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Monday, February 29, 2016

Benefits of DHT Gel's - Benefits of DHT-Meds & Benefits of Masteron/Proviron ETC

DHT, simply put, is the Man's hormone - the king of male hormones . It is that primal vitality we all want, it is the hormone that gives an ''alpha'' his alpha-ness, and from a hormonal standpoint, is nothing short of spectacular.

DHT AKA Dihydrotestosterone is also known as 5-alpha-dihydro-testosterone or 5a-DHT is the 5-alpha-reduced metabolite (form of) of Testosterone - it is what Testosterone becomes when it is metabolized/reduced by the 5-AR Enzyme (5-alpha-reductase). DHT balances out all other hormones ; including estrogen. 

It prevents estrogen receptors from being over-active in a male's body - and it helps to prevent/reverse Gyno (gynecomastia,man-boobs,bitch-tits). It also increases neurogenesis (*growth of new brain cells*) and increases STRENGTH & AGGRESSION...

It has a multitude of other beneficial effects as well - one of which being to COUNTER 'poor mood' and thus alleviate Depression, Anxiety and other mental disorders. 

Thus, it can be concluded that DHT-compounds and DHT itself can be useful in treating mental disorders and preserving brain function/integrity.

DHT is also a favorite compound/testosterone-form for libido/aphrodisiac purposes and is among the highest quality - PROVEN APHRODISIACS amongst Men AND IN Scientific Study.

  1. PRO-Ejaculatory effects.
  2. Extremely pro-libido / promotes sexual desire more than almost any other form of Testosterone.
  3. Increases confidence and diminishes anxiety.


  • ANDRACTIM : DHT Gel can help reverse/cure 'man-boobs' and cut water retention from subcutaneous fibers (like a slight diuretic)...   
  • MASTERON     : {Injection} Masteron (Drostanolone Propionate/Enanthate) is a 'pure' injectable DHT-compound and has super-potent cutting/drying effects. It may rapidly boost libido and can , like andractim, help counter excessive E2 (Estrogen,Estradiol) levels.
  • PROVIRON       : Little breakable tablets that are pure methylated DHT in a pill; excellent compound as a male aphrodisiac!


Saturday, February 27, 2016

Benefits of a 5-HT7 Agonist VS 5-HT7 Antagonist (Better to Activate OR Block 5-HT7 Receptors)

The 5-HT(7) RECEPTOR is a GPCR (G-Protein-Coupled-Receptor) (1) and the Serotonin-Receptor subtype to which Serotonin has highest affinity for (low nanomolar concentrations) (2) layman's terms - this means that one could have low serotonin production and this is the receptor that will most likely be most active* even in the presence of very little serotonin. 

It displays constitutive activity and thus a variety of ligands can activate it and a plethora of endogenous modulators may attempt to alter it's signaling under certain circumstances (such as STRESS)(3).

It plays a key role in mood, behavior, cognition (flexibility/task switching, organization of thoughts, retention of memories / information). It is specifically affected by (UPREGULATED) by STRESS (4) and , in turn, upregulates GLUCOCORTICOID Receptors (5) which leads to more cortisol activity and affinity afterwards - as such, maintaining abnormally high activity at this receptor can contribute to chronic stress-states and stress-induced deficits in behavioral flexibility which includes social isolation and memory issues in relation to emotional memory and integration (6) (7)
{5-HT7 Receptors also INCREASE with AGE - whereas 5-HT1A's decrease in old Age.}



  • Increasing LTM (Long-Term-Memory) and retention (8) (9).
  • Increasing Fear-Memory Retrieval (10).
  • Reducing NMDA-Receptor Expression (only relevant after long-term agonism, short-term is opposite effect) (11)
  • Reducing Re-Consumption of Alcohol and Thus Alcohol Reinstatement (12).
  • Treatment of 'Fragile-X-Syndrome' (FXS) and reduction of glutamatergic-tone (13) (14).



