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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

5 Ways That Rage Can Be Beneficial (Benefits of Using Rage In Real Life) (Biblical Justification for Anger and Rage Explored) (Christianity and Anger Rage 2018)

While Anger is commonly equated with "trouble", "sinful acts" or the harm or suffering of others - Anger...and more importantly Rage can be *helpful* and sustaining; they are set to the surface of the Human Psyche upon a time-table that the Conscious Mind and Subconscious Mind are aware of - and help coordinate. 

If the time-table is "Right" - and the consciousness can use the Rage or Anger as a designing factor for Moving Forward, versus moving backward, then even Obsessive-Rage can be channeled into tasks that can complement the Psyche.

Beyond just "lifting" or using Anger to "RAGE ON" through a Workout - any discipline of Work can be motivated by RAGE, and Rewarded by it. But the greatest course of action is figuring the Life and Soul out by utilizing Rage as if it is an industrial value.

The idea of ANGER and RAGE and the Repression or "Conformed Suppression" of such feelings stems from the inherent Belief that it is somehow "wrong" or of "Evil" despite obvious contradictions such as even so that Jesus Christ was at times flustered, Angry to the extent of outburst [See Here] and as such is also defined as a "human value" is of no direct, inherent fault - that unless it is without Conscience - used *only* for the purpose of inflicting harm or transgression upon another...that it becomes *Corrupted*, Parastical or somehow self-depreciating.

...But to *ENLIGHTEN* the Mind and the Stance Upon the World - one must understand that you can not have a tribute to your own Mind, or Success without being motivated by the most obvious Sign of Human Motivation - AGGRESSION. 

EVERYONE notices when a Politician is Mad - no matter how *QUIET* they may seem...eyes can bulge or not - but the PACE is what OUTLINES their presence.
Their Actions, their Speed to Avail or Avenge, their contradictions and obvious passions are brought to the surface by personal disgust, Rage, Envy and Hatred.

Yet Hatred and Rage do not have to be UNITED as a Common Element; nor Enemy. 

...For Hatred is its own element, and RAGE is only a precursor if you ALLOW it to move in that direction.

~A Common Thought Is~
"Rage is a Missile you Control, its Destination is in Your Hands, Destruction is not Inevitable, but some Success is Guaranteed".

Likewise, if being *UNIQUE* is your Plan, then you MUST have a PASSION - you must have some sort of formidability - and that often includes Aggression - even RAGE - when Warranted.

The idea that RAGE is a CORRUPT Versus a CORRUPTIBLE Emotion can be best outlined by remembering these 10 Factors.

  1. Rage is *often* because someone Angered you, but that person and the *perceived* induced Rage becomes MORE of a Problem if you believe that Person is RESPONSIBLE for YOUR RAGE. If you simply remember it comes from WITHIN YOU - then you are In-Control and are able to DIRECT the RAGE.
  2. Rage therefore is not inherently CORRUPT nor EVIL but is instead, a Reaction of extreme dissatisfaction and (often) disappointment in others, by others.
  3. It is not CORRUPT - because it BECOMES CORRUPT - only if it is chosen not to be directed - and instinctually is acted without pointing. EXAMPLE: You have a laser pointer, you could CHOOSE in Rage to VIOLATE someones Safety by pointing it at an airplane or Pilot - OR you could burn Paper with it, or you could "SELF-TRAIN" with it...even if it seems CORNY AF at the time.
  4. is a difficult Emotion to Control - but INACTION speaks of the NON-CORRUPT nature and instead a CORRUPTIBLE nature IN-CHOICE. If EVERYONE acted on their Rage instinctually - the Whole World would be in Violence...but so many CHOOSE to Direct it to things and processes that actually matter...versus little battles that don't house big Rewards.
  5. "Sometimes the best move is not to move at all" (Criminal Minds; The Replicator") - in many cases, Rage can not be dismissed, it continues to permeate, and the ONLY way to get AWAY from it is not to TRY and get away - but rather to ignore its *simmering* and to not attempt to FIGHT OR FEED into it...each move can follow a Parallel Result of AMPLIFYING the Rage and so DIRECTING IT is NOT ALWAYS the best idea!
  6. If Rage is an Emotion of Reinforcement, it can also be an Emotion that drains the self of Spirit and Good Attitude...that is because Rage can become "self-defiling" as it is SO-POWERFUL that it often DEMANDS a release, instinctually.
  7. ...But in itself, RAGE is not the RESPONSIBLE element - its the CHOICE that is made with it..."GUNS don't shoot people, people shoot people".
  8. IDEOLOGY, RELIGIOSITY & RAGE: Things that don't have to go together but often DO. In this essence, Rage is either Eliminated or Utterly Justified - it is that practice Self-Righteousness, which we've Warned Against in THIS POST - that allows RAGE to FESTER, SIMMER, and be EMBELISHED - by which that Rage is now a Poster-Child of why much of the World *HATES* Religion; that is the inherent Hypocrisy by means of Discrimination, Judging others, displaying utter distaste and personal signs of Malignancy.
  9. The Value of The Human Mind is not to be forgotten - but if we remember where we come from (Ancestors etc) - the Judge within ourselves is Stronger because we can learn from the Past and become better Humans. Rage in the past was a *necessary element* to promote restructuring of Nations, and to promote Freedom and Peace.
  10. As a Final Word - The Bible itself advocates for occasional Anger [EPHESIANS 4:26-27]- but for using it in the *RIGHT WAY* - that is, DIRECTING it - finding it as we displayed here, a CORRUPTIBLE but also a nurturing element for the Foundation of Better Humanity and more Successful, Humans.
So in CONCLUSION how can RAGE Be Beneficial???

  1. Rage can be used for Motivation and finding Personal or Financial Success.
  2. It helps one build conditioning and adaptation, if they learn to DIRECT it properly. It helps build Resilience.
  3. It displays ones Passions, can (if used sparingly) give one a sense of "Personality", "Passion" "Justice" and even "Authority".
  4. It shows we are all HUMAN.
  5. It can be a tool used to EXPRESS moments when other Emotions simply aren't suitable, and disappointment in/by others sometimes needs to be pointed out by nothing more than Anger/Rage!

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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Viking Values and How They Align With Biblical Values (And Don't).

I've gotten E-mails about the Concept of "Viking Values" and how might they ALIGN or CONTRAST with Biblical Values. 

The answer may seem Complex, but the Reality there is more in COMMON than you may think.

