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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Natural / Herbal Treatment for Chlamydia [Herbal Cures for Chlamydia STD Infection]

Because Chlamydia infections commonly go along with Gonorrhea infections [1] [2] [3], the two are similar in the course of their infection [4] [5], their behavior [6] and the fact they both produce similar, almost indistinguishable symptoms [7] [8] (and sometimes no symptoms at all), it is a wise consideration to invest in not only prevention of BOTH infections, but also in the readiness and ability to treat both infections [9]. Since we've already written a National Institute of Health cited/supported article on Treating Gonorrhea Infections Naturally, this would be the ''follow-up'' article and equally important.

What is evident with the common infection (and coinfection) of these two bacterial organisms, goes without saying, is the frequency of unprotected intercourse but also the unawareness of the frequency of these two infections, which, often, produce zero symptoms and nothing noticeable on the person, meaning, they don't typically produce any skin alteration, bumps or lesions like Herpes, and otherwise are not 'noticeable' by any other means. Hence, their infections often go unnoticed, and especially by the person to be infected, versus the person already infected.

Now, with that being said, if a Man or Woman suddenly becomes infertile without an obvious cause (like trauma to the Pelvic region or Testicles), then these two bacteria may be involved - in fact, over 60% of infertility cases in low-income regions are often associated with these bacterial infections [10], in that case, PID or Pelvic Inflammatory Disease as a result of either of these infections is suspected [11]

Although common thought symptoms such as penile or vaginal discharge often are the first 'noticeable' symptoms of infection with these diseases, they are not definite and sometimes do not appear, itchiness of the urethra and burning while urinating are other symptoms, but again, are not necessarily going to happen at any stage of infection with these bacterial diseases [12] [13].

Oddly, infection with these bacteria affect the immune system a little differently, which, biologically marks their only activity-related difference, in that Gonorrhea can actually suppress immune cell (T-Cell) activities in humans [14] [15]. Chlamydia is not really known for that effect but there have been documented cases where immune suppression has occurred on a different level; in relation to release of pro-inflammatory cytokines as a result of Chlamydial infection [16].

Traditionally, Azithromycin is the oral/tablet/pill agent of choice recommended by Doctor's for Chlamydia/Gonorrhea infections, but it has many side-effects so alternatives for that purpose, as well as for preserving general health and boosting memorial immunity are highly desired.

NOTES: Clicking the names of the ingredient brings you to our recommended product page; it does not bring you to a 'random' page and all adwork is done by us not by randomized third-party providers, therefore, you can guarantee you are being brought to a high-quality product by clicking the ingredient name within this article.

Now, let's get to the herbal treatments/cures for Chlamydia.

1.) A combination of Curcumin/Turmeric, Amla, Supindus Mukorossi, Aloe Vera extract; a remedy that is effective as a tablet and intra-vaginal cream [17] [18] [19] [20]. Research seems to indicate that Curcumin is the active constituent but conclusions from multiple large-scale studies seem to indicate that the combination of herbal ingredients is most effective.

Supindus Mukorossi is not to be ingested, the rest can, but this product in specific is only utilized for internal (direct) cleaning, intra-vaginal/intra-urethral methods.

Supindus Mukorossi is a specialized cleaning product that is also known colloquially as "Soap Nut".

2.) Skullcap Extract and Pure Baicalin Extract : Skullcap (Scutellariae baicalensis) is probably the most effective herbal treatment for Chlamydia trachomatis infections [21] [22] [23], though, is less studied in the traditional manner as #1 on this list, but, that doesn't stop it from being recommended due to the QUALITY of the studies that have been performed on it.

3.) Berberine : Berberine is a natural pro-sexual ingredient [24] with very potent anti-Chlamydial properties [25] [26] [27], if used correctly, and bought from a reliable source like Thorne Research who does thorough lab-work on their supplements and produces consistently high-quality products, then this supplement alone or in combination with the other methods will certainly lead to the regression & Ultimately elimination of Chlamydia infections.

4.) Garlic Cloves/Extract & Powder : Although Garlic has been tested/studied less in relation to Chlamydia than the above remedies, it does show similar anti-microbial activity in cell cultures [28] [29] [30], a less encouraging statement, but certainly notable nonetheless, this doesn't stop it from being an asset to your Anti-Chlamydia herbal regimen; in simply means it must be emphasized in addition to the above remedies [31] [32] [33].

5.) Luteolin + Quercetin + Reishi Mushroom Extract : Another ''polyherbal'' formation, but lesser known, each ingredient demonstrates inhibitory activity against Chlamydia, and each ingredient alone and especially, in combination promotes anti-inflammatory responses against each the infection [34] [35] [36] [37] [38].

Barlowe's sells an exceptionally potent Reishi mushroom extract, so either Nature's Way or Barlowe's are both good products as far as Reishi goes.

One thing I've noticed with Reishi (although I take it for a different purpose) is that high-doses seem to improve Physical & Mental Energy but can occasionally provide a dissociative effect if combined with other mushrooms like Cordyceps and in addition to serotonergic substances (serotonin-promoting substances).


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