  • Rapidly decreasing Depression Symptoms (15)
  • Increasing Behavioral / Cognitive Flexibility (16)
  • Reducing Stress-Induced Anhedonia (17)
  • Increasing Resilience / Stress Adaptation (18)
  • Increasing Sensitivity to Amphetamine and Blocking the Reduction in Dopamine Induced by Amphetamine (19)



Functional, molecular andpharmacological advances in 5-HT7receptor research


Disruption & Dysregulation Explained (What does Disruption Mean in Psychopharmacological Lingo and What Is Dysregulation in Hormone Systems)

Disruption and Dysregulation are two key terms in Psychopharmacology/Neuropharmacology; Psychopharmacology meaning the study of the effects of drugs on behavior, thinking, mood, sensation etc (think real-life studies on Cocaine in certain scenarios or common social paradigms) and Neuropharmacology meaning the effects of drugs and like compounds on specific cellular components of the nervous system (such as neurotransmitter receptors and transporters).

DISRUPTION (as in disruption of homeostasis or disruption of endocrine system; e.g endocrine disruptor) means an unpredictable and often unfavorable immediate or chronic change in the ability for a network or organ system to cooperate properly.  It indicates that a cell system or specific brain region is 'disrupted' and is consequently working on unusual terms , and often at reduced efficiency. 

These changes are often initiated by an outside (exogenous) mediator that is introduced to the body system transdermally, or consumed. Continuous exposure to the offending molecule leads to continuous disruption and thus continuous drastic changes on the affected systems within the body - the result is a weakening of systemic processes and eventually deficits in the affected (disrupted) target area.

A good example is the study of synthetic estrogens and / or excessive phytoestrogen intake on hormone systems in Men & Women. In the case of chronic estrogen exposure - the endocrine system/s become 'disrupted' which means cell signaling is being directly influenced by an outside mediator (estrogen, additive or administered)..

Estrogen (Oestrogen/Estradiol/E2) is not efficiently mustered when introduced in an unexpected fashion - it causes descending neurons and hypothalamic structures to deteriorate and lose proper cell volume - especially in the cases of synthetic estrogen exposure - such as with degraded plastics exposed to heat/sun . Estrogen can depress neuron signaling in certain brain regions (i.e amygdala and hypothalamus) and cause infertility as a result of poor gonadotropic activity in the affected person/animal.

DYSREGULATION - Is when a specific cell system or hormone system becomes imbalanced or unable to properly regulate itself - it is often used in the terms 'emotional disregulation/dysregulation' however, in neuropharmacology and neurology ; dysregulation means specifically the acquired inability for a system to regulate itself or otherwise function efficiently (often due to poor feedback from other systems that project upon the affected system).

Dysregulation concerns the immediate entity (subject in question; human or mammal) as it relates to composure, proper gut function, stress adaptation to thermological changes (excess heat/cold etc) - dysregulation can be brought on by chronic exposure to Cold or Heat ~ thus it does not require an active substrate to initiate it nor the introduction of a synthetic product or compound. Dysregulation thus can occur naturally as a result of many common sociological stressors but is much more common in a purely biological fashion as with poor diet or poor body condition (e.g obesity, truncal mass excess or heart disease).


  1. Chronic Stress (familial, physical trauma, exposure to freezing cold temps over time) leading to cortisol excess and subsequent dysregulation of neurotransmitter systems and / or synaptic plasticity - then leading to the corresponding effects of STRESS that are a result of the occurring 'dysregulation'. Note : Dysregulation may occur beforehand at a lesser level by poor diet as stated above, and this may perpetuate the ongoing dysregulation caused by the next bout of chronic stress etc
  2. Dysregulation after long-term exposure to a heavy metal (such as lead, mercury, Arsenic etc) {see Here} Leading to abrupt neurotransmitter alterations and problems regulating the flow of calcium into human nerve cells...

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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Symptoms of High Prolactin in Men (Symptoms of Elevated Prolactin Levels in Men)

Prolactin (PRL), also known as luteotropic hormone (LTH) , is described as a ''single-chain-protein-hormone''; however, it is more accurately depicted as an 'endocrine modulator' and a hormone that gives feedback on the hypothalamus (1).

Prolactin also has neuroendocrine interactions - that is, it regulates dopamine in key areas of the hypothalamus (2) - which then, in turn, causes a decrease in sex hormone production - Prolactin (PRL) also causes a direct effect - a downregulation of gonadotropin-releasing-hormone (3).

