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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Fable Anniversary Review

Fable is one of those games that definitely gets over looked by most hardcore gamers simply because of mixed reviews, the truth of it is, if you're looking for a new game and a good time you won't go wrong with either Fable two or three which are Xbox 360 exclusives, Fable Anniversary which is also an Xbox exclusive is for players looking forward to experiencing what exactly happened in the first fable and it varies from player to player because Fable is a shape your own destiny kind of game. And with that being said, from childhood you are given the opportunity to make honest hard earned gold, or lie steal bludgeon and extort money like a common thug, but the gameplay goes much deeper then saying - so you either play a Hero or a villain. It's so much more intricate, you go from a peasant into what ever it is you make your self be it murder, thief, drifter, nobleman, Arcane mage, black mage, spell sword, or any thing in between. I personally prefer the harbinger of death. At certain times during the game you'll find yourself wandering through a quiet little village wondering who's watching the houses, then you'll find yourself unlawfully entering someone's property and stealing what you please but at the price that your once devilishly handsome character has a certainly new glow about him the more wrong you do the more evil generates around you. Eventually giving you horns a red aura and loss of hair. The opposite effect of being a limey goody two shoes is you receive a halo and a golden aura and people will like you so hope you're proud of yourself.

 The gameplay on the other hand is sweet; its as hack and slash as its ever going to get in this lifetime commands are activated by simple button presses corresponding to what ever it is you intend to do and of course there's briefing and story, but ill let you get into the finer points when you purchase borrow or rent the game your self I personally am a fable junkie and over the years they have only gotten better! Income in the game doesn't always have to be ill gotten like I prefer but a multitude of options presents itself when the time for making gold is at hand which is as soon as you graduate the guild even during but were talking big heaps of gold the spoils of war am I right?... Right... So you can undertake quests both main and side's which always offer a boasting option and these gambits range from do the quest using no magic or weapons to doing the quest in your underwear, its to please your crowd and gain fame and to make a little extra on the side. You can also buy and rent houses and shops to pick up some extra ka ching on the side. You can accumulate up to three bags of gold on a property one every three days and if you don't mind the wait you can exploit the game for some major coinage. Well that's my review for Fable anniversary hope you enjoyed that's all for today see you next time on mixed reviews.

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