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Friday, August 3, 2018

BioMex Labs Masteron 200 Review/Log 2018 (New BioMex Labs Masteron 200 Review 2018)

This is a Review of BioMex Labs Masteron 200 or Drostanolone Enanthate + Drostanolone Propionate...I bought this product from Naps Gear.

Naps Gear is one of the most well-Reviewed AAS-website around.

I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to buy Legit AAS Online.

---DAY ONE---
--> First shot went well, did an IntraMuscular (IM) Leg Injection.
--> No direct effects yet.
--> Slight sense of Energy & Confidence, as of later on that Day.

---DAY TWO---
--> Possibly increased sense of Confidence and Energy.
--> Mildly increased Strength in Gym on Bench Press.
---> Increased Confidence.

--> Definitely increased Strength.
--> Boost in "Alpha" Demeanor/Confidence and Focus.
--> Increase in overall Temperament, Optimism.

---DAY FOUR---
--> Re-shot again today.
--> Felt good.
--> Feeling very good on this Product so far.

---DAY FIVE---
--> Definitely increased Strength.
--> Increased Random Boners.
---> Increased libido (mildly).

---DAY SIX---
--> Increased Muscle Tone/Hardening/Definition.
--> Increased Strength and Libido more Evident today.
---> Increased Muscle Hardness super-evident.

--> Increased Vascularity.
--> Increased Grip Strength.
--> Increased overall Bench Strength and Increased Capacity for Reps.

--> Increased Vascularity, even more so, appearing in Shoulders and even Veins in Forehead more pronounced!
--> Remarkable increase in Libido.
--> Increase in "Calm" Alpha-Demeanor.

---DAY NINE---
--> Feel more Empowered and Optimistic.
--> Increase in Gym Aggression.
--> Bangin' old lady much more often than usual.
--> Much more Motivation & Ambition.
--> Taking more Naps today and yesterday?
--> Feel Calmer yet more Focused.
--> Sharper Mind/Recall for sure!

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