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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Best Affiliate Programs For Fast Money Online (and Explaining Affiliate Programs for Beginner's)

Today I am going to show you one way you can make money online, I know there are already several articles like this - however, most of them fail to mention specific techniques that are NECESSARY while "Affiliate Marketing", and they fail to point out some of the less-known but ideal affiliate programs for beginners.

First of all, let's explain an affiliate program.

An "affiliate program" is not a site where you spend time filling out surveys, or referring people to merely click on links. An affiliate program is a program where you get paid a certain percentage (commisssion) of a product's total cost, in exchange for referring new customer's to that company's (or site's) products. For example, if you are using Amazon's affiliate program, and you link someone to an iPhone being sold on Amazon, then that person buys the product, you will get approximately 10-15% of the cost of that product, paid to you after total's are calculated at the beginning of the next month.

So if you ask, "what is the goal when working for an Affiliate Program?" - it's simply to get as many people possible to buy as many of whatever product you are linkng them to. With virtually every affiliate program,  you will have your own "Tracker Link" which is used to identify you as the person who referred them to the product, this then allows the company to pay you for doing that.

For example, on Amazon's affiliate program - say you are referring people to an Apple iPhone 16GB (Gold) - the link you build to refer people off of will look like this.

The part highlighted in black is your user name built into the link, so you can get credit for referring the person to the specific product - in red is the link, identifying product ID - which is Apple iPhone in this case. 

So this is how most affiliate programs work.
You can use multiple methods to support your success when using Affiliate Program's - the best method, is building a blog like mine here, or a full-blown website; domain registered and all. The goal is to get a lot of traffic to your site, then you just need to figure out a way to get people to click your affiliate links.

In order to effectively convince people, you should be a big fan of innovation. You should be interested in targeting new products that have just been released, or products that have yet to be reviewed, that way you can ensure top results on google and other search engines (providing you have placed the proper tags in your article or advertisement). What I mean by tags, are placing relevant keywords that you believe people will search. In relevance to the iPhone - you can write a review on it, and use a title like "is Apple iPhone worth it", since many people will search it in more subtle/casual terms.  Somewhere in the review, you can also write other keywords - like why a particular version is better than another. These are just examples, if your blog or site has a lot of traffic, you are likely to make ALOT of money !!!!

You simply have to be strategic, and know your audience.

Ok so now I have explained an affiliate program. Now am I going to tell you what (in my opinion) are some of the best affiliate programs to use. 

Let's start with an easy affiliate program that you can make quick (and big) money off of. It's a program promoting the drugs Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and a form of Testosterone Gel - known as Andractim. Andractim is actually DHT - if you have read my other articles(1)(2), you will already know what this is. The benefit of promoting such products, is the diversity of customer's, and though you may not think it at first, people use these drugs for other purposes than just treating Erectile Dysfunction, and other related problems. 

For example, this class of E.D drugs (PDE-5 Inhibitors), which work by increasing blood flow to peripheral organs, are also used by Bodybuilders to get a better pump when lifting. Similar to how "Nitric Oxide" products work, and PDE-5 inhibitors can even enhance the effect of all "Pre-Workout" and "N.O Supplement's", therefore they are used as synergist's and amplifier's of other supplements. As these effects become apparent (more blood flow, vasodilation), vascularity (the appearance of veins in muscles) also increases. Therefore some* bodybuilders may use (in combination with other products) these drugs as a pre-contest "enhancement". 

PDE-5 Inhibitors also can treat or cure Premature Ejaculation, many reports have supported this(3)(4). Therefore they can be used for this purpose as well, and this once again broadens the audience and customer line for these products.

To sign up, simply click the title in blue above, then go to "Affiliate Program" and click it, it will begin a page that looks like this. 

Note as I highlighted important parts.

Now after signing up, you will receive an e-mail about 24 hours later (or less), unless it is a weekend, and this e-mail will contain your login link (to view your stats and commissions), and the link you will give to others when promoting the products.

The e-mail will look like this.

NOTE : I've talked to some people (referred to this program) who have said it took 3 days to get their initial e-mail. So don't be surprised if this happens, generally it's pretty quick though.


When you receive that e-mail, you can start marketing with the first link, be VERY CAREFUL to not give anyone the *second link* in that e-mail, because then they will have access to your personal information as well as your stats.

Hyperlinking is your best friend. Wherever you decide to advertise, don't just use your link in plain form, e.g name here

There you have it.

Now you just have to be tactical, and figure out your audience, and how to make your page different from the average person marketing these drugs. 

Try using a site like, where you can pay someone 5$ to post your link on their Twitter or Facebook (typically having hundreds of thousands of followers).

Other suggestions, are emphasizing that this site does not require a prescription for the order, and also that it isn't "off-brand Indian garbage" as I always say.

It's always a good thing to promote high-quality products, and you want to be sort of honest (but not 100%). Think how marketing really works. Company's and representatives always exaggerate, though perhaps in a very covert way most of the time.

I also suspect there isn't a whole lot of lying you can do in regards to these specific products, as the information as to WHAT they do, is EVERYWHERE. But you can certainly notate certain descriptors as I do.

                                  ...... When you receive Commissions (as people click your link and buy the products) from this program, you will receive e-mails about them during the "pay-period" of the month, All Saints does this at different times but generally during the beginning of the month.

This is where it gets exciting...

Once those e-mails appear, your balance will be updated on your stats page and will look something like this....

As you can see, they pay in Euro's, but it will be appropriately converted to USD when they pay you, if you live in the USA.

The second affiliate program I recommend - is AMAZON AFFILIATE PROGRAM (made reference before as well).


Why is amazon so special?

Well for a number of reasons. First and foremost. Diversity. You have a huge selection of product's throughout every single category - giving you leeway and allowing for maximal customization on your site.

Amazon also gives you bonuses for reaching a certain amount of referrals per month. This is where they really shine. Between the vast selection of products to refer on, the pre-loaded graphic designs (for the products) and the bonuses - amazon is a brilliant affiliate program that is also easy to newbie's and can generate a great amount of income for you and your business.

It's free to sign up, as most affiliate programs are.

Here is an example of an Amazon affiliate link with an Image.

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  1. Very descriptive! My wife actually just started marketing this way, I'll have to let her know about these. They seem pretty easy to understand.

  2. Agreed, can be used for a couple hundred extra bucks in a pinch. but u gotta have The traffic!

  3. not really on the traffic part. I've used all of these programs except IDM. only had a few hundred coming into my main blog DAILY and was getting roughly 10 sales a day. it just depends what the market is and what product you are linking to.

  4. this look good. i will have to try these.

  5. I high appreciate this post. It’s hard to find the good from the bad sometimes, but I think you’ve nailed it! would you mind updating your blog with more information?
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  6. agree with this guy 100% - these are very easy programs and even though the market is small, if you find an entry point n manipulate it. you'll get PAID. beleive it! this author is very smart.

  7. author jason is absolutely right! best aff programs for beginners tho? BEST AFFILIATE PROGRAMS FOR EVERYONE. ANYONE can use these!!!!

  8. Agree with the author 100%, very nice work!

  9. i definitely have to agree, these are the same programs i started with years ago!

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