or would dare to accept. Those are the reasons why I am able to do what I do. I don't need or want the foolishness of others to be my reality, and if I choose to emulate it, then I do it out of choice. For no other reason would I appear differently, just as my perception is but a choice. I choose to perceive in the way I do. I choose the battles that I keep - and I win them, always.

Then it dawned on me, that the now arisen enemies, who have fought so long to maintain their ignorance under the guise of intelligence, life, and health - would now have to concede, or be dropped to the ground. My instincts understand the future, I understand the future. As with before, my predictions hold true, and so shall they now.  

The former have passed away into an abyss, they no longer have the grasp they once had. They are trying to hold on, but it is in blindness that they do so, and they are far too arrogant to hold on with meaning, so they fall. I will let them. Not because I hate them, or what they stand for, but because I have a mission. I must be at their place, because destiny has called me. The future of my dreams is not a dream, nor is meant to be. It is my calling, my one truth. That truth that others have failed to understand. This is my belief, my power and my salvation. A strength never seen by the unobserving eye, nor even my own - at least to the extent into which, when revealed, it takes its own form. Understanding the reasons for both good and evil, understanding the true comparison, understanding human momentum. These are my realities.

I see now that all through my life, people have tried to hit me hard, and antagonize my dreams, they have even set me back, but the one thing that stops them, that CHOKES them, is the fact that no matter what I keep going, then putting on the armor that THEY gave me, the immunity to their hits is what makes me strong. It's what fires up my soul for more courage, the fact that every one of them just had to paralyzed, had to be defeated because I chose to use what I was given. They lost at that moment. Because they were overwhelmed, all of my enemies had lost their grasp, just as the current ones do. Because they can not understand the type of resilience I possess, maybe its inhuman. Maybe it's divine, a power from not this world. Or maybe, it is simply a man who has not forgotten what he has learned, and has taken things for what they are - who has absorbed a path to greatness because of his acceptance, and ultimately the utilization of everything that has been his past. That is why I succeed - that is why others fall. They do not hold things because they have been taught it is weakness to do so. 

In reality, this could be only my method no? A method that only I and a few others have truly perfected, because with great mental stamina comes the ability to reach for all dreams in a no questions asked manner. Instead of relying on each of my strengths individually, I see them all as one. I may train each of them differently, but ultimately I see them all as one. Ultimately, I see them as unity, and completion, as one sword - myself. One durable, one enduring, one made more magnificent as each day completes itself. Because now, there is nothing stopping it, as with before, and with this small amount of time I have given myself, to complete the final task - will reveal my final self. 

The sum of my past + years of growth. Years of knowledge gained. Years of self-progress. Years of understanding gained in a short time. Years understanding myself. Years that have brought me to this place. Years that have sought to understand even themselves, and have for a time, became inconclusive, until it all made sense. Then those considerations I've made and no one else has, are the final tools to my strongest steps. My boldest reality to be shone on the world. The absolute completion of what I have longed to obtain. 

It's mine and no one elses, and while others fight to keep their power alive, I will fight relentlessly even when there is no fight in sight, because I know power is seen, and envied. I know how many thiefs there are, both of the mind and soul, and of possessions. So I will take unprecedented steps, and creative, nothing short of innovative precautions, so dissolve threats before they become threats. So that my reality, is a King's reality, an undefeated one. One that the strongest armies of men will not be able to defeat. Because they do not understand all sides of the story of life, and they haven't perfected the various perceptions I've created. It's an illusion to them, but it's my reality. My empire, my being, my world. 

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Natural ACTH Lowering Supplements (Supplements to Lower/Decrease ACTH) (Adrenocorticotropic-Hormone-Antagonists/Blockers)

ACTH, also known as adrenocorticotropic hormone, is a polypeptide ''tropic hormone'' that is produced and secreted by the anterior pituitary gland, in mammals and humans [1]. It's main function is to increase cortisol release from the adrenal cortex and to help maintain equilibrium during Stress [2] [3]. ACTH plays a large role in body temperature [4], mood [5], metabolism [6], resistance to stress [7] [8] [9] and as well, the uptake and proper usage of electrolytes in the body [10]. It also regulates bone mass, low concentrations of ACTH may oppose osteoblast differentiation and high amounts may have anabolic / growth-promoting effects on bone [11]. ACTH is heavily involved with human fertility as well [12] [13] [14].

Among all of these facts, leads one question. What is the purpose of lowering ACTH? 

Well since ACTH increases Cortisol, those with hypercortisolemia (cortisol excess), and the resulting high blood pressure and / or fat gain in problem areas (especially face, trunk/abdomen, hips) may seek to 'hit the problem at the root', which is lowering ACTH in order to get cortisol under control. A valid strategy indeed, but the idea that we should just lower ACTH is also often misread, what we want to do is actually fine-tune the Adrenal Cortex and Adrenal gland so that we are not missing out on the benefits of the lower level glucocorticoids. 

To reduce ACTH and fine-tune the adrenal hormones, we can use three specific supplements.
NOTE: The box next to the name of the supplement with the exclamation mark leads to the primary source/citation regarding the herb or supplements interaction with ACTH.

1.) Ginkgo Biloba Extract [!] {You can buy it HERE}
Proven in humans to reduce stress-induced rise in blood pressure and cortisol/ACTH secretion. It is used by many athletes today, as well as those with prior atherosclerosis and in those with memory problems [Reference].

*Ginkgo Supplements should be taken at 120 MG twice a day for this purpose.*

2.) Magnesium [!] : Nature's Anti-Stress mineral, and well-known for improving sleep and muscle strength. {It can be bought HERE}

3.) Ashwagandha Extract + Phosphatidylserine [!] [!] [!] - Perhaps the most effective combo, these supplements have been used for years to alleviate stress and to improve mental endurance / resilience. Highly recommended, and especially for younger people.

You can buy a powerful Phosphatidylserine supplement --> HERE.

*Phosphatidylserine should be supplemented at 400 MG / per day as shown in the studies. Ashwagandha, simply follow the directions on the bottle*.