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Friday, July 17, 2015

CBRM-OX - A Scientifically Engineered Cannbinoid-Receptor Modulator (CB1 / CB2 Partial Agonist)

This article has been exclusively written for TrueLIFE Research - and to foster further progress within Cannibinoid Receptor Research and in reinforcing the significance of the CB1/2 system in current & future medical/scientific applications

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Until now, there has been no real suitable alternative to marijuana or cannabis; no alternative that is broadly available and is characterized with nearly the same properties and mechanism of action. Moreover, there isn't a formally announced cannbinoid acting substance that does not also relay the imperfections of cannabis itself (despite it being a solid and medically useful substance itself, it has drawbacks). While there are many ligands in existence under fairly obscure scientific conductions (to the common eye at least), most of these aren't plausible for human use or activity or they lack the proper ratio of oral bioavailability:CNS penetration(1). There are also quite many ligands which are later found to have additional, formerly unannounced properties and properties that may actually have a totally contrary (opposing) effect relative to the main direction in which the study is aiming to make progress from.

Therefore there is (or would have been) quite a pause on some ends of the scientific and research community - and a dilemma imagined within the possibility for 'later-phase' trials which may not be thwarted until more suitable ligands are developed and tailored for larger mammals and.. humans.

However, Project TLR has developed a highly potent active agonist at the human cannbinoid receptors 1 & 2.

A new optimized substance that displays remarkable bioavailability and...                             
                          Is  a  Natural   Extract

Source: Proprietary sources
(non-Cannabis genus)
Animal Research:
Research within animal models has been conducted that has shown potent in vivo CB1/CB2 partial agonist activity. Modulation of other cannabinoid pathways is present with lesser potencies and affinities. Evaluation displays a potency equivalence within CB1 partial agonist effects approximately at 72% of the standard D9-THC. No toxicity or adverse effects were observed at 10x the maximal effective dosing, as a maximal dose assayed.
This remarkable efficiency is suitable for higher level studies and the lack of toxicity and adverse events as well as near total selectivity is able to usher in these "higher ground developments". Within this research, it will be necessary to go over the reasoning for such emphasis (and devotion) upon this neuronal and bodily system, known as the  Cannibinoid-Receptors, a powerful G-Protein-Coupled Receptor family with very broadly distributed actions.

As explained in the Rimonabant piece, cannibinoid antagonists tend to have appetite suppressant and anti-obesity (anti-lipogenic) effects. Agonists on the other hand, are similar to marijuana and its reported appetite stimulant effects, however, they do not overtly produce an obese phenotype nor do they necessarily distort insulin function. This creates quite a paradox -in study- as fatal opposites at the receptor seem to have a fair amount of leverage in their contrasting effects; outlined by an apparent lack of adverse effects or 'extreme opposite' paradigms. 

CBRM-OX is a partial agonist at both CB1R/CB2R and thus displays the typical appetite stimulant effects and thus has indications for anorexia, chronic pain (displays anti-nociceptive effects), S.A.D (Seasonal Affective Disorder), anxiety and also acute pain as with a recent injury. The mood-lifting affects are assessed as serene & applicable (motivated but calm) and effects against anxiety seemed elongated as use continues. Effects against acute pain were transient on a one-time use but were extensive upon continuous use. The smooth arousing effect is assayed as improving sensory and social qualities as well as increased enjoyment of food and other activities. 

CBRM-OX demonstrates remarkable relief of pain but may not be attested directly within MS or autoimmune disorders and such until more volunteers step in , however, in sports injuries it provides substantial relief and is actually surprisingly void of any psychogenic side-effects or any other side-effects. Constipation was not noted nor were there any reported gastrointestinal problems throughout the course of the initial study. This may be representative of the neuronal selectivity or perhaps with the rate of binding/displacement and / or the fact that the propietary compound has equipotent affinity for both CB1 & CB2 as opposed to many other ligands which are imbalanced by contrast or are only affinitized to one receptor. Because CB2 receptors are noted to be of particular high density in periphery, it could also be that the activation of this receptor plays a mediating role on the actions sustained by CB1 activation. Either way, it has become a humongous resolve for cannbinoid receptors research!!!!

WwW: Projected writers assessment will be as well with CoRaGeOn and AMx ReBorN as they do , additional logs will be committed. 

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  2. but what is it made from? how can we know it is safe to take if we don't even know what it is made from????


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