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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

It's All About the Presentation - Societal Mishaps, Stigmas & The Final Blow to Generalizations

I am, I will , I've been -  He is, they are, we are, they can, they never will...

This quarter is rolling , and this penny is non-existent. 
The ages are changing my friends...button down, soar to the skies. 

& I will find the reason why....because I am about to tell you how to fly.

After combing through the era of misperceptions and utter ignorance , I aim to finalize a magnificent truth - the truth that generalizations are the most ill-fated, ridiculous manifestations of humanity and human communication!

My agenda is clear - to make generalizations disappear.

I would like to point out that nothing is what it appears though....even the most sincere are often the opposite of what we fear ...

The reasons for someone doing anything they do offer different explanations , but really...generalizations as in why would this person 'work here', 'do this' , 'date this person' are going to be very different from each others...and not in a linear way..not necessarily a reproduction or extension of the past but because IDEOLOGIES differ and personalities are partly based on view points expressed and internalized over the years...reasons differ in ways most of us do not understand thus explaining the reasons for other people's actions will always be a gamble..and we can't count on people to tell the truth a lot of times. (notice I do not generalize).

{P}(r) ∑ § Ü ∏ Þ † µ ∂ u ‡
{P}(r) ∑ § Ü ∏ Þ † µ ∂ u ‡ =-= {P}(r) ∑ § Ü ∏ Þ † µ ∂ u ‡
{P}(r) ∑ § Ü ∏ Þ † µ ∂ u ‡  
{P}(r) ∑ § Ü ∏ Þ † µ ∂ u ‡ {P}(r) ∑ § Ü ∏ Þ † µ ∂ u ‡
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{P}(r) ∑ § Ü ∏ Þ † µ ∂ u $
{P}(r) ∑ § Ü ∏ Þ † µ ∂ u ‡ ....

Now, as long as you read the above in the 'appropriate manner' - you will realize this entire post was both pointless and yet very very helpful for many people... (HINT::It's about thinking 'outside the box' and of course, that little excerpt above the code language ;) )

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

How to Tell the Difference between Low Testosterone and Low Dopamine (Low Testosterone VS Low Dopamine)

Both low testosterone and low dopamine will diminish our quality of life, but differentiating between the two can be an ugly dilemma. Because they both have similar interactions in the brain and even with each other - the only surefire way is to check hormone and neurotransmitter blood levels...

However, there are some major physical and psychological differences between each issue. Some that can't be explained otherwise. In order to evaluate these manifestations - we must first be sure that no substance or mindset is obstructing our mental clarity. A lot of times we trick ourselves into thinking we have an issue when really, we don't - we just need to be active more. 

Anyway, let me enlighten you all on the psychological differences First... I have a feeling most would be inclined to see these ahead of the other stuff anyhow. 
          ◊◊Ω::..::.LOW DOPAMINE VS LOW TESTOSTERONE .::..::Ω◊◊

  • Low dopamine diminishes sense of curiosity and creativity most of all. Our sense of smell will be diminished, our taste buds will nearly cease to exist. For example, an explorer who likes to travel and go through tunnels whilst enjoying the scent and creatures within has elevated dopamine or at least the dopamine is being released consistently. The arousing smells associated with our favorite foods and activities - the core 'remembrance' of these things and such is dopamine-related. Low testosterone may alter our proclivity to activities and lower our confidence - shuttling us into a world of despair - but the effects of low dopamine are much more broad-scale and low T levels do not specifically alter our taste buds or sense of smell. (at least not to the extent of low dopamine)
  • Low dopamine typically feels like a general lack of pleasure from activities, generally low dopamine is also associated with low appetite , whereas low testosterone may present with the opposite (low willpower inability to control cravings).
  • With low dopamine; we may not even be able to watch TV because everything will seem 'bland' and 'boring'...low testosterone may not affect this or it may simply alter the response to visual stimuli (such as being over-reactive, emotionally labile or having inappropriate reactions)
  • Low dopamine produces noticeable short-term memory issues , and although low testosterone may have adverse effects on memory - these are generally related to acquisition and application. 
  • Low dopamine diminishes the ability to connect with others; to feel emotions and to empathize , low testosterone may feel similar - but low dopamine is indiscriminative - meanings it is not solely based on lack of confidence or other reasons 'not to' connect with others - but an innate, inner sense of detachment. 
  • Low dopamine results in high prolactin symptoms; as such , low dopamine, even with high testosterone may still result in low sex drive.
  • Low dopamine may raise the inclination to stimulants and stimulant abuse, and although low testosterone may also lead to this - people with low dopamine levels are much more likely to get almost irreversibly dependent on a multitude of substances.
  • Low dopamine results in a noticeable social anxiety but mostly in terms of inability to communicate and connect, however, a multitude of studies have noted that low dopamine creates an anxiogenic atmosphere. 
  • Low dopamine decreases attention to detail and our surroundings; so low dopamine often feels as if there is no 'color' to anything..we may feel as though we are living 'just to live'..remember the times as a kid when we feel exhilarated by just minor attractions (such as carnival, or candy) and when playing a video game we are in complete immersement - complete euphoria? Every single thing we see is bright - we derive total excitement from everything and we simply want what we want? With low dopamine this is all going to cease to exist...there is no emotion, no invigoration, no reasons for anything - everything is meaningless. 
  • Low testosterone we may still find pleasure in things - our emotions are generally still there  - but our endeavors are shifted towards video games or childish things..we never really grow up but we still (generally) 'enjoy' things; just at a different pace and in a different emotional perspective.


