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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Overpowering Adversity and Utilizing Your Environment in a Closed Minded Society (Freely)

I was born not under the chains of constraint, nor into the lines of fault; I was born a free human with the ability to be aware, the ability to be productive and the ability to eventually influence - thought at first I did not see it this way. Because I emphasized these trait's as something either unimportant, or the ability to influence, though felt and heard, was a difficult task according to my own definition! In my younger days at least....but for any like person, who was not born amidst a highly intelligent and rich family....who was not born out of furiously unfortunate circumstances either - I say to you, the only battle that is going to hold you back consistently throughout life - is the battle in your mind. The conflict of perceptions; the reality you hold dear, you have to ask yourself .... is this reality formed because of your own pessimistic ideation?  Is it formed from what another person is telling you? The thing is, no one has the right to judge you, and your capabilities,

Albert Einstein wrote..

Everybody is a Genius. But If You Judge a Fish by Its Ability to Climb a Tree, It Will Live Its Whole Life Believing that It is Stupid.

What this means is... other people's expectations are often wrongly timed, misplaced, and distorted, and this is also evident in the education system  today - a system built out of lies, inspiring not awareness, but comprised of a will favoring the strong suppression of the mind; by enclosing a wretched "Common Core" curriculum upon those who attend and entertain it. As I said before, influencing others was a difficult task according to my own definition, but the reality is - it wasn't my own definition was it? No. It was the definition, and lack of expectation, generated from a false education system; a GOVERNMENT run education system,.. now day by day more people are wondering why they send their kids to a school that hardly teaches communication skills, that hardly ever teaches anyone to think for themselves, to think "outside the box", I'm sure people scratch their heads wondering - why does everything seem so robotic, void and "standardized"....the answer to me is clear.

The people who put these standards out, the People who enforce this agenda - are set to destroy the old mind, and replace it with a programmed mind; one who is taught to only believe - if from the origin's of vastly exaggerated textbooks and unreliable criteria, one set upon the pendulum of disinformation, modification of reality and one that strategically does NOT want a Smart population; who can have any possibility of creating real change in the living "atmosphere". This is a system that favor's conflict, condemns people who are spiritually Just, condemns progress, and allows for compensatory and hostile mindsets, by taking away the reality from their own minds. I have no doubt that people often search their own heart's, knowing they are right, but because of this terrible system, they are thrown backwards, criticized and made to be persecuted.

Ignorance and stupidity spread like a wildfire, but in this system, the most pathetic thing, is ignorance and stupidity have become Popular, and adored.

Even so, ignorance has been made to sound like humility, and wisdom - the inverse upon which was intended for mankind, and for the concept of freedom, a concept being destroyed at an accelerated pace in the last decade.

We've been plagued by ignorance and a society that labels people based on their differences, as if Science can determine everything...and perhaps it can determine most things, but it is not an omnipotent tool of greatness and more often this same science is used to control population, perhaps the accuracy in technology is the downfall in society; for when technology becomes accurate and is used as an identification tool - for all the smart ones; the Indigo Children; Prodigy's, it is then used as a tool to single out those same people who refuse to live by the structure given to us. It is used as a tool to single out freedom and to amplify the power's of a corrupt government by not only diverting, but extracting the multitude's who have potential, throwing them into an institution, or throwing them into some "Mental Clinic".

They'll be damned when people adapt to the system and simultaneously display and project emphatically the ideas of their mind, the system will be damned when people become visual, and step out of their delirium, a delirium created by the conflict of human will's.

 That's the funny thing in all this, sometimes the human will - those who really have it, are able to surpass their ancestor's and also prevail in a modern, "pre-set" society, and when this happens, this system is also persecuted, but not in great enough numbers to succeed. No. If we want a free and just society; one where we overpower adversity, and teach our kids valuable "old-school" traits like courage, and never giving up; one where we teach our kids INSIGHT, and the ability to think for themselves.....then we must re-group, we must take these traits and utilize them x100 - we should expect adversity, from all ends, even our own family at times, but be not confined or disarmed by this; realize it is a manifestation of the "mainstay virus" - the virus of closed-mindedness, the one we must defeat at all costs.

Anyone can be a part of this - and for those who don't agree, or for the typical un-awake american population, I'm going to ask you to think about this - just a few sentences is all you have to utter in your brain, how does one or many go about controlling large groups of people? How in the past have tyrannical rulers taken control, moreover; what do you see in movies, video games and every day in your lives as it relates?

I ask you to ask yourself, are we really free? What would be the best way to control population..?
If you were to be insightful, you would understand - set yourself in the real shoes of the corrupt Politicians, this Corrupt Government, and ask yourselves - how would they operate? You can even make it sound theoretical in your mind, and when you ask yourself that also ask yourself - "why does everyone with my belief  (who you most likely have come across at least once, some point in your life) believe so strongly in such"?

Surely, knowing how belief works..there must be something to this and so ask yourself - are you believing what you believe because of fear? Are you believing what you believe because it is an inconvenience to your own lifestyle? Should this be allowed to substitute the truth - when the truth can make you a STRONGER person? Should you and your whole generation be condemned by the **possibility** that we are right, me and everyone who speaks like me...? Is that the chance you want to take? If so, read one last line...what then is the reason for failure in this society? What then is the reason for belligerence and pessimism ? What has happened every time you have "gone mad", what have YOU been conflicting with? I'm betting that there is somewhere down the line, a conflict of thought and perception, brought about at least in part - from the contributions of this corrupt system. It's a heir to the old roman empire is what this is. That's what America is now, and that's what we must defeat, instead of looking the other way.

When you realize the sacrifices that need to be made, and start to stand up for them - but on your own will, not by feeling like people are pushing them on you...after all - who wants to follow a message that has been Pressured upon people?

No, I encourage people to search on their own, and with their own sense, find the truth as they see it but considering what I have said - if it comes after your finding of the truth, or during, that you then begin to apply your own sense of criticism - because you have been deceived by this system as well, and you will see I have built this writing not upon hypocrisy; but in support of your will and freedomin support of your personal strength, and I sincerely hope you all find your place in life, and do not let any of Society's  "standards" limit you in any way. Find your own path, but let the elements of freedom merge you with your destiny.

Find your own path, but let the elements of freedom merge you with your destiny.

With all of this utilized, we can overcome adversity, and using the same traits to re-create our individualization, we can also change the environment, and create a new one even; except with the arrow of persecution upon the Corrupt minds who try to control all of us.


  1. I would guess the author is resting @ 200 IQ; no more no less. He has a way with words. What we call at the academy "Impact Alignment".

  2. so you're saying that author is a FBI agent? impact alignment is in the federal training academy.

  3. are my new hero! lol
    common core sucks!


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