How Viking Values Align with the Bible and Godly Values

  1. Both Viking Values and The Bible tell to be of  Courage and Bravery, even in the Face of Adversity [Bible Reference 1] [Biblical Reference 2] [Viking Historian Reference].
  2. Both Viking Values and "Ways" and The Bible encourage the Man and Woman in Marriage to be "Equals" and that they both are essentially the "other-half" [Biblical Reference] [Viking Value Reference]. The Bible Encourages the Husband to Respect the Wife, and the same the Wife must Respect the Husband [1 Peter 3:7]
  3. Both the old Viking Way and The Bible although encouraging the Pair or Couple to be "equal", generally encourage the Man to be one responsible for providing for the Family - as in, the Man in Viking Age would be a "Warrior" concerned with Gain; both in terms of Currency, Resources and Farm Land (conquering, leveraging, pillaging etc) and in the Bible - there were many Conquests set to avail the Man's earnings and household - although in different pretenses ("proving God's presence and commandments"). [Viking Reference] [Biblical Reference].
  4. Viking Values encouraged one "sacrifices for their brothers" that if they are in need they lend support, as does The Bible [Biblical Reference] [Viking Reference] - however, both Viking Values and The Bible advocate for Self-Sufficiency, Independence [Viking Reference] [Bible Reference] and Wisdom in determining how to "move next" [Viking Reference] [Bible Reference].
  5. Both Viking Values and The Bible encourage one to be Strong and Immovable in the Face of the Enemy [Viking Reference] [Biblical Reference].
  6. Although Viking Values encourage Fearlessness, they also Encourage SOUND JUDGEMENT [Viking Value Reference] and so does the Holy Bible [Biblical Reference].
  7. Vikings did not care about "how many Enemies there are" [Reference] and the Bible does not encourage one to "count the enemies" either [Biblical Reference] but to remain Faithful and Courageous (without being naive). Courage is paramount in both cultures, and Joshua's Example in The Bible is One of The Greatest; how one Man portrayed in The Bible SUDDENLY was given "Supernatural" Strength through Faith & Courage alone to overcome enemies when he had no strength left. Joshua's words left an imprint upon the Faithful and Believing [See Bible Verse from Joshua Here]. [Read BOOK OF JOSHUA Here].
  8. Freedom is cherished in Viking Values - it is one of the highest values next to Courage and Wisdom [!] likewise in The Holy Bible - Freedom is a necessary element to being of Sanctity and having Integrity [!].
  9. "God's Will" is equally cherished by the Vikings, for in times of ignorant rulers the Vikings often believed that their Gods would "set them right" and the "Will of The Gods" would thwart a King in favor of a "more fair king" [See Here] and - in the Bible it teaches "for God sets up Kings and Removes them" [DANIEL 2-21 Verse] and teaches that *sometimes* Rejecting Man's Law or "The Law of Man" is necessary when it has become "Wrong" or "Corrupt" and that in this case, you must REJECT Man's Law and instead, Mind God's Law INSTEAD of Man's Law [Mark 7:8] [Acts 5:29] [Acts 5:36-5:39]
  10. Lastly, the Vikings believed that the value of Hospitality is prudent and necessary even in the eyes of a Stranger [See Reference Here] and The Bible too, supports being hospitable and not judging Strangers [See Bible Verses Here].

  1. While The Bible advocates for Violence *when absolutely necessary* [see here] the Viking Values are that of encouraging striking and conquering the Enemy by Force and the very act, by which is an Act of Courage that can be seen as a "Prerequisite" to enter "Viking Heaven" which can be translated as "VALHALLA" [1] but has other possible translations, depending on the Version of Norse read. Where the Bible clearly states that Jesus Christ and the a Mind and Soul free of Sin, accepting the Forgiveness and Conversion (Repentance) by the Lord is the "but one way a Man can enter Heaven" [2].
  2. Vikings reached within themselves and with Strategic, sometimes Crude or sometimes Deceptive tactics in communication, whereas The Bible and God's Word often says "God will give you the Words to say" [Bible Verse Here].
  3. While God's People (Believers) believe in "withstanding the enemy" and "being delivered from Evil" [See Verse Here] - The Vikings were Ambitious and Active and believed in being Prepared and Strategic [See Reference Here].
  4. In all Reality - its not a "lack of preparedness" that is advocated for in The Bible - but rather that Violence is a "last resort" and (preferably) non-action, except that in which a "Godly Nation" fights for its Freedom and Beliefs to a Sinful Enemy [See Verse Here].
  5. The Viking Values state (contrarily to The Bible) that Pride and Ego while not to be held of the highest importance - are conserved for the Purpose of Strength and Formidability in the Eyes of (Potential) all Enemies.
  6. While arguably a Human Value and not exclusive to the Vikings - the concept of Pride is somewhat reinforced by External Values (materials, wealth) although the first concept (of larger importance) is holding ones Beliefs and what they Fight for to be Sacred.

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Monday, May 28, 2018

Common RoadBlocks in Achieving Effective Connections with God and In Uniting Christians.

Common (but Unfortunate) Hypocrisies Among *Some* Christians Who Embrace Self-Righteousness Versus A Open-Minded Consultation with God.

  1. The act of Judging another is often based on their Behavior and how their actions are perceived, but many Christians, and non-Christians alike suffer in the Endeavor of remaining non-Judging - mostly because they are appealing to their human instinct to Judge others by their Appearance...
  2. When Behavior is deemed Extreme, Noticeable, "for-show" or otherwise attention-seeking, is seen as Erratic, Labile or Eccentric - many Christians *assume* the Person does not have God, is somehow "too grandiose" or "too unstable" to be with God - and has totally disregarded a very important verse [ROMANS 12:3] "Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but think of yourself with sober judgment, according to the measure of faith God has given you.". Additionally MATTHEW 7:1:5 : "Do not judge, or you too will be judged" and "How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye?  You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.".
  3. Then...there is also the "Mysterious" factor - many believe that if a Man or Woman talks LESS than they are supposed to in Church, or elsewhere - that they might not be "with God" or as such as OPEN in any way or form to "being saved" - an Irony, since anything from Speech Impediments to Anxiety can be responsible for less talk or even "odd speech" and God's people are not (typically) immune from Anxiety [PSALM 94:19]. 
  4. ...On the other hand, when one reckons or believes that Fear of the Lord is equivalent to "literal" fear (that is servile fear) then they have mistaken the interpretation of Fearing God which is actually (in meaning) respecting God and his Path for You [see Discussion here]
  5. God (And His Presence) is CONTRARY to Fear and Anxiety [See Blog Post Discussion Here] [Phillipians 4:6] [John 14:27] [Isaiah 41:10] [15 Bible Verses To Calm An Anxious Mind]. "For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control." [2 Timothy 1:7]
Other Things: When one assumes an "unusual position" in terms of Political Stance, personal opinions or abnormal Passivity in the Face of (what to many) is deemed an "unethical" act - many times people (including Christians) are Critical of it - and have failed to Embrace the Vital Concepts of Practical Creativity outlined in this article of Ours.

As if there is ONLY one path to Happiness, Success or that everything must follow a uniform style of thinking - so much so that there is never any room for debate, nor is it allowed because the CLOSED style of Practicality; Linear Thinking - has become the Mainstay for "sensible" debate - that is...where someone believes that you must "operate within some set bounds" or else it is not fair game FOR Debate.

