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Friday, October 16, 2015

How to Address the Root Issue of Male Pattern Baldness Without Lowering DHT

I just wanted to quickly discuss one of the biggest issues today which is male pattern baldness.  Many doctors prescribe 5-alpha reductase inhibitors which prevent testosterone from converting into DHT.  Although, this does help to stop or slow down MPB, this isn’t the root cause and would be the last thing you would want to do as a male.  You need DHT for many functions within the human body, but I’m not going to get into that in detail as there has been a previous article addressing all of the important functions of DHT.
One of my buddies who is very well known in the hair loss community called “Swiss Temples” began experimenting with a new method called the “prostaglandin approach”.  This approach was heavily influenced by top hair loss researchers in the field like George Cotsarelis MD, who is the head of dermatology at the University of Pennsylvania and Dr. Luis Garza of Johns Hopkins University.

What is the prostaglandin approach?

Testosterone-->DHT--->PGD2--->Miniaturizes follice and dies

·         What we focus on is inhibiting PGD2, basically we are stopping the source of the follicle causing to die rather than lowering DHT.  High DHT = High PGD2. 

·         A balding scalp has high levels of PGD2 (bad= causes hair loss) and low levels of PGE2 (needed for hair growth)

Here is a more detailed summary of how the protocol works:

1. Plain old hormonal DHT -> PGD2 -> PGJ2 killer inflammation. Preventing neogenesis and new formation of anagen.

2. Direct expression of PGD2 -> PGJ2 killer inflammation from already bald scalp/lost hairs. This is why removing androgens alone does not regrow hair and why almost nothing works to regrow hair on slick bald areas. The affected scalp is "genetically dead" and releasing harmful prostaglandins due to enzymatic PTGDS havoc.

3. Lack of cd34 and cd200 progenitor cells preventing *physical* growth of hair. These are absolutely crucial for the actual growth of hair. Normal scalp with hair is rich in both. Prostaglandin/genetically damaged scalp has none of these.

4. Lack of beneficial Prostaglandin expression. PGE2 and subsequently PGF2a and some others won't be created in dead scalp tissue due to genetical PTGDS over-expression already converting the PGH2 precursor into harmful prostaglandins (PGD chain) instead. Think of it like a cross road with all the traffic being led into the wrong direction.

So how do we address each one of these points?

For number 1 & 2, you need a PGD2 inhibitor.  A compound called Setipiprant is being heavily researched by Dr. Cotsarelis and Kythera.  It has been through many clinical trials and is very safe.  Most importantly it does not cause side effects like ED, lowered sex drive, brain fog etc since it doesn’t affect your hormones (DHT).  At extremely high doses, Setipiprant could cause headache or insomnia.  I personally have been using Setipiprant for about a week now orally and had no side effects.  My shedding and itching has pretty much stopped.  Let me remind you I’m not taking anything else like finasteride since it gives me side effects.  This essentially does will stop your loss or “maintain”. 

For number 3, you need to do something called wounding/needling by using a 1.5mm dermaroller or derminator.  This is essentially stimulating growth factors in your scalp to bring it back to its pre-balding state.  This will stimulate CD34 and CD200 progenitor cells.  Also, another way you could promote CD stimulation is through a chemical called stemoxydine.  It’s on Amazon called Neogenic.

For number 4, you need to increase PGE2 by using real exogenous PGE2.  This will promote the hair growth aspect since balding scalps have low amounts of PGE2.

In summary, you need to lower/inhibit PGD2 and increase PGE2.  By lowering PGD2 you stop the hair loss and by increasing PGE2 will stimulate hair growth.  Also, you need to stimulate CD progenitor cells on the scalp (number 3) to help bring the scalp to it’s pre-balding state.  Now there is virtually no side effects of this approach and you are actually addressing the route cause for hair miniaturization instead of messing with your hormones.  If you are on 5AR’s or AA’s and they are working fine for you then stay on them and add this protocol.  If you are on nothing or 5AR’s/AA’s give you sides, give this protocol shot.

For reference, I would suggest reading this links below and most importantly check out Swiss Temples blog where you can see the results (pictures) for yourself.


  1. Hey Tubzy,

    Great article! I'm extremely desperate to repair my extreme diffuse thinning in the front of my scalp which accelerated after my reaction to Propecia, along with every side effect imaginable. Is there any place I can get real exogenous PGE2 and Setipiprant from?. I'm willing to do whatever it takes to help combat hair loss, except take Propecia again. I'm only 22 and went from a full nw1 to a badly diffused nw5-6 in 4 months...feelsbadman :(

    Thank you,

    1. Hey brother, send me an email

  2. Hi,

    Awesome post. I would love to try this approach, but am having difficulty finding Setipiprant and PGE2. Any help you could provide in steering me in the right direction would be awesome!! Thank you man for your help and sharing your knowledge.

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