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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

(Corageon) AI Sports Nutrition D-Aspartic Acid Review / Log {Area-1255}

UPDATE : Log is also active --> <--

Starting this tomorrow.

-Log increases in strength, recovery and / or mass.
-Log effects on sleep, general focus.
-Log effects on Pump, Vascularity etc
-Log effects on Workout Aggression / Discipline / Productivity**

Other Supplements I will be using.
-Occasional caffeine taken pre-workout. 


Workout Regimen
Mostly Custom. 
Farmer's Walk as usual.
Bench Press 4 x a week.
"Corageon's Xtreme Push-Up Routine"
Cardio - Running every other day - 4 miles.

Stay tuned....

Update ::
TASTE : I know many have complained but I actually like the sour taste of this product, it's like a very light lemonade and it is very refreshing! 
For those who DO like the taste, my advice is ....Don't be eating the DAA like pixie sticks folks ;)

As a side-note, and even though DAA is supposed to be stimulating, I find no such effect so far. I recall along time ago I used a DAA product sample for about a week, and it was like the third day - I noticed some real mental clarity on it. 

((( Going over the Last Couple Days )))
Definitely get a sense of mental clarity and focus on this product so far, these effects are evident about 10 mins after ingesting. Also the workout pumps are pretty noticeable. Not taking any other PWO's or anything. I do take caffeine here and there. 

I noticed even a stronger leg pump while running, to where I would anticipate great effects in this area in the coming days. 

Definite improved sense of focus and strength as well.
Vascularity is coming out quite nicely as well..

-Seems to increase pre-workout aggression and gives a sense of overall clarity.
-Don't take this too close to bed or you may not sleep, it is stimulating, some say not in this way. But it is.
-Pumps seem to definitely be improving even more so than last time.
Again, I really like the sour taste of this. 
-Definitely noticing improved workout/cardio performance. Strength is up and aggression is definitely increased.
-Pumps are getting better by the week!!!
-Noticing a very large increase in appetite.
-No carb cravings to count.
-Sleep has actually IMPROVED all round, at first I thought it was going to be too stimulating, but I took it close to bed the last few nights and slept better actually. So perhaps the effects change over time....
-Noticing some VERY vivid dreams.....

-An update on the above. Dreams are MUCH more frequent, memorable and very ODD.
-Noticing MUCH deeper sleep and presumably this is the reason for better recovery which I have definitely noticed.
-Less sore in between workouts and I don't lapse much time in between, no time for hesitancy!
-This DAA stuff really rocks the motivation department and gives a noticeable neuromuscular strength enhancement.
-I did notice some odd cravings for marshmallow treats the last few days...I ain't gonna lie, I had a couple. :D

-Still getting very strange and increasingly Vivid dreams.
-Definitely better recovery, even better than last week.
-Vascularity and Pumps are definitely enhanced.
-Appetite is back down to moderate level??
-Increase in REMS/Deep Sleep most definitely.
-Strength is increased for sure.
-Cayenne Pepper steak tonight....hmm.

-Vivid dreams are Even more pronounced if I take this after 9PM, but I still get to sleep alright.
-Recovery dramatically improving by the day.
Vascularity and pumps are still very much so noticeable.
-Appetite shot way up again late this week...might be fluctuations in my training or work.
-Work capacity and recall time seems to be sharper on this.
-Very VERY RESTFUL and DEEP sleep on this.
-MORE measurable increases in strength to be accounted for.
-Pumping out extra reps on every set of bench now as well!!!

-Nothing much new to report, just continued increases in strength and a notable euphoric focus.
-Appetite was down the last couple days though. Not sure why.


  • Blood test came back with Total T at 970 (was 961)
  • Increased Appetite
  • Strength Increases
  • Improved thought clarity.
  • Sense of outstanding motivation at every angle.
  • Sleeping much better!
  • Dosing this 3x a day at normal scoops.


  • Final Update here.
  • Definitely noticing more strength increases.
  • Sleep is great, no changes to report, vivid dreams are continuing.
  • Did increase the dosage the last few days by a couple scoops
  • Last BW was 979 (amazing that TT still went up despite already being high)
  • Massive increase of appetite on the later days (where dose was increased) - especially for Steak
  • Improved motivation towards everything, much more calm but yet aggressive aura.
  • Pumps were definitely very much so improved, almost on the level of arginine nitrate.
  • Excellent product, tastes sour but I like it.
  • Highly Recommend AI Sports Nutrition DAA!!!!

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