These styles of thinking are excessively counter-intuitive, they do not express human values, and they do not encourage humans to be open-minded; to which the Bible also calls for [Romans 12:12].

If there is one thing that also is so devaluing to the God's Spirit and even the Human Conscience - it is not JUST the practice of Judging others but also of assuming their travails are a result of some (often NOT seen) misdeed or Injustice. When in all Reality - it is remarked that God's "toughest soldiers" *often* have the hardest battles [PSALMS 18] - however this is not *explicitly* because God for some reason Enjoys "putting them through" the Battles but rather that Two Other Factors are Present: 1.) That the person in question, while remarkably tough, struggles with some forms of Vanity or therein Lusts and / or 2.) The "Devil" tries MUCH harder to convince or exploit those people because of their *potential* intellectual value in convincing Sinners to become "Pure". The same intellectual value in which Satan would MUCH rather use to HIS advantage for his goal of defiling the World, and turning it into a Rebel-Borne wasteland of Fury and Crime.

The idea of Faith conquering these battles can be seen by the point of View that the Strongest in Faith (should) have more "Protection" - however, the sensibilities and Passions and contradictions within the Person may be a stronger force than many Realize and this does not in ESSENCE make them a bad person.

As we wrote in one article - even those who by Modern Definition are "Psychopaths" are less likely to change if faced with PRESSURE and CONFLICT and more likely to change (at least somewhat) if surrounded by Loving and "Freedom" minded individuals...although, some of the same antisocial types are also to-the-point of no return ESPECIALLY if they are  "Fractured" or somehow displaced from all forms of Appreciation.

...Point is - that even though you can argue *MOST* Psychopaths can not be saved (if they completely lack a conscience as by definition is so) - there are a few who may be able to be or who may be more "PARTIAL" than anything and thus are capable of being Saved - if they CHOOSE to be a part of the Godly-Spiritual Environment. 

The Concept of Biological "Impurity" and The World-Given Delusion of "Genes Make The Monster". 

When God speaks of Impurities, he speaks of "Spiritual Impurities" NOT genetic impurities, no Good Spirit (that is of Our Lord Christ/God) would ever advocate for "Gene Editing" and the majority of Psychiatric Experiments attempting to "normalize" the human mind. This is not God's way.

In Order to be abiding Christians - we can't allow ourselves to think someone is "doomed" because they are BORN with a certain alteration in their Brain Chemistry - because those very alterations can be used for GOOD or EVIL - and thus, to think they can not POSSIBLY serve God's purpose would be foolish...and besides...

A Verse from Ecclesiastes advocates for "Natural" (Herbal) Methods to Treat Illnesses of All Kinds : 

“The Lord hath created medicines out of the earth; and he that is wise will not abhor them.” 

So the very NOTION that one is CORRUPTED in some way by WHAT THEY ARE BORN WITH is NONSENSE - besides, EVEN if you were to look at it from a Scientific Perspective - the most SIGNIFICANT so-called "factors" in making "Evil" or Unempathic People (Sociopaths) are STILL their Childhood and Life Experiences [see study here] - that is, it is ADVERSITY that is the Ultimate Factor, MALADAPTIVE Brain processes also are more rooted in what is WRONG with the Brain in terms of TOXINS than in Genetic Aspects.

So - diving into this a bit too much - one could effectively say that Heavy Metals, Pesticide Exposure and other "impurities" of a more clear, "evil-hastening" nature are the LARGER and more CORRECTABLE problem - so one should not be so quick as to Judge someone as "unsavable" because of a perceived "FACT" by means of Scientific Bias - which BTW, even Science can't Fully Explain WHY some people with "adverse genetic factors" Go Bad and others DO NOT [!].


Besides the Pope (Francis) stating so readily that "Having a Personal Relationship with Jesus can be Dangerous" - or that China is a "good example of Christianity or Social Doctrine" - there are flaws on the lower levels of Congregations and Religious Institutions.

...Any time I've been to Church - its almost always the same deal.

  1. Giving Thanks.
  2. Running over simple variations; one verse for one day another for the next.
  3. A peace-giving/offering and altogether the same "mainstay" procedure.
  4. This barely differs even in Orthodox Churches although by contrast they are far more Open and Sincere (it seems) than Roman Catholic Institutions.
  5. Priests are taken up as "forgivers" and the word "Father" was not reserved for Priests but rather ONLY for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Therefore - the very nature of Religious Activities and Sacraments has been a bit too "scripted" for Comfort and doesn't (as well) seem so aligned with Biblical Principle or Concept.

Not only is keeping things not "Open" and rather somewhat "predictable" train the Brain in the 'wrong direction' for Spirituality; which by nature of the Concept of "being spiritual" should encourage openness [see here] - but also if only a few verses, or a few "actions" are Emphasized - then are those verses or 'actions' not taking precedent over (perhaps) more Pressing matters? 


  1. Could it not be that you are IGNORING other Concepts which may actually help if a (formal) Consultation with God and as such the openness of Spirit rather than Mind (bodily instinct) was implemented into the Daily Prayer?
  2. Beyond this - if you emphasize ACTIONS versus the actual Congregation of The Holy Spirit - then you are believing IN those actions and not in the Spirit.
  3. At the very least, you are emphasizing REPETITION and (for some) COMPULSION or SCRIPTED BEHAVIOR versus actually paying attention to the fact that no day is the same and you can not account for each day nor be ONE WITH IT simply by altering a simple variation in Prayer or thus "scripted events".
  4. So WHY should Church play a Role like its some Hollywood Playbook, or some "acting scenario" whereby "Scripted Events" appeal to the AUDIENCE and NOT TO GOD!??
  5. Lastly, if one is to achieve FAITH and open-mindedness then by INSTINCT the Holy Spirit should implement the Instinct in the direction CALLED FOR.

CONCLUSIONS for this Part: To fully see Faith and Equilibrium in the Spirit/Soul, Body & Mind - one has to 'see beyond' the Scope of the Average Christian and must press beyond the layers of Ignorance and simplicity that the so-called "Religious Authority" has pressed upon the World.

That, is the ONLY way for a New Form of Christianity to be the new 'mainstay' - a total reforming of current practice can is a necessary prerequisite to achieving a Connection closer to the Holy Spirit.

Of God, and of Man - we are made Whole, of the Mind, and of the Body - we are made ourselves - but only with the Holy Spirit are we made into the "New Self" - the Self that God expects as Open-Minded Christians to take up into Personal Values...with that - to be one with the Holy Spirit - to see a new Emerging Favor upon this new Balance of Christianity - would be a World Further Awakened by Precedent...

We - as Christians, can achieve this...we can achieve it by STARTING RIGHT NOW.

We can achieve it by not PRESSING a matter upon others...but by "leaving it on the table" - gently showing not the FLAWS (so directly) to the current Practices and Way of Christian Thought - but by "proposing" a way that "feels more whole" has a larger degree of 'Spirit' and by means of its values, can *encourage* one to look into THE BIBLE, the Word of God itself to see that only that way is far more accommodating than the Current Practice instituted by The Church.