Prolactin is responsible for lactation during Pregnancy and after-birth/labor - it also is responsible for dulling the sex drive during times where a woman's instinct is motherhood and tending to her child/newborn (4) .

In Men, Prolactin plays a role in fathering instincts (5) and thus plays a central role in bonding with child and Wife. However, as in Women it can halt/attenuate menstruation and sex drive - and cause lactation/puffy nips - the same to Men (6) (7).

More easily said like this, HIGH PROLACTIN SYMPTOMS IN MEN ARE...

  • Puffy Nipples (8)
  • Gynecomastia (development of female breasts on Men) (9) (10)
  • Loss of or decrease in male sexual drive and erectile ability. (11) (12)
  • Memory Problems; loss of creativity and logical thinking, but especially, working memory. (13)
  • Extreme Fatigue and loss of Personality / Passivity (14).

TWO SUPPLEMENTS can easily eliminate the Prolactin (PRL) Issue in Men and simultaneously (at the same time) restore Testosterone levels to high-normal or higher than they were before.

The only two sup's you need based on both report and scientific study/s are.

  1. MUCUNA PRURIENS EXTRACT 40% L-DOPA (and no, there is no risk of 'downregulation' or 'tolerance' after continuous usage of normal doses)
  2. Product No.17 (this product re-regulates the eR; estrogen receptor, so that it no longer efficiently produces prolactin-responses and heavy signaling to the hypothalamus).

If the high Prolactin is really messing your E.Q (Erection.Quality) then there are legitimate online pharmacies that sell PDE-5 Inhibitors like Cialis. The best one by far is ...

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Estrogen (Estradiol, EB, Endogenous, Natural Estrogen, ERT) Effects on Blood Pressure Relate to it's Effects on Neurotransmitter Receptors

  • Estrogen Increases Sensitivity to Alpha-1-Adrenergic Stimulation in the Hypothalamus ( ) , E2 also increases alpha-1-adrenergic Receptors and responsiveness of them on vascular smooth muscle (~) d
  • Estrogen decreases GABA-B mediated hyperpolarization and also decreases Glutamate-Decarboxylase (GAD) which equates to decreaseD GABA synthesis/production in the Brain/CNS and decreased receptor activity - the net result is increased sympathetic drive and nervous system stimulation. 
    • Although glutamate-elevations themself do not increase blood pressure or particularly cause vascular-smooth-muscle-contraction, they do, in combination with increased adrenergic-tone, lead to increased effects of glucocorticoids and overall increased CNS-reactivity - which then augment in Process the estradiol/estrogen stimulation of nervous system fibers. {E2/Estrogen Increases Glutamate/NMDA-Transmission Directly As Well}
    • Thus, glutamate + noradrenaline leads to blood pressure increases more than noradrenaline alone, whereas glutamate alone does not raise blood pressure without noradrenergic and / or cytosolic calcium entry into myocardial/smooth muscle cells.

ANSWER: Can All Drugs / Chemicals Be Subcutaneously Injected (Do All Drugs/Meds Work Sub-Q)


  • Only if they are in powder/pure form , they can not be shoved into a vein if they still contain tablet coating. Only fine-powder will do.

  1. It is a faster method of administration than intradermal and oral, but a little slower than intramuscular (Intra-M).
  2. Mixing tablets and refined powders can be dangerous - only fine powders will do, as said above.
  3. Some drugs/chemicals may need to be diluted in bacteriostatic water only while others may require a dual saline-solution . Depending on the drug in question and reason for delivery.
  4. All drugs must be diluted properly and measured out properly before injection.
  5. SubQ isn't ideal for emergency situations ; in life-threatening situations , especially involving the heart or an allergic reaction - intravenous solutions are required, alone, or in augmentation with intramuscular delivery of medications.