  • When our testosterone is low our activities are a bit unrealistic - so if our dopamine is high and testosterone is low - logic may go out the window or we may develop unrealistic expectations for ourselves and others. 
  • When we have low testosterone and high dopamine - our activities are 'for' pleasure in regards to either child-like things or material things - we may go out but due to confidence issues and such - our crowd will likely be very childish..with low testosterone and high dopamine - we will be afraid to 'broaden our horizons'...we will not truly 'develop' and we will see things very Narrow....our minds remain with what we know and technically enjoy - but they never really become 'mature' interests.
  • Low testosterone thus is distinguishable regarding those 'central outlooks'.
  • With HIGH testosterone and LOW dopamine, we will feel masculinized but yet depressed. We will find that our motivation is there but it is applied to things which require no real emotional connections..we may apply things only physically and will lose our sense of humor. Low testosterone and low dopamine will both inevitably lead to a loss of personality and humor; and in this regard low dopamine is worse than low testosterone....
  • With high testosterone and low dopamine - we may become callous, impersonal, socially aversive, and may have an inclination to both stimulant addiction and 'thrill seeking' - this is NOT because testosterone is high but because of the low dopamine. High testosterone simply alters the balance so it is not as 'crushing' to have the low dopamine but nevertheless - having high testosterone but low dopamine still puts us at a disadvantage in many ways..though, it is certainly better than having low of BOTH.
  • With high testosterone but low dopamine, we may become almost 'too serious' - we may feel adrenaline fueled but we may also feel very disconnected in general - our sense of personality, wit, and humor will still be diminished. If we DO still have that sense of humor or wit - then it is being done merely to keep up appearances that there is nothing wrong...for this reason; it is speculated that there are many violent criminals who show high testo but low dopamine...
  • High testosterone low dopamine is still going to produce the same emotional and cognitive deficits but with high testo and low dopamine - we will have issues with intellectual processing...that means that very likely - our ability to analyze will be impaired and our attention to detail and our creativity will still be impaired...whereas high dopamine and low testosterone we will retain our creativity while losing assertiveness and ability to apply. This may however, not apply to 'learned' adaptations and thus for those 'set in their ways' high dopamine may be sufficient to continue to air their stubbornness.. although on average - high dopamine creates an inclination to open-mindedness and curiosity..high testosterone does not seem to create this atmosphere alone.


These are major distinguishable differences. Pay attention.

  • Low testosterone will decrease fullness and thickness  in the scrotum and will lead to either shrunk testicles or enlarged . Low dopamine does not specifically engage this change. Though often they go hand in hand.
  • Low testosterone decreases perception of confidence , and results in excessive self-criticism. Low dopamine is more of an "I don't even care how I look, whatever" feeling. Low testosterone is a noticeable self-deficit and results in extreme anxiety.
  • Low testosterone decreases muscle mass and strength , low dopamine itself may not do this - but again, they can go hand in hand. If you have high testosterone and low dopamine - your strength and mass will remain - but your waning desire to progress along with lack of muscle contractions may cause deficits.
  • Low testosterone will result in skin changes, increased acne or a sudden diminishment in acne or skin manifestations - oil production may vanish and a desire for water will increase. 
  • Low testosterone will create a 'bloated' look - and low dopamine may not specifically do this.
  • Low testosterone will diminish blood pressure control and blood pressure may rise too quickly in response to minor stress or suffer a proclivity to dropping too quickly..thus, low testosterone results in either hypotension or hypertension - and low dopamine may not specifically do this.
  • Low testosterone will diminish libido/sex drive even if dopamine is high.
  • Low testosterone will result in the abolition of erectile function even in the presence of dopamine agonists or PDE-5 inhibitors (Viagra, Cialis etc) (though other things may explain this, such as opiate use or serotonin drugs)


