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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Good People Can Appreciate the Darkness, Too (Dispelling the Myths, Biblical & Logical Reinforcements Included)

It has come to my attention that some people have, erroneously, assumed that darkness is only a place for evil to lie (as in lay), or that darkness is always referred to as that which is owned by evil or such...but it should be known that logically and biblically, this is a fatal oxymoron. God has created the darkness as well, and light can not exist without darkness - they are both essential instruments/elements to our existence. (I say instruments because they are in a collaboration, and yet technically not separate entities)

Furthermore, even if you do see 'darkness' as the 'ways of' ; what you see as dark (immoral ways and methods) - I would say this.

In order to fully appreciate the light, we must have once dwelt in darkness - because that is when light is truly distinguished. ~AMxReBorN~ 

So from a philosophical or spiritual standpoint - this can be fully absorbed. But this post isn't about me, it's about clarification. It's about allowing people to have their peace. Giving re-assurance. Comfort; knowing the ideals and de-stabilization tactics used by unscrupulous organizations can be set aside by the truth.

But let us not define darkness as one thing or another.

 There was value in knowledge then, there is now, and God speaks the same.

This proves that God sees darkness and light as Alike; both are necessary, and though he is cited as being "of light, where there is no darkness" , God has created the darkness for a reason - and we, each of us, we are not God.  We are born from and to co-exist with both light and darkness - this does not mean to appreciate one 100% over the other, or 90% one and 10% another - but it also does not mean that appreciating each equally means we are neutral , neither good nor evil, it simply means we acknowledge the truth from the very beginning..something that we must come to terms with in order to understand ourselves and the life we were given...if we can not appreciate the darkness as well - and if we underestimate it - we are not filled with knowledge, we are ignorant, and choosing to live in ignorance. 

This also does not mean we should act as if darkness is the Superior entity, and it ABSOLUTELY should not mean that darkness should be deemed an inferiority, nor should it be erroneously presumed to be relating to evil, because this is not the case.

So draw your sword to fight for what is right, but understand that you must be in harmony with both elements, appreciate order to understand and continue Wisely in life.

So does God say it is O.K to appreciate the darkness, well of course! But in the terms of darkness as night, and as what exists in darkness we are encouraged to understand, for in him the hidden treasures and knowledges are revealed. 

God understands and appreciates night-owls , because they can appreciate what others are so quick to be afraid of. Only because they (the others) do not understand it, they fear what they do not understand...once you have been conditioned to believe in such a blind phenomenon, the only reversal is understanding...and once you see both sides of the Same Coin - you will have to dismiss what others have been so quick to hold on to....damage comes from blindness, and re-conditioning is the key to reverse the incorrect gestures pushed upon us.

NOW, Let's talk about Health. (Including Mood)
We can utilize darkness, and it does not equate to sacrificing serenity !!

Onyx is a special stone that is regarded as Symbolizing a happy life with a Great companion (!) - and contrary to the people who criticize it for being 'dark' and thus of despair, it actually is said to help block negative energies and negative thoughts of others, and to actually promote serenity and peace(!).

Now I didn't come here as a salesman, I am simply showing you that there is more to black, darkness, and anything of that nature than what most will tell you .

Stop hoarding light as if it is the cure to everything. 

But certainly, do not bathe yourself in darkness 100% and don't utilize it at all - if you don't know what it means...darkness doesn't mean to rip up the flesh of another, or to practice in deceit, darkness is just another element, a subtle, but profuse, proliferated, and consistent entity. 

DARKNESS IS NOT GLOOM, If you feel horrible in darkness, it may be some sort of biological issue where your body responds with chemicals, but then YOU have to truly search yourself to find if this RESPONSE, is based on the fear of the unknown, or fear that darkness is some consuming entity, perhaps, if you expect darkness to consume you - it will...but if you live in harmony with it...perhaps then, it is something else entirely, it's true nature revealed to you.

Now OF COURSE, if your power goes out as if someone snipped the power core, breaker links etc - and no other house is like that - then maybe it's worth a check and some extra vigilance, and maybe a little fear, but maybe not...indeed, people who become victims of people who UTILIZE darkness for malicious acts DOESN'T MEAN that darkness is to blame - but rather, it is the person who utilized it that hopes to work on your fears..again, because you do not understand it. 

To become a fully wise, and diverse individual, come prepared, but do not live in fear - be vigilant, but do not assume , especially not based on something as trivial, but yet significant as darkness and light...good or evil .

Because really when we say we 'see' we really only perceive, and perception is subject to many faces.
AMx ReBorN~

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