Monday, February 22, 2016

Countering Amphetamine Tachycardia (Countering Amphetamine Induced Fast Heart Rate)

  • Amphetamine's side-effects are related to it's ability to stimulate the CNS (Central-Nervous-System) . This is mainly related to it's adrenergic-actions (increasing/agonizing adrenaline receptors). Thus, alpha-adrenergic & beta-adrenergic stimulation contribute to Amphetamine's peripheral effects. 
  • Additionally, Amphetamine can stimulate Serotonin-release as it reverses the transport direction of ALL monoamine-transporters (not just Dopamine), Serotonin-activity at the 5-HT(2)A and 5-HT(4) Receptors contribute to the onset of Tachycardia, though, beta-adrenergic-receptors play a primary role.
  • It is difficult to determine other than in a medical setting , how to appropriately attend to Amphetamine-side-effects. However, if you are using normal-therapeutic-dosages - then the best bet would be, assuming no other drug-interactions are involved , would be to counter the peripheral side-effects by limiting adrenergic-activity and RE-activity.


  1. MAGNESIUM (Liquid-Form) (Solgar is a good-brand, and tested in lab-analysis to contain the reported amount)
  2. L-Lysine (very high dose not required, but 4-6 grams AT LEAST). So at LEAST 8 normal 500mg capsules of Lysine.
  3. A mild PROcholinergic may help, something like Ashwagandha Extract (preferably a certified alcohol-diluted-tincture) - as Acetylcholine can help reduce excessive-heart or two or all three of these methods may be required, the lysine is less effective than the other two in controlling high heart rate...also, amphetamine depletes bodily levels of Magnesium - which further supports this hypothesis.


Saturday, February 20, 2016

10 Dietary / Herbal Supplements You Should NEVER Take With Psychiatric / Psychotropic Medications

While there are some* Supplements that can be not only helpful in counteracting side-effects to certain drugs , but provide an ample boost to our health and metabolism along the way , there are also some that can be incredibly dangerous to take with ANY psychiatric drug and thus are effectively stamped on the 'NO' list in regards to interactions with these meds.

These specific herbal / dietary supplements can alter the metabolism of these drugs - causing them to reach abnormally high or low blood concentrations , and in addition, many of them also DIRECTLY INTERACT with the medications in a way that may amplify the neurological and cardiovascular effects of these drugs.

The following 10 Supplements should not be used UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES with Psychotropic / Psychiatric Medications...

  1. ST.John's Wort : This herb not only alters metabolism of the medications in both the anti-depressant and anti-psychotic class, but also contains ingredients/components that rapidly increase the neurotransmitter level that your psych med may already be working on... the result is increased hypothermic/hyperthermic effects of your medication, possible risk of metabolic or cardiovascular complications and psychological reactions which may not be present with either ingredient / medication individually. In some cases, severe shock was noted and hypertensive attacks were present when combining ST.John's Wort with Imipramine and other tricyclics. 

  • THE SCIENCE : St.John's Wort increases the levels of monoamine neurotransmitters such as serotonin ,dopamine and norepinephrine, because anti-depressants also work by these mechanisms, the risk is nearly doubled of serotonin syndrome and / or adrenaline overload which leads to rapid spikes in blood pressure and massive changes in body temperature which can be dangerous. Even something as simple as Buspirone (Buspar) can interact with St.John's Wort since the hypothermic (body temperature lowering) effect of Serotonin comes from 5-HT(1)A combining St.John's Wort with SSRI's (Selective-Serotonin-Reuptake-Inhibitors) or Buspar (Buspirone) can and has been linked to ''feeling cold'' and ''feeling hot'' as well as ''blood pressure increased'' and ''blood pressure decreased''.
  • THE REMEDY : If the interaction has resulted in these above-stated side-effects you must contact a qualified physician and it may be necessary to report to the E.R or an Urgent Care unit ; in which case, they may administer a serotonin antagonist drug such as Cyproheptadine and / or a serotonin antagonist drug with antipsychotic properties such as Haldol (in severe cases of delirium , paranoia mixed with blood pressure issues and psychosis). It is not uncommon for these to be utilized however, an alpha-blocking medication such as Prazosin may be administered by I.V if the blood pressure is soaring out of control, Prazosin blocks alpha-adrenoreceptors (adrenaline-receptors) which will then calm down the massive spike in adrenaline caused by mixing tricyclics and / or norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors with herbal supplements such as ST.John's Wort and similar herbs. Both Serotonin and Norepinephrine have vasoconstricting properties and thus significant elevations of either one may rise blood pressure.