  • Low testosterone results in low noradrenaline and adrenaline as well as serotonin and dopamine - however, low dopamine of another etiology or high testosterone with low dopamine will not include low noradrenaline but rather high high adrenaline...dopamine helps to reduce excess noradrenaline depending on the rate of it's conversion (Dopamine-ßeta-hydroxylase determines this) - thus - high testosterone and low dopamine results in elevated noradrenaline or adrenaline; preferably..but this is not the same and depends highly on the reasons for low dopamine etc
  • Low dopamine will usually translate to low HVA (Homo Vanillic Acid) and MHPG (3-Methoxy-4-hydroxyphenylglycol), these are catecholamine (dopamine,noradrenaline and similar hormones/neurotransmitters) metabolites, meaning, in breakdown products in urine and blood, these metabolites relate to the active and serum (blood) level of Dopamine.
    • Low Testosterone might lead to low levels of GABA; the Brain's primary inhibitory neurotransmitter, thus, low levels of Testosterone may worsen both Anxiety and Seizure disorders (Epilepsy).
    • Low Testosterone may also lead to low levels of Serotonin, and may lead to inadequate oxidation of harmful glutamate metabolites.
    • Low Testosterone seems to increase predisposition to glutamate-toxicity.
  • Low Dopamine, but not Low Testosterone, can lead to low cyclic AMP (cAMP) levels, and so theoretically, low dopamine may lead to lower levels of Aldosterone, and thus rapid loss of sodium from the blood/urine, and thus a low sodium level in blood, but high level of Sodium (Na+) in Urine. On the other end of things, low dopamine may also cause the opposite in rarer cases, high levels of Aldosterone due to decreased activation of D2-receptors by natural dopamine, and thus sodium retention; bloating, high blood pressure etc.


  • Low dopamine results in poor or negative response to acetylcholine-boosting supplements; because acetylcholine can reduce basal firing of dopamine in some circumstances - low dopamine is exacerbated by cholinergic substances. 
  • Low dopamine will result in DRAMATIC alterations in stimulant  sensitivity..for example, we may become hyper-responsive to adrenergics such as phenylephrine (found in over the counter cough syrups) and to asthma drugs such as albuterol. Or - we may become hypo-reactive . Furthermore, low dopamine but not low testosterone will result in very dramatic positive responses from Adderall, amphetamines and ESPECIALLY dopamine reuptake inhibitors such as amineptine or well as herbs such as common quince (Mu Gua extract) and Catuaba
  • Low testosterone may not specifically alter sensitivity to stimulants in terms of subjective, self-placed assessments - but low testosterone may increase fear responses and jumpiness in response to stimulants. With low testosterone we are likely to crash easier on stimulants and the energy will be less profound and the dopamine will plummet on our crash quicker...lower dopamine may almost guarantee substances reinstatement/re-use.
Fixes for Low Testosterone: A well-studied, well-reviewed Testosterone-Booster Supplement like Product No.17 (Test Stack Rx) + Paleo Diet; with 3-4 whole eggs per day, increase Zinc consumption, take Boron supplements, take Shilajit (PrimaVae).

Alternative (Pharmaceutical) Treatments for Low T: AndroGel or Testosterone Injections (Nebido).

Fixes for Low Dopamine: Mucuna Pruriens L-Dopa 40% Extract, Forskolin (Coleus Forskohlii Extract) (for Receptor rebuilding), Butea Superba to complement the Forskolin.

Alternative (Pharmaceutical) Treatments for Low Dopamine: Amisulpride (short-run) at LOW DOSES 25 MG - 50 MG Per day, ONCE Per Day.

Male Hormones and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (A Detailed Analysis)

:.::.:.:!This article does not intend to replace the advice of one's therapist, psychiatrist or physician and as such is provided for informational / investigative purposes ONLY! (Area-1255) :.::.:.:

Male hormones (Androgens) such as Testosterone, and Dihydrotestosterone as well as androstanediol have complex effects on human behavior. Their actions in the brain are concentration dependent and the outcome of their actions also depends greatly on their proportion with other hormones such as Estradiol (Estrogen,Female Hormone) and Cortisol (1) (2) (3)

Dihydrotestosterone in particular, is shown to have protective effects against excitotoxicity and may allow neurons to recover quickly following stress and / or acute overfiring / high stimulatory challenge(!) (!)

