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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Where Have We Been ?

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We were very disappointed in that our Leader was away for a while. He has now returned, and we are going to start updating the blog more often, two of our other members are currently incarcerated, as for AMxProd, he has been busy updating his other blog's as well as being lazy with this one. Oh well, now I (D.Shiva), continue with an excellent report.

Resources my friends.

Resources are key, and we love providing them. We love writing about them, because we are just resourceful like that, there is innovation though from this oh-so-common sense of elemental humor, but we are not common, and we are domineers, and we understand many things as such.

I want to inform you that there is a lot of scrutiny and pressure coming upon the concept of Internet Freedom, but we will not halt our ways, and Area-1255 will continue to provide diverse topics regardless of what happens. We have our ways.

Controversial ? Maybe, but we are long-standing, courageous warriors on here. I kid you not, all of our members have been through much, and have arisen even stronger through the years, when 'ol Jay comes back, he will even affirm our statements, even though it is completely un-necessary.

Now then, to the greatness.

Where can you buy Viagra and Cialis online..?

I asked this to Mr.Binak, he replies drunkenly - in my intestines.
I Responded -"how is that online, is your stomach a hidden part of the cyber world?"
"Besides, I don't need to know what drugs you take while your drunk, or any time"

He sais now "I say, fuck you"
Then I go on my own journey, where do you buy these blood vessel engorging, bodybuilder seeking, porn-star drugs, I ask myself.


After hours of searching, there's only one site, Oh-So familiar that has really, honestly, legitimate deals for this type of drug, the same one where you can buy "DHT" Gel (Andractrim) from., we, go...!

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