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Sunday, May 19, 2013 Review - A Real Good Look at This Encrypted Tunnel

nVPN.NET - An Encrypted VPN 'Secure Tunnel'
 or a Rogue Service ??


By : D.Shiva is an encrypted VPN service; where users can secure their privacy online by encrypting all of their activities and changing their IP Address, it works by effectively adding a 'Middle Man' computer to relay all dealings and activity online, like a proxy. ::

It does not support PPTP, only OpenVPN connections, and thus can be seen as inconvenient to those who don't want to install a new program or accustom themselves to a different VPN program.  You can connect to
four different locations in the USAUnited KingdomTurkeySwedenSingaporeSerbia,
RussiaRomania, PolandNetherlandsMoldovaIsle of ManIcelandHungarySwitzerland and Canada.  They accept payments through LibertyReserve, AlertPay, MoneyBookers, and recently BitCoin. Their prices are 6.00$ / month for a Shared IP and 8.00$ / month for a Private IP.  For Yearly plans it's 40.00$ a year - Shared IP, and 60.00 per year (Private IP).

My experience with nVPN is they have a good knowledgebase and support team, and they don't keep IP Logs which is good for optimum security.  Their servers are legitimate and not rogue or set-ups far as I can tell. They all run in a sophisticated but yet expected manner.  I like the feedback from other customers as well, people all over the world use this service and it is a good price for the diversity of IPs you can use (not just country selection, but shared or private IP etc).

The speed of the connections - magnificent, though much better with Private type IPs, and I have never had any security breaches while running, or any follow-up problems afterwards.    

So for the paranoid out there; "nVPN" is not a scam. nVPN is  very good service, if you want Pics of proof. E-Mail me.

ALL in ALL ROCKS, it's fast, diverse, secure, and logless  !!

There are many VPNs lookin PERFECT, and are NOT A SCAM, and there are MANY VPNS lookin SHITTY and ARE a SCAM, The other way around, it only happens half as much as you think ;) 


  1. I agree! I bought a year using bitcoin and so far its been awesome! It runs pretty fast and stable :)

    1. agreed! you rly do need a vpn to keep your shit private, nVPN is where it's at for sho.

  2. very nice article man! nVPN is a great service!

  3. Nice review and its all true too, nVpn is the best service, hands down!!

  4. I use nVpn for years and no problems!! LOVe IT !!


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