Androstanediol (a neuroactive form of testosterone) has been shown to act as a strong positive allosteric modulator of GABA-A receptors (4); these receptors are typically hypoactive in those with anxiety disorders and in those with mania and BiPolar disorder. GABA is the prime inhibitory (calming) in the human / mammalian nervous system - thus , androstanediol acting to increase the rate of opening of the GABA receptor and it's channels and by enhancing the overall activity of the complex - may improve various anxiety pathologies

However, androgens roles in obsessive-compulsive-disorder are less clear.. because glutamate has been shown to be elevated in some patients with OCD - but in others, low levels of shown - it may be difficult to assess whether androgens have positive effects across the board (6). With that being said, because those affected with OCD have shown low levels of GABA (7) , androgens may theoretically dampen the 'potency' or severity of the obsessive qualities of OCD-sufferers...additionally, NMDA receptors - a form of glutamate receptor - are also found to be hypoactive (underactive) in OCD; although not to the degree of schizophrenics(8) (9). DHT and DHEA both increase the activity of NMDA receptors which may theoretically, improve obsessive-compulsive symptoms; specifically the compulsive aspect (the acting on thoughts) (10) (11).

The problem amidst all of this however, is that these androgens MUST be in the proper proportion with estrogen ; estrogen can play both a provocative/inciting role in OCD symptoms (when elevated) and a attenuating effect in small amounts (12) ..however, man's usage of estrogen relative to psychological/behavioral effects are dependent on  "Free" testosterone...that means that those 'small' amounts of estrogen can not possibly affect or alleviate any male pathology unless they are converted from testosterone and not being bound by carrier proteins(13)
Thus Estrogen excess and deficiency can exacerbate OCD symptoms, but even if estrogen is in the normal range - it does not matter if it is not neuroactive (14)

Further reinforcing the above; obsessive-compulsive subjects have shown elevated serotonin activity (15) - and altered serotonin receptor densities (16) - both DHT and estrogen seem to oppose serotoninergic activity - and thus application of both (but not one or the other) may reduce OCD symptoms (17).

Above all else - and reiterating the above - what must be remembered is that estrogen can not be deficient nor excessive in order for androgens and neuroactive steroids to even touch the severity of OCD-symptoms and science has not fully wrapped it's head around this particular avenue regarding hormones and OCD. 
This article does not intend to replace the advice of one's therapist, psychiatrist or physician and as such is provided for informational / investigative purposes ONLY!

               **OTHER SOURCES/CITATIONS**


Gender in obsessive-compulsive disorder and obsessive-compulsive spectrum disorders

Sunday, September 27, 2015

A Key Respite - Recognizing Checkpoints of the Divine

As a man of Faith I  have grown to understand that - without buzzing about the error's of others - that we all must walk our own path to Conscious awareness and to our own personal victories..and even to salvation. As a man who has been molded stronger by conflict, emboldened by suffering and made wise through perseverance ... I can tell you that the only error of humanity - the only thing truly worse than temptation - is assumptions...assumptions are the fuel of ignorance and should be seen as humanity's utmost enemy. Our greatest nemesis. 

We are so quick to draw absolutes about someone's past, their ideas, their race, their attitude - but we never really see any real details - and not everyone is so transparent - even for the most aware and insightful people..trying to read someone's past without an accurate resolve is pure foolishness. We often even take religious statements out of context - and I see this everywhere! We look at someone's use of drugs, self-harming, their so-called atrocious pasts; the violence and feuds they have contained ...and even then, even in ignorance what most of us don't realize is  at the root of ignorance - assumptions have plagued the hearts of the most tyrannical people! Assumptions broadcasted from others.

The most dangerous people are those who have rejected the notion of fairness and peaceful resolve..but , they are also often the most damaged people..people who have recovered - but whom have taken paranoia and fear as their temporary allies - or in whom evolved fearlessness by means of self-progression and ego...but the ego exists to defend us from stress and all political people remain indefinitely impure? Do we even know if they are impure - who are we to believe ?

Yes, some will never change...but who are we decide who these are?

We need to recognize that in order to open up new paths for ourselves, we must be willing to open the door for others - it doesn't matter how much chaos is in our hearts and minds..because it is the outward/overt acts that count..and ladies and gentlemen, even those are forgiven!

We always have a chance to redeem ourselves - redemption is always possible! We must first break through the supersensitivity to negativity - we must abide by humility  more than arrogance..and although ego has a place - it must be kept in proper coordination with humility and respect...and yes, to get respect we must give respect!

We must not grow shallow though, because of the disrespect we are given within a 72 hour time window...we must forgive at some point...and I can understand how hard it can be for some things that are done...but strength will come by over riding stubbornness, and sometimes....

