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Sunday, March 1, 2015

{REVIEW} TeamTLR's Dehydromestolon-OA (TLR-112) 98.5% (UnBiased, Independent Review)

Let's be clear on something first, I have extensive experience with DHT compounds.TBH, All in all I am very impressed with TeamTLR's DHT-compound "DEHYDROMESTOLON-OA" - my initial assessment was it felt like Proviron in regards to strength, vascularity , mood/aggression benefits etc - but with continued use, it started to mirror the consistency and POTENCY of Masteron - which is very impressive....I also did not note any HPTA suppression, even at higher doses - this is with blood work every 3 weeks. I did NOT take an AI during this time.

 After receiving this product, I immediately began a daily dose of 25mg / day - diluted in water..but not shaken up or anything.
The powder, as shown above, is like the consistency of baking flour, with little minor clumps here and there.
It doesn't thicken in water - and its tasteless and easy to bitterness etc

I didn't feel a lot on the first two days, but as an experiment (and 1st of two sole exceptions in regard to dosing), I did 50 mg on the third day - and felt a MEAN energy boost...mind you, I only got 4 hours of sleep the night it's evident and well-worth the examination for CFS-type symptoms...considering I have a high tolerance/low sensitivity to stimulants but yet do not tolerate lack of sleep very least without "help".

This DHT analogue was a great help in this situation - and certainly alleviated the fatigue very quickly , perhaps some similarity to eleuthero but with less of a jittery feel - and rather a clean, "cellular" rush - where somnolence is evaded and instead replaced with an internal rejuvenation. 

At the end of the first week, I noticed tremendous strength and endurance benefits  - where I was easily pumping out extra reps and didn't seem to get tired easily....this is while less than the normal (100 mg instead of 200 mg) caffeine is used PWO.

I also noticed a great degree of clarity, enhanced sense of smell - and increased appetite trending highest on the second week.

I can say the vigor/viril activities of this substance are actually STRONGER than proviron - and certainly an overall enhancement of libido was noted...

Additionally, increased aggression but not in a crazy out of control way was noted - but I felt the need to distance myself from loud talkers and people who may otherwise irritate me by say, coughing around ..... I can easily confront these types but opted not to even include myself in the seating myself away from many people in public places was further necessary...

It wasn't anything too much different* than how I normally am - but certainly - I can feel it leading up to something a little quicker perhaps if I let the situation get the best of me, which I didn't...perhaps I don't advise this for fellas who's personna isn't all the way stable or "strictly moderated".

Going on , the third week (and I'll update this again soon) yielded increases in strength yet again  - the times where I get less sleep - I still find myself stronger on the bench, and extra reps noted each session....!

The appetite increasing effects are ALSO definitely NOT placebo, moreover...My addiction to chinese food became more apparent and amplified whilst on this ....

Not surprising as potent androgens do increase appetite on multiple levels..

**Should also specify that there was a serious increase in vascularity, becoming more noticeable on the late part of the second week...similar to INHIBIT-E/ATD and certainly pronounced on all veins, even with chest veins popping out moreso!

Pumps were just crazy by the second week - and this includes on days where no caffeine was used!
Normally my pumps are a bit weaker when I don't use caffeine!

If I were to say which out of strength and pump was more enhanced though - I would say the pro-strength/pro-aggressive effects were more profound, but not enough to say that the pump enhancing effects were inferior, by any means!!**

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