2.  SYRIAN RUE EXTRACT : Particularly dangerous with SSRI's and / or norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors..and especially with MAO-A inhibitor drugs for Depression such as PHENYLZINE (Nardil) or Tranylcypromine (Parnate) as they share the same mechanism of action - Syrian Rue is also known as PENGALUM HARMALA EXTRACT - and itself, has differential effects in the Brain and Heart , it discriminates between tissues quite nicely making it quite an unpredictable herb - itself, in low-dosages, is fairly safe however there are exceptional reports of Delirium and Mania as well as Paranoia at higher dosages...~((SRE))~ Syrian Rue Extract can be safely used with some dopaminergic medications and it doesn't have a particularly hazardous interaction with dopamine-reuptake-inhibitors nor does it have any appreciable interaction with serotonin antagonist drugs - but it certainly can not be combined with drugs that stimulant, to a significant degree, norepinephrine or serotonin levels...another big no-no interaction is Syrian Rue + Yohimbine - these TWO SUPPLEMENTS should NEVER BE COMBINED...!!

3. KANNA EXTRACT : Cannot be combined with SSRI's due to similar mode-of-action. The result is a potentially dangerous accumulation of Serotonin which can, as explained above, negatively affect blood pressure, psychological-affect/mental status and as well the heart rate and oxygen utilization.

4. 5-HTP (5-HydroxyTryptophan) : For the same reasons as all above supplements; it can, like the others, produce too much Serotonin when administered with or during treatment with an SSRI, though possibly lesser in effect than the above - serotonin syndrome has still been reported with the combination of 5-HTP and SSRI-medications - the most frequent side-effect of 5-HTP alone or + SSRI (Prozac, Luvox, Lexapro, Zoloft etc) is abdominal cramping, diarrhea, and other gut complaints however, an abnormally fast or slow heart rate (tachycardia = fast, bradycardia = slow heart rate) has been reported with either one and moreso, with the combination of 5-HTP & SSRI. Dangers are significant.

5. VALERIAN ROOT EXTRACT : ESPECIALLY Dangerous in combination with strong sedatives such as benzodiazepines (Valium, Klonopines/K-pins, Xanax/Z's/Zan's) and strong antihistamines such as Promethazine and Vistaril..

6. Bacopa Monnieri Extract : A popular Indian 'brain-tonic', though, it increases TPH2 ; which increases brain serotonin production / synthesis - this herb should not be used or should be used with extreme caution with SSRI's..however, it can be taken safely with dopamine-acting-drug's or norepinephrine-acting medications.

7. SAM-e (S-adenosylmethionine) - though commonly used to treat Depression naturally, it is a potent 'natural' substance that also significantly raises levels of all brain monoamines - and as well, it impacts the breakdown of neurotransmitters and medications by altering methylation within the blood and liver.

8. Berberine : Berberine in small amounts may not cause any issues/interactions with Psych-Meds - such as the amount found in Goldenseal extract - so you can safely take Goldenseal with Psych-Meds - however, Berberine can be dangerous with high-doses and especially with SNRI's ; as berberine increases noradrenaline and serotonin itself - it is not a good idea to take it whilst on SSRI's/SNRI's.

9. Black Cohosh :-: Commonly regarded as a 'woman's herb' - and is used to treat hormone imbalances in Women, as well as ((PMS)), )=TPMT=( and some bone density changes associated with Menopause and as well individually-assessed hot flashes and stand-alone temperature changes . The herb has several serotonergic properties and affects central estrogen levels which doubles it's serotonergic effects - thus making this herb a huge NO in use with Psych-meds!!

10. KAVA KAVA : Very very minor interactions in terms of mechanism of action however it can be dangerous in terms of how it affects the BREAKDOWN of the drugs and can render them either useless or amplify their penetration of the blood-brain-barrier...KAVA is most dangerous when combined with Benzodiazepine's and also SSRI's. Though Kava does not have any significant effect in itself on Serotonin., it does block Histamine-receptors which some psych-meds also do, the additive antihistamine effects may be too much to handle for many and cause additional amounts of sedation and confusion when Combining Kava Kava Extract with Psych meds.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Does Inhibiting DHT Raise / Increase Testosterone? (Does Reducing/Decreasing DihydroTestosterone Levels Increase Total T Level?)

