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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Online BlackMarkets Taking A Beating

Arrests for distribution of poisons? Gun's? Multiple Shutdowns? Setups? The Assault on the Internet's "Dark Side" has not only accelerated, it has also prompted responses from Bitcoin, and alerted the public to the reality of Political Lusts

(Politicians, Banks Feel Threatened by BitCoin)
(Economists Predict BitCoin Backlash)

The concern over making it easier for drugs to cross the border too huh? (!)

Or the concern over secure new ways to deal with online transactions..
Fear and lack of control are a bitch.
And governments don't like it.

Black Market Reloaded, Silk Road, and other Online BlackMarkets all shut down within a 4-month period? (1) (2)

But what is being threatened here?
The large banks know the vast amount of possibilities that BitCoin presents for their investments. They don't want to lose business, and the IRS doesn't like the possibility of new types of business and payment slipping through their fingers.

BitCoin funds many legitimate organizations, it is a supported method of payment for companies and customers alike; affiliate programs, wholesale programs and more are taking advantage of BitCoin, and are well-into it, therefore, any attempt to exile this virtual currency will result in economic disruption. The roads are already expanding, and the line is drawn. 

In theory, BlackMarkets can be secured by the very existence of this currency; since it still can be seen as an emerging currency, attacking blackmarkets reduces it's profitability.

But maybe this is the beginning of something good, it shows, that via the Internet, new strings can be pulled, and the separation of various businesses from the normal corrupt, federally "regulated" economic chains can mean a new era of resistance.

This is a function of anonymity.

The argument that it is illegal is invalid, because its merely a currency. And any business large and small should cherish this currency for its innovation. Individual sellers can feel safer with this currency, and payments for software becomes less complicated.

However, business has to be secured, and these attacks on the "BlackMarket" though seeming necessary at first, again, are disruptive to the currencies existence, the good has to be made out of this black hole, before it is closed, instead of the light being taken through it, the real corruption should be absorbed by it.  Then the Internet can be restructured in some interesting ways, innovation is to say the least, the power that can be generated from BitCoin, is amazing..

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