This phrase became apparent to me when I was speaking in tongues one night; specifically I uttered the uzbek phrase "muhl kaliti a" which literally translated as " A Key Respite " - at this point  I was questioning my writing and where to go next - but most of all when I would have a relief from the thoughts that plague my mind... and when things would truly get better - when my affinity and zeal for the Divine coupled with my persistence and motivation would truly rise to the expectations I had hoped my writing and life in general. 

RESPITE defines a time of cessation or break from a bad situation or unpleasant thought process - I'VE NEVER STUDIED the native language of Uzbekistan and never heard or seen it before..that I am sure of , so it's odd - but enlightening that I would utter those words and.....

When I said the phrase I also had said "wres medd ia" ; a welsh phrase meaning 'heat says yes' - at this time it was bolting hot in here and I decided NOT  to turn on the cool air...I thought maybe see what happens..and..I'm not superstitious - but I felt these phrases weren't random..they never really are...I don't believe  in coincidence or luck - but I also believe our PERCEPTION is key to our ELEVATION. To rise above, we must adapt and continue despite the conditions around us..and to be honest - the concept of military training has always enlightened me..and not the asymmetric warfare or paramilitary tactics..or the weapons - or the aggression - but the perseverance needed in the military - the adaptations to  cold and hot as a predecessor to strength....and the the MINDSET beyond fantasy integration training (a technique used by snipers and sharp shooters to remain still and awake and focused for a period of  time while assuming their target) within it..can be applied to our lives and the struggles we face...feeling guilty about believing things others don't is not adaptation but giving in to the hypocritical SUPERSENSITIVITY to the thoughts and feelings of others...!

This is the point I a make all too often , but it makes sense...furthermore...

People find peace through solace, and they find dignity when they seek respite. ~AMx ReBorN~

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Does Soy Really Cause Erectile Dysfunction (E.D)? (Mechanisms & Clarification)

Soy and soy products are often associated with the female hormone 'Estrogen' - yet many Asian cuisine's and even products such as Salad dressings contain Soy-based ingredients. Clearly, not all Asians experience E.D nor does everyone who uses condiments for their salad develop suddenly, a pair of flopping man-titties.

However, here in this article we will examine the 'real' evidence and pharmacological actions of soy protein; it's isoflavones and interactions with neurotransmitter systems and hormones.


Soy isoflavones and constitutes have several biological actions; the first and most important action is it's estrogen modulating action. Soy prefers to activate some peripheral estrogen receptors (hands , feet, penis, uterine tissue etc) (1) (2) but may have anti-estrogenic effects in the brain (3).  This action may lower libido alone by distorting the balance between brain and peripheral estrogen activity. However, this is likely to happen in moderate-high amounts of soy intake (20g of soy protein a day or more) (4). Additionally, erection and arousal are reduced by the actions of Daidzein and Genistein within Soy - again, particularly in moderate-high amounts. However, those men with prior estrogen dominance issues  or whom are on anti-psychotic drugs or SSRI's may be much more susceptible to these negative effects of Soy. Caution should be taken in those on those particular two classes of psychotropic drugs and the consumption of Soy and soy products. Long-term high intake of Soy can cause histopathologic alterations in the penis ; leading to decreased smooth muscle content and erectile dysfunction (5)


(click title to see study)

DHT in an important male sex hormone (ANDROGEN) and it's Levels  are predictive of erectile function - DHT is necessary for male orgasm (6) and for normal erectile function and penile growth(7) (8) (9) (10).


Soy's estrogen like compounds affect acetylcholine similarly to E2 (Estradiol) - in that they both increase ChAT (choline acetyltransferase) and with slight effects on AcHe (!) - this means that Soy may, under certain conditions - increase acetylcholine synthesis and release but it may also increase it's breakdown. Acetylcholine is involved in erectile function and may be a necessary factor in the process of arousal(!).


Soy inhibits NMDA-glutamate-ionic complexes
(!) - and these receptors are critical in allowing penile erection to occur(!). Although other neurotransmitters can induce/allow for erection, NMDAR's are one of the most potent in doing so. Additionally, Soy's inhibition of NMDAR's may negatively impact memory and fear response levels(!).


As such , Soy may impair any validity in estrogen's actions and thus may present men with both high and low estrogen symptoms(!) - decreasing oxytocin may increase feelings of paranoia, distrust and promote antisocial behavior - therefore soy may precipitate negative behavioral altitudes(!).