Ever since I've been into bodybuilding and fitness supplements (damn near since Age 14) - I've been fueled by a Zest for self-improvement..which, consequently meaned that I had to have the best in each class..well, mostly.
The same motive for my fitness goals also entailed doing thorough research, and of course, I'm good at making observations. Often being the first or one of the first people to point out the blatantly obvious (or what should be).

For the life of me, I couldn't understand why so many so-called ''testosterone-boosters'' contained DHT-inhibitors, it always seemed like a stupid idea to me.
Given everything we know, by which science's greatest endocrine-experts has shed their light on  , "inhibiting" DHT would most certainly lead to an increased susceptibility to Estrogen-Dominance. Not just that, but  also the appearance of 'man-boobs' and a possible loss of attitude and strength..two things , which of course we need, both in the bedroom and in the Gym.

Turns out, the sore justification for adding these extracts like 'Saw Palmetto' and "Pygeum" is to tailor the product to specifically 'aging' men, in whom may or may not have prostate issues...but it is actually, now not making sense even more..why tailor an Unfavorable hormone balance to Aging men, or ANY man for that matter!?

...It's based on out-dated science and articles like this one that state DHT-inhibition may improve prostate enlargement and hair loss issues...but then there are the ridiculous claims that inhibiting DHT will somehow BOOST Testosterone  levels - adding to the appeal and augmentation process of the ingredient profile in said product...

Unfortunately, the only reason there is any slight, sliver of Truth to this, is because of the flawed analysis .... a better idea is , it goes like This...

  • Incidentally , if you inhibit./Block DHT levels then the remainder of Testosterone is forced to stay as Testosterone or convert into Estrogen.
  • However, by inhibiting DHT and allowing increased E2 levels, you are essentially, allowing more 'negative feedback' , so eventually...less Testosterone is reabsorbed - additionally...
  1. Reducing Dihydrotestosterone/DHT may increase Estrogen Receptor Viability and increase the amount of 'reactive' ER's - which ultimately makes any remaining Testosterone less usable, less potent in their fat-burning ability (as estrogen has direct and opposing effects on fat cells).
  2. Reducing DHT leaves more Testosterone and it's other metabolites to sequester binding proteins such as SHBG (Sex-Hormone-Binding-Globulin) and Albumin ; which, in essence, actually lowers Total Free Testosterone levels (FTT Levels). 

So,.. NO

  • If anything, you'd want to Raise DHT to boost both ((TT))  Total Testosterone  & -(FT)- Free Testosterone.
  • You can do this with something as simple as Epi-Andro or with a well-known Gel such as Andractim - which is Much more reliable.
  • I would also recommend using Creatine supplements to Increase DHT-levels..
  • Tribulus and Opti-Zinc are a Near-Perfect Combo to boost DHT as well.


The Facts And Myths About: DHT!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

2016 Campaign Has Become a Big Circus (2016 U.S Presidential Campaign Destined to be Forever Mocked?)

Hillary Barking like a dog live-on-TV, Bush proud of his Capacity to ''take his pants off and moon Everybody',,'GOP Candidate's exchanging lawsuit threats, premature accusations of Eligibility-issues, and regular enticing remarks being riddled with sneaky insults here and there... 

Let's face it... this entire campaign-race has revealed the low-est form of Political Tolerance.. it almost looks like their brains have become haywire - like each "Car" in the race is forced to temporarily run on rocket-fuel . The only thing next is to see one of them getting so mad, that their face turns Red like a beet...oh wait,..

With all this not even scratching the surface, this has, and reasonably, the rest of the World concerned about U.S Competence..and we are supposed to be heading the World's mend in technological advancements and brain-iac style thinking, No!?

At this point, it feels incredibly right to say that Putin has more composure than most of our Politician's here..whether that is the reason why .. some of our own actually are secretly rooting for him and / or in line with his thought process though..

