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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

{Area-1255} SNS Growth Factor XT Review & Log (DaMage)

daMAGE here again! This time I will be running an honest review and log of Serious Nutrition Solutions "Growth Factor XT" Product. I will start by giving my thoughts as I progress through the week. I will be updating about every other day or especially if something significant comes up. As I go to my lifts, any changes will be noted, including but not limited to - sleep pattern, libido changes, strength and size....

For reference, the product can be bought on their website here --> HERE
...or if you like buying things on Amazon, they also sell it --->  HERE

Well my first night of taking this product will be tonight. So expect an update in the next couple days.

To be clear, my current diet is mainly beef, eggs, seafood, nuts....
I eat shredded wheat once in a while for breakfast. But with a couple eggs.
Usually two roast beef sandwhiches for lunch and a few bags of peanuts or almonds throughout the day (1.66 OZ) about 14 G / protein.

My GYM routine...
Tomorrow (Thursday) Chest and Tri's
Friday - Shoulders And Biceps.
Sat - Cardio - Calaesthenics. 
Sunday - Rest day.
Monday - Chest,Tri's-Lat's.
Tuesday - rest day.
Wednesday - A little of everything.

And THEN back again to where we would be tomorrow.....
<Area-1255> {GFXT Review / Log} (Serious Nutrition Solutions)

Wednesday Night, Thursday Night. Today.
-Feel like I slept a little better last night. Had some interesting dreams the last two.
-Shoulder's;Rows,Dumbells,Declines;weighted,press. Felt very focused and didn't drink any coffee today. Must have been the quality sleep.

Moving forth. Extra hungry today.

Saturday Report

OK - Definitely now noticing some very notable things.
First of all - appetite is noticeably up. Energy and Endurance as well as recovery time all improved!
I attribute a lot of this to increased sleep but it is a VERY clean and smooth feeling. I feel in the "Zone" almost all day and I am much more productive - especially today.

                                          MONDAY 7 - 7 -2014 UPDATE
Noticing that my ability to lift til failure is greatly improved. Last set's are becoming easier on the Bench. I also have noticed a very strong, "ZONE" emerging during my Run's. I am able to endure and I find myself taking almost zero resting time.
There is a DEFINITE decrease in soreness and a very very noticeable improvement in recovery time. I am convinced this product is definitely increase GH and growth factor levels. Also my veins in my chest are poking out a lot more!!!!

Sleep is absolutely amazing! I am getting 9 hours / night and I am waking up without a need for coffee or any kind of stim! This stuff is for real friends! Enjoying this much!


very interesting few days/ nights. I've noticed my lifts went up and endurance during cardio - and my ability to handle simple arguments has been improved. I've felt less impatient so far on this - overall. I've also been feeling the effects of greatly improved sleep. 9 hours a night some nights!!!
I've felt an overall improvement in well-being...i did notice a weird tingling sensation in my arms the other night...almost felt like a niacin flush!?!?
In addition - my appetite has shot way up. Which has been a great feeling as normally i struggle to push down the extra calories!
Whatever it is with this combination of ingredients, it works very well!


Everything has been going about the same, though one of the capsules split today (didn't notice) and that combination was pretty nasty!
Sleep is still well on and through and my energy and motivation for each morning seems to keep increasing. It's like a really good vibe hits. Also I should note once again for the record - SORENESS times are DRAMATICALLY decreased on this!
Also my lifts on the bench have went up as have reps!
I've also noticed an extra boost in endurance (even with pullups) but I am guessing that this has to do with increased recovery / sleep as well.
Noticing that there is MUCH fuller feeling to my biceps and forearms and it seems like there is a bit of a drying effect from this sup.
Overall - I am loving this product.
When I get to the end of the review - I will post a final synopsis and this will include in-depth information on every aspect.

Meant to update earlier! Been very busy with work and have had a couple unexpected happenings in the past few days.
Overall, eating more on this product and getting better sleep has made a definite change, and I've gained about a couple pounds of lean mass as well 

The solid, grainy look is really coming out while on this product. 
Strength and Energy are unreal on this, remarkable especially considering I am not using any caffeine or PWO most days.

Yet there's a strange consistency and an almost, other worldly focus. 


Well getting near the end of the bottle now....almost.
I'm still enjoying the sleep on this product I am really enjoying the strength increases and just overall mental clarity during the day. It does make me a little tired after taking it, but it's not like a tranquilizer. That's the point though. It does definitely improve my ability to get to sleep and I STAY asleep. Turn them lights off and I'm in for some interesting dreams that I can recall as well!!!

Also people frequently ask what the effects are on libido. Well mines always sky high anyhow so I can't expect too many changes there. However I've caught myself drifting into fantasies far more often than I normally do - especially the last week. 

I've also noticed that my allergies have piped down (normally flare up around this time) so it would seem this product has a potent anti-histamine type effect...???

Could be cus of better sleep and just overall well-being.

Everything feels very smooth and my lifts are still improving, especially the last sets til failure.


Nothing too much new to report. I'm going to give an overview here.

SLEEP - 10/10 - Sleep is mighty and dreams are very vivid but not disturbing. The relaxing effect and quality sleep really makes a profound difference. Furthermore, I have more patience the next day to deal with people.

LIBIDO - (!) As said before - dramatic increase in daydrifting and fantasies on this product. Surprising because they are normally fairly frequent - but this intensifies everything! At least that's what I have found.

STRENGTH -9 / 10  Definite increases in overall strength and this is probably because of the sleep. But I noticed better pumps as well that I don't think can be fully attributed just to increased sleep / quality either. I was not taking any N.O products during the entire course of using this supplement.

I barely used caffeine....

TONING/VASCULARITY - 10/10 - The reason why I am giving this a ten out of ten is because it's not particularly for this purpose, but muscle definition and overall vascularity was greatly improved on this product.

ENDURANCE -9 / 10 - Due to increased GH secretion I presume, and better sleep - quality of all cardio workouts and core body workouts was enhanced And I felt like it was a much quicker time period in and out - all while having that "Zone" atmosphere. Absolute endorphin rush and smooth.

RECOVERY - 10/10

Dramatic Increases in recovery, soreness was at time almost non-existent, and recovery times GREATLY decreased.

10 / 10 - I have nothing bad to say, Outstanding Product!!

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