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Thursday, November 14, 2013

(Corageon) IronMagLabs EPI-AndroRX Log/Review

                                       Corageon is Back, Back Again...
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Hello Fellow audience of Area-1255, this is Corageon with a review/log on EPI-AndroRX!
It is in progress right now...

I will be updating every 3 days.

Recap from Meso-RX Forum.

"Epi-Andro-RX" is EpiAndrosterone, which converts to DHT, so I'm expecting some CNS stimulation and an intense focus for my workouts, as well some increased strength/aggression.

Now, just for the sake of testing the power of this supplement, and so there is no confusion for myself (as well as others), I will not be taking any other similar supplements, pre-workout included. In fact, I will only be taking protein powder(ON Whey), Fish Oil, A Multivitamin (MHP ActiVite) and maintaining a high-protein diet comprised of tuna, steak, crabmeat occasionally and high protein breads. (flax seed,quinoa,pumpkinseed,almond is in it). Oh, and an omelet every morning

I weigh 162 lbs and and I am 5'8 tall.
I don't know if I can expect much in terms of increased muscle mass, and I am already 9% bodyfat. But I'm betting I will get more cut on this.

My training will be 1000 pushups a day, bench press three times a week, strong walk or farmer's walk every other day, curls, leg press,  and I will be jogging a whole lot as well.
I work in sets of 25 for lower weight curls and do three-four sets usually. My max bench is 265 right now. (maxout).

Looking forward to this. Took two capsules this morning, and two just a couple hours ago. Will update in three days."

Product Pictures Below...
                                                      !!!What a Nice Shiny Red Capsule!!!

"Ok fellas. The original plan was to update this log tomorrow. But I have been noticing some things these last few days/nights that are very much worth pointing out. I don't believe for a second it's a coincidence, since I have not changed anything else I am doing, except adding this supplement.

So here goes..

  • Feeling extra Extra Hungry, eating much more than Usual, especially protein foods like Roast beef
  • Feeling some random pumps throughout Today esp.
  • feeling a strong natural motivation to workout. every morning, ready to go.

that's it so far. but if that's from the epiandro (which it has to be), I can see where this is going. I continue on. Will update again tomorrow, bench press/chest press tomorrow afternoon."

11/17/13 (2:33PM) :: Did Chest and TRI's today, felt a little bit more of a pump than usual (no N.O boosters either). Had a big lunch and still hungry! Will do some little stuff later (deck of cards, pushups), since earlier I did bench press,chest press, tri extend.
Went jogging this morning as well, endurance is up, it always is, but felt extra strength today in my legs as well. "

(!)Wednesday, November, 20, 2013 - Corageon - Epi-AndroRX Log (Update #2)

Carrying big stones today....
Also targeting Biceps and Shoulders later today, will update again later.
What do I have to report???

  • Increased Hunger still Relevant?
  • Always Focused
  • Definitely now noticing what I can call "increased workout aggression". Squeezing out extra reps is A Pleasure!
  • Libido is through the rooftop and beyond.

"11/20/2013 :: 9:44 PM

  • Workout was Productive Today
  • Really went above and Beyond in Reps
  • Feel Fantastic!
  • I get endorphin rushes from any time I workout anyway, but I definitely did more than usual and pushed myself!

Likin it so far!"



Ok time for a full summary of what I've experienced.
First of all, the hunger has continued, for whatever reason, I am eating a lot more on Epi-AndroRX, and also my workout motivation, and compulsions to work out are about 5x amplified. Feel like working out all day the last few days.
Really liking this product. I felt as though the first few days, I didn't notice Too much beside the increased appetite, but its these last couple days that are really shining.

Thanks for opportunity IML...

Will update yet again in a few days.

Today's workout was a little bit of every muscle group, upper and lower body, since during the week I was targeting more specific muscle groups, as noted in the earlier posts.

Also did a lot of running today.

Calories @ 2900 / day.

11/26/13 12:22 PM

Did Calaesthetics today, Butterfliex, and also some Curls, so far...
Pumps are still Great, still eating a lot. Still pumpin extra reps.
Unreal focus today though. Again, no Stims used, no N.O boosters.
Strength is def way up.

Forearm and triceps and chest solid and pumped.


Meant to update yesterday but got caught up in some other shit.

It has been an interesting week, and so far really enjoying the epi-androrx..

Today was a rest day but yesterday I was using Free Weights - shoulder press x3 -10 reps, lateral raisesx3 15 reps, incline curlsx3 14rps,tri extentions x3 10 reps -- I was also doing pull-ups 3xmax out = 28, 26, 25.
Which I believe is pretty good..
Also did 4 sets of 50 standard dips.
And some pushups.


  • Noticing Veins In my Shoulders More Pronounced
  • Muscles Tightening Up, Pumps Very Strong
  • Muscles Always Solid
  • Sleeping Longer last Couple of Nights
  • Love the "Serious" Feeling I am Getting for Workouts, "Must Be Completed"

Also still eating way more than expected, shit definitely does make ya hungry. And like I said, no specific food craving, though I'm diggin the steaks, roast beef, and seafood!!! Not that I don't normally, but I'm just so damn hungry!


Exclamation Re: Corageon's Epi-AndroRX Log


Decided to add more to the program.
Really liking the product, and am eating good!

::Another great workout today! Did 4 sets Barbell Squats, and 3 sets of deadlifts::
Did Pull-Ups x4 sets x25 reps each.

..and did 3 sets bicep curls (dumbbell), while holding a large rock in the other hand, than what I was curling and maintaining. Feeling the burn! Love testing my endurance / strength!!

UPDATE : 12/12/2013
  • Noticing Solid Look is Pronounced Throughout My Body
  • Definite Dry Look, and ALSO gained a couple pounds, lean of course.
  • Still Eating Well, Not Craving Certain Foods, Just Urge to Take in High Protein Foods, Lovin the Steak and Eggs!
  • Sense of Focus is Sharp As Can Be, Sense of Awareness is Peak!
  • Just feel "in the Zone" in General, Tunnel-Vision for workouts!
  • In a good way^, and no Lethargy experience, no Dry/Achy Joints etc
  • But I also eat a lot of herbs/vegetables so I am to Maintain good Bone Health!
  • That's about it! Stay Tuned!


    Might extend this log a couple weeks, received another bottle from a close-friend who for some reason didn't want it.

    Will be updating log again tomorrow.

    Still Feeling Great!!!

    Workouts are becoming even more satisfying!

    Lovin the vascularity and energy!

    • Been working out like Crazy!
    • Vascularity is Unreal at this Point
    • The motivation is second nature, and the workout highs don't get old!
    • Biceps look Solid as all hell!
    • Always Serious!
    • Doesn't take Shit to get A Pump, and I don't mean that Lightly, A Short Jog Sends a Massive Pump Throughout my Body!
    • No negative sides!
    • Still Hungry as Hell! Love Eating!
    • HeavyIron and others Big Thanks! I'm loving this opportunity!

      • Continuing Along Still!
      • Did Barbell Squats Today, Still a little Sore from Yesterday, but Doin Good.
      • Did Legs as Well.
      • Did OverHead Press and Butterflies!
      • And 4 sets of Push-Ups Til Failure
      • Went for a Jog even Despite Shitty Weather, Morning and Night


  1. I second that. very inspiring log.

  2. is corageon a writer on this blog cus i don't see his listing on the right?
    i liked his log but he made a real commotion over at meso rx forum. he's smart and witty but also good at stirring people up and has a pretty dark agenda it seems.

  3. corageon is fuckin awesome. smart and strong!


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