  • Soy impairs/decreases penile nerve function and vascular function by decreasing NMDA activity and impairing oxytocin secretion as well as by causing estrogen dysregulation.
  • Soy decreases testosterone production and inhibits DHT in moderate-high amounts. This further impairs erectile capacity.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Reservation of Ignorance : As the 21st Century Bleeds Man's Heart Dry

I am not amused - in a world where Politician's make remarks about the competition's faces and physical traits (!) and in a world where some young guys have declared "every fucking cop is a target" (!)...and yet, it's all understandable to a degree. The function and placeholder of your average citizen is increasing , even if it begins in their own mind - everyone is at least moving forward...right?

As much as some would disagree it's on my pondering - core philosophical days when I realize how much 'communication' is necessary to make real change. Weakness is molded by a fear of communication; to fear one will look stupid is stupidity. I see that despite our first and second amendments being violated , that the youth have taken charge once more. They have not neglected their own emotions but indeed, are channeling them into a better tomorrow. 

If an adult or old drunk were to jump up to the guy in the video leading a new riot saying "you're not qualified to say this" - in my eyes that is exactly what is wrong with this whole situation. You can't expect peace in a society where everyone is trying to constrain each other - where one person believes their age is an accepted nobility giving them dictator like powers over another human being. So we are ALL 'qualified' to say what we long as it brings us momentum and the people around us Insight; what do we have to lose?

Our ideas are not going to come from a generation who has not adapted to the pace of the current societal trends - solutions are not going to come from people who have not had enough exposure to the current age. I don't want a callous uprising - but ignorance is everwhere and the worst form of it - the kind that bleeds the hearts of man dry - is closed-mindedness and assumptions. These close the heart up, not just to suggestion - but to moral dignity and to prosperity.

We as humanity make more mistakes when we are too afraid to do anything; when we question negative outcomes and then create more negative outcomes by assuming they will happen as a result of our words and actions. I believe the full fury of civilization and our rebels are going to reach a peak soon - and because many people don't seem to have too much a conscience nor a logical awareness of what is going on  - I don't see any reason this shouldn't happen.

As such.

 I Speak to the Young Members of Our Society

Do not veer from your objectives, once your words are out there - do not doubt them. Keep making a stand. Do not allow the oppression to occur without a fight. The only way we are going to challenge corruption is by standing firm and moving forward in pure determination - being bold when necessary. 

I guess the avoidance strategies though, of the past , haven't worked so well.


My prior words, these were sort of an abstract presentation leaving the proverbial burr for everybody's arrogance to get caught on. Because of the apparent isolation between various groups and upbringings of society - I believe that one's own motivations; being too native to their own environment but also being entirely loyal to their customs - are distorted enough to prevent the spread of knowledge. I had a thought ; if one stood in the rain and believed it would cure their cancer if done for exactly 7 minutes, is it more likely for just the locals to believe in such crap!?

Don't think such blatant, psychotic superstitions don't exist ladies and gentlemen, they Do !

Because you see - that's the contrast in society we have...the delusion is so strong in so many groups of people that their heads are getting caught and intertwined with each other - breaking their necks over such trivial things while their tongues reach for the hershey's bar or the Fresh snicker doodle cookies on the tree branch! You fucking hedonistic cowards!

Do you understand that your function and our function (as a whole) should be to thwart the veering of society in collapse and redirect the attention of judgement with collaborative effort?

If one group calibrates the direction of what is Godly yet our own experiences deviate from this - does this make both of our stories nonsense? FUCK NO!

So am I part of the Ignorance as well?


But I am not blind - but because I have supercharged the process of whole-analysis I believe I am on point more than a great deal of 'writers' whose pathological conditions have superseded their ability to truly influence anything to any appreciable degree.  Thus I do not doubt those who draw correlations because of word-choice - so the words hedonistic or 'cure' are two words that many over-use - yet I have used them to depict  - again, in sort of an abstract way HOW RID-ICULOUS it is that we focus so much time and effort on the wrong battles. We need to get the original application of such words right, because it has to be APPLIED in proportion to what is of the most significance. Our most powerful criticisms should be aimed at TEH MOST PRIME EXAMPLES; ok ye felllas!?

I want to believe.

But if you want to know what is hedonistic - it's clearly the incubated bullshit going on in Washington D.C.

So tender they are to sever the lines of justice and drop candy stones and lollipops on their friends doorsteps whilst eating a chocalate covered turkey leg and golden chicken fries. Meanwhile - parents often proclaim immaturity of the youth, and yet we have high agencies like the EPA lopping turds of fury onto fellow employee's desks and laying molting trailer's of shit throughout the hallways.  < SEE HERE >

What kind of idiocy is to come next ?

Is this the sparkle of hope our ancestors had dreamed  of?

....I don't think so.

