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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

All of the Factors Influencing Testosterone Production (To Date)

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An effective compilation - Thorough, and really up to date. That's what my viewers are looking for; a place where bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts will come to really find the "spot", where all the proof is laid on the table. A place where you won't find just a few little descriptions whom are lingering around with an unfinished story, and unanswered questions. No. This here, this is a place where everything to date, is put together, on each individual, separate subject matter. 

                                 This, is............................. Area-1255.

It is the definition thereof, it is what we designed this site with, it is our hearts dedication and our minds brilliance. I take you to the place where information is brought together.
 I am AMx Prodigy, aka AMx Reborn. I will be guiding you through another article of mine, flooding this wonderful blog with my subject matter. Today I have compiled - "All the Factors Influencing Testosterone Production", that we know of, to the date of today.
Studies, both recent and far passed, will be shown. I am not leaving anything out, If I am, comment below.

This is a common subject discussed, a lot of people think they know everything about it, but there are so many more factors than what many people realize influencing their testosterone production.  In essence, I'm going over the internal negative feedback loops and the neurochemicals that regulate them first.

I will also discuss how to alter these chemicals to your advantage. Members of,,, get ready.

First off, let me start with the most commonly overlooked neurohormone/regulator of testosterone. Indeed a potent factor influencing testosterone production.


Histamine acting via H1 receptors triggers GnRH (Gonadotropin-Releasing-Hormone), and thus triggers within the hypothalamus, production of LH (Luteinizing Hormone) and FSH (Follicle-Stimulating-Hormone) (1). LH signals the testes to increase the production of testosterone while, FSH, signals the production of enzymes like aromatase, stAR (steroidogenic-acute-regulatory-protein)(3) (4). Both LH, and FSH, are heavily involved in sperm production, fertility and general well-being (5) (6).

Histamine acting via H2 receptors; stimulates adenylyl cyclase, just like Forskolin extract; this increases cyclic AMP and subsequently, just like forskolin, increases testosterone production(7) (8) (9). H2 receptors also increase Ca2+ (Calcium Voltage Channels) (10) (11). This leads to increases in many neurotransmitters; AcH (Acetylcholine), GABA (Gamma-Amino-Butyric-Acid), Glut (Glutamate), Serotonin, and Dopamine (12) (13)

Histamine acting via H3 receptors, decreases histamine release as an autoreceptor, this decreases the effects mentioned above(14)(15).

So, how do we optimize histamine-induced testosterone production ?
By keeping histamine levels moderate, but yet not too high, not enough to cause allergic problems.
Make sure you are getting enough Folic Acid, Vitamin B12, L-Histidine, and protein in general in your diet.  Also keep enough Zinc in your diet so you are zinc dominant. Zinc opposes Copper, and Copper can decrease histamine(16) (17)

We can use PITOLISANT - a potent research compound to block H3 receptors and allow for massive testosterone and libido boost. PITOLISANT can be bought at TRANSHUMAN TECHNOLOGIES --- HERE

The second factor influencing testosterone production - Dopamine/Prolactin. 
This one people should be more aware of.

D1 and D5 receptors stimulate cyclic AMP, but not as potently as histamine shown above.
This increases leydig cell testosterone production as well(18) (19).  

Dopamine D2 receptors inhibit cyclic AMP, but they also inhibit prolactin, so you see a balance needs to be maintained. Let me explain, prolactin inhibits LH and FSH production, and thus decreases testosterone production, but it also inhibits dopamine production, and thus acts as a double negative in messing with sexual signals(20).   Prolactin is often called the "multi-culprit", because of the actions it has, it can interfere with other aspects of general health, stemming mostly from reduced sex hormone production.  

 How do we maximize dopamine to keep the boys going, via these two potent mechanisms ?

....You could take L-Dopa, USPLabs PowerFULL contains this substance, and it will most certainly reduce prolactin since it converts directly into dopamine. You could also try to get your doctor to prescribe you cabergoline, if your bloodwork shows high prolactin, or you could order cabergoline online from either a research chemical shop or has it I believe.

 Moving on.

The third factor in test production is GABA activity. 

GABA is a neurotransmitter which regulates other neurotransmitters,.. see how convenient.
GABA specifically inhibits serotonin in certain areas and can stop the inhibitory influence of serotonin on test production(21) (22).
So that's fairly simple, how do we activate GABA just enough to do this ?

Baclofen as suggested in the study, or Picamilon, or just straight GABA at a low-moderate dose.

