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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Guidelines {Tips} for a Healthy Psychology/Mindset - Why Supplements, Diet , Exercise are only PART of the Equation

Out of all tips for recovering from trauma, or depression - none fit quite right into the equation like understanding yourself and what you can achieve !

The problem with "common-day" tips or testimonials of others who may have recovered from depression or other forms of mental illness using stringent or disciplined "psychological techniques" or even suggested therapeutic measures - is that their story may be just too biased or self-reflective to achieve the same level of help to someone who may not even connect on their level - or with their cultural / environmental differences etc

What works for one may certainly not, or probably won't work for another (but it also may, or some parts can be taken back to gain insight into proper recovery).

Thus personalized accounts of others and their recovery may often lead readers into the frustration (and confliction) of being able to (or not) accept such input as valuable, or at least relatable enough to be somewhat viable, for THEM.

No worries though, I'm not here to tell you a tale or to give my personal account of recovery (at least not in this instance) - I'm simply here to outline an important concept that should not be overlooked - it shouldn't be deemed as gospel , either..but certainly considered by those missing substance or quality in life.

"Detrimental are the prospects and the endeavors of those who relay unallotted advice to situations and receivers (viewers) with distinct differences in their own life stories."~AMx ReBorN

Within forumized conversations, sometimes the best advice is given spontaneously - or at least valuable insight where it is sorely needed.

As such, I present this image as something all should read - in relation to this subject matter - I believe it contains some vital aspects that may help improve the insight of others and to help understand what is missing from your life - acting as a sort of baseline and yet vehicle to revealing or facilitating the "fetching" of valuable observations which are not limited by design, experience or past trauma's/issues.

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