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Thursday, May 23, 2013

▄▄██▄▄ !Best Free WebSite Maker & Domain Hosts! ▄▄██▄▄

What is the best Free Website Host with a Free Website Builder Tool ?  This is a question you might ask the google search bar endlessly and still have trouble deciding, without some kind of review.  That's what I'm here to help with.  To describe the sites I feel are the best and are listed in google, that you probably came across them.  

The first site I'm going to list is (formerly It is a very easy site to navigate through and easy to understand for newbies who are just setting up their new website or blog.  The template (site design) options are between standard designs for you to choose from and simple plane slate (HTML) for advanced users, who can code their own page, or whom don't want a pre-made standard template. page builder tools are vast and also easy to understand, page names are listed vertically with different edit options appearing as small icons beside them. Below is the page list / edit page as described.

Now then, beyond that I personally appreciate the data storage.  It is a free website with good data storage, imagine that my friend.  You get 500 MB of Bandwidth right away and Free, and 50 MB of file storage for free.  This is very very nice feature indeed, and there is no restriction to file types to upload.  ZIP Files, .RAR, all images, all videos, all music etc.  The site's admins are not out to get you and don't go sniffing around for the slightest controversial remarks or activity either.  Feel the liberty ! also is a good host because there are easy options to access right within your control panel, to moderate users joining your site, and you can outsource your pages to other domains and have them link back to your site.  There is easy access to domain name registration and data / bandwidth upgrades.

All in All is A Free Website Maker with Easy Building Tools, and vast customization options, and also options for advanced users and web programmers.

-------------------------BEST FREE WEB SITE BUILDER / HOST #2----------------------------------

The second site is
Unlike standard customization interface, WebStarts is Drag & Drop interface. Its a bit more interactive and some would find it funner to play around with than; which has a more professional tint to it. There's some cool options to add graphics, slideshows, other designs, and they are all, like webs, easy to use.  Webstarts has a nice intro tutorial and slideshow, and have a more visual way of doing everything.

WebStarts customer service is easier and less time consuming to get a hold of than, that's a serious + for some people, who prefer a helping voice. It's customer service number is 1-800-805-0920; try it, watch how quick a rep will pick up.  I was amazed myself.   

M.Binak (Binakaveru) (Mohammed Binakaveru)

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