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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Kava Kava Vendors February 2018 (Kava Shops & Best Websites to Buy Kava 2018)

As I've written and explained in the Best Sublingual Kava Product Review - I fully have re-embraced my Faith in quality Kava vendors, like Top Extracts - who have never failed to deliver the product *as promised*, on time and with absolutely no dwindling nor inconsistency in Quality.

That being said. Its worth giving other vendors a fair shake. If they deserve it.

Kava Kava or simply Kava is a natural anti-anxiety medication used mostly as a powder or smoked as a resin, it tends to produce fast-acting alleviation from panic and in many cases, social phobia [1] [2] [3]. Kava Kava extract has been discussed @longecity, the popular anti-aging / life extension community, for it's ability to 'upregulate' GABA receptors; which means to increase the number of GABA receptors in the brain/body. 

It is commonly used in Shamanic rituals to encounter the Diving and sometimes afterwards to attain a state of Calm. A "mental peace-promoting herb" if you will. It has a large body of evidence (research) and a LONG ass history in personal use going back about 3,000 years [4] and now, is currently even used for severe Stress/Trauma-related conditions, like PTSD [5]. Some mainstream Physicians have even recommended the use of it for Generalized Anxiety Disorder, one of the most common Anxiety disorders in today's World [6].

Read more about the Mechanism of action and other technical details in this article.


Best Top 5 Kava Kava Vendors 2018
  1. Top Extracts: There is no bias here, this vendor owned by Jim is a universally accepted Kava Kava and Kratom vendor, he also sells Akuamma and many innovative supplements are always 'on the shelf'. While he owns a virtual store only - it should be noted that I have not found a more quality vendor than this guy. He is a stellar business man and ALWAYS available to answer questions. He is also at the forefront of "The Kratom Movement" and keeping herbs like Kava and Kratom legal. Am ambitious guy, but not without generosity or gratitude! Oh, and he also has sales pretty often, which you should DEFINITELY keep an eye out for. ;)
  2. KHI Botanicals:   KHI Botanicals is one of the longest lasting Kava vendors - past and present, they maintain High-Quality, good customer support and virtually unrivaled consistency.
  3. Cactus Kava : A small store and selling exclusively Kava Kava, but remarked on Reddit for being high-quality, fast shipping and VERY accommodating. There's no doubt this stuff is the 'real deal' and many have continued buying from them despite Larger, more commercialized entities developing.
  4. Gourmet Hawaiin Kava: Another well-reviewed vendor, with a stellar reputation, for delivering on their promises and providing nothing more high-quality Kava, and in unique preparations. You should definitely check them out!
  5. Kraken Kava: A well-known vendor and consistent. They have grown fairly large and have very good reviews. Though, admittedly, I've used this vendor LESS than others...this does not devalue their legitimacy in any way. However, my first Go-To's are still Top Extracts and KHI Botanicals foremost. Plus these sites offer more seasonal deals, in contrast.

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