To what do we owe 'Holy Followers' who hold the Cross up High and yet do not carry the Presence of the Lord...and of course, some DO, but would it not be better to hold the Cross up High in ASSURANCE of the Lord - in absolute Perfection as to his Call, his Way and his Justice...rather than just "lingering" and being almost 'robotic' in the sense that there is nothing actually (largely) "In Spirit".

I call upon all Open-Minded Christians to be absolved by the Holy Spirit - not THROUGH ME but by talking to God first, that they CONSIDER what is Written here that this is not made into a Political Movement, or is not seen as 'Random', and is seen as the Truth.

I Pray to the Masses of those 'True Believers' that they are not halted for their ways, nor by PRESSURE are redirected, but discover on their own the FACT that the Church NEEDS reforming...

With that being said, I (clearly) do not DISRESPECT those who (regularly) go to Church...EVEN if they are Inconsistent. Because by that Logic, I am Guilty of Inconsistency as well...

But to see people go to Church and not be OPENED in Spirit and Heart and Mind is...disappointing. 

...So - for that Reason, I'd rather God not be disappointed either...but I FEEL he has directed me to Write this whole Message has its own Enlightenment.

...But as an Open-Minded Christian - ANY and ALL Suggestions as to this Letter are not only WELCOMED but WARRANTED - as although I am Intelligent and have Faith - I am called to be of Sober Judgement and thus I do not exclaim these points for my own Benefit, but for the Benefit of Others!

Best of Wishes to ALL Christians who Read This Post - and I hope in due Consideration you can Collect and Digest this information into your HEARTS first - as assuredly the Holy Spirit will be with YOU ALL when you Read This.

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Friday, May 18, 2018

The Deterioration of Creativity in the 21st Century - An Abstract Conception or Reality Hiding Behind A Public Face?

::::::SHORT SUMMARY::::::
Creativity has diminished in some aspects, some places, with some people, but Original Thinking and Divergent Thinking are taking the Biggest Hit. People always want another example to feed off of, to imitate, to expand on, but truly testing your Brain's Creative Ability is when you refuse to take anothers example - and only take your own. Starting each Project with a Blank Slate and understanding there are no limitations to Creativity, no specific direction a potential Master Piece, be it in Writing or Art has to go.

Technology and Science have come a long way - and with that, you could argue that in every aspect of these categories - that our World is Succeeding by the Design of the Creative Mind.

...but even though there are Great Accomplishments, we simply don't have a whole lot of Nikola Tesla's running around. 

We don't have as many ORIGINAL THINKERS that have proposed such ideas; outside-of-the-box and have finalized these ideas into circulation.

Its the proportion of creative minds that is worrisome - it seems that even in Politics, Western Europe and America even...they are simply failing to be creative. Working off of simplicity; black-and-white Immigration arguments. Grouping some "Racist Clans" into the same box without differentiation. Thinking off of the basis of someone else's prior argument, and believing that everything needs a starting point and must head down one of a few paths

Rarely do people attempt to find NEW PATHS, rarely do people modify the path they are already on - and even more rarely do they do so by means OTHERS HAVE NOT THOUGHT OF.

In simple terms: There is an apparent lack of Divergent Thinking Abilities.

That is, in finding new solutions without using the example of Another's Creativity - but basically starting with a Blank Slate and working on "New Creative Ideas" with just a simple 'tad' concept to Work With.

Say you have a Rock - and you want to know what to do with that Rock - but you know there is a Book around the Block in the Library called "What I can Do With A Rock". 

The simple man or the "imitator" both would easily pick up the Book - the Imitator would do so that he could CLAIM he was "being creative" - and maybe, in effort he was - but was only EXPANDING on the Author's Concept...

BUT, the CREATIVE MIND - and one who (Easily) but Modestly MASTERS INNOVATION would not need the Book - and would STILL come up with an Idea that EVEN the Book and its Author did not Consider.

The Simple Mind Can Do The Following With The Rock
  1. I can Throw the Rock.
  2. I can draw on the Rock.
  3. I can glue the Rock to a stone wall after it has a face on it.
  4. I can attempt to break the Rock.
  5. I can roll the Rock down a Hill and...see if it really moves fast (depends on Weight).
The Man with the Book or the "Pretender to The Throne" would do the following...assuming these Concepts were present in the Book.
  1. I could add glue and sand residue to the Rock and make it look BIGGER than it already is...sort of SYNTHOLING a Rock/Stone. Is the Idea (it has been proposed, believe it or not).
  2. I could then PAINT or COLOR the Rock to make it look absolutely beaUtiful.
  3. I could then put more Rocks with it and maybe even use deliberately stack them to look like a Pyramid (or Can I! ;) )
  4. I could then throw the Rock in the Air and make it Spiral and throw Sand goblets everywhere, interesting Prank???
  5. I could simply ditch the Newly Renewed Rock.

The (Creative) Mind - The Innovator Would Do The Following...
  1. He just has to START with HIS/HER HEAD - and I could use a Brain that actually THINKS in such a Manner - so that Rock is now the Palette for Creative Exertion.
  2. I can look at the THINGS and ENVIRONMENT surrounding me - so lets take the Beach for example, then, look at what could be ADDED TO, or used to redesign the Rock, and then think in PRACTICAL TERMS - what could this do FOR ME? ...Or for others.
  3. I could use the Sand and let it get Wet and then put it on the Rock and bury it under the Sand, then put Sand over it and that would be well - a PRANK...but not very Creative OR I could take the Rock, wet the Rock in the Nearby Body of Water and THEN put Sand to it in much larger amounts and ALSO using Rocks already present in the Water to add little protrusions to the Rock - I can make the ROCK look like damn near a Fragmented Meteorite or like Solrock from Pokemon!
  4. Thus - I can add more "Protrusions" by repeating the Process of Mixing Sand and smaller pebbles from the ground on the bottom of the short-waters - and keeping it up until the wet sand, drying and adding process makes the Rock look 5x bigger and SCARIER then it already was - I can even create NEW layers if the Sand sits on the Rock LONG ENOUGH - then add weird "PEBBLE" protrusions to the outer layer of the Sand, HELL - I could even add ARMS to the damn thing - but it will take A LOT of Time!!!!!!
  5. ...So what else can I do with THAT Rock? Well I could name it, I could see if I can find Animal Fur - I could find Sea Shells and "GLUE" them in front of the Rock by the Same Method - so much so that it *MIGHT* Create The Illusion (from Afar or a Moderate Distance) that the TRIPLE-SEA-SHELL is TRULY THAT - a one of a kind Discovery!
  6. I could try and FIND some dropped Coins, particular larger Coins that can be pictured as something else and then again, GLUE those Coins to the Rock and maybe make an Engraving WITH one of those Coins and put some black moss on the Rock and make it look like an Ancient Artifact! Hello El Dorado - or maybe Indiana Jones? 
  7. I can throw the Rock right up in the air with the coins loosely (horizontally) attached by wet sand and other ICKY material that HALF-WAY covers each Coin base to Create Sideways Mini-Stalactites that act as Piercing Pedestals for The Almighty Coins - now THAT'S ART!!!
  8. If you throw that same ROCK (VERTICALLY) UPWARDS in the AIR with ENOUGH FORCE the Gravity would simply PULL the Coins off - and throw them around the Area - but... you need to add a CURVE to the SHOT/THROW if you want that Motherfucker to be a Rocks Demo Version of a Frag Grenade - or Perhaps a ROCK SHURIKEN!!!
  9. You can even throw that same Rock BackWards after building a ROCK OCTOROK (Zelda Majora's Mask Octopus Enemy)...after all they did at one point "SPIT" Rocks near Bodies of Water where they "GUARD" or rather LEECH OFF OF...
  10. So MAYBE one Lonely Zelda Fan (Majora's Mask, Skyward Sword or others) will come along That Very Beach One.Day and notice their Dream Vacation is a Reality - HOPEFULLY...they brought their Battle Ready Sword - as "REAL-LIFE" Rock Octoroks tend to be quite Durable...or so I've heard (made!). ;-)
A Conclusion For This Above Paragraph/Section of This Article

