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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Why Can't/Won't God stop The "AntiChrist" / False Prophet from Coming? What's holding him back? (Answers & Logical Analysis Here)

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In all fairness, it may seem like a difficult question to just lay out - or people possibly think thats it either too resolute, or requires too much thinking...or perhaps people just have too much clutter in their minds to post a logical analysis.....that's really,,    all you need here. 

You don't need to come up with 1000 bible Verses to justify the response or answer, and that's the same place where most religious scholars go wrong in expanding attentive influence .... some tend to over-do or have too much focus on outdoing the next teacher , preacher or perhaps just learners. 

Instead of re-structuring their own writing/speaking style - or simply mixing the proper amount of firm outlines with considerable logic that may justify the parent conclusions and yet minimize the need of biblical references ....

Now obviously , Biblical References (within religion and church etc) are necessary for two reasons.

1.) To answer/appeal to those who believe or to encourage those who need more "evidence" to justify what is in the Bible.

  • It's necessary as a type of identification and to display as sort of an "expected output" for fellow believers. It's jargon is an opaque representation of the significance of the belief system and thus powerful sounding and mannerable.
2.) To act as a mainstay of legitimate religious institutions but also to provide structural vibe and progressive room within, for debate and in order to assure a sense of clarity and to disperse what is "proper rhetoric" for the entity, school or otherwise.

So it wouldn't be proper of me to go completely on my own logic , either..
As in "identification purposes" - but anybody with a half a usable brain and some logic could probably come to these conclusions.

Alright, let's get this show on the road....

There's two central quotes I will start off with in order to determine a plausible analysis of why God can't / Won't stop the anti-christ / False Prophet from taking over etc..
EDMUND BURKE : "The only thing necessary for evil to succeed, is for good men to do nothing."
God gave men Free Will verse....

Now let me start by addressing the common questions and misperceptions of the first verse...when the verse sais...

 "the ONLY thing necessary for evil to succeed/Triumph is for Good men to do NOTHING"... people get a little confused by how likely it is for nothing to be done as something is ALWAYS being done (by everyone, everywhere) - but you can't look at that part so literally - what BURKE means specifically is nothing in proportion or in the face of evil to mean SUFFICIENTLY SOMETHING as equating to not being NOTHING. 

That means that what is being done as SOMETHING, and NOT NOTHING is that which is NOT IGNORANT of the SITUATION - and thus properly addressing the situation which is enough to SWEEP and OPPOSE evil and thus be substance enough to be considered an effective opposing action.

Now let's take a look at the irony of the SECOND VERSE, the BIBLE states that God gave men free will or we are "called to be FREE"...

Certainly, this verse doesn't help in a neurotic society where people are set on "living their life" and vainly embracing "you only live once" - especially where proper observation and caution, and productivity is displaced or seemingly absent!

In effort to reconcile freedom and pleasure , these modernized statements become ever-more popular, and not just in the youth.

I'm not condemning them nor anyone for this in particular, but if people who desire to do evil REALLY desire to do so - they know that the firm stance of opposing generals AKA the good men is intimidating and a work-around is creating an unstable society they simply need to violate the normal definition of free will or cause fear to elapse by means of creating sustainable viability and interminable distractions.

As people hone themselves in their own world (newly created) - but while giving everyone the sense that everything is "A OK" - then both verses quoted above are already applicable - and God "ISN'T SET TO DESTROY FREE WILL AS HE ENABLED IT"...but any real scholar or just one with appreciable affinity for what is considered spiritual zest would tell you that those who do God's will and those who are God's messengers are in charge or at least should feel obligated to be aware for the signs of evil in order to help PRESERVE that free Will...

Evil succeeds when people are too LAX to notice the subtle signs of a creeping takeover, one that seems so normal and "feels so right"..

As is such with a society changing to meet the needs of an upcoming luxurious lifestyle where materials and technologies are passed off as that to be embraced, obsessed on or seen as pleasure and outcome. Of course, when these things are already merged with society (as it is in human nature to create as to follow the image of it's CREATOR) - then free will is already made to stand as a representation of all that is created.....

It's just that the whole spider-web of this phenomenon is incredibly layered and complex - a lot of good comes from innovation and especially where society gives people something to do around every corner - unfortunately - the flip side of such creationism is even if the intent of such things was fairly good intentioned - it can be infiltrated at some point in order to create a consistent, but subjective masquerade that eludes some of the vigilant as favor is placed on retaining sanity and revering the new definition of righteousness which is content to be placed within the battle ground INSIDE the arena created.

The arena = the new ideals and modernization of society now made even more diverse by the invention of technology and modernized pleasure (such as movies, theaters and enjoyable activities wherein one can philosophize within examples given)

Now we already have the prerequisites for an oncoming takeover - and as long as intelligent and aware men continue to let these things slip , ignoring the signs , then the worst type of psychopaths can operate fairly safely, and the rest will be wiped out by desperation and cover-ups.

Here's where bigger questions are renounced, when the subordinates are still seemingly righteous but don't declare their new disposition or servitude (aka the opposing dictators) - therefore lies, manipulation - but most importantly - infiltrators and false characters arise to baffle and ensure, simultaneously.

Now I cant' say that modernized society is the ENTIRE problem - but it gives more "breathing space" , at the least - for those who wish to plot for control and power.

Now the next question you'll likely have ....what does all this have to do with God's ability to obstruct/stop evil?

Assuming things have only moved half-way,  you have to understand that not only is it wrong for God to purposely obstruct willpower - but also - and perhaps more importantly, wills are complexly ingrained into society - and God is not one to deliberately cause chaos or the feeling of being of more specific purpose - it would be logical to see and hope people at least have some resiliency - as GOD responds to prayers, and those who are eager to meet his presence.

If people stop praying, they at the least, stop being vigilant to prophecy - if the people have an elaborate structure to waste their time - they start having more excuses to not pay attention to scripture...but the fact is - "if you don't see something, it ain't there" - is a bold attempt at further confusing society. Therefore the ultimate obstruction is teaching people (re-dis-educating) to only see with their eyes - and not the vision of the mind and the vigilance of the spirit.

So then...when the human will has so many other adeptions and fantasies to attend to - and aspirations to cling to - people start to stop thinking of more ultimate things...and when grey area is now the new "code" - the excuse that precedes it - is now the excuse that sweeps away the innocency of ultimate things...then being accused of being "black and white".

God doesn't prefer the situation but given the diverse reactions, interactions and aspirations the only balance to be justified is where will should prosper until the time where one's will and retention of God's moral principles is judged.

THINK : How can God obstruct one will, knowing the many other wills it will then affect - and knowing that some people can't handle what was offset of the first scenario - he obviously can't save everyone - but at least those who retain a conscience and decency as well as come to repentence are those who can be safely accepted to him.


Thus the whole picture is incredibly complex and a huge collage of factors which no one with a logical mind should attempt to simplify.

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