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Monday, May 6, 2013

Area1255 ~IS HERE~

                 ! Welcome to Area1255 !

For those of you who are members of *our* other sites and partner sites, please understand this blog is not directly related.  This blog aims to post miscellaneous videos and also video guides for computer related work.  It is educational and directive, sometimes we find humorous videos and post them here as well.  If you want us to write on something or provide you with an informatory guide please contact us 
What we post is made by our own authors unless noted otherwise !

This should answer your general questions.  

We will be updating again soon ! 

Have a nice day !

-M. Binakaveru
-D. Shiva  
-The BraiN

UPDATE : 5/6/2013
-M. Binakaveru-

I have uploaded a video describing how to block trojan and backdoors through Windows 7 Firewall.  Please take the time to watch and spread to others.  Thanks.

Here also is the link direct text -

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