In order to find Creativity within ourselves, we must Allow our Inner-Child to Identify (again) with itself - we must allow that Inner-Child (in us all) to Emerge without Guilt or Shame - and we must ALLOW that Entity to Take Hold - so much so that the terms "corny", "lame" and "goofy" largely Middle-School/High-School Inventions no longer EXIST.

...As a Child/Kid I was not ONLY Creative WITHOUT Shame - and a Decider without Guilt but I was ADAPTABLE to ANY/ALL Circumstances...simply because I understood what COULD BE DONE - and didn't hesitate to make it a REALITY...

...That just *might* be the REASON Why I slacked off in Elementary School so-much - because I simply was NOT Vibing with Repetitive Conjecture, Simplistic Lectures and other truly Imbecilic Postures of the "Mainstream Education System" or even Private Education System (later one).

BTW - I referenced Pokemon a little earlier...

An example of My Creativity which can be VERIFIED if the Makers of Pokemon KEPT and RESPONDED to Referenced E-mails...

At literally 5-years old I ALREADY had an E-Mail account - and I was doing my usual thing (Drawing then Playing Pokemon) when I thought of two particular ideas that for *some reason* range with me...

  1. That Game Freak/Nintendo/Pokemon should create an "Armored" Scyther version and name it something like "Skizor" or "Scizzors" - now - that's a pretty rare idea and what-do-ya-know, he was ADDED to the NEXT Pokemon Dex and Pokemon Gold Silver & Crystal Versions...Now I Vaguely *REMEMBER* getting a Response E-Mail from Game Freak (possibly I recall a Technical Help/Suggestions form from their WebSite in around 1998-1999?
  2. I also suggested that there becomes a Move where "Vines Grow Under the ground and take Energy to give to your Guy" - Yes, I REALLY was that Articulate. I even suggested (given my Good Vocabulary) to name that Move "Ingrain". 
  3. Guess What? That move just "HAPPENED" to be added to the next series AS WELL - AND NAMED INGRAIN???
  4. I may not be the ONLY who thought of EITHER ONE of those Ideas, but the chances that BOTH of those SPECIFIC IDEAS were implemented into the Games is pretty *unusual* - that is, non-coincidental I think so Yes.
  5. When I was playing Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow at nearly the Same Age - yep the Precursor to those Ideas - I was also FASCINATED with WORDS - I could easily acquaint myself with NEW KNOWLEDGE - and MEMORIZE IT ALL - Much like I do Today!
  6. I always was told I had an "Over Active Imagination" - but I think People just didn't (largely) understand Innovative Thinking - ESPECIALLY that Born Naturally.
It *certainly* shows this World has been under Consistent Mental Programming for a number of Decades Now...

Reasons for a Lack of Creativity
In The 21st (Twenty-First Century USA) Century and Before.

"Why has Creativity, Innovative Thinking and Divergence Dwindled So Much In Modern Days?" 

I wonder...could it BE that we as Humans are all being irradiated (brains fried) by MASSIVE ElectroMagnetic Energies - or THAT Cellphones have inevitably started a TUMOR Process in Each of Our Heads - Obstructing our Diverse Brain Layers and "OPTIMAL" Communication? 

...Or, COULD IT BE - that we as a People have Grown so Ignorant and Unaware that WE (Largely) do not stop to Realize what we Are/Could Be being Exposed to that IMPACTS our Creativity - and shifts us into Adversity, Linearity, and Primality.

I've got News for The World: "Primal" Mindsets are Arbitrarily Engaged and Fed By DIRECT Obstruction by "Outside Forces" - and those Outside Forces - a Phenomenon that can mean: Pesticides, PhytoEstrogens, Pineal Gland Disruptors - if Our Thyroid Gland is COOKED and our CNS (Central Nervous System) Function is subsequently DISRUPTED - that is By One Means a Path of (Pretty Much) Inevitable Diminishing of Creative, Logical, Analytical and Open-Minded Thought.

So...perhaps you could say "Chemical Castration" programs, DePopulation Programs have that unruly side-effect of "CASTRATING" the Minds Creativity - As Well.

That is...if you Believe such Luciferian Programs EXIST in an Official Manner or even by an Unofficial or "CLOSED" Order

(Yes, I've briefly worked in Federal Offices before but Found I did not prefer to Work for Government Institutions).

******Other Reasons for Lack of Creativity******

Excessive Use of Logical Fallacies and Simplistic "To-Get-There" Thinking.

"The Logical Fallacy of human thought is the idea that all principles must be based on another's, but if we assume this kind of thinking, then there are no alternatives, no new solutions to problems we already have - and none for future dilemma's, and that is a problem we already have in Politics."

~Dan Gregory AKA AMx ReBorN~

The common phenomenon in today's Society is the habitual Mental Ritual of moving to a certain place, to get to another - to use one thought, to get to another, rather than to gather in all possible solutions, by doing what others say is "deviating" from the Norm. 

...but Because of Common Pressures, work-load and deadlines + criticism by others for failing those deadlines, or for appearing differently, simply because they can't see the End-Game.

The types of Innovative/Creative thinking are often favor of what many call "Priorities"...deadlines. 

So perhaps one could argue that "fast-paced-society" actually dampens creativity by putting an excessive burden on the minds of our Population [see study here].

So much so that the same "Speed-to-Accomplishment" mindset creates a particular pattern of Group-Think and thus, weakens the open-mindedness of our Society. 

