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Thursday, December 17, 2015

How to Cure Anhedonia (Easy 5 Step Program/Supplement Routine) (Natural and Pharma Methods Included)

Anhedonia is the inability to feel pleasure and satisfaction from any activities; it is often accompanied by a diagnosis of Depression but clinical depression is not outlined by Anhedonia alone. 

As Depression is more a 'feeling' of despair and loss of interest ; sadness predominates in those who succumb to classical Depression. 

However, Anhedonia does not include sadness because it is describing the state of almost no emotions. So therefore there is a difference between Depression and Anhedonia but they often go together.

Perhaps even more important - is that anhedonia often leads to Depression (albeit a 'stale' depression). So it is very important that it is treated as soon as possible to prevent further mental health complications.

A more Subtle definition of Anhedonia would be the following.

  • You no longer laugh at TV Shows you once thought were funny.
  • You do not feel interest, passion, or arousal by any activity.
  • You are virtually void of your personality - it feels as if you are just living day to day just to live. 
  • You have no energy and no interest in really anything.
  • Talking is done just to talk and feel and look normal . However, you feel there is no point largely, quality of life is in the shitter.

In order to predict a positive outcome - we have to explore the neurobiological indications of Anhedonia.

Emotions are principally regulated (or really, STIMULATED) by both the neurotransmitters : GLUTAMATE & Dopamine. These two neurotransmitters are key in incentive related motivation and general emotional expression.

Glutamate is a stimulatory/excitory neurotransmitter which is necessary for normal cellular energy production as well as memory functions .

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter which broadcasts the actual feelings of pleasure and thus finishes or augments what Glutamate has started.

A common cause of deficiency (lack of) of these neurotransmitters is the use of certain anti-depressants in the SSRI-class (of which Prozac is notorious for). So Ironically , the medication you are taking for Depression may only appear to be working because the negative emotions are depleted..however, the positive ones are too.

Other medications such as antihistamines used to treat allergies/hay fever and chronic itching (Benadryl; Diphenhydramine) may also cause anhedonia along with lethargy and sedation. Antihistamine's can also cause paranoid-dysphoria (lack of pleasure but with a lingering paranoia/suspicion of others).

The stomach acid blocking drugs ; TAGAMET (Cimetidine) and ZANTAC (Ranitidine) can also cause some degree of anhedonia as  they block other histamine receptors and some hormone receptors.

Beta-blocker drugs for high blood pressure can also cause fatigue and anhedonia; particularly in higher doses. 

5-HTP ( a serotonin metabolite supplement ) and strong GABAergic drugs (Xanax, Klonopin) can also cause anhedonia and even Depression.

There are many other miscellaneous meds that can cause Anhedonia, so do your research!



  • Discontinue any medication you suspect might be causing the issues but consult a Doctor first. 
  • Get a Doctor to rule out hypothyroidism and hypogonadism. 
  • Follow a Dopamine-Boosting-Stack to replenish some of the neural circuitry that may be depleted.
  • Be sure to begin taking a multi-Vitamin fortified with all essential B-Vitamins, Zinc and Vitamin D. 
  • Get out and go for a walk or attempt to participate in some form of Physical Activity (perhaps when the above prerequisites are taken care of)

These steps, when promptly followed , will lead to the eventual remission of Anhedonia , and , with time, will near permanently or permanently abolish anhedonia.

The following medications may also be of use.

  • Selegiline (Deprenyl)
  • Mianserin (U.K Only)


Get more PROTEIN in your Diet. Eat EGGS , FISH , STEAK - drink Protein Shakes etc - protein is Very VERY Important to produce neurotransmitters that empower our personality and self-esteem. 

Eat important vegetables like Kale, Celery, Beets etc - these all can help rejuvenate a waning neural circuitry. 


  1. Can you please recommend a good dopamine boosting stack? I've hear Mucuna is good; yet some people experience almost psychotic symptoms from its consumption. This makes me wary somewhat from taking it.

    1. Mucuna is good , if you have predisposition to Psychotic symptoms though, I would be careful of the dose. For normal, average individuals , mucuna has almost no negative effects. Mucuna can be used with Catuaba and flowering quince.. the latter two are dopamine reuptake inhibitors whereas the Former (mucuna pruriens) is simply a L-DOPA containing herb.

    2. For those prone to psychotic symptoms use mucuna together with bacopa. Doses of both have to be perfect.

    3. Mucuna raises dopamine, Bacopa raises serotonin. More mucuna than bacopa maybe 3:1

    4. I've never heard of Bacopa preventing Psychosis in any way, but I s'pose it could work given its mechanisms.

    5. Yes bacopa does reduce psychosis but consult a ayurvedic expert for doses. Bacopa lowers high dopamine levels which are the cause of psychosis, by raising serotonin and balancing the two, but the effects take time to be seen.

  2. exscuse me, any specific recomendations for antihistamine users for eczema ,(h1 blocators, like Desloratadine, and something maybe else) .

    1. Butterbur extract might help. Instead of the antihistamine.
      You could also add a histamine H3 receptor antagonist - but this could worsen the allergy issue, potentially.

  3. If the person has mercury poisoning, or is hypothyroid, or both, which is very likely and the population incidence of depressives with mercury toxicity is probably 95% or 100%, these solutions will either be a band-aid or do nothing.

    1. Mercury, Cadmium, Lead; any of those could cause Anhedonia.
      Absolutely low thyroid could cause the same, which is why it was mentioned. For those with heavy metal issues, we have articles on that too. There are plenty of products that can help with that!


  4. I can't stress how much I agree with this article. Kratom ruined my life for five years, and almost drove me to suicide. Not only was it the most addictive substance I have been on, it screwed up my teeth, (I used the powder which had grains) It completely screwed up my brain and changed my personality, it gave me severe panic attacks, (which I ended up in the emergency room for twice) and terrible depression. I lost five years of my life because of Kratom, and it was a nightmare. Almost everything I owned ended up in pawn to buy more Kratom, and I ended up losing most of it. For more information: Kratom

  5. Hey, not sure if the author if this still checks the comments, but I was wondering: what's the link between hypogonadism and anhedonia? I've been suffering from extreme anhedonia for the past handful of years, and only recently was I recommended by my shrink to get my hormones checked. Surprise, surprise, I have low testosterone. I didn't really know this could be an issue, but I am hoping that there's going to be an easy fix between raising my T and regaining my emotions. Any articles on the link would be extremely helpful, and thank you in advance!

    1. Low Testosterone goes along with Low DHT and Low Estrogen - both of which will cause low Dopamine, disequilibrium, Low Nitric Oxide which leads to also, low PVN Dopamine. By fixing Testosterone - you regain quality of Life as neurotransmitters like Dopamine & GABA become elevated again, to normal amounts. When Testosterone is low, Adrenaline levels are either sky-rocketing or chronically low - both of which create an Anhedonic state. In the hyper-adrenaline state - Adrenaline releases Cortisol, which leads to Adrenal Crash and low N.O/Dopamine. In the hypo-adrenergic (low adrenaline) state - there is a constant "low-arousal" and dependence on Stimulants.

  6. Are these recommended substances natural herbs or supplements or are they prescription only? Any experience or opinion on Kratum used for depression?

  7. So much information I think I have anhedonia. But I do laugh stuff I laugh at videos and other funny s***. But I am almost to severe loner and which would be all right but I don't do anything by myself either much like I can't get into any good Hobbies or physical fitness or anything. And I am pretty fit I was blessed with good genes pretty decent looking I have a good job on my own home. But my job is totally boring but when I'm at home I don't want to do anything for entertainment I don't go out I don't date I don't have a sex life with others.


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