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Monday, November 25, 2013

The LAST of Primordial Performance....and AndroMass/AndroBulk IN STOCK (3-Remaining)

Following up from last time, Primordial Performance is left as a legacy and their products left an example of innovation in the sports/bodybuilding supplement industry.  It is a shame, but at this point all we can do is savor what is left of these solid, awesome products. Most of them are sold out - people made that investment quick. But, there is for those who were left feeling like the exiled lone wolf, a chance to reboot and rip skin again! I mean muscles.  

That chance is here, and most importantly,.. NOT FOR LONG!!!

There is (last I checked) which was 2 Mins ago from 1:10 AM eastern time, 3 of each in stock.

Now now, before you go, don't forget these are expensive PH's, and please, if you don't plan on being serious with these products, there's only a few left...DON'T WASTE EM!

PH's and Gear alike is meant to be taken SERIOUSLY. 

Get with a game plan and buy em and work out hard as hell, or don't and wait for the next person.

Alright Dudes, Product Links are below. Can't get em no where else. Act fast.

                                                   ANDRO Mass V3  - Get it NOW


                                           ANDRO BULK - Get It Now

Where do I find/get andro Bulk / Andro Mass ?
Where can I get it?

Questions answered above. Not many left in Stock.
Hurry UP now.
AndroBulk/AndroMass Review/Log



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  1. PP was a great company. It's a shame


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