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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Six Star Pro Nutrition Aminos Plus + Energy Review/Log 2018

I picked this product up at Wal-Mart initially, not really expecting too much. Then decided to buy more on Amazon. They have good deals on there, too. Often, better than Wal-Mart...although WalMart certainly is more convenient.

Now - I'm one of the few who has NEVER tried Six Star Pro Nutrition products before. However, this run being experimental and an attempt to temporarily spend less on Supplements gives me the chance to know if they are indeed, good-quality.

I was pleasantly surprised. 

The product actually gave me more Energy; a STRONG suppression of Appetite and a welcomed mood boost.

It increased bench strength slightly, but by means of the Energy, allowed me to push out some 10-15 more reps on light weight and about 6-8 on moderate weight. 

--> Pretty impressive for such a cheap product!

Other Things I've noticed.
  • Vascularity slightly increased.
  • Blood sugar (glucose) dropped (not too much) and that's proven by multiple meters/tests.
  • Better attention span for sure! Apparent on first day.
  • Felt more focused and kind of similar to Alex Jone's "Brain-Force" supplement.
  • Felt more alive in general!
This product therefore, gets a Surprising 5 out of 5 stars, from me. :-)


Fruit Punch tastes pretty good. Better than Gatorade AND Powerade, in my opinion. Like, you could C4, depending on the flavor has a 'slight' chemical taste...or just artificial. This doesn't taste artificial at all! Therefore, I could easily drink this throughout the day without any problems.

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