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Sunday, March 5, 2017

The Difference Between Apathy & Psychopathy, Between Lack of Emotion and AntiSocial Personality...

Apathy is a general lack of concern, interest and engagement, in anything, in anyone - it does not discriminate. It simply means that the person experiencing it (apathy) is more or less empty, passive and shallow. That does not give way to their actual emotional quality though, because it can be situational. Apathy can be triggered by Depression [1], Drinking [2] and by drug abuse in general [3]. Apathy can also be the result of Trauma, and any kind of 'hard-hitting' Anxiety.

Psychopathy on the other hand is unique in that, it is characterized ONLY by a lack of fear, and empathy, and if violent or shrewd action is employed, then by a lack of concern for the consequences, in that case, the 'emotional deficit' isn't really an emotional deficit in its cleanest sense, but rather a lack of specific cognitive awareness or simply an unwillingness to identify with others and their feelings. 

Apathy is often universal, but for a time, Psychopathy is a persistent personality trait, one that may vary in presentation but generally is defined by that person rather than it defining the person who exhibits it. Its a characteristic. 

Individuals with Psychopathy still experience emotions, but on a much lower level, that is, they experience emotions differently, they experience Anxiety (although is short-lived and they usually can dissociate themselves from the impact of it), they experience Anger (often a lot of it!), and they experience Satisfaction when they gain what they are looking for. They experience Sadness much less than most of the population, and when they do it is usually in relation to something they themselves lost, though, if they were close to someone, then they could be 'upset' about losing the person, family member or otherwise - it is important to note that some Psychopaths are capable of experiencing full-on sadness, crying and Joy, but these are fewer than the ones that don't, it seems.

Apathetic individuals usually are capable of experiencing all ranges of emotions, depending on the degree of Apathy and the cause.

Lack of Emotion is subjective, and often is associated more with Brain Damage or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) would be the technical term. It can also be a symptom of or simply go along with Anhedonia; which means the lack of ability to experience pleasure from activities, including Eating.

Lack of emotion is difficult to pinpoint in its etiology, but if often has to do with limbic dysfunction, and dopamine deficiencies. Severe emotional stress may lead to this state of ''no-emotion'' only in susceptible individuals, particularly those with a history of Dysthymia or other forms of Persistent Depression.

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