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Monday, July 1, 2013

Best OTC Yohimbine HCL Product (Yohimbine HCL Log Included)

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OK. Let's get this straightened out, there are a lot of Yohimbe/Yohimbine preparations, but many are looking for the purest, closest to or pharmaceutical grade Yohimbine HCL product.  Yohimbe bark has so many alkaloids, it's tough to get a consistent effect from the bark for some people, especially, but not exclusively, if you are used to pure Yohimbine HCL, of which is only one alkaloid, but generally regarded as the most potent alkaloid, in the Yohimbe Bark. It's the Yohimbine that will give you a sexual edge, more energy; a stimulant effect, and give you temporarily clearer thoughts. Yohimbine HCL will enhance fat burning, and help you lose the fat around your abs, this, I can vouch for. It also increases libido quite significantly. If you take the Yohimbe bark (whole herb), you might end up lowering blood pressure too much, especially to those who are sensitive, and that is because Yohimbe bark has other alkaloids as mentioned above. Reserpine is also present in Yohimbe, which has a lot of negative actions in the brain. One of which is depression.

Anyway, if you want a pure Yohimbine HCL product, from an honest reviewer's standpoint, I can tell you PrimaForce's Yohimbine HCL has never failed me. It is a great product. It is not that expensive, and the best deal is within the link above, and it lasts long (both the product and the effect).  

 Picture of product below.

Here is also my review / log of the Product - Primaforce Yohimbine HCL.

First off the science is not nutty. The science is solid. 
Here is the study on Yohimbine's monaomine affinity and how it works. 

If you don't understand, I shall explain. Yohimbine increases your fat-burning hormones adrenaline and norepinphrine, but stopping the alpha-2-receptor, which has a function of telling the body to reduce production and release of these neurotransmitters. So yohimbine disinhibits the release by interfering with this receptor. Yohimbine also blocks several serotonin receptors, serotonin being a neurochemical that regulates appetite and metabolism, and sexual function. By regulating this neurotransmitter, Yohimbine enhances metabolism, sexual function, and can increase or decrease appetite, depending on the person. However most of the effect is due to the alpha-2-blockade, as mentioned before.

Also, alpha-2-receptors are linked to Cholinergic neurons and acetylcholine release (2)
Blocking these receptors with yohimbine results in some vasodilation as well, by enhancing peripheral acetylcholine release in smooth muscle. This could be reason nitric oxide is enhanced and yohimbine is used for erectile difficulties. The pro-libido effect also likely comes from this alpha-2-blockade, since dopamine tends to get an increase (3).  

Now, for my Yohimbine LOG.

Day 1 : I take EXACTLY 12.5 mg of Yohimbine in the morning, WITH food. Specifically, a protein shake and an Omelet. About 30 mins later, I get a burst of energy and enthusiasm, and a sense of unrelenting hornyness. <--- :D

Also, an urge to workout with the speed and intensity of light occurs. I do so.
I begin doing pushups on my mat. A deck of cards will work.
I feel myself powering through my workout. 
By the middle of my workout, I feel a great euphoria, but yet a little bit jittery.
By the end of my workout, I feel accomplished, and

Continuing throughout the day as somewhat normal, but yet jittery, I get some work done on the computer and also make a few phone calls. By 3pm, I am tired as all hell. Crashing. Fuck.

I take a nap.  

Wake up at 8pm feeling pretty good. Then go back to sleep at 10pm, sleep all night. 
Didn't feel like dosing the Yohimbine again today; like to get my sleep, ya know.

Day 2 : I skip Yohimbine today, since its a stimulant, I don't want to develop quick sensitivity to the product (this is smart for you to do as well, imho).

Day 3: Another dose of Yohimbine, this time, 15 mg. Powering through another workout, 30 mins later.  This time, feeling aggressive, punching a punching bag feels good, intra-workout. 
I finish 700 situps/1500 pushups today. Liking the euphoria, not so much the jitteriness, but the benefits outweigh the downside imo.

Day 7 : Skipped yohimbine for a few days. Now trying again at 17.5mg. Just as an FYI, none of you have to do incremental increases in dosage, this is just me personally, testing how much I can handle.  I develop sensitivity quick,...

This workout once again, lovin it. Euphoria is amazing, everything seems brighter, aggression is up, strength is through the roof, pushed extra Reps out on the bench today.

This shit is FUCKING REAL.

I think you guys get the picture. This product speaks volume, and a lot of other people like it.

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  1. Absolutely agree with this guy. Always liked this product!


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