It would sometimes appear virtuous to follow others and their patterns of "Good Judgement" - it would sometimes appear that being a Crusader for Political Correctness is an Avenue for Success [!]. Yet today - what is "Popular" and what is effective have converged as a new movement [!] - in Trump's Design he created a World where the Appendage of the Unfruitful Democratic Parasite was exposed and devalued by the same Movement - rallying in a new form of Thought [!]

In distinguishing such values, one could say the ideology is an Empowerment of the Human Mind - and of Society. But in our Society - what movement is greater than informing Open-Mindedness, and encouraging Creativity?

As we wrote in a prior article - Creativity is even Key to Military Success.

...Military Success which - in Our Country, sets us apart from others and sets an example as to WHAT to do. How to Achieve. How to Consider beyond default, the philosophy of Success on the basis of Left-Brain Immediacy.

That is the LEFT-BRAIN Type of ANALYTICAL/LOGICAL/CREATIVE Individuals - many of whom are Predominantly Left-Handed and thus also "Left-Brained" [see study here].

Pressure from the Authorities is Pressure from the Original Establishment, but is Anything BUT Original.

Law and Order SVU: Thought Criminal.
Read about the Episode: HERE (Blog Discussion)

Its a Perfect Example, if you watched it - the Guy (Perp) had some outrageously Sadistic fantasies, but never acted upon them. He did in all effort buy a Chamber in effort to support the fantasy, but likewise was never used in attempt of any kind.

One quote from the Courts conclusion of "Not Guilty" from the Defense Attorney (Minonna Efron) afterwards 
"Who wants to live in a world where someone can be put in prison for what’s in their head?"

Hence the title "Thought Criminal".

This may be a somewhat Cliche or even "Off" example of a Legal Systems attempted but unfruitful "limitation" of Creativity. Obviously Sadism isn't GOOD for Society. But the concept of a "Thought Crime" would be absolutely damning...there's simply NO-COMPARISON.

I'd rather live in a World where one can freely express their Sadistic thoughts, even write about them, then one in which the Process of Thought outlawed by some flawed sense of self-righteousness.

...An idea that would cripple society by placing unneeded Fear and Stress on those simply trying to Express Themselves, a very natural process that should not be hindered, under ANY circumstances.

If thought formed the basis for EVERY action, then every Violent "thinker" would be a Murderer. Yet, even the people with the Greatest of Moral Standards; the Highest of Principles, the largest Conscience and the most loving Personalities, have examined a Murderous thought, or two, in their head at some point.

Everyone...has had Violence in their Mind or Heart at some point. Maybe for a VERY small percentage of people that Violence is barely there, maybe  low magnitude, the Feeling behind it is so small it is nearly unrecognizable!

BUT, in Evaluation of their own thoughts...many times, people with different Thresholds for Stress and desire, find Peace in Violent thoughts - NOT because they get-off on them...but the opposite, they cause them to Re-Examine and internalize what they ALREADY know is WRONG

...Thus, sometimes people need to be able to FEEL Violent, to think the Worst-of-the-Worst, in order to fully convince themselves to Maintain their Morality, and Conscience. Without which, how will they emphasize what is Right, and what is Wrong.

Creativity - and new solutions to REAL Violent Streaks...creativity IS the precursor to the SOLUTION...

...And what I just mentioned is a near PERFECT EXAMPLE.

Perhaps, a Society that teaches itself to repress its urges or "dark-thoughts", is ironically CAUSING the very problem it aims to avoid. Instead, we should all act, to be more like ourselves, to think Freely without Fear of Consequence, and to Dembrace the Narrow-Worldly View that has been put upon us by such astute, and yet Ignorant Politicians...the Authoritarian Structure can not GAIN nor be ELIMINATED without putting in this process, what I have said here, today.

If Self-Suicide is the Democratic Mission - it is sure doing a good job.

...For it is following a pattern of "Black-and-White" simplistic thinking - it thinks in terms of Lawsuits against Radio Talk Show Hosts like Alex Jones [see here], in terms of False-Allegations of Rape and other severe offenses (O'Reily) [1] [2] [3] - and it thinks in terms of preserving Corruption under the guise of "Unification" and racial balance. A flawed concept, indeed.

...But to destroy this process, is the only outcome for a Society that wants to REACH its DREAMS. That wants Freedom above all else, that wants its initiative for Humanity, heard. 

Then at once, is the Democratic Principle not Committing Suicide of its Own Element, BY ITS OWN ELEMENT???

...Hell, if they are really THAT Confident - then they need a Secret Weapon, or tremendous Luck...but even Luck, requires some Creativity. A collaborative effort between Vigilance - and Good Circumstances (the appropriate realistic term for "luck")

Is Required.

Even for Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton.

Even for George Soros.

Even for Emmanuel Macron (President of France).

Western Europe is also regularly antagonized and attacked by ISIS [see here] - and of course, the U.K is not strictly Western Europe - but in principle, the Government and Society operates in a Democratic Fashion; similar to Germany and France [!].

...Two countries which used to be less democratic and were previously more Nationalistic. Even the Northern Nation of Sweden - has crushed its past, desecrated its History and almost eliminated its sense of Scandinavian Pride [!] - all because of non-creative Democratic Principle and "Political Correctness". 

Although one Editorial does state that "lack of value" and "marketing opportunities" was a Prime reason for such a decision - it doesn't seem legitimate considering Iceland and Norway have done no such thing. Not even Denmark, has stepped on that bandwagon. As it would be, crossing the line and invalidating oneself, their Heritage and where they came from. Cherishing Ancestors is important in Scandinavia and America - as well as other Nations who have a sense of Pride. Sometimes, cherishing the Principles of ones Ancestors, their Way and their Motivations is all one has to continue, to live Life in Significance and in Element.

Sweden is also PROUD to offer people a CHIP - to ride a bus or to make any major movements, and some *certain* Jobs require implanted microchips [!].

Although it hasn't become uniform or Mandated in a traditional sense - it has been implemented into many aspects of Swedish Society and Swedish Tech [!].

...This goes BEYOND Fingerprinting. This is Authoritarianism and possibly even laziness on the Swedish Political Elite and Ruling Class.


A study Published in the European Journal of Innovation Management called "Cognitive style and innovation in organizations" (2014) concluded that "Balanced Thinking" was a large and significant factor in determining the occurrence of Innovative Achievements and the Success of the ideas that are the precursors to such Achievements.

...However, some Authors argue that discombobulation amongst "associated" minds, even in the same-room - is a common problem in the WorkPlace - and that Creativity is merely masked by such discoordination by incompetent or compromised Employee's [see here].

...And YES - sometimes Company Sabotage doesn't happen by direct meddling with Finances, direct infiltration, or even by distorting the intentions of those already working for said company (such as offering better deals, or pay-offs to obliterate such Company).

Sometimes it is by altering the Mind of the Individuals within the Company - so as to discredit them...

Imagine, one Small (or Large!) Company has a few Employee's it REALLY counts on! A Small Company is more vulnerable of course to defamation - as it *often* has substantially less Legal Funds and Defensive Resources.

