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Saturday, December 3, 2016

The Best Sublingual Kava Kava Extract (Review of What I Believe is the Strongest Sublingual Kava Product)

{ To clarify, this post is about the Kava Kava 60% Supercritical C02 Extract }

This article aims to go over the concept of Sublingual Kava products, and specifically, which ones are high-quality, affordable, and ship within the USA.

Kava Kava Extracts are herbs that are widely used to relieve Anxiety, Stress, Depression and can sometimes be used as euphoriants (substance that induces a mild euphoria). Subjective effects of Kava Kava include...

  • An increased but mellow interest in mind and body.
  • Immediate lessening of Anxiety and Worry, and gradual removal of 'blocks' that prevent sociability. 
  • A vague increase in pleasure and enjoyment of Activities, and a fairly dissociated feel.
  • A powerful increase in mood and a heightening of confidence along with relaxation.
  • Experience of inner peace, empathy, activation of understanding.
Some people report cognitive issues on Kava, while others report increases in memory functions. This may be a dose-dependent relation, and some people may simply experience different effects from Kava Kava based on their brain chemistry.

Kava Kava is a well-known spiritual herb, it is frequently used for after encounters, peace of mind, and an increase in spiritual energy along with relaxation and mindfulness. It is not a psychedelic, but it certainly has some of hallmarks of those effects in terms of mood.

What we are going to go over today is, what I think to be the best sublingual Kava extract on the US market. In fact, this product is better than international suppliers on many levels, and yet, ironically, is more affordable than most others.

We are going to discuss Top Extracts Sublingual Kava
  • A product that smells great.
  • Is put in 'micro-doses' under the tongue for immediate effects.
  • Contains no toxic adulterants or preservatives.
  • Is proven organic.
  • Is the strongest Kava product I've ever tried (and I've tried a lot)

I've tried several Kava products, including the other products from Jim's shop (Top Extracts). His other Kava products were great, so is his Syrian Rue product, which I wrote a review on. 

They all can fall within the 10-50$ price range, depending on what kind you want and how much of it.

The 'Yellow' Kava is typically more expensive than Solomon Kava for example. Mainly because his is standardized for 70% Kavalactones which is pretty much unprecedented. I have yet to see any other supplier who sells such a high-potency extract of Kava at a low price.

Furthermore, one who follows up on his word, and one who maintains his company with utmost Integrity.

Now for the effects of this Kava. 

I noticed within 5 minutes of putting a tiny tiny amount under my tongue, the equivalent of 1/20th of my index finger, that there was a nearly immediately uplifting of mood, a sudden zest for and attraction to, enjoyment of even trivial things. I also noticed that 'mental racing' or thoughts racing had immediately died down, and there was a euphoria that actually reached physical proportions. My eyelids even felt the euphoria! It's an odd feeling, basically everything was like a semi-drunk euphoria but without any impairment, I always feel confident, but this makes you feel like a God!

It's absolutely unreal.

The stuff requires such tiny doses, and has such a marvelous effect!

The thing that makes it even better, is my second day I took this I went to go to work, one of those last before Winter really happened jobs involving fixing a floor, and painting a couple rooms. The irony is I actually got stuff done quicker, despite the supposed 'relaxing' nature of Kava. Very interesting.

So, I'm not going to go so far and claim this as a cognitive enhancer, or 'nootropic', but I think for some people, it could certainly do this by means of its effect on mood and mental state.

That doesn't mean that some people won't feel impaired, I've talked to about 50 people so far who have tried this product. Only 3 of them reported any significant slowing of working capacity, while everyone else noted either enhancement, minor slowing or no negative effect on their mental capacity.

Of course, it's not a depressant in the traditional sense, its truly unique in that regard, its an herb absolutely treasured for anxiety relief, but is not sedating. If you use high doses it might be, but using the 'right' dose ensures you get the best of both worlds.

So that's my review of this wonderful product, I recommend you get it while its in stock because it sells like crazy!!!

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  1. Does taking Kava sublingualy lower the risks of liver damage?

    1. Yeah a bit, depends on how much you use though. Most people don't experience liver issues with Kava. Its usually those with already existing liver issues (i.e Hepatitis or liver inflammation, weakening) that have to be careful.


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