I think we aren't going to move anywhere until we set one thing straight. We as humans are all flawed and yet all perfect. So let us emphasize the thunder of our souls by starting a new slogan; "abolish corruption and polish the fiercest sense of freedom we have ever had" - the freedom to assemble and unite!


Don't stop until you hit progress and the face and say THIS IS THE NEW DEFINITION OF PROGRESS - THIS IS THE NEW PRECEDENT!!

"I am the long-predicted glance at hope and prosperity, the determiner of unprecedented outcomes"

Can we all say that to ourselves!?

We all can play a role and we all can be that long-predicted glance at hope and prosperity, we all can DETERMINE and INITIATE unprecedented outcomes, and no matter the obstruction; we can ALL continue AND FINISH THEM!!

Continuance is the mystery of the enlightened - it is the sanctity of a true revolution. One whom takes it's pace in finalizing the victory of the people - in which is coming, soon.... 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Third Bride; Explaining How Progesterone Works in the Brain (Progesterone Influences on Neurotransmitters/Synaptic Function)

This ladies and gentlemen is the third article of it's kind - first we had DHT and the brain, then we put out Estrogen's Impact on Brain Function - now we have the third, the tip of the iceberg. The point of the pyramid. You get it.

This article will step into the land of what would to some be - the never-before seen. 

Progesterone is often seen marketed as a one-stop solution to 'man-boobs' and a whole host of other ailments; a panacea if you will. Unfortunately, there isn't much to back up these claims and the studies that are around are either heavily biased or reported in questionable study environments. That doesn't mean however, that I am debunking Progesterone's usefulness. It just means I don't entertain the thought of it being promoted in such ways - especially given that the symptoms of high progesterone in men can be just as disturbing (if not more) than low progesterone.

With that being said, I have a job to do. 



Progesterone is involved in many central neurological pathways; it is heavily involved in nociception / anti-nociception (perception of pain) (1), transferring nerve impulses and regulating synaptic strength - in which are it's highlights(2). As well as maintaining and repairing myelin(3).

However, some of these pathways and functions it maintains may also be a result of endocrine interactions - in other words, interactions with other hormones(4)(5). Of key interest are Progesterone's effects on estrogen metabolism and bioactivity(6) (7).

Progesterone is shown to selectively modulate or regulate the activity of the eR (estrogen receptor) and also tends to decrease aromatase activities in the brain and endometrium(8)(9). The antagonistic profile of progesterone on estrogen-mediated responses though, is dose-dependent or concentration dependent(9). Moreover, Progesterone appears more significant in women than in men - in degree of potency and in regard to trafficking and hormone metabolism(10).  

For example, high progesterone could actually lead to over-inhibition of DHT (5-alpha-reductase) in men which could then lead to excessive estrogen receptor activity and subsequent gynecomastia in men(11)(12). In women however, progesterone seems to only be inhibitory to estrogenic effects - even in high concentrations. 

Additionally, Progesterone also has some differential effects between brain of man and woman(13).

Progesterone has diverse effects on glucocorticoids; it can reduce the stress-induced rise in cortisol levels - namely in situations of social stress(!). It may also increase ACTH levels and contribute to adrenal hyperplasia(14) (15).
Given all of these interactions it can be difficult to factor in the 'net' effect of Progesterone throughout. 

Though, there are many consistencies as well. 


Progesterone suppresses glutamic acid decarboxylase (GAD67) in the medial preoptic area; an area of the hypothalamus concerned with hormone production and sexual function/behavior(16).  Glutamic Acid Decarboxylase also known as simply glutamate decarboxylase; causes glutamate to CONVERT into GABA - as a result, PROGESTERONE effectively DECREASES the GABA level in this area of the brain(17)*. This leads to uninhibited cell firing , especially of glutamatergic neurons and subsequent increases in Gonadotropin. In theory, this could mean that Progesterone can improve fertility and sexual functions in moderate concentrations. 

This inhibitory (blocking,decreasing) effect of Progesterone on GABA activity also seems to extend to the amygdala (an area related to emotions and social interactions)(18)

Progesterone's GABA-related effects in other area's of the brain are less clear; but it appears to be generally opposite to it's effects in the mPOA. It can produce a sedative effect (19) and increase GABA-A activity(20). These effects however seem to be primarily related to it's conversion into other metabolites(21). Taking all of the above into consideration, progesterone can certainly affect behavior to a degree - and it appears to be able to have anti-stress and anti-anxiety effects in low-moderate concentrations - whereas high levels may produce the opposite effect (especially in Men). 

Progesterone increases GABA-B receptor binding and affinity for ligands; meaning the more Progesterone - the more of an effect one would get from say, BACLOFEN(!)



