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Thursday, May 30, 2013

REVIEW : Black Market Reloaded VS. The Armory

                               Review AND Comparison of Black Market Reloaded and "The Armory"

AUTHOR : AMxProd (AMxReborn)

Alright guys, AMx here to review and compare the services Black Market Reloaded & "The Armory".  First off, as most of you probably know, and is mentioned below, The Armory is closed for some time due to not enough activity (To meet demand) and upkeep problems.  But I Will still proceed with this review as if this is not the case just to highlight possible improvements for BM Reloaded, and to give people a clear grasp on what was and can be again.

Now for Black Market Reloaded's Review.  

Black Market Reloaded has a bit of an intricate user interface for newbies, it uses BitCoin to deal with payments for goods.  But you have your own BitCoin account on BM Reloaded, and the one for your local account must transfer funds from there to this wallet, exclusive on BM Reloaded. So there is already a two-step process for that, not even including the steps in using an exchange program to even get the BitCoins in the first place.  I'm not going to go into more detail about this, for this is not a guide for setting up your account, but a review.  

The categories are a little more cluttered together, and each large category contains sub categories.  Weapons category translates into sub-categories
  > Blades 

as an example.  

This is a good and convenient thing of course.
The number of users on here has been climbing substantially in the last 6 months, but in general since The Armory was shut down.  I would recommend only ordering goods from users who have high reputation scores (displayed on the right, underneath their profile pic and basic info.)

BlackMarket Reloaded does not have as vast a collection of items as the Armory but it is growing, and my contention is it will become just as good if not better than The Armory in due time.
This market I have to say, it's amazing what some people will sell on here, some of the e-Books are amazing and very well written.  I think that you will enjoy BM Reloaded.  Just surfing around gives you the thrill of being in an underground market in some unknown network, with unknown users.  Like you are playing old style ShadowRun for Genesis game. Though it is definitely no Game. This shit is real and its items are not to be played around with.  Just use them all for the right purpose

The Armory REVIEW

"The Armory" on the other hand is (was) prettier looking, I guess is how you can describe it. There were a shit load of categories, sub-categories, the quality of pics and loading times were better than Black Market Reloaded.  The whole profile page difference just gave a different vibe for some reason.  It was amazing and there were a great variety of sellers.  The whole layout made you feel more comfortable and it just had an attractive vibe to it.  

I like The Armory in comparison because of the diversity, but I believe BM Reloaded will definitely catch up (it already is, getting there).  I just hope they improve the layout of BM Reloaded, to look more like Silk Road.  But it is very interesting the Armory had some powerful features and the BitCoin dealers were reliable.  Most of the sellers responded quickly and the scam rates were pretty low.

All in all, The Armory is (was) awesome site but BM Reloaded will make it, and anyway for now we have to settle for it.

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