...But say, those "critical" Employee's are in a Recent Divorce with their Spouse/Partner, or have a deathly ill Child or Family Member - Stress can be a horrible thing - and it can impact people at later parts of their Life in which they may not have been impacted before.

...Imagine then, a Competing Company, EXPLOTING those particular minds in the Business, when they are most vulnerable, by either 1.) Obfuscation of Thought - such as Convincing the Persons (when they are vulnerable) that the Company they are working for "has been found to steal from the poor" - and manufactured evidence could, indeed, go along with, a drug-spiking/chemical intoxication, uniquely placed in Skin-Absorbing Transdermal Solutions on doorknobs, or suitcases/briefcases, stuff like Solanine or other "psychological dissociates" ...or even Agents that cause DEPRESSION and SUICIDE - like RESERPINE (at high-doses) could be used to facilitate the Suicide of Employee's.

This is an example of how Creativity can be both WICKED and yet distort the picture of Creativity in Studies. may seem like a Foreign or Far-fetched Analogy/Scenario - but it *certainly* shows a measure of Creativity and how it can be involved in more ways than one...many people don't realize these things...

What people really don't know - is one simple fact.

"THERE is a Conspiracy occurring every second of every hour, in every Town, Country, City and Church - there is always a Conspiracy against another, in one-form or another, if not sophisticated and damaging, then the simple Intention to Step Anothers Toes to get ahead of the other person is a Conspiracy in itself."

~Dan N Gregory~
~AMx ReBorN~

The deterioration of Creativity Might Actually be a Part of that Selfish Conspiracy Itself!

When Complete Selfishness is Employed, more often than not, Creativity suffers, Why? Because Selfishness and Narcissism are (ironically) a self-denying thought process, they deny the opportunity for Clear-Headedness and Open-Mindedness, they deny the opportunity to expand ones own Creativity.

Not that Narcissism ELIMINATES the possibility nor the occurrence of Creativity - but that it renders the ability of the Mind to "see the whole picture" nearly useless, it creates a Biased and Mentally Unsound mindset/personality which leads to Obstruction of True Creativity. 

It leads to frantic or more often fanatic mindsets, sometimes even delirium, sometimes incompatibility with others to the extent that others can no longer "count" as a basis for New and Expanded thought. 

  • Simply Put: Narcissism: At one point or another, will sever communication and opportunities in that persons Life.

...With less Opportunities - there is less chance of a Large & Expansive Life Path/Career.

Total and Complete Narcissism, on the mid-level - eliminates opportunities to be a "Great Mind" or a "Free-Mind". 

...BUT, it does allow one to self-proliferate, amplify themselves through linearity and Arrogance, to use old "buffering" tactics like Charisma and sex appeal to gain attention, Money, Power and Respect.

And while all of those three things are among the most IDEAL and PLEASURABLE things in Life - they are themselves - rooted in Narrow-Mindedness.

If then we must define or delineate the mechanism for "Creative-Inactivation" of the current Century, of the current Period-of-Time - we must first Analyze the Psychological Flaws that are today, and in the past, Present in Our Society.

The Magnitude of Error and the decreasing occurrence of Original Thinkers, or therein the Ubiquity of such thinkers - may then be found to be based more upon Psychological Flaws than Biological Flaws - as we Humans are an Adaptive Species.

...Not to ignore a Biological "Re-Programming" of the Human Mind, but to recognize for ourselves and others - that proceeding to become more productive as a Society must first come from Our Willpower to do so - and that WillPower - we must find the flaws within ourselves, and remove them from our Cognitive Style - at least in doing so - that for  ourselves and others, the Society we CAN BE is now the Society we EXPECT.

A Society and World that is BRIMMING with Creative Postures, Witty people on the Corner of Every Street - literally, a Revolution of Human Thought - a Revolution to Embrace. A Revolution where the Minds altitude is limitless - and so powerfully so, that one group of people inspire NOT ONLY the desire to be CREATIVE in Onlookers, but the Ambition to do so on THEIR OWN ACCORD. With NO/Minimal "help" from Others.

...But I do not discourage Helping others, nor do I shun those who seek it from others, or that try to (temporarily or otherwise) find themselves in others, because one part of knowing oneself is knowing how you are different and WHY you aren't the next person etc. EVOLVE a Creative Society and Re-establish a Creative Order - of the Mind. Perhaps...what one could call...

The Revolution of The New Mind
A Limitless Creative Societal Expansion
 for Social Success and Human Advancement.

The Transhumanists Movement, Its Flaws and Its Aggregation of The New Societal Construct.

The Transhumanist Movement; which aims to Enhance the Health & Minds of your Average (or ELITE) Man/Woman - plays a HUGE, perhaps even the LARGEST role in Realizing the Dream for reconstructing Universal Creativity, Passion, Ambition and Matrimony of Such Elements. 

It also aims to eliminate one particular disappointment in Life - DEATH.

Through on now and to the Age of Immortality - a time where Humans have established nearly or mostly Unlimited Lifespans, such as the Not-For-Profit Organization LongeCity employs. We too at (Area-1255) AKA Area1255 Biotech/BIOCHEM Limited (LTD.) also are immensely involved in a number of Organizations who have the greatest input in the Transhumanist Movement

Where we take Great Pleasure in providing Tools, Resources and Vital Insight to growing Biochemical Companies - we have partnered with Abbot Pharmaceuticals and a number of Russian-Pharmaceutical Companies, as well.


"The Sources of Creativity" by Karlyn Adams (free online page) gives a pretty good analysis of what contributes to the making or breaking of Creative Elements in Society.

Perhaps different "Productive Portions" of Society are defined more by their "Cognitive Style" than by their direct level of Creativity - although in my humble opinion - that Cognitive Style would be more likely to influence the choosing of POSITION in A Job or the method in schooling in which one would learn [study proves that as well] rather than Creative Accomplishment/Achievement and neither would Creativity be (necessarily) a "decisive" factor in determining Position itself but depending on The Company's Practices, Ideologies and Manner in Which they Conduct Business (which can include the Carefulness of Examining Scenarios related to their Public Image) - may be a favored trait and thus one in whom, depending on the Degree of that Creativity - may lead to that Person's (also favored) ascension in such Ranks of the Company.

***A Companies Infrastructure /Policies/World View***
A Facilitating or "Limiting" Factor in Creativity of Employee's.

Each Business and its President/s, Vice President, CEO's, Financial Admins, Advisers, Legal Team, Formulation Teams, Risk-Management Teams, and all associated Positions to a "typical" Top-Down "Pyramid-Structure" Style Business.

Each of them (typically) follow a Central (Written) Policy and many of these policies tend to be designed around the Concept of Growth Management and Financial Linking Procedures.

Many times though - those Policies produce unsavory Work-Schedules, Requirements or even Contracts that impact the Pace and Flexibility of Employee's - and thus - Policies themselves often *determine* the Net Capacity for Creative Expansion on lower and Mid-Levels [see here].