Not much is known about specific steroid interactions with histamine, but progesterone appears to block or reduce the effects of histamine and DHEA-S induced histamine in regards to pain and may also reduce histamine release in the brain(22) (23) (24).

Progesterone appears to have anti-nicotinic effects; thus explaining it's proposed efficacy as a smoking cessation / anti-craving aid (25)(26) - it appears to do this by directly interfering with a specific docking site in which is shared by both progesterone and nicotinic neuronal networks(27).

Progesterone does not appear to influence any other parameter's of cholinergic function although it is postulated that it may influence (very mildly) the Ca2+ ignited glutamaterigc/cholinergic cell function(28). It is unable to ameliorate scopolamine induced memory deficits indicating it does not affect muscarinic activity(29).


Progesterone, like Estrogen, tends to increase Serotonin production; especially in the dorsal raphe nucleus; which is a brain region implicated in the pathyphysiology/development of depression. TPH2; Tryptophan Hydroxylase Type 2 is the enzyme that creates serotonin. Progesterone increases the activity of this enzyme - creating more serotonin(30) 
Because Progesterone markedly increases serotonin synthesis and bioactivity; one should take great caution in the simultaneous use of amphetamine derivatives and Progesterone as their interactions may result in a dangerous accumulation of serotonin and / or dopamine activity(31).

Progesterone seems to negate the effects of serotonin 1B/1D antagonists in some circumstances - such as restraint stress models
(32) and it also may increase serotonin 2A receptors alike to estrogen's actions(33).


Progesterone is shown to decrease TYROSINE HYDROXYLASE which is the enzyme which leads to the creation of dopamine - but only initially; chronic administration of Progesterone or prolonged elevations tend to increase TH activity; leading to increased levels of dopamine and dopamine projections ; especially in the hypothalamus(34). Progesterone is also able to reverse estrogen-induced decline of TH - namely in the Arcuate Nucleus (35).

Thus, Progesterone (P) is able to increase dopamine neuron activity when reached at a stable and consistent level. Acutely though, it may have the opposite effect so one should expect any Progesterone treatment to not reach full benefit until at least 1.5 or 2 weeks in.


Progesterone can directly interact with noradrenergic terminals to increase basal and electrically evoked NE/EPI secretion - this suggests a stimulatory effect - however, the net effect of Progesterone is actually inhibition due to evoking the increase in Monoamine Oxidase A - especially in the hypothalamus(36) (37) (38). The conclusions that can be made are that Progesterone may affect the periphery; such as uterine and corpus caversonum tissues by increase adrenaline-contractions - however, in regards to the NERVOUS SYSTEM - Progesterone appears to play the OPPOSITE role when taking into consideration the MAO-increasing effects of Progesterone. 

On the other hand, Progesterone + Moderate amounts of Estrogen may result in a net stimulatory effect - so therefore it depends on the ratio of Progesterone:Estrogen. In men with high DHT and high estrogen combined - or high estrogen combined with high progesterone and low DHT - the result in adrenaline-dominance and likely high blood pressure and erectile dysfunction.

On the other hand, high levels of Progesterone coupled with LOW estrogen would result in LESS sympathetic nervous system activity; again , due to Progesterone's inhibitory effects.


Progesterone seems to exert neuroprotective effects and to reverse evoked increase of glutamate (thus averting neurotoxicity) (39) , since it also increases GABA-A activity - this represents a second mechanism by which Progesterone has diverse anti-glutamate properties (40) HOWEVER - Progesterone may be able to amplify the NMDA/AMPA induced LH-surge/release - which means that {P} can increase sex hormones that are induced by AMPA or NMDA - conclusively this means Progesterone is a region-selective glutamate modulator (41).


Progesterone ITSELF (alone) does not affect NMDA receptor concentration in most brain regions tested but in combination with Estrogen it reduces NMDA receptors in the FRONTAL CORTEX ONLY (42) . Progesterone reduces DHEA's stimulatory effect on NMDA receptors but again, itself, alone, has no effect on the receptor complex in most common regions e.g hippocampus, striatum etc  (43) (44).

In the Pitutary Gland however, Progesterone may increase NMDA receptor mRNA levels; especially when combined with estradiol(45).


Progesterone does not alter beta-endorphin in ANY AREA EXCEPT the hypothalamus and pituitary gland - where it INCREASES beta-endorphin ; both the total levels and release  / function. Progesterone's HPTA inhibitory effects most likely relate to the beta-endorphin increases and any anti-sexual effects of Progesterone also likely have to do with beta-endorphin, at least in part. (46) (47).

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