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Friday, February 7, 2014

Internal Awareness...


Neither the accumulation of ones own victories, nor the surge of initial success, nor the crossing of bridges during dark times - is created by sheer luck. Not even by strength, not by wisdom alone, nor by Training.  All of what we are rewarded, is rewarded to us by our own conscious mind; it is a mental victory before a physical one, but even more, the internal awareness we have, so second-nature, is the very fusion of elements leading to what we have gained. Without it, we would not have pricked out the extra things that others did not, nor would we have added that last Eye-Opening line to a speech, because with awareness - we judged our audience's reactions, we saw what was needed, we saw their emotions and we responded to them. Awareness can stand us in the middle of the road, identifying new ideas out of what others call useless objects, because you see, without awareness, how can we have imagination, or creativity? Awareness - it can be the sparks of victory through our own perception, and then it can be the fire of our own revelation.

I believe in the power of hypervigilance....

However, If you can be so prompt to judge, but not aware enough to accurately identify, you have lost the edge of your sword already.

In anything you do, push yourself to learn along the way.
There are no roads where learning new things is not possible.

There are merely times where your awareness falls to the point where it seems like there is nothing to learn.

If you are provided the key, but don't see it, what good does it do you? Progressing beyond is halted just then and there, by a lack of awareness. I can't emphasize this enough, but it goes much further beyond this concept.

Your level of awareness can shape the future before the future is made. Sounds inconceivable. But if you can't be aware enough to see where one choice will lead you (insight is a form of awareness), then you may be making a sharp mistake, on a quick turn; a turn that caused inevitable misfortune.

You can make the argument that all things happen for a reason, and if you feel these negative events would have happened either be it, but it is not an excuse to lose awareness for the future. And so the wrong turn you have made, and the argument "everything happens for a reason" lead to the same internal gesture, at least they should. That gesture; learn from your mistakes. Prevent the same routine from exploiting and ruining your potential. Driving it in the ground, because you feel everything pass by you and you have no ability to catch up? NO. Be aware enough to know that you can catch up, you've seen unfathomable things on the news, and in movies and exaggerated or not, awareness is a common key, in any turn-around. In any path molding itself into True Success.

Be your own Vibrant, Shining, Light of Awareness. Spread the message.



  1. epic article! this one should go down in history as some of the best words written!

  2. brilliant. this writer is very "Rhetorical" kinda sounds like a politician. the way he separates and divides the key points really draws the eyes of wonder.


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