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Monday, March 6, 2017

How to Fix Windows 7 When it Fails to Boot to Log-In (Includes when Safe Mode is Not Working) (Safe Mode Stopping at CLASSPNP.SYS FIX)

NOTE: This method fixes the repeat Windows 7 Blue Screen as well as mainly the UNMOUNTABLE BOOT VOLUME fatal error. It works for almost every single case of failed startup including where Windows Startup Repair typically fails, and it bypasses the need for Safe Mode. This method fixes the ''glitch'' where Windows 7 Startup Repair leads to a blank wallpaper screen. It bypasses almost all other normal routes of fixing.

To be clear, this method, when followed in totality, and IN-ORDER, ALLOWS Safe Mode to Start Up without ''hanging'' at CLASSPNP.SYS AND simultaneously allows for the Windows Startup Repair to work properly without freezing at a blank screen. It will get your PC/Notebook/Laptop working again, even if it won't proceed to Log-In. 

*The common Startup issue, is actually in the failure to boot up the initial Log-In Screen.*
Windows 7 won't boot up, or the logo comes on the screen and then ... nothing?
No log-in? Even after repeated reboots? Well, don't keep rebooting it, eventually you will probably come to the conclusion that you should actually disable auto-reboot in the "F8" advanced boot options, and that's probably a good idea. 

However you really only need to do a few things, the goal is to get to Command Prompt. Let's assume you can't get into Safe Mode; which normally you would hit F8 then Start into Safe Mode or simply ''Safe Mode''. Many times users report that safe mode 'hangs' or freezes/stops at "CLASSPNP.SYS" - that's actually very common and doesn't mean your computers is fried.

It doesn't necessarily indicate a virus - either. 

...But when this is all said and done, you should probably scan your computer. After all, these types of hard drive issues (HDD Corruption) often happen by any unauthorized modification of the hard drive, which is common with viruses.

So let's do this quickly, shall we?

CREDIT FOR THIS METHOD GOES TO  Peter Giammarco @ShimmerTechno.

1.) Reboot your computer and immediately hit repeatedly F2, to get into BIOS.
2.) Once into BIOS, go over to the Configuration tab, and change the hard drive interface settings from AHCI to Compatible or ATA.
3.) Now reboot computer after Exiting BIOS on last tab with Save and Exit option...sometimes called ''Exit with Saving'' option.
4.) Now allow the computer to boot and bring up the ''Start Windows Repair'' which is the Recommended option. Since BIOS setting is on Compatible, the blank repair screen should no longer occur, and it should start automatically ''fixing'' the issues, though, what we actually want is to get to the Repair ''keyboard''. 
5.) When the option occurs, use keyboard and login under your usual Windows ADMIN log-in, and then choose the last option to open command prompt. This circumvents the need for Safe Mode and gets directly to the issue.

After each command, press enter, each command under each bullet is separate.
Begin with the first one.

  • chkdsk c: /r   
  • Bootrec /Fixboot
  • Bootrec /fixmbr
After each of these commands are done, and the latter two should present with ''The Operation has been Completed'' or a similar message, then you can Reboot the computer and hit F2 to get into BIOS...for the final time, all you are doing now is.

                 -Changing back the Setting from Compatible to AHCI under Configuration tab in BIOS.
                  -Now save settings in BIOS and Exit.
                  -Now Reboot your computer a final time and that should have solved the issue.

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