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Friday, March 17, 2017

Natural / Herbal Treatments/Cures for Hepatitis C Infections (Also Covers Hepatitis A & B)

Hepatitis C is a pervasive viral infection of the liver that seems to inherently target Younger people and people using drugs, and of course, Alcoholics, often embodying an already damaged or suppressed Liver, are especially at risk for Hepatitis C's deleterious effects on the Liver.

As a virus that uniquely targets the Liver, Hepatitis C is especially important to treat early as to avoid damage to this vital organ.

Hepatitis C can usually be cured with today's medical/pharmaceutical treatment, however, as with any drug, these treatments have side-effects, and some would like to maintain a bodily immune response against the Virus. Easier said than done, but there are some ''herbal'' treatments that can help. Of course, 'curing' it would still take time, and it would not be immediate. The treatments mentioned herein are NOT a replacement for a Doctor's advice, and you should pay attention to the context and priority of the sources herein.

Common Appetite/Gastrointestinal Symptoms of Hepatitis C & B...

  • Nausea
  • Food Intolerance (stomach upset after previously acceptable foods, and nausea after eating).
  • Loss of Appetite (it is not uncommon for Hepatitis C patients to eat one meal a day and sometimes none at all, in part, but not totally, due to nausea) 

Common SKIN Symptoms of Hepatitis Infection/s. 

  • Pruritis, or chronic/long-lasting Itching, can sometimes be attributed to Hepatitis C infections. [See Source Here]
  •  Hepatitis A, B & C often result in Urticaria; or Hives/Rash [See Here].
  • Hepatitis C and other forms of Hepatitis (including A & B) can cause facial rash, bumps or maculopapular rash [See Reference Here].
 Other Miscellaneous Symptoms that Are Caused by Hepatitis C Virus Infections (HCV Infections)
  • Fatigue (tiredness, often mild but sometimes severe and daily)
  • Chronic Low Grade Fever
  • Swollen Lymph Nodes : Neck, pelvic, under-arms (though this is more common with Hepatitis B, Herpes and Cytomegalovirus than Hepatitis C) 
  • Polyarthritis, Arthritis or other Joint pains/complaints.
 Reference/Citation/Report :
 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- get to the treatments for Hepatitis C.
And BTW, these herbs and natural ingredients would also target Hepatitis A & B.

NOTE: As usual, when you click the name of the Herb or ingredient, you will be taken to our recommended product page, these are not 'automatically placed', they are chosen by the Author/s of this Blog, so you won't get a virus or anything on your computer, don't worry.

Milk Thistle works as a preventative agent for preventing liver complications from both Acute and Chronic Hepatitis infections [1] [2] [3]. It also may help boost antioxidant defenses in the Liver which may help natural immunity through the Infection [4] [5].
Milk Thistle Extract ONLY when concentrated for high amounts of Silymarin can help cure Hepatitis infections. Silymarin is the herbal component within the Milk Thistle plant and Extract that directly inhibits the replication and activity of Hepatitis C Virus.
N-Acetyl-Cysteine or ''NAC'' is a separate supplement but should be used with Milk Thistle to help prevent complications from Hepatitis infections [6] [7]
Prickly Pear Extract rejuvenates the Liver and can help boost antiviral immunity against a number of Pathogens, including Hepatitis [8] [9].  

2.) Vitamin E / Mixed Tocopherols / D-Alpha-Tocopherol : This is another clinically studied natural remedy for Hepatitis C Infection, it generally reduces liver enzymes but also has effects on natural immunity that allow white blood cells to more effectively attack and eliminate the Hepatitis C Virus [10].  

3.) Turmeric/Curcumin/Curcuminoid Potency Extract : Curcumin, a compound found in the spice/herb Turmeric, is one of the strongest anti-viral nutrients on the Planet. It targets a wide variety of pathogens IN HUMANS, and is SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN to suppress/inhibit Hepatitis C Virus entry into human liver cells [11].

4.) Olive Leaf Extract; Maximum Oleuropein : Is a extremely potent natural anti-microbial that blocks Hepatitis C, B and A replication [12] [13] and can displace them from human liver cells/membranes and can also help protect the Liver itself by exerting strong antioxidant potency [14] [15] [16].

5.) Green Tea Extract : Only useful when HIGH EGCG EXTRACTS are used, Green Tea Extract (GTE) potently inhibits HCV-entry into Primary Human Liver cells or Hepatocytes and reverses symptoms of Hepatitis disease in Humans. [17] [18].


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