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Friday, February 24, 2017

Self-Preservation & Self-Perpetuation : Two Prerequisites to Making Ones Own Abilities and Achievements Immortal

It's a fact, Olympians, Tri-Athletes, Bodybuilders and ordinary gym-goers take a multitude of risks; mainly the risk of overtraining, but also many others along the way. It doesn't have to be performance enhancing drugs (PEDs), it could simply be the type of workouts and competitions they engage in - which often in themselves, owe up to a fair amount of risk. Risk to ones self, but also risk to ones own mental being. In the quest for a better body image, many things are overlooked. There's nothing wrong with this, since, if we stopped at every gap, every obstacle, every far-shot, we would never reach completeness. But what's even more crucial is just the fact that a very essential element, largely independent of ones skill level or athletic level, is often a missing ingredient in the working Legend that these folks create.

Self-Preservation, the act and instinct of preserving, protecting, and cherishing the well-being ; both Physical and Mental, of ones self. Preserving the image that oneself creates, preserving the status of oneself, preserving the integrity of oneself.

Self-Perpetuation, continuing to pass barriers in ones own interests, for ones own interests, and doing so in a way that puts self above all else, being almost relentless in the act of expanding ones notoriety, and enforcing the outlook on ones self that they must continue to Gain, Gain GAIN.

There is no question, that these two elements are a CRUCIAL stronghold to upholding ones Legacy, without them, these individuals go as a story once told, but not one likely to be passed on. Long-lives supersede the normal range of movement, the normal news cycle even, you see it every day, Woman lives 'until 100 years old, and is HEALTHY. Man lives in car wreck while saving Child, 89-years old...these are the types of Courage, and Persistence, and Marvel that amaze the eyes of the weary and the weak, and even the Strong and Successful.

Because long-life is necessary to carry on ones achievements, the longest life, that is still achieving, is truly Immortal.

In order to achieve successful self-preservation and self-perpetuation, one must have good, timely Judgement. They need foresight, without which good judgement is impossible, and they need Durability & Resilience, two traits that are independent of self-preservation and self-perpetuation, but must go along with it to be notable. 

Without these traits, self-preservation and self-perpetuation are either Diminished (at best), or impossible (more likely).
Without self-preservation and self-perpetuation, there is little doubt that the legacy one creates in their lives, even their early lives, and certainly their late lives, will be removed from existence in the next 20 years or so. If not removed, then diminished in punch, lessened in the eyes of many, weakened in form and appearance, and ultimately, to some degree or another, insignificant.

If one is to outlast, and beat all odds, to conquer all and remain Victorious, indefinitely, then they must strive Diligently, not in Vain, but in Vigor, in Strength, and most of all, in Wisdom, to make their Legacy immortal. There is no other way. If one is to understand the greatest secrets buried in language that can not be understood, or perceived, one must unlock the secrets within themselves, through the same mentality mentioned above, through the same degree of Resilience, which inevitably unlocks the momentum in their environment, to pass along understanding, to strengthen their grip and control of their environment, and to enable them to draw in, all that is necessary. If one is to achieve a lasting Victory, to become a Lasting Legend, then to become a Lasting Success is the only way - the only way to make their Name, Achievements and Style, Immortal.

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