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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The New Herbal Donepezil ? A Look into A Pharmacologically Diverse Natural Extract with Cognitive Enhancement in Every Grain...

Previously I had written about potential remedies for Dementia & Alzheimer's, natural 'Aricept' alternatives could be the proper phrase. However, these were just a 'spike in the Grain', so to speak. Effective, no doubt, but not the 'cream of the Crop' like what I am about to mention, here.

The following herb is going to blow your mind. 

..But first, let's take a look into where current research for A.D is will help us understand why this plant is so amazing.

In the past, research has focused on cholinestearase and beta-amyloid proteins. The latter being more important in the pathogenesis / pathophysiology of A.D where the former being involved *Primarily* in the symptomology of Alzheimer's. Specifically the early signs and progressive degradation of synaptic volume and long-term memory. As well as recognization and retention of face's, name's etc....

Thus, drugs were developed to block the enzyme 'acetylcholinestearase' and preserve levels of the chemical 'Acetylcholine' - the AChE (acetylcholinestearase) breaks down the levels of Acetylcholine. Acetylcholine helps preserve memory; including retention and recognition as well as awareness/vigilance, to a lesser extent.

However, these drugs do not do much if there is no or very little Acetylcholine (ACh) to Preserve in the first place.

So research has moved on to better targets that can be utilized as an adjunct to current therapies. One of the most promising is the serotonin 5-HT6  Receptor; which is another type of neural receptor which has been demonstrated to, when activated moderately or excessively, impair cognitive function. Part of this has to do with direct acetylcholine suppressing effects (reducing signaling and synthesis of the important chemicals we are looking to preserve in the Brain/CNS)

So, by blocking this Target (or "Receptor") - we can effectively dismantle one of the ''inhibition systems'' involved in the etiology AND Symptomology in Alzheimer's affected individuals.  

Now, LUNDBECK (a pharmaceutical company) is already in PHASE 3 clinical trials with a drug that does JUST THAT (block the 5-HT6 receptor)..but we may not have to wait for that,..necessarily. We could, but we may not have to.

There is an herb that grows in a more secluded part of the World; in mountainous isolated regions in Korea. Tactically, it's used already in Chinese traditional medicine (TCM) and in some smaller provinces in China which are less harped upon by government control.

"The areas that Thrive"

This herb/PLANT has it's seeds ripened in September, and the flower in good-to-Go (GtG) in MAY through JUNE. It's known collectively as " CHINESE PEA-SHRUB " ; it's a deciduous ' SHRUB ' that grows up to 5-FEET TALL!!

The scientific name for the PLANT is

Now here's where it gets Exciting!

Caragana Sinica is shown to  CONTAIN (naturally) 'STILBENE' compounds; somewhat alike to RESVERATROL  (a popular ANTI-AGING ANTIOXIDANT supplement)  that BLOCK SEROTONIN 5-HT6 Receptors and have COGNITION-IMPROVING Properties; this goes for BOTH healthy and impaired/afflicted individuals... {Read Again Why this Is Important}

ADDITIONALLY, other constitute's from this HERB / Natural Product ALSO share the mechanism of ARICEPT .
Thus providing the BENEFITS of BOTH compounds in one product!

Now the only problem is Finding a SOURCE for this magical plant composition.

Also, many of the current / existing Vendors use HIGH GENISTEIN extract; in short,  Genistein is not the chemical constitute we want most active in our product. So we need to find the WHOLE ROOT or one standardized (concentrated with emphasis on) to OSTEOSTILBENE compounds and ANTIOXIDANT'S!!

In the meantime, check out one of my favorite cognition enhancing compounds which 'sort-of' works in the same direction.



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