Since "Central Policies" are (generally) mandates or at least they act to Personify an "Expected Image" from each Employee and the general Image of The Company...

This in itself creates a few situations that may also further restrict Creativity by Means of Limiting Discussion.

1.) Employee's often follow a somewhat Uniform Thought Pattern - and adapt to "Structured Responses" that reasonably can be expected to leave little room for discussion of or attempts to change such Policies.

2.) The Lowest-Level Employee's follow an even more restrictive pattern and their Positions and Role's are confined to very specific activities and this Pattern occurs even more with Larger Companies that have One (Main) Specific Product or Service that at least with Technology Services - is catered more towards Profits and with Minimal Customer Influence on Actions Taken as a whole.

3.) Call Centers for example do not (typically) accommodate Customer Requests beyond what is written "by situation" or "by subject" - that is - they very rarely stray from Complex Scripts that are referred to (or Memorized) based on the particular nature of the Call. In which case - the very nature of the Job itself is not a Job which encourages Creative Thinking - and so the very ADAPTATIONS necessary for the Job - spell a REQUIREMENT to be simple-minded, to teach the Brain the SAME Pattern - and since our Brains WORK off of Patterns, simplistic Jobs can be seen as a means of Biological/Psychological reprogramming.


  1. Many people can become quickly disappointed if they are 'Workaholics', Ambitious or otherwise feel as they are not "Worthy" of their own Creativity if it does not net them Awards, Payments or large incentives.
  2. Thus Creativity is almost treated as if its a LUXURY - as if one is not entitled to it - or that it does not permit them to examine a means of Success, or if their Attention or Train-of-Thought can not merge it with a successful reimbursement, of sorts.
  3. Creativity should be the ultimate HOME for the Human Mind - but Today it is treated more like an Outlaw, in many cases. As if a thought process can not be accepted by means other than where it "Fits". From Schools, to Colleges/Campuses, to Corporations and to Government - it isn't invited (often) until it specifically is "called for".
  4. ...But who determines when it should be "called for" - as if the Person to whom would call for it somehow exhibits superior Judgement and in themselves (refusing to be Creative) - exhibiting a lack of Originality - may themselves suffer from an additional Bias; flawed thinking - that places them in Contempt of their own Expansion (and others).
  5. The Irony, is one might believe their own ideas, the way they are "used to thinking" is Efficient, but do they not kid themselves by OVERLOOKING the SIMPLE FACT that they have not examined the "Whole Picture".


"Perhaps the greatest means to rediscover ones own Creativity, is by Externalizing, Connecting with Others, and being somewhat Public with their that they "take in" the ideas of others, by Gesture, Expression, by observing Proclivities, individual thoughts, ambitions - and Aspirations."

~AMx ReBorN~

If we understand others, and their Reasons, instead of simply "Agreeing" or "Disagreeing" we can examine the often rugged task of understanding the reasons for the Beliefs of others, and the Path that follows those Beliefs.

If we understand and can truly put ourselves in their shoes, then we can expand ourselves beyond the Adjective of "Empathetic" - but rather, we can understand how to come together in Unifying thought.

Complete synchronicity as a Population - must follow by the utter Allowance of others Freedom, relinquishing our Hold on the Desires of others and acting as a delimiting factor for the World - and its Ideas.

We must - as a People - understand that Creativity is a means to Vanquish the illness of conformity, and a means to eliminate the narrow-mindedness of others.

...By stepping in with open-mindedness - we step in with Conscience, and Dignity, we step in not as the personification of a Savior - but the Justice of each Human (Mind) - owed its own Equilibrium.

Let us take a moment then to Relate not in Judgement, but in Perseverance for the Thought of Creativity - because in My Writings today and beyond...I hope to accomplish this vital deed for the Worlds bearing of Ultimate Freedom and Prosperity.

That the World may Expand ever more - with the introduction of a Simple Secret Kept from Humanity.

"That the Conspiracy against the Human Mind, is the Ploy of Using Our Own Minds (and Knowledge) "what we think we know" - against us - the Conspiracy of Thought, of what we think is Thought, is a Self-Imposed Limitation from Creativity - from Reaching Beyond - a Conspiracy that is VERY Real...and very obvious, if the simple observation can be made - as to how WE as a People have changed to this Severe Sense of Disequilibrium".

To what end does Humanity achieve Hope & Optimism if we aren't allowed to be ourselves, and have become so NARROW-MINDED that we can't see past our Own Biases - and have self-imposed a semi-delirious state - based on ONLY the so-called "Kosher Values" that are rooted in Ignorance (often) and Illogic.

Meaning...If I were to go sleep on a bench in the middle-of-nowhere and while a SIMPLE mind could see it as (potentially) trespassing, a Creative mind can see it as an escape into Better Health - by valuing a simple sense of Pleasure - that is, connecting with Nature or simply escaping the busy streets to obtain a Sense of Clarity - and to REMEMBER what SEPARATES me from Others...because Truly, it is often STRESS and an UNMANAGEABLE environment that encourages Closed-Mindedness and halts progression into a Greater Degree of Success.

So - why should a common mind be subject to such ignorant thoughts, and while many are akin to or sufficient in a LIVELY fast World - others find Maturity and Dignity in their QUIRKS, oddities, even Akwardness.

...The Value of which is UNMISTAKABLE - because, and perhaps a greater Point in all of this - YOUR Emotional State - will influence others MORE than your Actions.

If you are a Musician, or up-and-coming and you suffer from Embarrassment or Extreme Stage Fright - will it not appear different (that is, less accepting and appealing) then if you have NO SHAME or EMBARRASSMENT and yet are UNIQUE because you have a Unique Style and Message and therefore you are (most likely) Accepted, Cherished, and made out to be Different from the Rest.

...I've proven this MANY times - I can act almost ANY WAY - and yet be Accepted - so as long as FEAR & ANXIETY is not on the surface, nor detectable by others.

Thus - who can enjoy Life - around others, or by themselves, if they LIVE in FEAR of what "might happen" or what "might go wrong" - this type of blatant Over-Analysis is self-damning and the Corruption of Good, Sound, Creative Thought.

It is - the DEFILING of the Human Mind...and a direct Opposite to ALL FORMS of Peace, Stability and Achievement.

Deutches Arzteblatt INTERNATIONAL
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Understanding Left-Handedness
Stefan Gutwinski, Dr. med.,*,1,2 Anna Löscher, Lieselotte Mahler,,1 Jan Kalbitzer,,1 Andreas Heinz, PhD, Prof. Dr. med.,1 and Felix Bermpohl, Prof. Dr. med.1,3
(NIH/PUBMED) (National Institute of Health) (CDC) (WHO).

Ask an Expert
Why are some people left-handed? (FULL ARTICLE/FREE)
(Brain Facts.ORG Magazine)
Published2 Jan 2014 Reviewed2 Jan 2014 Source BrainFacts/SfN

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