The fourth factor. Almost Never looked at or Seen.
Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors, and even Acetylcholine in general affect testosterone synthesis and activity(23). Acetylcholine via Nicotinic Receptors inhibits many of the important enzymes required for proper testosterone production(24). But muscarinic receptors help move testosterone along by improving circulation and nitric oxide levels (25) (26)

How on Earth do we deal with this optimally ?
Well, let's not shut down acetylcholine production, it has many benefits for memory and general health. 
...Perhaps a substance that selectively blocks nicotic receptors, but not muscarinic, I'll update if I find anything.

The fifth factor. Yeah, the color of this text is plain Bold Black, that don't mean this paragraph ain't important :P

The fifth factor is..........NMDA-receptors, in which you can target by consuming D-Aspartic Acid.
NMDA-receptor activation increases GnRH hormones and thus testosterone production(27). Yes.
It also increases aromatase and prolactin though, so make sure you combine the other methods above, and the ones below, to come. That are beyond. Yes.

Recommended DAA product is --- AI Sports Nutrition D-Aspartic Acid

The sixth factor. Dirty Estrogen. Although it's not completely dirty - you always want a little estrogen, for proper results in... whatever it is you are trying to do with enhanced hormone levels.

Estrogen inhibits LH and FSH production as well(28). You want to decrease aromatase levels a bit, and get estrogen down to a minimum in the lowER range, but don't crush it completely, or put it into exile.

Take an aromatase inhibitor supplement like MHO Poppers, read the review on here if you want to know exactly what's on it. You could also take Erase Pro, which works pretty good for lowering estrogen. Inhibit-E by SNS (Serious Nutrition Solutions) is another good one, just don't take too much. Read the directions on the bottles please.

The Seventh Factor !

The Opiate and Prolactin Connection

 Opiates can trigger Prolactin release friends. You abuse heroin, codeine, morphine or other types, or even just USE them, for normal 'medical' purposes, and you will surely have a prolactin response. This is because beta-endorphin and Opiates block dopaminergic inhibition of prolactin(29).  Interestingly, of all factors listed in this article, this one seems to have the most supporting medical literature (that is, quantity). Further backing this up, opiate antagonists (drugs that block and reduce opiate activity) have efficacy in restoring testosterone production at least equally to hCG, if not more(30)(31). Naltrexone is also shown to have profound effects on male sexual behavior, restoring sexual potency and drive in many cases(32)(33). This is also consistent with opiates being heavily involved in prolactin release, and again justifies the first statement therein.

How do we deal with opiate induced prolactin ? 
As said above, we can use naltrexone, if you get your hands on it. It also shows low hepatotoxicity; meaning it is safe on the liver(34)(35).

Another option is getting serotonin down a bit. Serotonin seems to activate beta-endorphin(36), this could have a lot of side-effects however.  Anxiety and depression namely.  



cGMP/PDE-5 INTERACTIONS with sTAR and Testosterone Production

The first documentation of this interesting interaction, to where a group of people would be involved in an experience, not merely a study involving rats, was the finding that Erection Drugs such as Viagra and Cialis, were found to increase Total Testosterone production and simultaneously lower aromatase and estradiol(estrogen)(37)(38)(39).

(40)  < It seems Nitric Oxide induced cGMP released triggers steroidogenesis > 
So, that means by increasing cGMP, namely by inhibiting PDE-5, we have yet another mechanism to boost Testosterone production, and simultaneously lower estrogen, while raising factors like sTAR which also promote androgen receptor proliferation. Sounds good to me.

You know what my theory is?

...It is the increased circulation playing a big role here.

Now think about this, more circulation = more nutrient delivery = more androgen receptor creation due to enhancement of raw material delivery into AR cell surface.

This is the same case with everything, more blood flow, more nutrient absorption, better function of everything. But this is a very magnificent way of pointing it out there, EVERYTHING WORKS IN COORDINATION, if your general health (including your blood flow) sucks, you are Obese or what not, this is yet another mechanism your Testosterone will be Reduced!!!

(41) NITRIC OXIDE-cGMP-Stimulated Testosterone Production (41)

                                                   THE 9th FACTOR

                                                     NMDA-Induced GnRH Hormone and nNOS+

                       NMDA (N-Methyl-D-Aspartate) is a receptor made for GLUTAMATE

                        When GLUTAMATE Binds to this receptor it stimulates the efflux of many    

                         in the Brain!  It also increases LH and FSH which then stimulate
                 TESTOSTERONE PRODUCTION  (42) (43) (44) !




  1. I have a feeling you're not done with this article yet...

  2. This article is great like many others on this site thank you so much for sharing this.
    Concerning factor four isn't nefiracetam a substance that fullfits the mentioned requirements?

    1. Yes and no. Nefiracetam has some selectivity for certain brain regions (Hippocampus, Frontal Cortex etc) but many people report androgenic effects of such nootropics. I would do Test Force II (DAA + Sarcosine) and Nefiracetam.


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