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Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Truth Behind Religion

I'm not asking you to denounce your faith, but simply, to cease your purposeful suspension of logic.

The purpose of this article is to correct the misconception of religion and the many questions surrounding countless aspects involved with one of the most predominate characteristics of society.
Religion. We all know what religion means, but let's take a closer look at the finer details involved with what is today, the worlds largest scam.
Religion is defined by Merriam websters dictionary as such:
(1) : the service and worship of God or the supernatural (2) : commitment or devotion to religious faith or observance 2 : a personal set or institutionalized system of religious attitudes, beliefs, and practices 3 archaic : scrupulous conformity : conscientiousness 4 : a cause, principle, or system of beliefs held to with ardor and faith— re·li·gion·less adjective
Let's get started with an expert analysis of statistics.
It is important to realize there are an estimated 4200 religions in the world today, all of which claim to worship, the one and only true god. The largest branch of religion relevant to the majority of readers, would be Christianity, which alone, is categorized into another estimated 41,000 denominations, while each claiming to preach the correct word of god, and acquiring about $71,000,000,000 a year, with tax exemptions depriving our government of an estimated $26,000,000,000.

Christianity raises an astonishing amount of questions, which have remained unanswered since the beginning of its conception. Where did it all come from? Who is Jesus?

Horus is the sun god of Egypt at around 3000 BC. 3000 years before Christ, and here's where it gets interesting. Horus was born December 25th of a virgin named Isis Meri. The coming of his birth was signaled by a star in the east, and three kings in turn followed this star to adorn him with precious metals and jewels. Once Horus turned 12 he became a teacher. Once he turned thirty, he was baptized. He also had 12 disciples who followed him, aiding in preaching and miracles. Horus walked on water and cured the diseased. He was betrayed by his own disciple named Typhon, and therefore crucified, before coming back to life three days after his death. That sounds a bit like Jesus, doesn't it? Keep in mind that Horus was relevant 3000 years before the birth of Christ, far before his name was ever mentioned.

Regardless of the several historians alive during the supposed lifespan of Jesus, not one of them ever documented his existence in any shape or form. If today a man who could walk on water, cure cancer, turn water into wine, and rise from the dead, became known to us, surely we would document these events in whatever way possible. Let's assume the same would apply to historians during the life of Christ, whose profession consisted of documenting important events that took place. Yet, we have no documentation.

Several other gods hold traits extremely similar to Jesus, such as Dionysus, Krishna, Attis, Prometheus, Esus, Jao, Thammuz, Zoar, Bali, Indra, Romulus, Odysseus, Odin, Crite, Zoroaster, and Mithra. Most of which shared in common with Jesus a virgin birth on December 25th, the following of 12 disciples, a betrayal, a crucification, death lasting three days, a resurrection, and promising to return. Many of these mythological figures predated Christ, non-the-less, they are denounced as false gods, and a practice of paganism. Speaking of paganism, let us come to the realization that Christianity is an adaptation of religions which came before it. Another example of such adaptation would be the story of moses and the ten commandments, which were all labeled in the Egyptian book of the dead prior to the creation of Christianity. Let's not forget Gilgamesh, conceived in 2600 BC. God created a flood. A man was ordered to build an ark which he would fill with two of every animal, and this event also ended with the release of a dove to signal dry land.

Religion was simply a metaphorical and symbolical representation of nature. The stars, the sun, the seasons, and the months, not to mention the number of days in a month. As you may know, the ancients held impressively advanced knowledge pertaining to our solar system. Let's further explain this misinterpreted embodiment of our world.

Ancient civilizations worshiped the sun. They were well aware that much of life would cease to exist without it. God, is the embodiment of an unknown creator, or the reason for the existence of the sun/god's sun.

The brightest star is Sirius. It is the star in the east, that three kings supposedly followed to find Jesus, these three kings are three stars which were known at the time, as the three kings. On December 24th, Sirius aligns with three of the brightest stars in Orion's belt, known as the three kings. On December 25th, these four stars together, point perfectly to the sunrise. The three kings metaphorically followed the star in the east, to locate the birth of the sun. After December 25th, in the northern hemisphere, the days begin to lengthen over time, until December 22nd of the upcoming year, in which the sun will reach its lowest height in the sky, at which point the days grow neither shorter, or longer, for three days, as it resides in the crux/southern cross constellation. After three days of residing here, it is December 25th once again, and the sun, being crucified, lying at its lowest height for three days, is resurrected, for on December 25th, the sun moves a degree north. This is why the three kings, the crucification, and the resurrection are shared by so many gods. The resurrection of the sun remained uncelebrated until the spring equinox, which is the general period of time the days begin to grow longer than the nights.
The twelve disciples who followed Jesus, were the twelve constellations personified. The number twelve is repeatedly mentioned in the bible: 12 spies, 12 stones, 12 disciples, 12 tribes, 12 gates, and the 12 baskets Jesus collected. Notice the signs of the zodiac, a 360 degree circle, in which the sun rotates. 12x30=360.

Once again, this is a metaphorical, and symbolic embodiment of our solar system. This did not happen on earth.

An invisible man in the sky did not make the first man from dust, as the Christian bible claims, nor is the earth flat, there is not enough water on earth to fill the sea, while covering even close to the majority of land. There are a certain set of physical laws we all must follow.
You may believe you can walk on water, but no matter how much you try, it simply won't be achieved. Try as hard as you'd like to create human beings from dust, it will not happen. There is not enough water on earth to flood all land, its simply not existent. The point is simple, the events described in the bible, never took place. The events described in prior religious documentation, were meant to be metaphorical, and eventually, as several new gods were made in the likeness of the one before, the purpose served, became tainted, more so with each religious figure. The bible being one of the last recreated religions, would also serve to be the most inaccurate of all.

So, it all comes down to logic over faith. Where we free ourselves, and denounce a religion worshiping a god claiming the obligation to grant us freewill, while also imposing his will at all costs. It seems a bit contradicting, doesn't it? If you look closer, the bible is full of contradictions. State one in a debate with a christian, and he or she will simply ask you to tell him where that statement came from in the bible, once you directly reference the bible, he or she will say it wasn't meant to be literal, but then, wouldn't the whole idea of the bible be obsolete? Its common for Christians to CHOOSE exactly what half of the bible they want to believe, while denouncing the other half as non existent. Religion is denial. The bible is a sexist and violent book, adapted at one point in time to promote material gain, with fear being the main incentive. We'd do well to steer clear of humanity's largest road block.

You can continue to believe certain negative or positive events took place because it was gods will, or you can free yourself, and realize that everything, is the result of your actions. People have tortured and raped, claiming it was gods will. It is another way to blame someone else for negative aspects of life, to justify yourself through the means of an unquestionable higher being.

 In dissociation from religion, we open up endless possibilities, and free our minds to wonder and explore. The bible would call this questioning; blasphemy, the doubting of god, a sin. I simply refer to it, as human nature. It was through curiosity/questioning, that we sought out the answers, and in turn developed the technology necessary to reading this article.

I highly suggest the film Zeitgeist.



  1. strong word but u cant say this to a catholic muslim or ne thing cus they wont hear it

  2. great one! i think you should revise some parts on the last paragraph. for instance its not technology that allowed you to write. but your freedom itself.

  3. Not so sure that's the truth but whateva.


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