As humans, we are supposed to set a powerful example of what can be done with an advanced mind, but it really seems like that advanced mind, is in decline...especially in American Politics.

Perhaps we are So advanced, that we have discovered stupidity as a 'cheat-treat' and our diminished appreciation for self-discipline and self-control has led to the discovery of our vulnerabilities as a nation. While this analysis can be seen by some as generalized, it is all too True.

For these same reasons - maybe that is why many Americans feel their disinhibition regarding Trump support is justified - because at least when he rises to the Stage - even though impulsive, he at least sets new precedents and is bold enough to actual taint the composure of some of the other candidates. 

It is respected when a Man rises to the stage in total confidence, and is imposing enough to over-ride the train-of-thought of another Candidate despite having some misplaced intellectual contributions.

Despite this, I am fascinated with the unallocated remainder of sheer-idiocy and the possibilities that may erupt from the Altitude' of the 2016 Presidential Candidates. It is simply amazing - how people will act to rake in the attention of the masse's while Each functioning as their own  participant in their greatest Fantasies; the assimilation of a furious but CREATIVE Reality-TV WAR that is, in actuality, REALITY.

At the same time, it's disappointing that your average computer-geek in a small composite I.T department can easily make stronger intellectual arguments in terms of National Security Matters than a lot of these ,... Candidate's...and ultimately I am disappointed in Trump talking out of place and over people in a Live debate, but more so , because he is certainly capable of much more effective intellectual arguments than what was displayed in the last debate..however, he may have other surprises and his effectiveness continues despite these minor hiccups.

All the other Candidate's and their Electorate's can go clean up their toys, and 8-hours forward, there's a new stunt before the next on-stage-performance has it's floors illuminated. Rubio needs to get out of the OCD-Mansion because he can't be sounding like a broken-record and expect to WIN. You HAVE to be concerned with winning and not a Passive-Idiot in order to get that way, Trump is actually more realistic than many other candidate's...

The 'Gloom' of Cruz's attack Ad's against Trump are just that; nothing but GLOOM., they are so damn-dark and shallow that it prompts me to think that this may reflect Cruz's inner-self...and then I'm sure there are not only those that Agree but it makes 'ya wonder if he is using rebuttal's and his conservative position to hide deeply-inert-insecurities.

 The whole thing has become Entirely too theatrical...that and you have media reports adding fast-track hype music to highlight the emotional intensity of what is going on...!

Whatever the case in the future, there are obvious flaws and their weaknesses are coming out to the forefront, their heart is on their sleeve's but it is bleeding on display for the audience - perhaps in part, because Trump has them rattled , but perhaps moreso, because , it may be more than they can handle - a vast majority of BIG-TALKERS has bit off more than they can Chew before they spit out the first garbled-message.

It's necessary to stay-tuned - but so far, I have summed up my view on the state of mind and reflection of each 2016-Candidate.

  • I respect Rubio's Faith and Courage, but he needs to mix in more 'outside the box' intellectual arguments and make sure he has some degree of consistency - he is currently allowing the imposition of other candidates to ''rush'' his responses and my sense is that it is influencing, at least here and there - his competence and integrity.
  • Trump has the Power, Means, Charisma, and Direction to WIN the entire thing; but I believe  he has to execute some self-restraint and , at times, replace his impulsive responding with more intellectually prominent responses the same time, he can not sit back and say nothing, especially when other candidates are in a Rush to reserve the newest 'Sane' intellectual argument...despite many of them being far from comprehensive and altogether, lacking specificity in their 'Plan's...
  • Cruz is displaying a very 'meditated' mindset, but despite the apparent composure and level-headed merit - he shows deficits in prudent imperial judgement and in picking-up-the-pace during certain debate moments..his head is in the right place but I'm not too sure about his motives.
  • Hillary and Bernie are just a total WRECK, completely a laughing stock, they might as well be a couple-bulls in a China-Shop with firecrackers going off on their tails...though, if one of them is going to win, it will DEFINITELY be Bernie..and somehow, "Sanders" is a powerful name...memorable? Hmm.... xD

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