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Friday, February 21, 2014

Music from "Anonymous" Videos

This "article" aims to do two things..

1.) Show you three rap videos made by                            "Anonymous"...
2.) Expose the music behind some of the old "Anonymous" Videos.

This page will eventually answer the question..


"What is the music in the anonymous videos"


First, here's rap #1.
I didn't like it that much, too soft.
#2 was better...

And now for part 2.. showing you the music used for various "Anony" vids, and the Vids for them.Here's the "HAARP-SCALAR Warning" Vid, which talks about "Weather Engineering".

And the music in this video.....
Is ... EPIC SCORE - Prepare for the End.

This is the frequently re-posted "Op Blackout"

from the Anons - Operation Blackout

The music in this Video is...
Two Steps from Hell - Sons of War

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